Thapki...Pyaar Ki


Thapki...Pyaar Ki
Thapki...Pyaar Ki

-Kismat K Dhaage- A Thahaan FF *UPDATED* On Pg_81 (Page 79)

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-Kismat k Dhaage-

Chapter 17


"Close your mouth bub or these flies might kick your teeth."

Maggie exclaimed nudging Rudra, who was busy gawking at Sohani. He didn't heard her at first but Maggie nudged him again to bring him back to his senses and He quickly lowered his gaze and sat down on the couch nervously pretending to use his phone, when he saw Sona coming towards them with two glass of Lassi in her hands.

"So...what's the occasion?"

Maggie asked Sona as she took the sip from her Lassi. She handed Rudra his glass and looked back at her in confusion. Maggie, seeing her puzzled state continued.

"Oh I meant I have always seen you and other Desi girls in the campus, wearing these Indian clothes mostly when there was some festival around so that's why I asked."

She cleared out and Sona chuckled looking down at her White and yellow Shalwar Kameez dress.

"Remember our Hawaili keeper? His daughter is my good friend so she gifted me this dress, her mother stitched and designed especially for me because I came here after such a long time. So i thought I should wear it in front of her, to let her know how much I loved this dress."

Sona chirped twirling around flaunting her new dress to Maggie and she praised it. Rudra's lips curled up to into a smile seeing her cheerful face.

"Yeah this dress is very beautiful and you look kind of different in it plus I have seen you in a traditional dress after such a long time Homie, you look absolutely stunning! Right Rudra?"

Maggie exclaimed punching Sona's arm and she chuckled while Rudra totally stammered with his words.

"Hahaha... Y-Yeah uhhh... she l-looks nice."

He nervously stuttered/coughed while Sona blushed and asked them to stop praising her and get ready to leave since the shoot is done and the pack up has started.


"Yes Bauji the electricity issue is fixed...yes I fed Gulaboo and she's not sick anymore...Thapki?? Uhhh yeah wait a second..."

Bihaan trailed off, sighing in the end while putting his phone on hold, as his mother wanted to talk to Thapki. He went inside towards her room but she wasn't present there.


He called out but she didn't answer. He looked in Mandir and in his room too but she wasn't there either.

"Maa I'll call you in a minute I think she is in bathroom."

Before his mother could say anything he hung up. His heart started to race thinking where could she go without telling him. He went outsides to see whether she went towards Tabela but she was also not present there.

"Thapki..?? Where are you?"

He went back inside the house and shouted and to his luck he heard some noises coming from the kitchen. He face palmed himself for not searching the kitchen at first place.

"I was looking for you everywhere why didn't you answ-"

He paused, looking at the sight in front of him as he entered the kitchen. She was standing on the chair trying to get the container of flour off from the shelf. He noticed how badly the chair was moving and if it slipped, she would fall over the milk that was boiling on the stove. He quickly ran towards her to help her before she fall. Thapki shrieked as he grabbed her legs and helped her come down.

"Are you insane?? What if this chair had slipped? You would've gotten yourself burn."

Bihaan frustrating yelled at her and she stared at him thinking if he cares so much then why he acts like he doesn't.

"Bihaan m-m-move aside you are wasting my time, I w-w-want to prepare lunch before everyone arrive."

She simply replied and he rolled his eyes at her. 

"Oh madam if you could've asked me for my help, it would've cost you less wastage of your precious time now move."

He retorted and reached his hands out to get the box. Thapki protested that it's too heavy and he should stand on the chair to get the good hold of the container but Bihaan ignored her. After a struggle of few seconds, He finally got the container in his hands but his phone rang and he got distracted. 

"I-I am so sorry Thapki..."

Bihaan embarrassingly apologized to her while she coughed and started brushing off the flour off her head. She mentally cursed herself for asking for his help. She was sending him death glares but to him she looked like a white polar bear covered in snow and Bihaan couldn't control himself so he quickly took out his phone and clicked a photo of her. Thapki stared at him in disbelief. First he got her all covered in flour and now instead of helping her, he's having a Gala time.

