Thapki...Pyaar Ki


Thapki...Pyaar Ki
Thapki...Pyaar Ki

-Kismat K Dhaage- A Thahaan FF *UPDATED* On Pg_81 (Page 75)

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Originally posted by PHP_069

maine socha tu update kia..plz jaldi kar baby..
ha di bus karti hu thori dair mae Smile

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Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Originally posted by PHP_069

maine socha tu update kia..plz jaldi kar baby..
ha di bus karti hu thori dair mae Smile

thank u..em waiting..Big smile

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A/N: i know  a very Laaate update but mae kia karo the show got me demotivated CryCry  i was really upset but now i feel a bit better and realized i should get back to my old self. Big smile this Fanfic is dedicated to all of yous and your love and my bestie who has encouraged me alot to continue writing even though i lost interest.  
so i hope you like the chappie the fun has somewhat began! Wink



-Kismat k Dhaage-



Chapter 16


"Keep quiet or else Bihaan will kill us, if we get caught."

The guy named Bitto whispered to his other mate Shankar. They were both on the en route towards their mission when accidentally Shankar kicked one of the pickle jars and it broke.

"Shut up! It's getting dark how am I supposed to see where I am putting my feet and I think I hurt my toe."

He retorted back wincing in pain while jumping up and down and his elbow hit the potted plant and it fell down breaking into many pieces. Bitto gave him an "I am going to kill you later" look while flaring his nostrils furiously.

"Do you want to go to Malaysia or not?"


"Then STOP MAK-stop making any noises."

Shankar scolded him in a low tone and he nodded his head putting a finger on his lips. The reason why both of them are wandering in Pandey Niwas is because Sohani asked them to cut off the main power supply.  She knows how egoistic Bihaan is, Even when he is left in this house alone he would prefer to stay away from Thapki, so that's why she made this plan to deliberately bring Thapki close to him because Thapki once told her she is afraid of the dark. Both men silently entered in the house from the balcony and started looking for the store room, where the main Power box was. Whereas Bihaan and Thapki were still hiding in the nest. Thapki was glued to his chest like a lizard on the wall. Bihaan asked her to let him go so he can go and check whose shadow it was but Thapki was scared, thinking what if they are some dangerous Robbers who broke into the house and if he went out, they might hurt him. That's the reason why she exaggeratedly acted like she was frightened by them to death as she knows he won't leave her. She hugged him even more tightly hiding her head in his chest, which made his heartbeat go insane. Even though he said, he wants to end his relation with her but he can't deny his love he has for Thapki and the way she makes him feel. His face highlighted his frustration as This closeness was killing him so Despite Thapki's protest, He irritatingly pushed Thapki aside and help himself to come out of the nest and started looking for his gun in the drawer. He was about to go outside the room when Thapki snapped at him that he shouldn't leave her like this and he furiously stared at her.

"Gajaab! Someone is freely Wandering in our house like it's their property and you are asking me to sit here and hi-"

Before, he could complete his sentence he saw a shadow coming towards their room. Thapki's eyes went wide and Bihaan started to panic as the shadow turned out be of two people. Bihaan started looking here and there, trying to think of something to trap these thieves with and found a blanket. He asked Thapki to stand behind the door and throw this Blanket on the Thieves, in order to catch them but Thapki refused, seeing the shadows were getting closer, pulled him inside the nest and threw the blanket over the nest to cover them. Bihaan tried to ask what she was trying to do but she covered his mouth with her hand and motioned him to be silent as they heard some one's presence in their room. Both guys roamed around the room in search of something, while Thapki and Bihaan both exchanged shocked and slightly scared glances to each other.

"You idiot this is someone's room not the one we are looking for...come lets go downstairs."

Some manly voice exclaimed in a hushed tone and they rushed outside the room closing its door. As he heard the room getting silent, Bihaan quickly removed her hand from his mouth and threw the blanket away and stepped out of the nest and Thapki held her hand out for him to help her stand up but he ignored her. She huffed angrily and help herself stand up.

"We could've caught those Burglars so easily but you..."

He trailed off scowling at her, while she sighed exasperatedly. 

"B-B-Bihaan you heard them c-c-clearly right? They sounded like they are on some great m-m-mission and you can't face them with this gun someone might get hurt so let's call the police the-"

"Oh Mahan atma I know what I am doing and By the time police will reach here, those burglars will be gone, taking everything they can with them so before something like that happens I have to do something! besides stop worrying for them you are my wife not thei-"

Bihaan paused as he realized what he just blurted out. Thapki's face lit up and she mentally cheered thinking no matter how ignorant he can become towards her, he still accepts her as his wife. His jaws clenched tightly as he was mentally cursing himself but he quickly covered the awkward situation by saying they should not waste any more time or the burglars might get away.

