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Thapki...Pyaar Ki
Thapki...Pyaar Ki

-Kismat K Dhaage- A Thahaan FF *UPDATED* On Pg_81 (Page 80)

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I had heard that u have decided to continue KKD...& aaj i have visited the forum...& sabse pehle i m commenting to tell u how happyyy i m...DancingDancingDancing DancingDancingDancing
Abhi read nahi kiya kuch...dhundhla dhundhla kuch to yaad h...i will read it shuru se...LOLLOLLOL
but THANK U SO SOOO SOOO MUCH...Big smileBig smileBig smile Big smileBig smileBig smile Big smileBig smileBig smile
I miss u soo sooo much...CryCry  kabhi baat bhi nahi ho paati...Confused  yaha toh i don't come now...& waha pe jab tu aati nahi hoti...CryCryOuch

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Originally posted by oceanbubble

I had heard that u have decided to continue KKD...& aaj i have visited the forum...& sabse pehle i m commenting to tell u how happyyy i m...DancingDancingDancing DancingDancingDancing
Abhi read nahi kiya kuch...dhundhla dhundhla kuch to yaad h...i will read it shuru se...LOLLOLLOL
but THANK U SO SOOO SOOO MUCH...Big smileBig smileBig smile Big smileBig smileBig smile Big smileBig smileBig smile
I miss u soo sooo much...CryCry  kabhi baat bhi nahi ho paati...Confused  yaha toh i don't come now...& waha pe jab tu aati nahi hoti...CryCryOuch

kaha hai re tu?? Cry Cry Cry mai exams mai busy thi yar but i am free bhut tough semester guzra islye kahi nahi a paa rahi thi Ouch esa kr mujhe apna Insta or FB ka user PM krna! 
or ye next chappie zaror read krna tumhe tumhare question ka jawab mil jaye ga Big smileWink 
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HELLO JI HELLO!! Big smileBig smile
so guys i decided to put this FF on wattpad for some of the awesome international Thahaanians i meet over there and before i can publish it on wattpad i made an official cover for this book i hope you like it! Big smile 



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Thahaan's look for tonight: 



-Kismat K Dhaage-


Chapter 18

It was a very cold Tuesday morning yet the sun was stubborn enough to come out. The warm rays of sunlight peeked through the white curtains of Sona and Thapki's room. The alarm clock started to make irritating noise when both of its arms passed the digit 8. Sona grunted annoyingly as a sharp headache decided to drill holes in her head and sat up holding her head. 

Oh my god this headache is killing me... Why the hell am I having this-Ahhh...

She thought to herself as she forced her brain to explain the reason.

"Having a headache? Here have some lemonade it will help you lighten the hangover."

Bihaan exclaimed as he walked in with a glass of lemonade in his hand. He sat beside Sona and handed her the drink. She quickly chugged the lemonade down her throat praying for this headache to go away quick.

"Rudra told me everything about what happened last night. Some of your friends pulled a prank on you and made you drink an alcoholic beverage, which made you so drunk that you wander off in the streets all by yourself."

Sona wiped her mouth in astonishment as Bihaan mentioned Rudra and as she was about to ask him what he meant about what he said, suddenly all the events of last night started to play like a film reel in front of her eyes. 

"He's a nice guy, I quite like him! You were drunk and all alone by yourself in the streets anyone must've taken an advantage of it but its good Rudra was there and brought you here safe and sound."

He explained putting his palm gently on her cheek. Sona nervously smiled and mentally thanked Rudra for not telling him about Viraj or Bihaan would've created a chaos in the house. Bihaan asked Sona to freshen up and come downstairs for breakfast and left. Sona sat up thinking about the conversation they had last night. The corners of her mouth unconsciously twitched upwards as she thought about how Rudra helped her get in the car, carried her in his arms and gave her his jacket when she felt cold. She quickly touched her shoulders and realized she was still wearing his jacket. She took it off and looked down at it with a sweet smile playing on her lips. 


Everyone gathered around the table, for breakfast after the morning aarti was done. All the Bahus served the breakfast to everyone. Bihaan sat beside Bauji and waited impatiently for Thapki to come and join him but Vasundhra made her sit in between her and Dhruv, which infuriated Bihaan and he hit his fist on the table out of frustration. Everybody looked at him in shock and Dhruv asked him if he's okay? So Bihaan nodded and shrugged it off telling him that he accidentally gulped down the spicy puri instead of chewing.

Sona quickly tied her shoes and ran downstairs so she can join everyone for breakfast before she leaves for work but she stopped midway as she heard Vasundhra taking her name.