"Good, v-v-very good! This is why i didn't ask for your help b-b-because you always end up creating a huge m-m-mess for me but you know what? Stay Away from me!!! And now YOU are going to clean this kitchen GOODBYE!"

Thapki furiously announced and left, while Bihaan's laughter died down as he was trying to apologize to her in between of his laughs.


"Wohooo! I had so much fun thank you so much Bauji for allowing me and my crew for coming with you."

Sohani chirped as she got out of her bus and went towards her family. Bauji pinched her cheek and said he should be the one thanking her for taking her family out after such a long time. Dadi and Vasundhra laughed as she made annoying noises when Bauji pinched her cheeks. It was noon when they all reached Pandey Niwas and Sohani quickly bid her crew members.

"Gajaab! You had fun vo Bhi hamare bina okay I am hurt."

Bihaan exclaimed faking tears and a heart attack and earned himself a light punch on his shoulder from Sona.

"This trip wasn't even meant for you to come I mean I was mostly busy with our shoot and stuff."

She explained and Bihaan snickered. 

"But I bet you had a very good time I mean all alone in the house with Thapki? Eh?"

Sona teased Bihaan while his cheeks turned Crimson as he stared at her blankly. For a second he forgot she knows about his feelings for Thapki. He covered her mouth and gestured her to stay silent or else someone might heard her.

"Vo Sab chor and tell me did you and Rudra got along or are you two still fighting?"

Bihaan asked her quickly trying to change the topic. Sona paused, thinking about his question after a moment she continued.

"Yeah he's a nice person, we don't fight now in fact I love having small conversations with him and I realized he's not as Kharoos as he looks like."

"Well speaking of that Kharoos Hi Rudra!"

Bihaan deliberately greeted Rudra loudly and Sona mentally face palm herself hoping he hadn't heard her calling him a 'Kharoos'. She turned around and saw him greeting Bihaan casually but once they broke off their hug, she saw him giving sending death stares towards her direction.

"Alright I am gonna go put your stuff in your room while you guys uhhh chat."

Sona was mentally cursing Bihaan when he left giving her a mischievous wink. Rudra cleared his throat and stepped towards her while she awkwardly took out her phone and started scrolling down her Tumblr notifications. 

"If I am Kharoos then you yourself is no less than a nakchari."

He bend down to her level and whispered in her ear. Sohani shockingly had her mouth opened in an 'O' formation and she slapped his arm denying she's not nakchari.

"Yeah yeah whatever! By the way I came here to return you your iPod, you left it in my bag accidentally."

He exclaimed handing her, her little friend. She thanked him and he left reminding her about the party tonight. Sohani went inside her room, greeted by Thapki's smile and jumped on her bed hugging her pillows, saying how she missed them in just one day. 

"You know what? I missed you too Thapki. Oh my God I just realized something how am I going to live without you back in my country?"

Sohani anxiously exclaimed and Thapki chuckled at her. She sat beside her said she will do Skype with her everyday so she won't miss her. Sohani cheered in triumph and quickly embraced her in a hug. Thapki tightly hugged her back.

"S-S-Sohani can I ask you something?"

Thapki spoke up as they broke of their hug. Sohani nodded her head and she sighed before opening her mouth.

"Why did you called off your and Bihaan's wedding? You love him right then why did you let this chance go of making him your's forever?"

Sohani's smile faded as she heard the most unexpected question thrown at her way. Thapki tried to read her eyes but they were subtle. 

"Thapki, first tell me one thing would you plant flowers on the ashes of someone else's garden?" 

Thapki shook her head in denial and Sohani squeezed her arm smiling at her as she got her answer.

"That's exactly what I am doing. I have always dreamed of being Bihaan's forever but I forgot what would be the reaction on the other side. He can never love me more than a friend and I understood it clearly why."

She explained looking into her eyes. Thapki was taken back but before she could say anything Sohani stood up and went towards her stuff, hoping Thapki would understand what she's trying to hint. 