"Anyways I am going out to teach those burglars a lesson and if you don't want to help then go hide in that nest."

He taunted, pointing towards the nest and she declared she wants to help and rolled her eyes at him, when he bend to pick up the blanket. Bihaan thought for a moment and put the gun back in the drawers and took out a rod he had hidden, under his bed. Thapki furrowed her eyebrows in confusion wondering what he is up to and she got startled when abruptly handed the wooden rod to her. 

"Alright here's the plan We will silently go downstairs and wait for the burglars to come and when I will see them coming, I will silently go after them and throw this blanket over them and just then you will beat them with this rod and we will catch them, got it?"

Thapki tried to protest that it's a very stupid plan and she can't hurt anyone physically but Bihaan shut her up by putting his finger on her lips.

"Not a word! Or else I'll take my gun out and directly sho-"

"NO!! I am fine lets...Lets Just g-go catch those Thieves yay."

Thapki unwillingly agreed while he felt proud at himself and they both silently tip toed outside their room.


Sohani tried screaming when she saw Rudra but Viraj had her Mouth covered with his hand and his other hand, tightly tied her hands to her back. Viraj tried his best to drag her out of the place without Rudra noticing her but she stayed firm to her place. The noise of crumbling leaves, Sona's feet made, when Viraj was trying to drag her, caught Rudra's attention. He slowly stepped towards the barn to check behind it. Sona was hopeful he would find her but to her bad luck, Viraj managed to drag her out from the suspected spot and hid behind the big stack of hay. Rudra found nothing when he reached behind the barn and disappointedly turned around to look for her somewhere else. Viraj pitifully laughed at Sona and Tears started to burn her eyes when she saw his figure completely fading away.

"Poor You! Now I am going to kill you and no one will be able to hear your cries."

Viraj exclaimed through his greeted teeth, grabbing her hair and making her face him. She glared at him with all the hatred she had in her heart for him and was cursing herself for falling into his trap. Just then her eyes darted towards a dimly lit lantern which was loosely hanging on the pole and the stack of hay was placed beside the pole. An idea quickly struck her brain and she kicked the pole. She kicked Twice, Thrice but the lantern only swung from left to right. So this time she tried with full force and it fell on the ground with its glass shattering on the hard surface and to her expectations the haystack next to pole quickly caught the small sparks of fire.

Rudra called out her name again and paused, catching his breath. He looked down at her bracelet praying for her to be alright as the anxiety was eating him because he couldn't find her anywhere. He looked up at the dark sky thinking the weather will get rough soon and he had to find her before that. Suddenly he heard a low pitch scream and turned around realizing whom does it belongs too. His heart raced with fear when he saw flames erupting from the back of the barn. He sprinted towards it as he heard another scream and When he reached at the suspected spot, what he saw made his heart palpitate with anger and rage started to pump through his veins. Viraj was on top of Sona trying to choke her while she was struggling underneath him to escape his grasp. He jumped like a hungry predator on Viraj and ripped him off, of Sona and threw him on the ground. He worriedly picked up Sona from the ground who was coughing badly and cupped her cheek asking if she was okay. Sona nodded and wearily smiled seeing him. Rudra quickly took his jacket off, leaving himself in a black vest and covered Sona with it carefully, while she was only stared at him being stunned by the concern he hold in his eyes for her. Rudra helped Sona get up and they turned around to leave.

"If you wouldn't have reached on time I would have killed this bi**h."

Viraj spat venomously, dusting himself up which made Rudra loose his control and he launched himself at him. In a swift movement Viraj was under Rudra and he grabbed his collar from one hand and started punching his face with the other. Viraj caught his hands and kicked Rudra in his stomach. Rudra groaned with pain but it didn't stop him from breaking Viraj's nose. Sona gasped as Viraj pushed Rudra off of him and stepped towards her. He wiped the blood that was coming out of his mouth with the back of his hand. Sona backed away in fear and trembled over the rock falling down but before he can reach her, Rudra tackled him to the ground throwing his arm around his neck, ready to separate his head from his body. When Sona saw Viraj was slowly passing out she shouted at Rudra to stop and let him go but nothing was audible to him at that time as he was as only thinking about who he was and how he even dared to touch her.