"Maa Jee Do you remember Mr. and Mrs. Parekh? Today is Their daughter's after graduation party and they invited us all but as you know Ashwin and Sanjay are out of the city and Bahus can't go without them and Dhruv is busy with his channel work and Dhruv's Bauji is not feeling well so I can't go without him, so I was thinking to send Bihaan and Sona from our family. I mean someone should attend the party from our side or else Mrs. Parekh will feel bad."

Bihaan stopped eating as he heard what Vasundhra suggested. Thapki eyed him silently and glanced towards Dadi who was having mixed emotions about this suggestion. 

So Mausi Maa still up to uniting me and Bihaan? But what if someone else become Bihaan's partner for the party tonight? I know they are still not on speaking terms at least this event might help them break the awkward silence between them.

Sona thought to herself and suddenly the invisible light bulb over her head went ding when she saw Shraddha coming out of the kitchen and coming towards the breakfast table. She quickly started waking in a fast pace.

"Arey Mausi Maa don't you worry I will go with bih-AHHH!"

Sona screamed in pain as she collided with Shraddha and they both fell on the ground together. Shraddha grunted as she sat up brushing away the imaginary dust off of her. 

"Can't you see Sohani I was coming towards the dining area are you blind?"

Shraddha scolded Sona as Dhruv helped her get up. Everyone ran towards them worriedly and Bihaan held his hand out to help her get up. 

"I am so sorry Bhabi I was ju-OUCH."

Sona screamed as she pretended to have hurt her ankle and sat down grunting in pain on purpose again. Bihaan raised his eyebrow suspiciously at her.

"Sona beta i think you have twisted your ankle someone should call the doctor!"

"No Mausi Maa its okay I am all good."

Sona politely replied and tried to stand up again with help of Bihaan and limped towards the living room and sat down on the sofa. Vasundhra sat beside her and asked her to rest. Shraddha rolled her eyes at Sona thinking she was the one who got badly hurt and they all only care about Sohani. Dadi asked Sona to rest and told Vasundhra to call and excuse Mrs. Parekh for not attending the party.

"Dadi its okay I will go someone has to go to the party i know Mrs. Parekh is your good friend right Mausi Maa?"

Sona exclaimed but Vasundhra denied saying that it's not important than her and she will excuse Mrs. Parekh. Thapki came rushing in the living room with the aid box and started applying pain relieving gel on Sona's foot. 

"Dadi I have an idea Thapki can go with Bihaan to the party! After all she's part of the family too! Right Bihaan?"

Sona joyfully exclaimed earning a nod from Dadi and Bauji laughed in agreement. Bihaan glanced towards Thapki who had the same mixed expressions written on her face as him. Vasundhra protested but Dadi declared it's her final decision that Thapki and Bihaan will go to the party on the behalf of Pandey family.

"Thapki beta don't forget to wear the blue sari that I gifted you and Shraddha bahu since this accident happened because of you, so you are going to take care of Sona beta until she recovers from the injury."

Dadi exclaimed while Thapki nodded and left. Shraddha was dumbfounded at dadi's command.

"But Dadi she deliberately bumped into me it's not my fault that she sprained her ankle."


"It's okay Dadi I don't need someone's help I am all good I'll be back to my jumping and running self in two days."

Sona stated and Shraddha nodded in agreement but Dadi glared angrily at both of them and said to do as she said and left. 

"Come I'll take you to your room."

Bihaan amusingly exclaimed as he offered to help Sona and take her towards her room carefully. 


"Wow you look stunning! If I was a guy then I would've surely married you."

Thapki blushed at Sona's compliment. She put earrings in her ear and sat down on the bed and ask her what shoes she should wear.

"Alright let me think you are wearing a cobalt blue saree that has white and beige work done widely on its border and paired it up with the same cobalt blue blouse I think you should go with those fawn colored platforms."

Sona suggested and Thapki quickly wore the shoes. Thapki stood up showing Sohani her final look.

"Hey wait you forgot something!"

Sona called out as Thapki was about to step out of the room.             

"Open your wardrobe and look in third rack you will find something very beautiful to finish your look with tonight."

Sohani suggested making Thapki confused as she went to open her Wardrobe. Sohani can sense the feeling of glee radiating from Thapki as she is happy to spend some alone time with Bihaan tonight. Thapki turned around in shock written all over face with a familiar two star necklace in her hand. Her mind flew back to the night when she thought Bihaan wanted to express his feelings for her and she decide to do the same. 

"S-S-Sona where did you get this n-n-necklace? I mean did s-s-somebody gave it to you?"

Thapki uttered with tears in her eyes. Sohani snorted and denied that who would give her such a precious gift like that and she only found this necklace while she was going through her stuff.

"It's a perfect match! What are you waiting for Thapki come on wear it Bihaan can come here any minute it's getting late now!"