"You know Thapki I am a big believer of destiny's plans for us. Take it as in You went into a mall and fell in love with a bag that happens to be the last piece in the whole shop but as You were about to pay for it on the counter someone else paid for it before you and went away with that bag. See? That's what fate is if that bag was written in your fate then you would've have gotten it Okay I don't know what I am saying but you got my point right?"

Sohani chuckled as she looked back at Thapki from the mirror and she nodded smiling at her. She turned around on her heels and walked towards Thapki.

"Just remember if Bihaan's Threads of destiny are not tied with mine then they are tied to someone else's and that girl my friend is very, Very lucky."

She exclaimed dramatically brushing her fore finger on Thapki's nose and her heart raced thinking about what if she's hinting about her?

"Alright enough with the creepy talk lets complete decorating this room shall we?" 

Sohani chirped clapping her hands trying to change the topic. Thapki faked a smile and agreed but she was still under the effect the clue Sohani just gave her. Sohani explained her plan for today quickly and plugged her iPod in her stereo and played the songs so they could enjoy while painting the room. Thapki put her hair in a ponytail and tied her dupatta to her side before starting to help Sohani. She picked up the rollers and dipped it in the Matt white color and started applying the coats on the wall while enjoying the music with Sohani. They seemed to be having a fun time and just then Bihaan entered their room and paused when he saw the scenario playing in front of his eyes. He knew about Sona but he was amazed seeing Thapki all lost and laughing. Thapki twirled around and saw Him standing in the door way smiling so she stopped, nervously putting her hair behind her ear. Sohani noticed her and saw Bihaan so she paused her Stereo for a minute. 

"Great! So you are just going to stand there and smile around while we are going to do all the work? Come help us Bandar!"

Sona exclaimed pretending to be furious, while pointing her rollers at him and he snickered. He nodded and took off his jacket and put it on the bed and Sona handed him an extra pair of rollers. He dipped the rollers in the paint and started applying the coats on the wall. Suddenly Sona's phone vibrated in her pocket so she took it out and see who it is. She unconsciously smiled as she saw Rudra's text message but as soon as she opened it her smile dropped.

"Oh Shiz!! I forgot about the party!"

She blurted out almost face palming herself with the wet rollers. Both Thapki and Bihaan exchanged confused glances to each other.

"Today, one of our crew member Vidya threw a huge birthday party of her fianc and she invited me too and I have to reach there sharp at 9!"

Sona explained and quickly put the rollers aside and started looking out for a dress to wear. Thapki and Bihaan chuckled looking at her panic state. 

"Waiiit! I have an idea how a-a-about you go and get ready for your p-p-party and we will complete the work here, hmmm?"

Thapki stopped Sohani and assured her that they will take care of everything. She mentally cheered when Thapki asked her that question. Bihaan rolled his eyes but agreed to Thapki and Sona thanked them before jumping in the bathroom as she has only 2 hours to get ready.

"My friend is going to pick me up in five minutes are you guys sure you'll handle all the work?"

Sona hesitatingly asked them biting her lip. Thapki put her hand on her shoulder while Bihaan smiled and teased her about men losing their lives tonight because of her beauty. She rolled her eyes and punched him lightly on the shoulder. Suddenly she got a text from her friend who was waiting outside for her so she bid them goodbye and left. Bihaan furiously glanced over Thapki from the corners of his eyes thinking about the kitchen incident earlier and how Thapki asked him to stay away from her. He sighed and went back to his earlier spot and started painting the wall. Thapki recalled what happened this morning and thought to herself that she will apologize to Bihaan and went towards the iPod and shuffled through the songs and played the one that was needed to be played in this situation.

"Aise kaai ko atka
Tere ghar ka jhadu katka
Tu jo bole kar denge daily free!

One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bachche ki loge jaan kya?"

Thapki quickly jumped back to her place and pretended to look for something in the art box, while the song boomed in the room.

Does she think I am stupid and I don't know why she played that song?

Bihaan thought to himself and as he went towards the stereo and changed the track while sending glares towards Thapki. She huffed in anger thinking how stubborn he is and stood beside him while he was busy ignoring her and focused on doing his work. After few seconds later Bihaan felt something wet dripping down his head. He touched it and realized it was paint. He was about to shout at her but he kept quiet thinking no matter how hard she tries he won't talk to her. 