"Rudra please I beg you let him go he's my Sister in law's Brother."

Rudra stopped and glanced at her in disbelief when she revealed who Viraj was. She nodded and He immediately let his fainted body fall from his grasp and walked towards Sona.

"What were you thinking when you come here? Are you a little girl? Do we have to give you lessons about how to take care of yourself? I don't give a damn who is he but what If he would've done something..."

Rudra trailed off closing his eyes and looked away as the bad thoughts clouded his mind.

"I...I am sorry Rudra! I know you are right but please promise me one thing you won't tell anyone at home about this incident."

Rudra looked at her as if she has grown two heads.

"Are you insane? He would've caus-"

"Please Rudra! Try to understand if Mausi Maa got to know about this incident don't you think she would start reconsidering her old decision back? It took me so long to convince her."

Sona explained hoping he would understand and he sighed pinching the bridge of his nose to calm his anger down.

"Alright...Lets... get you home before it starts raining."

Rudra spoke after a few moment of silence, helping her stand up and they walked towards the big Hawaili where everyone was staying.


"Okay so they may have entered the house using the balcony of the terrace but I think they will exit using the door so this should be our X mark. Thapki go hide behind that sofa and Just wait for my signal and I will catch those under this blanket you, Will do your part of the plan, and understand?"

Bihaan described the location of his "master plan" to Thapki and she nodded. She quickly went towards the sofa and crouched down getting herself ready to attack and gave Bihaan a thumbs up. He nodded and hid himself under the staircase. They impatiently waiting for good 10 minutes for the burglars but before they would come, Pandey Niwas' electricity went off. Both looked around confusingly in the darkness as this never happens in Pandey Niwas. Suddenly Bihaan's phone rang with full volume and he quickly took it out of his pocket and start pressing the volume down from the side buttons rapidly to lower the volume of the ringtone. He fumed as he saw the caller id but he pressed the green button and put the phone to his ear asking what she wants.

"B-B-Bihaan I am s-s-scared."

"Oh madam relax! It's just a little electricity fault it will be fixed soon."

"I know but Bihaan I have a really bad phobia of darkness."

"Gajaab I should be given the gold medal then. I mean you have such silly phobias and here I am living with a walking bhoot in my life but I never got frightened by you."

Thapki huffed with anger as He indirectly called her the ghost of his life. She cut the call and heard him snicker from a distance.

Go ahead Bihaan laugh the much you want now you will see how I will face both my fear and these thieves bravely.

Thought Thapki, tightly gripping the rod in her hand. Soon Bihaan's laughter died down as someone's hiccups echoed in the hall. Thapki covered her mouth with fear quickly and her phone vibrated with his name flashing on the screen.

"Was it necessary to have hiccups right now?? You will scare the buglers away."

"B-B-Bihaan but I am not the one who is having hiccups i think it's one of the Burglars."

Thapki clarified as they heard another one but this time it felt like the sound was very near to them. Both of them got alarmed to do as they planned.

"Arey Shut up Bitto! You were asking me, not to make any noise and here you ar-"


Shankar was cut off by Bihaan dumping the blanket over them. After a lot of struggle, the power of two succeeded to escape the House. Thapki carefully made her way towards them trying not to hurt herself with the corner of the table and charged on the victim under the blanket. 

"Yelo or ye Bhi Lo this is w-w-what you get when y-y-you try to rob Pandey Niwas!"

She continued beating the person under the blanket with all the mighty force she had but she paused as she heard a familiar voice begging her to stop. She quickly unlock her phone and tap the flashlight app.

"B-B-BIHAAN? But...but how...d-d-did you?? s-s-S-sorry."

Her eyes went wide in shock and she stuttered even more as she couldn't believe she just made the Bharta out of her husband. She threw the rod away and quickly crouched down to help Bihaan get up who was lying on the floor as if he just got out of 3 days police remand. 

"Ugh...let me go! Who the hell beats someone so brutally like this? Specially their husband?"

Bihaan snapped at Thapki yanking his arm from her hand and then screamed with sudden pain jolting up his shoulder. Thapki was sending death glares at Bihaan for being so rude with her for no reason.

"Acha! You first p-p-provoked me to fight with those thieves and now it's m-m-my fault that you got beaten up instead of them! This is why you should never make f-f-fun of someone B phor Bihaan Pandey."

Thapki retorted back, folding her arms to her chest and rolling her eyes at him.

"Oh Mahan atma can you give me your lecture later and help me get to my room?"