Thapki nodded at Sona and as if on cue Bihaan emerged in the room setting his jacket. 

"Let's go it getting late Thap-"

Bihaan cut himself off in shock as he saw Thapki struggling with a familiar jewelry. She called out she is just coming and he should go wait for her downstairs but Bihaan ignored it.

"Why are you gawking at Thapki like that? Can't you see her Sari drape is making it hard for her to tie the necklace around her neck?"


Sohani face palmed herself at his comment. Bihaan confusingly glared at her.

"Help her you idiot! I would've helped her if I had not hurt myself remember?"

She frustratingly shouted while pointing down at her feet. Bihaan rolled his eyes at her while muttering drama queen under his breath. Thapki stopped struggling with the necklace as Bihaan hesitantly took the necklace and tied it around Thapki's neck. As if the milky skin of Thapki's bare back wasn't driving him nuts, he accidentally brushed some of his fingers against her shoulder which made both of them feel shivers running down their spines. Sona continued looking at them like a proud mother but she has to unwillingly pipe in to kick them out before Her Mausi Maa comes in and ruin this perfect date.

"Sometimes I feel like you two are more of a couple than friends."

This comment shocked both Thapki and Bihaan and they exchanged fearful glances to each other. Sona knew the reason behind their uneasiness so she burst out laughing.

"Oh my God I was just joking! Look at your faces HAHAHAHA!"

She uttered in between of her laughter's. Thapki nervously laughed and went to pick up hear clutch from the vanity desk. Bihaan gestured with his fingers to Sona that said "I have am my eyes on you" and left with both of them biding their goodbyes to her. Sona sighed happily and lied down on her bed waiting for Shraddha Bhabi to get her the Aloo k parathae she ordered her half an hour before.


"Pack up guys! It's enough for today we are going to shoot for the music video tomorrow!"

Maggie announced plopping down on the sofa next to their actress who was busy taking of her earrings. Rudra entered in the room like a hurricane, throwing his jacket on the sofa and started rummaging through the drawer. Maggie observed his anxious state amusingly and went towards him.

"You're not gonna find Sona in the drawer Ru!"

She joked tapping his shoulder. Rudra rolled his eyes at her and replied her back that it's not funny. 

"I am only looking for my bike keys besides don't you think you guys should show some decency and visit your injured crew member/friend?"

Rudra sarcastically replied earning a chuckle from Maggie.

"Do you really think she would hurt herself and would not come to work?"

Maggie exclaimed amusingly crossing her arms over her chest. Rudra for a second completely got zoned out but then he shrugged saying hurt or not He is still going to visit her and left as he found his bike keys.


Even though Thapki and Bihaan were at the party surrounded with people and music but still their hearts were into something else. Bihaan went to the bar to fetch some drunk for him. The bartender told him to wait as his drink is getting ready. He turned around and saw Thapki talking with Mrs. Parekh's daughter. He smiled seeing her so lighten up when both girls talk about their favorite subjects. Suddenly his smile faded when the thought of His conversation with Mr. Sing crossed his mind. He still couldn't believe why his mother tried to separate him with the love of his life and secondly she lied to him about Thapki manipulating her.

Maa never wanted Thapki to be Dhruv's wife and I married her not caring about myself or Thapki for once so that I can make my mother happy and now she wants to separate us too but why?

He thought to himself smashing his fist on the bar counter.

Now I know why Thapki was so much in a hurry to get rid of me because Maa asked her and as much I know her she would do anything Maa would ask her even if she wants or not..

He ran a hand through his hair in frustration and the bartender handed him his drink. He quickly chugged it down his throat and put the glass aside. He wiped his mouth and decided tonight he would make Thapki blurt out the truth herself. He went towards Thapki and ask her to come with him. Thapki was surprised at first but she nodded and excused herself from the girl she was talking to. 

"B-B-Bihaan what happened? Where are you t-t-taking me?"

Thapki curiously asked as Bihaan ignored her question and dragged her out the venue towards his bike. He quickly put his helmet on and asked Thapki to sit quietly behind him. Thapki protested that she would not go with him until he tells her where they are going. Bihaan ignored her question again and glared at her furiously which made Thapki silent sit behind him. His bike roared as he sped off away from the party venue.


"I am sorry Maggie I left you all alone to tolerate our actress."

Sona apologized to her friend as she heard her sigh from the other side. 

"Dude I know why you did all the drama take a chill pill I got everything under controlled except one or two times I wanted to strangle her to death but Usman hold me back other than that everything's fine and hey the best part is that pre-production is almost completed we just need to shoot a music video and some monologues for the end scene and we are going to do all of it when you will join us."