He's so strange he would've given me a whole bhashan about spoiling his hairstyle then why is he so calm right now?

Thapki surprisingly thought to herself but she wasn't ready to give up so she pretended to sneeze and drop her rollers on Bihaan's head.

"I am S-Sorry Bi..."

She trailed of as he simply handed her rollers while cleaning his head with the cloth. Thapki glanced at him in utter disbelief. She stomped her feet on the ground in annoyance and turned around to do her work but accidentally her elbow hit the Paint box and it fell over Bihaan's head.

"What is your problem? Why are you irritation me so much?  You want to play with colors? FINE here you go!"

Bihaan shouted at Thapki and threw his roller aside. He went towards the other paint box, opened its lid and the next thing you know he dumped it all over Thapki's head.


He asked furiously as he threw the paint box to his right. Thapki wiped his eyes and looked towards Bihaan in disbelief who was busy cleaning himself. She huffed in anger and glanced towards the yellow paint.


Bihaan screamed as more paint dripped down his head. Thapki burst into laughter as Bihaan slipped and fell head first on the ground. He tried to struggle in the dense liquid but failed and slipped again. He looked towards Thapki mischievously, who was out of breath because of laughing so hard and held his hand out for her to help him get up. She calmed down herself and grabbed his hand but instead, Bihaan pulled her down with him and she fell over him. 

"How's the taste of your own medicine ha? Or should I say how the taste of the paint which you dumped on my head is?"

Bihaan mischievously asked as he applied paint on Thapki's face and she squealed trying to push him away and run but Bihaan was having fun making her dirtier. Suddenly Thapki remembered Bihaan is also ticklish like her so she quickly dug her fingers in his ribs. Bihaan immediately got off of her and shielded himself with his hands in defense of himself but Thapki hold him down while tickling him and he kept asking for her to stop in between his breaths. After a while of spending a hysterical moment together Thapki lied down on his arm wiping her tears. Bihaan wiped his eyes and hold his stomach as it was aching badly from laughing so hard.



"Can't we stay like this forever?"

After a few minutes of silence, Thapki questioned leaving Bihaan completely puzzled. He confusingly raised his head up and looked down at Thapki who was looking at him while her chin rested on Bihaan's chest. She sighed seeing his furrowed brows and simply leaned in to embrace his lips with her's. Bihaan was startled at first and no matter how much his brain ordered him to pull away, her lips were like a nicotine and he surely was really addicted to them. He gently cupped her cheek and deepened their kiss telling her how much he needed her for the past few days.

"Wohooo this party is a blast Viddy I am so happy for you and Amit. He's so lucky to have you as his soon to be life partner."

Sona complimented her friend who blushed as she mentioned about her fianc. She thanked her and they chatted for some moment until Amit called Vidya to meet some of their guests. She excused herself and left Sona alone. She sipped her Fruit punch and took out her phone to take some pictures.

"Taking pretty selfies without me? Not fair!" The familiar voice made her freeze on her spot. She turned around with flames of hatred burning in her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" He smirked at her question and came close to her. 

"Don't worry I am not stalking you I am just here to enjoy this cool party."

"I don't believe you." Sona replied him earning a devious chuckle from him. He was about to say something but suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Viraj dude meet my fianc Vidya she is the one behind this amazing party and Vidya this is Viraj he's is one of my best college mates."

Sona's eyes went wide in shock as Amit introduced Viraj to his fianc. Viraj took Vidya's hand and kissed it complementing her how beautiful she is which made her blush.

"Hey Sona you guys already know each other?" Vidya asked astonishingly but before Sona can reply, Viraj spoke up. "No actually I was just going to fetch me some drink and she accidentally bumped into me. I am sure she has history of meeting new people like this "accidentally" am I right Sona... Jee?

Viraj taunted and Sona kept quiet and fake smiled at her friends sending death glares to the one standing in front of her. Vidya and Amit excused themselves and left. Sona was also about to leave when Viraj grabbed her arm. 

