Meri Zindagi Mil Jaye Dobara- Twinj-Yuvraj AU SS epilogue pg11 (Page 9)

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I'm pretty sure the person is Kunj right?
Update soon and please can we get some Twinj next time Blushing

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Loved it! Update more..lookin forward for more twinj Clap

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Happy mother's day to the lovely Mommys on the forum, will be working on a fresh update shortly, stayed tuned , will  try to send pms out this time

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Originally posted by adventure_gurl

Happy mother's day to the lovely Mommys on the forum, will be working on a fresh update shortly, stayed tuned , will  try to send pms out this time
Cant wait your's is one FF that I thoroughly enjoy.

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hey here is the longest and probably last part, as I am trying again to work towards my masters again. Let's see if i can ever finish itCry
here is the rest of this story, hope it is not too lame

 Part Seven


Twinkle gasped as she turned to face the person who stood immediately behind her. It was Kunj.


She sighed with relief.


"Tum yahaan kaise?," she asked.


Kunj gave her a grave look.


" Sawal yeh hona chaiye ki tum yahaan bina protection kyun ho," Kunj admonished her.


She grimaced.


"Chinky yahaan toh hai," Twinkle stammered.


Kunj looked around and noticed Chinky at the counter talking to Bunty and one of his employees.


"She should know better than bring you out in an public outing with merely days before the court date. Agar Yuvraj yahan hota, meri jagah?," Kunj pointed out.


 Twinkle wrung her hands together realizing he was right.


"Sorry Kunj, phirse se nahin hoga," Twinkle stated.


Chinky came over to them a few moments later.


"Kunj sir aap yahan? Woh kya haina Twinkle ko bhook lagri thi toh isyle hum yahaan agaye," she stammered.


Twinkle glared at her stunned,


Kunj shook his head at her.


"Chinky mujhe pata hai ki kya khicdi pakri hai. I am a lawyer , have you forgotten that so quickly?," he asked.


She blushed knowing she was caught.


"Sorry to ruin your parade girls, let's eat then I will esort you both back to the safe house. Chinky, Cherry Bhaiya will get informed if you girls do this again," Kunj warned,


"Theek sir, I will make sure we don't go out like this until after that Yuvraj goes to jail for good! By the way aap kya lo gaye?"


"Jo bhi aap dono nehin order mere liye order kardo," he replied.


Chinky headed off to place the order.


Twinkle didn't know what came over her.


 She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.


Kunj had to blush slightly.


"Yeh kis ke liye tha?," he asked teasingly.


" You are so sweet Kunj Sarna!," Twinkle declared.


She blushed realizing how even she didn't think she would just go kiss him like that.


The girls later teased and joked with Kunj as he asked for a fork and knife to eat his parnatha and choley.


Twinkle demonstrated how to eat with her hands. She aimed a  bite at him and then popped it into her mouth instead.


Kunj chuckled.


Pagal ladki.


They enjoyed their meal and chatted about objective matters.


Kunj dropped the girls to the safe house and stated for them to call if any issues arised.


 As Kunj walked away, he felt butterflies in his belly,


He had never felt this way for a girl before.


Twinkle couldn't forget the feel of his skin on her lips either.


 Monday couldn't come fast enough.


She wanted to live her life to the fullest again.



Monday arrived. The court proceedings were intense. But the highlight was when the recording was played after Yuvraj pleaded not-guility.


" As you can see your Honor, someone who is corrupting society by introducing more drugs to our younger generations, can do anything to maim anyone who tries to stop him," Kunj declared.


Yuvraj's team of laywers were stunned as they didn't realize what evidence Kunj was going to present today.


"My client Twinkle Taneja confronted him about his illegal activities and he threatened to harm her and her family if she went to the police. Several attempts were made on my client's life. Also Yuvraj Luthra turned to extortion and attempted kidnapping to prevent my client from reaching the court today," Kunj added.


"Tere paas iska koi proof nahin hai," Yuvraj declared.


"There is," Kunj stated.


Even Twinkle looked towards Kunj surprised.


"Here is a recording we received from an employee from Yuvraj Luthra's company," Kunj conveyed.


The recording showed Yuvraj calling someone and telling them to kill anyone that tried to help Twinkle.


"Just finish them, including the Sarnas, anyone that dares to help Twinkle, needs to be finished," Yuvraj stated on the video.


 Yuvraj stared at the clipping  in shock. Even his mother who had flown in for the case was stunned. Her son was finished.


 The judge ordered the false accusations against Twinkle be dropped.


" We shall investigate Yuvraj Luthra  and anyone else associated in this illegal drug trade including Mr. Badshah," the judge stated.


 Twinkle sighed  with relief. She could now go back to living her life again.


The police took Yuvraj away.


"I will get you Twinkle at any cost! Kunj I will kill you when  I get out!," he yelled.


Twinkle put a hand on Kunj's shoulder with concern.


" He just dug his own grave. Shall we go Ms. Taneja?," he escorted her out.


Twinkle tried not to look back at Yuvraj.


Cherry locked the jail cell and gave Yuvraj a grave look.


"You just threatened my Kunj Bhai and all the other charges against you, you are really good for nothing Yuvraj. Itna overconfidence ki saath bhi tum har ge," Cherry scoffed.