Maggie explained cheerfully in her posh half Australian and half Swedish accent, earning a chuckle from Sona. Sona thanked her one again and bid her goodbye. She threw her phone on the side and sat up on the bed.

Ugh all this acting got me exhausted I am so bored right now.

She thought to herself exaggeratedly sighing and falling back on her pillow.

She suddenly got an idea so she stood up quickly and went towards the door and locked it so if anyone want to come they can knock and she can pretend to go all bed rest again. She grabbed her sketchbook and put her iPod on stereo and played her favorite playlist. She sat down on her bed and started drawing randomly in her notebook. After spending good 20 minutes and wasting 2 pages, she ended up drawing a scene of a girl star gazing under a starry night. She decided to kill some more time by painting her pencil sketch. She got the watercolors from her cupboard and went up to her drawers in search for her brushes but instead something else caught her eye. Her face lit up as she picked up a small red box with a green bow tied around it. She quickly removed the bow and opened the box revealing an antique necklace which was lying peacefully on a white silk cloth. She picked up the necklace, opened it and smiled as she saw two pictures of some familiar people.


"Hello Maa, Hi Dad."


She warmly greeted her parents as if they were standing in front of her. She put the box aside and took the necklace with her and walked towards the balcony. The wind played with her loosely hanging strands coming out of her side braid and she looked up at the cloudy sky as if searching for someone. Soon some clouds started to disappear while revealing two stars brightly shining with a small star in between. 

"How's everything up there? You guys look so happy tonight?"

She astonishingly exclaimed as if she was talking to someone in real but then she realized they are not with her in person and thought if someone saw her like this they will thinks she's a mad women and laughed at herself. 

"I miss you guys a lot."

She exclaimed looking down at the necklace. Sona was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realized Rudra parked outside Pandey Niwas and as he entered through the gate he saw Sona standing in the balcony looking up in the sky.

So what is this? Now I know what Maggie meant.

Rudra thought to himself. He tried calling her and slightly clapped so he could grab her attention but it all went in vain. So he decided to go inside and ask her himself about what all this drama is. Sona heard a knock on her door so she quickly went inside without realizing she dropped her necklace and it fell on Rudra's head. He stopped in his spot and rubbed his head. He looked up to find her gone. He looked down and saw the necklace lying on the floor.

It must be Sohani's.

He thought as he saw her parent's picture in the necklace and how much her mother resembled Sona. He put that necklace in his pocket and went inside. 

"Eat this medicine after you have your dinner and call me if you need anything or else dadi would kill me."

Shraddha exclaimed handing Sohani her medicine of the night. Sona chuckled seeing how frightened her Bhabi gets when it comes to dadi. 

"You don't have to do anything for me Bhabi I'll handle it."

"Yeah even I don't want to but who can make that budhiy-I mean our precious Dadi understand?"

Shraddha's reply to Sona made her chuckle. She glared at her one last time and stepped out of the room. 

"I am getting blamed for nothing here and taking care of this Mata Jee and she's all like HEHEHEHE seriously this whole Pandey Family is mad!" 

Shraddha spat angrily and stomped her feet on the ground but as she was about to enter her room she saw Rudra stepping inside Sohani's room. 


Rudra shouted sarcastically making Sona almost spill water on her sketchbook. Sona was about to ask Rudra what is he doing here just than Shraddha entered the room with a grim expression and folded her arms over her chest eyeing Sona as if she she's ready to kill her.


"Bihaan why did you stop in the middle of the road? It's so scary and dark out here."

Thapki asked slightly frightened by the loneliness of the area as it was just an empty road surrounded by the jungle. 

"I want to ask you something."

"B-B-Bihaan you can ask me anything but let's g-g-go home first."

"No! I want to ask you something right now because I want to know the truth."

Bihaan protested earning puzzled looks from Thapki. Bihaan came close to her and took her hand and put it on his head. Thapki got stunned and removed her hand saying what type of childishness is this but he put her hand on his head again.

"Tell me did someone else ask you for the divorce agreement or it was your choice?" 

Bihaan's question made Thapki shocked and she quickly removed her hand. Bihaan suspiciously eyed her anxious face and realized Mr. Singh was right.

"Yes I w-w-wanted divorce from you d-d-destroyed my life I want f-f-freed-"

"You are lying."

"No I am not I d-d-don't lie you know t-t-that Bihaan."

"You can't even hurt a mosquito Thapki and here you are saying you suddenly decided to give me this divorce as a punishment for my sins?"

Bihaan interrupted in the middle by grabbing both of Thapki's arm making her look into his eyes. She gulped down the lump that was forming in her throat in fear and winced in pain as Bihaan tightened his grip around her arms.