"I am trying stay calm because I don't want to create any scene here but that doesn't mean you can have all the rights to do whatever you want! Let me go Viraj or I'll-"

"Call your pretty actor bodyguard boyfriend? To save your troubled ass like every time?"

Sona was taken aback by how Viraj used Rudra's name. She felt a sudden rage building inside her and was about to tightly slap Viraj on his cheek but suddenly somebody forcefully turned him around.

"When you can't treat a girl nicely at least respect her! What would you feel like if I grabbed the hand of your girlfriend like this?"

Rudra taunted while looking furiously in Viraj's eyes. Sona was surprised to see him so angry about her like this but she was disappointed at him for making his entry this time.

"Don't cross the line mate or I wil-"

"What you will or what you can I don't care just leave her arm!"

Rudra snapped at him and he disgustfully glared at him. Suddenly Viraj started smiling leaving both of them slightly confused but Rudra was still glaring at him like a hungry bear. He let Sona's hand go and set collars of Rudra's blazer.

"Chill bro I was only trying to end all the past misunderstandings so shall we call all of our enmities off with a drink yeah?"

Viraj clarified as he gently tapped on Rudra's chest. Rudra amusingly raised his eyebrow at him and then looked at Sona who only turned her head away not facing Rudra. Viraj called out the waiter for drinks. Sona eyed him carefully as she was not sure whether he's being good for real or he's pretending. He went to pick up their drinks leaving, Rudra and Sona awkwardly alone for some seconds. Rudra smiled at her and stepped towards her but Sona backed off and stopped him with her hand. 

"Listen I appreciate you love helping people but I don't need your help I can take care of myself!"

Sona rudely blurted out quickly which felt more like a threat. Rudra was puzzled and as he was about to ask her what she meant, Viraj came back with their drinks.

"Come on Sona take it, it's just a fruit punch." Viraj insisted sweetly and Sona hesitantly picked up the drink. Rudra took one too.

"Well here's to the start of a good friendship."

He cheered and clinked his glass with the other two's and Sona who was feeling irritated by both men, she quickly chugged down her drink and left from there. Rudra chased after her piercing the crowd and called out her name but she didn't respond. He sighed as he watched her figure disappearing from the place and decided to finish his drink but as the cup reached his lips he smelled something different in the cup. His eyes went wide as he realized what them smell is off.

"That bas***d!" He cursed under his Breath and turned to glance towards their previous spot but Viraj was nowhere in sight. He put the glass aside and quickly went to search for Sona. Viraj smirked deviously as he saw Sona going out of the venue.

"Poor girl she doesn't even what would happen to her in few minutes." He thought to himself as he took the sip of his alcoholic drink.

They pulled off breathlessly and rested their foreheads against each other. Bihaan's thumb never left caressing Thapki's cheek. Thapki was looking down at the love of her life but she was unsure to tell him about how she feels. Some strands covered Thapki's face disturbing Bihaan's beautiful view so he tugged them behind her ear gently. She asked him the same question but he didn't reply and only put his finger on her lips to shush her down and continued admiring her eyes whom he just wanted to get lost in forever. 

"Where is she?"

Rudra worriedly drove past the venue that they were at a few hours ago. He searched everywhere for her but she was nowhere to be seen. He frustrating hit the steering wheel as he stopped the car. He came out of his car rubbing his forehead and checked his watch which told him it was 10 past 15 which is not a good time for any girl, who is drunk to roam around the city on her own also the weather could change any time. He took his phone out to call her one last time and suddenly heard her phone ringing nearby. He turned around to follow the sound of her ringtone and found her sitting on the bus stand covering herself with her hands as if she was feeling cold. He sighed in relief and quickly ran towards her.

"Are you out of your mind? Why the hell why were you not picking up my calls??"

He complained furiously and Sona only looked at him in disgust. She stood up so quickly that she was about to fall because of the dizziness but Rudra caught her. She pushed him away and hold her hand up gesturing him to stop.

"You Know I...I don't need your help. I never needed your help why do you waste your t-time after me go away! I can take care of myself." She explained and decided to walk away with shaky legs and dizzy vision.

"Yeah I can see that."

