Thapki...Pyaar Ki


Thapki...Pyaar Ki
Thapki...Pyaar Ki

-Kismat K Dhaage- A Thahaan FF *UPDATED* On Pg_81 (Page 71)

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Originally posted by Kowsi

Chandu baby, my Sunshine, I had tears in my eyes for Thapki's state
She tried to be confident and answer back to Vasundara but one word about Bihaan and all that just crumpled down
I feel so so bad for Thapki and Bihaan I hope Sona will do something or something would happen  shhh spoilers Wink

And Rudra!! Man I like him!! The guy is in love or falling in love and I am waiting to see this!!

I loved that chapter baby especially Bihaan and Thapki's little moement while watching the videos and Sona trying to patch them up just awesome!!

Kowsiii my coconuttt Hug
Ahh yes spoilers and you know me so well Big smileLOL 
@bold---yeah she's on some secret mission now lets see if she gets successful in the end or not Wink
i am so sooorryy i am not able to read your updates  Ouch but i will catch up soon but thankoo for reading mine babyy lub youu HugHeart

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Uff thune mujhe dhoka dhe dhiya baby...ek min me Maine socha ki thu update kar dhiya...par...ab call jaldi se update karna...

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Originally posted by pupra

Uff thune mujhe dhoka dhe dhiya baby...ek min me Maine socha ki thu update kar dhiya...par...ab call jaldi se update karna...

puppy update kr rhi hu bus gif bana lo Rudra ka zara us k badWink
abhi neetu k liye post banane pe lag gy thi LOL
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Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Originally posted by pupra

Originally posted by pupra

Such a lengthy one...but i ll read now itself baby...

Hmmmhmmm im cryong a bit at the end...chanfu baby..its superb...see i dont have r get words to form a coherent comment as today is my exam and for refresh i came here and cant wait else my mind will be thinking abt it...
Nice atleast sona got all the truth...oh!!! Thanku thank u baby...

Awww puppy i hope acha exam gaya ho tumhara meri waja se kharb na hua hoOuch
yeah use sach pata chal gaya hae now wait and watch how she will untie thahaanWink
thanks for reading puppyyyHugHeart

Thu bhi replykar rahi ho!! Par sry dear, iI couldn't even see it...and vaise exams acha se chal gaya...par thum is baar bhi exam k pehle dhin update kar rahi ho...mannat liya hai kya meri exam ke pehle update karne ka...
Bus mazak kiya baby..pad gayi Maine..aur se AN hi exam is baar...isliye free...

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Originally posted by pupra

Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Originally posted by pupra

Originally posted by pupra

Such a lengthy one...but i ll read now itself baby...

Hmmmhmmm im cryong a bit at the end...chanfu baby..its superb...see i dont have r get words to form a coherent comment as today is my exam and for refresh i came here and cant wait else my mind will be thinking abt it...
Nice atleast sona got all the truth...oh!!! Thanku thank u baby...

Awww puppy i hope acha exam gaya ho tumhara meri waja se kharb na hua hoOuch
yeah use sach pata chal gaya hae now wait and watch how she will untie thahaanWink
thanks for reading puppyyyHugHeart

Thu bhi replykar rahi ho!! Par sry dear, iI couldn't even see it...and vaise exams acha se chal gaya...par thum is baar bhi exam k pehle dhin update kar rahi ho...mannat liya hai kya meri exam ke pehle update karne ka...
Bus mazak kiya baby..pad gayi Maine..aur se AN hi exam is baar...isliye free...

acha hua exam acha gaya LOL 
or free time ko enjoy karo its really good feeling  StarBig smile
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Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Sakshaaayyy Hug

mera gulaab jaman LOL tera comment parh k dil garden garden hojata hae qasmayy esa lagta hae jo bhi mae likhi uski mehnat wasool hogay LOL  Thanks to mujhe tujhe bolna chaye itna pyaar dene k liye Hug thankooo baby lub youuu bhut saraa HugHeart

P.S ab pata chala tum itni jaldi rockerz kese bani tumhara ek comment do dafa count hota hae hena ??? ROFL

ROFLROFLROFL OMG...NO...!! Or maybe...i don't know...LOLLOLLOL
agar esa h then your updates are wayyy longer than my should be counted as three or may be even 4 or 5...ab tak to you should have become sizzlers then...WinkWink
Thanks yaar for having so much of go through all that...LOL
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Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Originally posted by sukanksha

Ohh my my... What was that...
Itna suspense... Nail biting update...
I m not in position to write a longer comment but update soon

Sukuuu Hug
aj kal why are you so ghayab?? sab theek na???Cry
and thanks for reading the chappie babyyHug

Hey... Yeah all is well
But I am so busy in bcz of personal and professional reasons.
Next Sunday is CPT (C.A. ENTRANCE exam) so i m having two groups of those students. . N few others too. Now I will constantly take classes from 10-4:00 pm. So after that I m like this Silly haha n this Pinch
Then having some work at home too.
Other than that I m vehli.   Wink agar waqt Bache toh ROFL

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ENJOY!! Wink


-Kismat k Dhaage-


Chapter 15


"Thapki...ermm...are you alright?"