"Bauji always says one thing to me these "eyes are the window to anybody's heart" and I can read it clearly you are hiding something from me, something very huge that can affect me very badly so that's why you are not telling me but please Thapki I promise nothing will happen to me just tell who is making you do all this and why please Thapki!"

Vasu Maa.

Thapki's heart and head were shouting his mother's name but her tongue was tied for his wellbeing. Whether Vasundhra loves Bihaan or not but she has seen how much Bihaan loves her. He can even die for her and if he finds out that his mother made a deal with her in order to save his life it would completely shatter him.

"B-B-Bihaan I told you a thousand times why i w-w-want to end this fraud r-r-relationship besides we are going to get officially d-d-divorced next month so why not do it now?"

Thapki scornfully exclaimed controlling her tears that started to brim in her eyes. Bihaan humorlessly chuckled and let her go.

I knew it she's not an easy game. She drank the poisoned milk to save my mother now she's doing it again. This makes my doubts more clear that Maa has something to do with this.

He clapped at his thoughts making Thapki more confused. 

"Alright then just tell me one thing then why did you kiss me earlier and asked to stay with me forever if you want to end this relationship?"

Bihaan questioned out of the blue which left Thapki totally flabbergasted.


"Shraddha Bhabi when did you came? Oh uh meet my friend my...uhhh...colleague Rudra I am sure you have seen him before."

Sona nervously exclaimed Sending death glares to Rudra who gestured a "sorry"

"Yeah I have seen him I was surprised when he without any permission entered your room and called you nautanki."

She replied sarcastically earning a "Sorry Sona's Bhabi" from Rudra.

"NAUTANKI? Uhhh he didn't call me nautanki actually uh it's a PLAY he was telling me about which is happening in the festival next Thursday. Hahaha right Rudra?"

"Yeah yeah absolutely whatever she said."

Both nervously smiled at Shraddha who raised her eyebrow at them suspiciously but turned around and left. Sona ask Rudra to go and check whether she left or not. He tip toed towards the door and gestured Sona a thumbs up. Sona threw her pillow towards Rudra which hit him on his head.

"OWWW is it an annual "hit Rudra on his head" day?"

He turned around rubbing his head. Sona rolled her eyes and quickly came towards the door and locked it.



"Just tell me what are you? A mutant? You healed yourself so fast!"

Sona lightly punched his arm and asked him to sit down so she can explain everything.

"Nothing happened with me I am all good and the reason why I am act-"

"Sohani beta why did you close the door? Are you alright?"

Sona and Rudra exchanged shocked looks as they heard Vasundhra's voice coming down from the other side of the door. Rudra was about to answer her but Sona quickly covered his mouth with her hand.

"Okay listen just do it as I say I am gonna lie down here and you ar-Oh not what you are thinking you pervert!"

Sona punched Rudra's arm as his eyes went wide when she was telling him she was gonna lie down.

"UGH just go open the door and tell them you are here to discuss shoot stuff with me."

She said and went back in to her duvets Rudra fixed his jacket and opened the door. 

"Arey Rudra beta when did you come and why is this...door locked?"

"It's been only five minute's aunty and I just came here to discuss some stuff about our project as Sona was absent today from the shoot."

Rudra smartly replied and Vasundhra smiled. She went towards Sona and gently caressed her cheek asking how she is feeling right now.

"I am alright Mausi Maa don't worry."

Sona politely exclaimed earning a nod from Vasundhra. 

"I know besides you need rest so don't stay up much longer okay?"

Sona nodded and Vasundhra stood up to leave. She turned around and glanced at Rudra suspiciously but then left her room.

"Did you saw mummy Jee? I told you there is something going on between them."

Shraddha ecstatically exclaimed but Vasundhra glared at her in disgust.

"I know my niece very well Shraddha bahu she's not like what you were thinking beside don't you have anything else to do except spying on my niece?"

Vasundhra spat furiously on Shraddha's face leaving her stunned. She tried to protest but Vasundhra left without hearing her out. Shraddha stomped her feet in the ground angrily and went towards her room.

"Alright no one will interrupt us now okay so the reason why I am pretending like this because my Mausi Maa wanted me to go out in some after graduation party of her friend's daughter with Bihaan and Of course I am not an idiot she wanted me and Bihaan to go as a couple so I deliberately bumped into Shraddha Bhabi in the morning and pretended like I twisted my ankle."

Sona explained as she closed the door and plopped down on the bed next to Rudra. Rudra applauded her like she just won an Oscar.

"Wait now you know that I am not sick or anything then why are you here? You can go now."

Rudra's lips went from a curve to a straight thin line as he heard Sona's dumb suggestion. 

"A "thanks Rudra this is so generous of you that you came here to check upon me you're such a nice person and a hot dude" would've been good but nope some people just want to kick me out from their room."