Rudra sarcastically replied as Sona trembled twice on her own. He rolled his eyes and went towards her. He tried to help her many times but she was just being stubborn and denied his help, which ignited the flames of anger inside him. 

"Enough already! Will you please just shut up and let me help you? Look at yourself that bas***d Viraj spiked our drinks and luckily I got to know about it before drinking it but you are just so clumsy you drank it without even realizing it has alcohol in it and walked out of the party like a hurricane and now here you are all drunk and wandering in the city at this time of the night without even answering my calls do you even f**king realize how worried I was?" 

Rudra blurted out making Sona quiet in shock. She had never seen Rudra acting so worried for her like this before. He realized how he just reacted with her so he sighed in frustration pinching the bridge of his nose. 

"Viraj was right why do always come to my rescue? I never asked you to come and help me there are a lot of people in this world whom you can help then why me?"

This question made Him silent for a moment. 

Wait she's right why am I so concerned about her? Maybe because she's my colleague? Or maybe she's more than that? WHAT no. He thought to himself.

"Because you are my friend okay and friends help each other they care about each other that's it so come let me take you home." He politely explained and hold his hand out for her to take. She glance between his hand and his eyes for few moments.


"Alright you left me no choice."


She started shouting while hitting Rudra on his back as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder like she was a sack of potato. She kept hitting him and warning him about how she will end his career and Rudra only chuckled and went towards his car. He made her sit in the car and quickly locked it from the outside and ran towards the other side before she can come out. Sona tried opening the door but it didn't open. She took out her phone and said she will call Bihaan and tell him about what he is doing with her but he snatched her phone from his hand and put his hand over her mouth covering it.

"CHUP!!! Ek dam chup alright?"

He snapped at her keeping a finger on his lips gesturing her to stay quiet and she only looked at him slight scared with wide eyes and her mouth covered with his other hand. Their faces were inches apart and their noses brushed against each other's and the only thing that was stopping their lips to touch was Rudra's hand between the gap of their faces. Their eyes were Locked with each other's for the first time Rudra noticed how beautiful Sona's eyes were. They were alive and energetic but had many secrets hidden behind them and they were torn and pure just like her heart. Sona noticed how much concerned his dark orbs held for her. At that moment Rudra felt something different bubbling up inside his heart. Something that he felt for the first time when he saw her on the road and again at the auditions but the difference is at that it was not clear at that time but this time it's clear as water to him but he is too deaf to hear the voice of his heart. Sona was drunk but she couldn't understand what about Rudra made her heart race. Rudra quickly broke off their intense eye lock and removed his hand from her lips. He awkwardly put his seat belt on and Sona did the same.

"I can't take you back to your home right now everyone is going to get worried seeing you drunk like this so you have to sober up a little before I drop you off."

He explained breaking the ice in the annoyingly silent atmosphere of the car. Sona didn't say anything and continued lolling outside of the car. Rudra pulled up in front of some Dhaaba and asked Sona to stay in the car while he get some tea for both of them. After some moments Rudra came back with some water bottles and two disposable cups of hot tea in his hand and gave one to Sona. She took the cup from his hand without saying anything and Rudra out the water bottles in the back and drove off from the place. They silently sip their tea in the mid of their ride.

"Pull over!!" Sona quickly said as she cupped her stomach and her mouth. Rudra looked at her as of she had lost it.  "What?? Are you crazy? We are on the middle of nowh-"

"Pull over or I'll throw up in your car!!!"

"Alright Alright!!"

He screamed as he turned the steering wheel to his left and stopped the car. He quickly unlocked Sona's door and she ran outside in the woods to throw up. He picked the water bottle from the backseat and went towards Sohani who was busy puking everything out of her gut. He pulled her hair back gently and rubbed her back. He helped her with water to wash her face and rinse the bitter taste out of her mouth. He helped her stand up am they both went towards the car but instead of sitting inside Sona decided to sit on the bonnet of the car. She sat on the bonnet with her legs in a crossed position and breathed the fresh air that was playing with her hair. Rudra was only observing her sudden change of mood. 