Yuvraj growled at him.


"Jo chaiye karna hai, karlo. You are finished," Cherry declared before leaving.


 Twinkle walked out with Kunj with reporters surrounding them. Chinky and a few officers cleared the area so they could get through to the car.



Twinkle pondered how she could ever repay Kunj for all he and his family had done for her.


Kunj wanted her to forget everything and start life anew. He didn't want payment in monetary terms.


He wanted her to stay in Amritsar. She was planning to go to Jalandar the next morning.

Would he never see her again?


 She didn't tell him what time the train was leaving.


He didn't ask.


He had just won the biggest case of his life thus far. But why didn't he feel fulfilled.


It was after she placed a quick peck on his cheek and wished him good-bye he realized.


She had walked away, and taken his heart along with his peace of mind with her.


Kunj sighed.


He would no doubt get many more cases due to the success of this one. Then his mother's wishes would come true.


But what about his deepest wishes?


Twinkle wanted her life back. He wanted to make Twinkle part of his life.



Three months later...


Kunj had gained lots of success after Twinkle's case. They had not met since that day.


Kunj felt lost at night . He would try to erase the emptiness in his heart with his work but her memories came back to haunt him. He tried admonished himself that it was only a client-lawyer equation and nothing more could ever come of it.


One day Bebe greeted him at the door. She had urged he come home earlier this evening as she had some important guests arriving to meet him.


"Kaun hai yeh special guests?," Kunj asked.


"Go change puttar. Put work away for a little while. Vaise they are coming from Jalandar," she added while nudging him.


Kunj's eyes widened.


" They run a wedding planning business actually. They needed your consideration for something," she teased.


Kunj looked at Bebe puzzled.


"Could it be Twinkle? He never did ask what businesses her father was involved in," he thought to himself.


He loosened his collar and grabbed some fresh clothes before going to freshen up.


 Kunj emerged from his room hearing some band type of music.


He rushed downstairs to see his whole family gathered, His nephew was doing his own jig besides his parents looking happily on.


 A couple arrived and then Mahi joined them as well.


Then Kunj realized what was probably going on.


Everyone was happy and dressed up. Even his mother had sent him back upstairs  ten minutes ago to change into something nicer.


A dolli arrived along with the band members.


Once the music stopped, the one he had been longing for had made her appearance.


She gracefully stepped out of the dolli.


She was wearing a red and blue salwaar suit. She looked like a dream come true.


She smiled at his stunned face.


Twinkle approached him and held out her hand.


"Mr. Kunj Sarna, will you marry me?," she asked.


 Not getting a response right away, she teased him.


"Agar nahin karna chahte, toh main kissi aur se..," she trailed off.


She turned slightly away from him.


He grabbed her hand and twirled  her around, she bumped into his chest.


"Kabhi aise mat sochna. You came here for my consideration, so hear my words," he declared.


He bent on one knee.


He kissed her hand.


"Mujhe yeh rishta qubol hai," he declared.


Everyone cheered and surrounded the couple.


Their roka ceremony was completed that evening.


The Sarnas and Tanejas grew close through the next ten days as wedding festivities occurred.


After the wedding, Twinkle tearfully bid adieu to her parents.


"Beta this family will treat you like their daughter. Kunj tere liye bauth accha hai," her mother Leela assured her.


"Maa main hamesha Twinkle ka saath dunga," Kunj declared.


Leela caressed his head.


"Mujhe pata meri kudi nu tumare se accha jeevan saathi nahin mil sakta," Leela praised him.


She placed Twinkle's hand in his.


After all the rituals were completed, Kunj finally arrived in the room he would now share with Twinkle.


He sat beside her on the bed. He lifted her veil. He grasped her hand in his.


" Twinkle jab tum vaapas meri zindagi mein aayi, mujhe laga ki main finally pura hogaya hoon," he declared.


 She smiled. She caressed his face.


" I never thanked you properly for returning my life back to me," she replied.


Kunj smiled.


"Phir ab karde na," Kunj joked.


Twinkle smiled brightly and leaned in for their first real kiss.





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Omg! This is just amazing
This is so well written
i just loved it
Thanks for d pm
When your free sometime do write one more part
Because this is just too good. Smile
Twinkle proposing Kunj Embarrassed
So adorable

Edited by harshi2000 - 08 May 2016 at 4:53pm

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Originally posted by harshi2000

Omg! This is just amazing
This is so well written
i just loved it
Thanks for d pm
When your free sometime do write one more part
Because this is just too good. Smile
Twinkle proposing Kunj Embarrassed
So adorable

if I do write more for Twinj it will be something new, will see if I feel up to adding an epilogue , you all let me knowWink

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This is just so amazing. Wow so twinkle won the case. That scene where kunj ate paranthe with chhole bhature with fork and knife wasROFL. The cheek kiss wasLOL. The time when twinkle was leaving how i wished she would not have left. But i loved it when bebe told him guests from jalandhar are coming and he thought it to be twinkle.
Then kunj proposed twinkleDancing and married herClap. Loved it. Hope u do continue. Its just that i don't want it to end so fast.

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