He whined, folding his hands in front of her even though she can't see it. Thapki silently chuckle ti herself, at his behavior that at least he got out of his bad mood. She helped him get up and gave him her body support so they can walk towards their room.


"Oh so you guys? Left us all here to wait for you two and went on your own to enjoy the rain for yourself? How rude!"

Maggie taunted as she saw Both Rudra and Sohani entering the Hawaili, where everyone was staying for the day. She pretended to look pissed at them and they only exchanged silent glares at each other. Everyone was enjoying Pakoras at this time of rain and Vasundhra was the quick one to greet her from the family's side. She noticed how both of them were wet from head to toe, due to rain and asked her if she's alright. 

"Sohani beta...where were you? You know how worried I got? I asked your crew members and One of Them told me you all wanted to go around for a little village tour but due to the weather change you all postponed your plan."

Vasundhra suspiciously questioned Sohani and looked over Rudra who only looked away clenching his jaws. Sohani sighed and continued.

"Mausi Maa I...uh got lost accidentally and then I called Rudra to come and get me, that's it."

She lied but Vasundhra didn't seem to buy her lie.

"But beta you know every single lane of this village and even if you got lost then you must've called Dhruv, Ashwin or Sanj-"

"Mausi Maa please can I go change my cloths I feel cold can we talk later please?"

Sohani cut Vasundhra and hurriedly left, before she bombard her with more questions and suggestions. Maggie asked Rudra to join them but he excused himself saying he had to change his cloths too and went towards his room.


"B-Bihaan I guess some major fault happened and electricity won't be fixed till tomorrow so can we please sleep outside today? The weather seems good and it's way too hot inside."

Thapki suggested as she had her back at Bihaan who was struggling to change into his night Pajamas because Thapki's lathi charge still had an effect on his body. He poked his head out of his shirt neck and glared at Thapki under his arm. He ignored her suggestion and got back to putting his shirt on while pulling it from his teeth.

"Will you please stop moving the phone light? I can't see which sleeve I am putting my hand through."

Bihaan snapped after few minutes breaking the silence in the room.

"You've been changing your clothes for 30 minutes B-B-Bihaan why are you taking it so long?"

Thapki sighed frustratingly holding the phone in her right hand and stretched out her left one, which has gotten a bit numb. He ignored her again and continued his never ending struggle. He winced in pain and cursed under his breath when he put his hand through the wrong sleeve. Thapki sighed as heard him curse again and turned around, only to be greeted by her husband entangled in a T-Shirt like a cat. She shook her head and went towards him to help him but he as usually refused. She rolled her eyes at him and put her phone on the vanity desk, facing it towards the mirror so the light can reflect back towards them.  Bihaan protested but Thapki shut him up. A breath hitched in Bihaan's throat as he felt burning sensations under her touches, on his skin. No matter how much he tries to avoid her, stay away from her the time always bring her more close to him. She helped him carefully wear his shirt and he continued staring at her fondly. Thapki caught him staring at her with a smile tugged to his lips. After such a long time, Thapki had the sudden urge to touch those lips with her's. Bihaan got back to his senses when he saw Thapki looking back and fro from his eyes to his lips and felt himself leaning in. He nervously stepped back and picked up the blanket and pillow from the bed and Thapki mirroring his expression, went to pick up her phone. 

"I-I think we should we should sleep outside for tonight. We have extra woven rope beds in the store room, I am going to get it set up in the garden untill than you change your cloths."

Bihaan exclaimed to cut the tension in the room and left. Thapki shook her head thinking why he is trying so hard to stay away from her when the whole universe wants them be each other's. She sighed and went inside the bathroom to change in to her night cloths.


Viraj winced in pain as her sister applied an antiseptic on to the fresh wound on his forehead. He scolded his sister to apply gently which made her sent him infuriating glares.

"I only asked you to scare her so that she could have nightmares but no you went out to create a horror movie scene featuring Rudra tonight."

Shraddha snapped at her brother, for failing their little plan. Viraj didn't reply but grabbed the back of his neck and stretched it left to right grunting in pain. Shraddha threw the moisten cotton bud back in the aid box and took out the bandage to wrap it around his head. 

"Look, to get Thapki out of the house we have to get Bihaan Dewar jee and Sohani married and it can only happen when something will happen to Sohani or at least she gets her nightmares again than this Oldie locks won't take any longer and get her married possibly with Bihaan Dewar jee and force him to divorce Thapki as I can sense she is still not over her decision and she is just giving Sohani a bit time so please if you want to help me just do it as I say."