"Rudra you are a very nice person you know." Sona spoke up earning a puzzled look from Rudra. He chuckled to himself shaking his head and came towards her. 

"What happened to you suddenly? A while ago you never wanted my help and now you are praising me? Jeez I am so confused now is the alcohol messing up with your brain or you really meant it?"

Rudra exclaimed shockingly, resting his one hand on the car roof and other on his hip. Sohani chuckled at his question and pat the space beside her gesturing Rudra to sit with her. He amusingly glanced at her for a second but then he jumped on the car and sat beside with his legs hugging his chest and his elbows resting on his knees.

"You know when people are drunk they are in their most dangerously honest state and they speak nothing but truth when the alcohol is in their systems and you know me very well i don't lie unless I have played a prank on Bihaan and i do not want him to know."

As soon as Sona mentioned Bihaan's name out of nowhere, Rudra suddenly felt his smile fading away. He still didn't know why he had so much problem with Bihaan when he knew Sohani told him he doesn't love her. 

why am I bothered so much? He thought to himself.

"Alright miss honest then tell me one thing do you still love Bihaan?" Sohani glanced back at Rudra's stern face, trying to read his eyes to know whether he's joking or not. After few minutes Rudra turned his face away furiously when Sona didn't answer him. 


Thapki broke off the kiss harshly and asked Bihaan the same question but he remained quiet. So she angrily stood up to leave. Bihaan quickly stood up and grabbed her hand to stop her. She turned around with tears in her eyes which made Bihaan's heart sank.

"Trust me Thapki I want to answer your question the way you want but I just need time to sort out some stuff."

He cleared out cupping her cheek. She took his hand and kissed it while he wiped her tears and left. As Bihaan entered his room he quickly locked its door. He took out his phone from charging and dialed his lawyer's number. 

"Arey Bihaan Jee Kia lambi Umer hai apki I was about to call you." Mr. Singh, Bihaan's close friend and lawyer exclaimed as he picked up his phone. Bihaan smiled and sat down on his bed.

"Singh Sahib have you done my work?" His question came out as an order than being curious. 

"Yes Bihaan Jee I checked the pictures you sent me clearly and went to meet the exact lawyer whose signatures were on the paper but he told me something else which I think you might not like it."

The lawyer stated with disappointment in his voice. Bihaan raised his eyebrow in astonishment thinking about what the lawyer meant.

"Tell me everything clearly Singh sahib I don't have time for riddles!" Bihaan heard Singh sighing on the other side and after a little pause he finally spoke up.

"Mr. Pandey the lawyer told me your wife didn't ask him to make the divorce papers it was your mother who paid him double amount to do his work early."

Those words were like a heavy stone that fell on Bihaan's head. He furiously asked the lawyer to stay in his limit and tell him the truth but the lawyer repeated his words making Bihaan more shocked. He hung up the call and threw his phone on the bed. He ran a hand throw his hair in frustration thinking about the reason why his mother did that and put the blame on his wife.

"Maa? But why would Maa do this? She told me Thapki was the one who got those Divorce papers done because she wanted to end this relationship." He questioned himself in disbelief.

Rudra jerked his head to his right astonishingly. Somehow he felt a bit of relief from the Inside when he heard Sohani's answer.

"Yeah I am telling the truth why are you so surprised hearing it?" Sohani chuckled at Rudra's shocked face. 

"No I am not surprised I am just trying to figure out on the scale from 1 to 10 how badly drunk you are?" He joked earning a light punch his shoulder from her. Sona laid down on the windscreen, sighing. She closed her eyes and not worrying about Rudra who was intensely observing her. 

"You know sometimes I wonder that why did I even started having feelings for Bihaan at first? then I realized that it's the first rule of love, you fell for things which you can't have and I was really hurt or should I say torn the moment I got to know Bihaan loves Thapki. At first it was unbearable for me but then I got used to it you know why? Because Bihaan's happiness matters the most to me and he's the guy who never believed in sloppy romantic stuff and now that he is the victim of the poison ivy I just don't want to take his poison away from him."