Rudra replied standing up and sighed exaggeratedly while going towards the door. Sona shook her head silently chuckling at him but before she could stop him Rudra paused in his steps and turned around on his heel.

"Before I leave let me give you this necklace."

He exclaimed and showed Sona her mother's necklace. Sona quickly stood up and checked it in her drawers but find her box empty.

"Yeah it's mine but where did you get this?"

"Actually when you were standing in the balcony and God knows why you were so lost in your thoughts I wonder what you were thinking about that time About something to eat or maybe a hot shirtless guy coming out of the pool or-"

He paused as he saw Sona folded her arms on her chest and she was looking at him with stern expressions.

"Alright I am kidding as I was saying you were really lost in your thoughts that you didn't realize you drop this."

He said looking down at the necklace. Sona thanked him and quickly opened the necklace to see her parent's pictures. 

"You look so much like your mother...she was beautiful."

Rudra spoke up after few seconds of pleasant silence between them. Sona nodded saying she knows and kissed her mother's necklace before putting it back in the box.

"Sona if you don't mind can I ask you something?"

"Sure go on!"

"Ermm I don't know if I should uhhh ask this or not but what happened? Like what happened with your mother? And why do you get PTSD shocks?" 

Rudra's question made the smile of Sona's face fade away. She sighed and went towards the drawer to put the box in safely.

"It's okay if you don't want to tell me anything I was just curious." 

Rudra exclaimed mentally cursing Himself for directly blurting out everything he wants to know about her. Sona turned around and sat down on her bed and patted the place next to her for Rudra to sit. He smiled and obeyed like a cat.

"You know it's actually really funny that not many people know me as Sohani D'Souza."

She began and Rudra already felt confused. 

"But your full name is Sohani Khanna right?"

"Yeah but I prefer my second father's name rather than my biologically cursed one!"

Sona exclaimed furiously curling up her hands into fist. Rudra eyed her carefully and put his hand on top of her's to calm her down.

"Sona if you don't want dis-"

"NO I am alright it's just whenever I think about him it makes me want to kill someone."

She replied and Rudra sighed thinking he shouldn't have asked her about her past.

"My mother was a really intelligent and beautiful women. Also she was one of the few fortunate girls of her village who got the chance to study abroad. My father Lewis was my mother's class mate. One day at some party Lewis and his friends had a bet on who would get the chance to get laid with my mother and Lewis won the bet and he decide to ask my mum. First he became friends with her and as my mum was a really friendly and jolly person she never understood the true motives of Lewis. Soon my mum became closed to Lewis and his friends too and one of my father's friend, Harshad started falling for my mother but at that time my mother was already in love with Lewis and soon he proposed to her which my mother gladly accepted and it broke Harshad's heart. My mother came back to her village and their love affair got known to everyone. The panchayat decided the better way to protect my grandfather's name is to get my mum married with some guy from the village but my mum never wanted that to happen so she ran away with Lewis and they got married. After few weeks Harshad got to know about the marriage and he thought Lewis is still playing games with my mum so he told her everything but at that time my mum got pregnant with me and she tried to confront Lewis, who was never ashamed of his sin and told my mum that he only married her to win the bet and only way to get into my mother's pants was to marry her. My mother felt like her world felt apart she demanded for divorce but instead Lewis rejected and started beating her and continued sexually use her for his dirty cravings."

Sona paused as a limp formed inside her throat and she controlled her tears constantly telling herself from the inside to stay strong. Rudra felt utterly upset listening about the story of her mum. He just wanted to take Sona in to his arms and cradle her like she was just a baby.

"I grew up watching all those things happening with my mother I can still hear her screams echoing in my ears right now and when I was 4 my father left me and my mum for some other girl. For a year, me and my mother stayed without my father and then Harshad came in to our lives as a ray of little hope. Unfortunately, he too suffered badly in his life when his wife passed away during the child birth leaving him and his newly born son. Soon he started helping my mother with her life and they got close. Harshad needed a mother for his 10 year old son and my mother needed a man in our lives to protect us specially me because I was just 5 at that time and soon they got married and it was a start of beautiful relationship. Harshad dad gave my mother all the love she needed in her life and soon my mother started recovering from her bruises and fractured bones. Me and Karan bhaiya became close friends and he is best big brother any girl could ask for. The time passed and I went to India with my family for Kiran's birthday. Everyone loved me specially my Mausi Maa because she knew everything about my dad and decided we should stay in Noida for a while before we completely move back to Australia and then after few years of my stay in India Bauji came in our house with Bihaan and we quickly bonded and became best friends."