"Why are you blaming me Di and why are you dragging me in your stupid evil schemes? You are lucky I hate that girl a lot that's why I am with you otherwise I was happy in my own word and preparing for my Ireland trip besides Everything was going as planned and I was going to let her go but don't know how her friend came out of nowhere and I had to change my plan!"

Viraj replied furiously, throwing his phone on the bed and Despite Shraddha's protest he unwrapped the bandage from his head and went towards his room cursing his sister for convincing him to come here with them.

I am sorry Viraj but I won't let go this golden chance of, throwing Thapki out of my and Dhruv's life forever! And I will do anything to fulfil my wish.

Thought Shraddha, smirking slyly and putting the first aid box aside.


"Bauji everything will be fixed when you will come here."

Bihaan assured his Bauji on the phone as he told him about the last night incident. He found out that the thieves cut out their main power supply when he went in the Store room to get the Woven Rope bed for him and Thapki. He hung up and told Thapki that everyone will come back home, at 2 in noon from their little trip and he also told her that the electrician will soon come and fixed the issue. Thapki Nodded and asked him to join for Breakfast that she just prepared for him and her.

"How about you do your breakfast, I am not hungry today and i am going to go sit with Gulaboo."

Bihaan exclaimed trying to avoid Thapki but before she could reply him, as "the whole universe wants to untie him with her", on cue his stomach crumbled. Thapki snickered saying he can lie but his stomach cant. Bihaan cursed his stomach for making him feel embarrass in front of her and Thapki took their breakfast in the tray with her and sat beside him.

"B-B-Bihaan it's very hot today so I made s-s-some mango shake for you... I-I-I mean your stomach and I know it loves it. So come on, Take God's name and start f-f-feeding it."

Thapki uttered in between laughs and he huffed angrily. He picked up the glass and quickly chugged down the whole shake in one go. Thapki was about to take another bite of her puri when she started laughing, pointing her finger at his face.

"Kia? Is there something on my face?"

Bihaan astonishingly asked her and signed him to wipe his face but he didn't get it so she quickly gulped the food down her throat, with the help of her shake.

"Bihaan You h-h-have made the milk shake moustache on y-y-your face."

Thapki explained making Bihaan feel more embarrassed. He started looking around something to wipe his face with but Thapki stopped him and wiped his face with her hand. He found himself getting lost in her eyes as they shone with amusement.

How can she ask for divorce from me when she is the one trying to mend this relationship? Did Maa lie to me about it?

Bihaan Thought to himself as she excused herself and went inside to get more Puris for them.


"Well that's a wrap guys and only few scenes are left to shoot till our film gets completed."

Maggie cheered calling everyone for pack up. She went towards Rudra who just completed his scene and high fived him. She praised his acting skills because they don't have to do many retakes as compared to the female actress and they laughed. Their laughter died down and Rudra started looking around for Sona as she was nowhere in sight and Maggie seems to notice it.

"Looking around for Sohani eh Bub?"

Maggie exclaimed winking at him, which left him completely stunned.

"Uh...No... I mean she's the assistant director and script writer of this film right so shouldn't she be on the sets?"

He covered up nervously turning around to take his jacket off. Maggie rolled her eyes at him amusingly.

"The weather is very unpredictable, when it will change nobody can predict! Although it rained last night but it has gotten pretty humid here so she went to Hawaili to get some Lassi for us."

Maggie amusingly exclaimed, intentionally putting more pressure at the beginning and left. As he was still lost at what Maggie just stated, he heard chants erupting in the room of Sona's name. He rushed into the room quickly and what he saw totally blew his breath way.


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It's so good!! Just loved each and every bit if it. Just a request, don't make Thahaan suffer anymore. They have already suffered so much

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Ye toh full on dhishoom dhishoom update tha Chanda! LOL
Sala Viraj !@#/&** Good thing Rudra ne bharta bana dia.Angry

And ThaHaan part was so damn hilarious ROFL Bihaan apni Biwi se pit gyaROFL

Ohhooo Rudra ne aisa kya dekha ki uske hosh ud gye? Bata jaldiii! Can't waittt!

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Just caught up with two latest updates
Loved it loving how u r moving the story .
Waiting for next update Embarrassed
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Make me Greedy..eagerly waiting for part 17.
how much talented u r u.
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Loved it..!! Thahaan and their never ending nokjhok was cute as always...
Loved how rudra saved sona..but again something happened..wats dat?? wat did he see??
Eagerly waiting for the next part..!!!!

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