It was the first time Sona opened up so emotionally with Rudra and he felt very bad for her. In that moment he just wanted to take her in his arms and tell her that he will always be there for her but he was just being stubborn for not following the instructions that were coming from his heart.

"Rudra tell me one thing what would you have done if someone you loved you had to let them go?" She questioned breaking Rudra's trance of loveable glances at her.

"Yeah...I uh... I don't know I have never been in love before plus my theories about love are different than your's you think everything is all beautiful about it but you haven't been on the darker side I think this love thing can make you do so many wrong things I tell you that's why I don't believe in love but to answer your question if I by any "chance" had fallen in love with someone and they have to go away from me and this was best for them I would've let her go."  Rudra answered air quoting around "chance".

"Exactly my point! If Bihaan's happiness lies within loving Thapki I am not going to snatch that away from him just because I didn't have my first love doesn't mean I would take away someone else's."

Rudra got stunned for a minute as she uttered those words. He never knew Sona was such a broken soul yet she never showed it to anyone. It was pleasant silence between them and they stayed like that for an hour when Rudra noticed Sona started to feel drowsy because of alcohol so he decided to take her back home. He climbed down the bonnet of his car and went to her side. She was half asleep already and he didn't want to disturb her so he picked her up in his arms and opened the door of his car. Before lying her down on the seat Rudra realized how petite and fragile she looked in his arms. He put her seatbelt on and closed the door. He got to his side and ignited the engine and with feeling regarding Sona cooking up in his heart, he drove into the familiars streets of Noida.

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Rinka_Ritz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2016 at 9:24am | IP Logged
sorry dear... I am new to the forum and I haven't read it till now... I will need time.. once I complete, I will definitely comment... just a thorough look gave me a bit of an idea... it seems interesting..

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Preeti126 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2016 at 10:48am | IP Logged
OMG...!!! Chanda...kaisi ho??? Glad to see you again.. Big smile

I thought u r not going to update this ff...!!! But you surprised me today...!!! Such a pleasant surprise it was...!!

And about this part...
It was as always awesome...Happy that bihaan got to know about vasu's truth...!!!
Sona n rudra's story seems interesting...loved it...!!

Next part yaad se update karna zaroor der se hi sahi...!!!

Maine UN change kiya hai..Me Prachi..I hope ki main yaad hu aapko...Embarrassed

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Sahjana Newbie

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Posted: 24 November 2016 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
The most awaited story... chandaa thank u so much for updating it.. humble request, moving forward pls update it more usual wonderful episode..Hug
Each time i felt like reading a novel..thanks again for coming up with awesome story

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lovely1999 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2016 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Thank you for update dii..Hug
The most awaited FF...Wink
It's too good, awesome..Clap
Best thing is that Bihaan ko Vasu ka sch pta chl gya..Big smile
Waiting for next update...Embarrassed

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alia919 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2016 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
Thanxx alot dear Smile ...
After a long tym u updated it...
Too good update...
Plz update next soon...

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sukanksha IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by chandaaaxo

<font size="4" color="#6633ff">***A/N***</font>



khair choro wese bhi i am only here to complete what i left off in the middle or wese bhi we really miss some good Thahaan moments.Cryislye i am going to update this fic and complete it!!!Big smile
and i have some news for you guys i have changed the guy who was portraying Rudra, before it was Gautam Rode and now its Giresh Kumar. snd secondly i have make a TRAILER for this fic YES!! you heard it right!Big smileBig smile

i hope you like it wese bhi i was trying new stuff so i decided to experiment by making a trailer for KKD!LOL

alright and the part B of the news is i am gonna start updating the chapters!!Big smile
so enjoyyy!Heart

Jaane kitne Dino k baad gali Mei aaj CHAAND Nikla Hug
Welcome back... Waited for u so long.

Will read n comment

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iQraaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 November 2016 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rinka_Ritz

sorry dear... I am new to the forum and I haven't read it till now... I will need time.. once I complete, I will definitely comment... just a thorough look gave me a bit of an idea... it seems interesting..
Oh welcome to the forum world jee! Hug
yeah sure read it whenever you like! LOL
and thank you for liking it! Embarrassed

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