Sona cracked a light smile when she mentioned Bihaan and Rudra for the first time never felt bad about it except after hearing all about her past he was mentally thanking him for protecting her all these years.

"But you know all the good things come to an end when I was in summer camp with Dhruv Bhai my father Lewis came back to India in search for my mother because he felt guilty of his sins and wanted to start up a fresh relationship with my mum after being betrayed by the girl he left my mother for. He tried his best to take me and my mother away but failed and started blaming Harshad Daddy for stealing his family from him and the day when I returned from my camp I got to know my mother is very sick and that day she took a promise from my Mausi Maa about finding someone for me just like Bihaan so that what happened with her can't be repeated with me and the day after that Lewis visited our place with some of his goon friends and.. I saw him how brutally he killed my dad and how mercilessly he stabbed my mother and then he tried to kill me his own daughter can you imagine how unfortunate I am that my own biological father tried to kill me so that he can't get caught for his crime. "

Sona furiously whimpered in the end and Rudra couldn't see her like this so he quickly hugged her to calm her down.

"It's alright Sona I am here with you I will always be."

He exclaimed as he rubbed her back and she kept her face hidden in his chest. She broke of the Hug and looked at Rudra's vexed face as he wiped the tear that escaped her eye with his thumb.

"You know after that day I started having flashbacks of everything I went through from being an adolescent to being a teen and then one of Dhruv's Bhaya's friend who was doing a Ph.D. in psychology suggested that I may be going through traumatic disorder and he was right, I got diagnosed by it. I did therapy to forget everything but I don't know why I just can't get over the worst parts of my memory."

Sona exhaustingly exclaimed putting her head in her hands.

"You can Sona just don't think about the bad stuff that much If the demons inside your head tries to engulf you in their darkness just pierce them with your light of positive thoughts and moments you have experienced in your life I am sure you will overcome your dark past in no time and I believe you can."

Sona was taken aback by Rudra's compassionate words for her. She looked up to find his concern face a bit hopeful this time.

"And you know what makes you even stronger? This...This smile of your's because nobody knew how much pain it had endured just to settle down brightly on your lips every day."

The corners of Sona's lips twitched upwards as Rudra kept pointing at her smile.

"And also sometimes you look a bit looney when you do them eye rolls at Me i mean if you continue doing it in future your eyes might fall off from their sockets and you will look like Grimm reaper from the adventures of Billy and Mandy cartoon."

Sona slightly chuckled pinching lightly on Rudra's chest.

"You know I got this eye rolling habit from Bihaan he used to do it a lot when we were kids but then he stopped and started doing it again around Thapki. Speaking of her do you know I accidentally told her that I loved Bihaan? But I never knew that she had feelings for him too that time and yesterday she asked me about whether I love Bihaan or not again and of course I said I am not and hinted a bit that Bihaan loves her well I hope she got it."

Rudra was listening everything carefully with a smile tugged to his face but he was still zoned out thinking how beautiful Sona is and the way she brightens up talking about the things she love made him feel something different yet so familiar in the pit of his stomach again.

She gave up her love for Bihaan and Thapki so that they can unite with each other. She deserves so much better

He thought to himself sighing in the end.

"Alright enough of the talking I think I should leave because now I know that you are not "injured" and you should sleep."

Sona groaned in annoyance as Rudra got up from his spot and Made Sona lie down. She protested that she doesn't want to sleep right now but Rudra rolled his eyes at her and tucked her under her duvet. He said good night to her and was about to leave when Sona called her.

"Wait I have to give you something."

She said as she quickly jumped off from her bed and went towards the wardrobe. She took out a familiar red jacket and handed him.

"Thanks Rudra."

"No it's okay if you liked the jacket you can kept it."

"NOOO I meant Thank you for coming and staying with me and then hearing me out tonight. I...uh never opened up to anyone before like this."

Sona nervously exclaimed putting a strand of hair behind her ear. Rudra put his palm on her cheek and started leaning in which made her heart race to an even speed.

"Just promise me you will not have nightmares from now on and even if anything bothers you I am just a call or text away."

He whispered in her ear making her jump slightly as his hot breath hit her neckline. Sona put her hand on his' which was already cupping her cheek and promised him making Rudra smile. He then bid his goodbye and went towards the door as he was about to leave the door busted open and in came a furious looking Bihaan. He paused as he saw Rudra in the room and Rudra only nervously waved at him. He smiled for a mini second then he sat down on his bed and started unlacing his shoe. Both Sona and Rudra exchanged puzzled expressions to each other while shrugging their shoulders.

"Bihaan what happened? And where is Thapki?"

He didn't reply and continue doing what he was doing. Rudra knitted his eyebrows in frustration when he gave the silent treatment to Sona and she only glared at him for ignoring her for good 15 minutes. She furiously grabbed his arm and turned him around and asked the same question. Sona noticed he was trying to avoid eye contact with her.

"What is the answer of your silence Bihaan? Don't tell me you lost her as if she's a Ram Pyaari?"

She joked trying to lighten up the mood but suddenly Bihaan blurted out furiously on her that he left her. Sona was dumbfounded at his comment.

"What do you mean you left her?"

"We were on our way home and we had an argument and I couldn't control my anger so I left her on the roa-"

But before Bihaan can compete his sentence a sharp pain jolted up on his left cheek. He quickly cupped his cheek and looked back at an infuriating Sona in disbelief who just slapped him but quickly lowered down his gaze thinking he deserved it. She inhaled frustratingly calming the anger that was bubbling up in the pit of her stomach and quickly grabbed her cardigan while marching towards the door.

"Rudra are you coming? I am gonna go bring my friend back whom this dummy left on the road."

She asked Rudra while sending death glares at Bihaan and Rudra quickly nodded and left with her.


Thapki quickly sat down on a log she saw on the left side of the road, which she was walking on for an hour. She threw her heels away and massaged her swollen feet that were aching badly as if she just marched on a nail bed. She was tired, furious but most importantly she was hurt. At first she thought Bihaan will come back to pick her up when his anger will cool down but He left her alone by herself at this time of night. She put her head in hand as her mind flew back to earlier conversation they had.


"Alright then just tell me one thing then why did you kiss me earlier and asked to stay with me forever if you want to end this relationship?"

Bihaan questioned out of the blue which left Thapki totally flabbergasted. She looked down trying to avoid eye contact with him. He smirked thinking His question has shaken her.

I can't tell him about my feelings right now or he would never sign the papers. 

She thought sighing to herself. Bihaan shook her again asking the same question. 

"I was only c-c-caught up in the heat of the moment I have no p-p-plans like spending my whole with the person who destroyed it."

A lump formed in her throat when she sternly lied to him looking straight in to his eyes and holding back her tears. Her words were like a dagger to Bihaan's heart and he immediately let her go. He couldn't believe his ears about what he just heard but most important what irked him the most was Thapki's sudden changes behavior. One moment she asks him to start a new life together and the next moment she asks for separation. Bihaan wanted to scream his heart out with so many thoughts inside his head and anger bubbling up in the out of his stomach. He crouched down grabbing his hair in his hand with frustration and Thapki started muffling her sobs so that he doesn't hear them. Suddenly Bihaan stood in a hurry and went towards his bike. He wiped his tears and kicked the paddle before Thapki can stop him he sped off towards the familiar lanes of his house. 


Thapki quickly wiped her tears as someone put a hand on her shoulder. She quickly turned around and saw a group of 5-6 men standing behind her. 

"Madam is everything alright? Don't you think you should be at home right now at this time of night? We can help get home if you want?"

One of them stepped forward and asked Thapki. They look very suspicious to her so she ignored his question and stood up to walk against them. The guy repeated his question again but Thapki didn't reply and fasten her pace. 

"Arey Arey madam we just only want to help you! You don't have to be scared of us right gentleman?"

The guy exclaimed and came in front of Thapki blocking her way. His friends laughed at his question making Thapki more frightening of the situation. 

"L-L-Look I said I d-d-don't need your help s-s-so get out of m-m-my way."

Thapki replied and tried walking past him but the guy unexpectedly grabbed her hand and forcefully pulled her towards him. Thapki crashed on his chest and started panicking inside while His friends gathered around them in a circle and started enjoying the situation.

"Arey madam we are only giving you a little offer and you keep rejecting it how impolite of you."


Thapki stuttered in between hitting the guy on his chest and all of the men laughed at her helplessness. The guy had her grip so tight around her wrist that all of her bangles broke and the glass pieces started digging in her skin. Thapki yelped in pain and continued hitting the guy but then out of the blue she got a flashback of how Bauji used to train Bihaan how to fight. So she quickly stomped her feet on the guy's feet hardly making his grip loose around her wrist and just then Thapki elbowed him in his chest and bite his hand completely freeing herself and started running away. His men started chasing after her but she knew she runs faster than them. She felt proud at herself for a second but then it all went down the drain when she trembled over her saree and fell to the ground. She whimpered with pain jolting up in her blood stained chin that hit the ground as she fell. She stood up and stated running again but one of the men caught her by her hair. She screamed loudly and just then the guy who she attacked before grabbed her mouth tightly.

"Can't speak a single sentence without stammering but left a watch mark on my wrist. Wah madam Wah! Well let's see what else this mouth can do."

The guy said as he started leaning in making Thapki freeze in her place with fear and thinking about one person.



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