Sona put her hand on Thapki's shoulder bringing her back to reality. She wiped her tears and turned around assuring Sona she is fine. 

"Oh okay by the way what are those documents that your were looking at?"

Thapki tensed up as Sona curiously pointed towards the divorce papers. Thapki quickly picked it up and told Sohani they were just some old papers she found and she was about to throw them away.

"Hey don't throw it away I need all the old papers or newspapers I can get you know we are doing paper Mache art work remember?"

Sohani took the stapled documents from her hand and put it with the pile of the old newspapers and started doing her work. 

If Sohani read those documents she will get to know about our marriage and it might affect her No! I can't let this happen. I have to take these documents out from the pile somehow.

Thapki thought to herself worriedly, eyeing those white papers.

"Thapki...uh I think we need more water to make this batter a bit dense can you get me some?"

Sona innocently asked making Thapki's face go pale. She hesitantly agreed and went outside the room. After few minutes, Sohani quickly stood up and peeked from the balcony and saw her entering the kitchen. She ran inside to read the papers and when the Husband's side signature area came in to her view, her jaws dropped in utter shock.

"So she managed to convince him and He bloody signed it!"

She infuriatingly blurted out, face palming herself. She wanted to slap both of them right now but most importantly she was thinking of strangling Bihaan to death.

Bihaan you're an idiot! How many times will you destroy your happiness just because your mother asked you to?

Sohani sighed in frustration putting her palm on her head. She knows everything from the beginning that how many times Bihaan went through major trauma because he wanted to show his mother how much of an obedient son he is where she only knew how to take advantage of his cravings for her motherly love.

I know she is only separating them so she can unite me and Bihaan but how can I snatch someone's love from them? I don't know why Mausi Maa is doing all this but that's it I have to do something about it but first I have to stop these papers before it reaches the court.

She bit her lips nervously thinking about an idea and just then after a long cognitive process of her brain suddenly a light bulb flashed above her head and she snapped her fingers.

"That's it! What if...something accidentally happens with these papers? I am sure Thapki won't be able to tell Mausi Maa about it. Well, I am sorry Mausi Maa but until I am here nobody can steal my best friend's happiness from him."

She confidently stated while a mischievous grin was stuck on her lips looking down at the documents.

Thapki entered the room carefully carrying the bowl full of water in her hand. 

"Thanks Thapki okay so while you were away I cut the neck of these bottles out and...Shredded these old papers in long strips now we only have to cover the bottle up with these strips and this Mache and leave it for some hours to dry and then we will paint it."

Sona perked up ecstatically showing her the material. Thapki smiled and they both started doing the sticky artwork. Thapki gasped as soon she saw Sohani dipping the strips of her divorce papers in the Mache.

"S-S-Sohani what did you do??With these papers you accidentally torn my divorc-"

Thapki covered her mouth as she realized what she was about to say. Sohani mentally laughed at her situation as she knew Thapki will react like this but she pretended like she didn't hear the Divorce word coming out of her mouth.

"Dude I've checked everything up clearly. I bet nobody wants to read a 4 year old newspaper."

Sohani stated in 'as a matter of fact' tone. Thapki suddenly zoned out in to her own world. She couldn't understand that, whether she should be happy about Sohani destroying the threat of her life or she should be upset that she made unwillingly sign it. Before Thapki could say anything Suman Bhabi interrupted them and Said Bari Sasu Maa wants to meet both of them downstairs. They both nodded, cleaned their hands and went downstairs.

"Yes this one is nice she will like it I was think-oh speaking of the bride to be Sohani beta come here and Shastri jee he's our personal jeweler and our old family friend."

Vasundhra joyfully exclaimed asking Sona to sit with her. Thapki got the hint why Maa called Sohani where she was still confused about it. 

"Sohani tonight I've decided to do a small engagement ceremony of Bihaan and your's and I want you to choose the ring of your choice so that's why I called Shastri jee at this time of the morning."

Her heart stopped. The minute Vasundhra uttered those words and her breath hitched in her throat. Her eyes searched for Thapki and to her expectations, she mirrored her expressions. Bauji, Dadi and both Bahus glanced at each other in guilt for not being able to stop this marriage.

"Mausi ma stop it."

She silently exclaimed tightening her jaws furiously which only confused Vasundhra. She mistaken it as if she was irritated by these old fashioned antique designs so she asked the Jeweler to show them the newest ones.

"Mausi Maa please stop this nonsense! I don't want to marry Bihaan."

Sohani spat loudly standing up making everyone stunned by her anger. Bihaan paused his steps on staircase as he heard Sohani taking his name. Vasundhra stood up putting the box of rings aside and made Sohani face her. 

"What's the matter Sohani beta? Is something botheri-"

"Yes everything happening in this house about me without my consent is bothering me. It's my wedding and I am not even asked about whether I liked the dulha or not? Or Whether I even want to get married? Mausi Maa why are you adamant to make me marry this early? I will marry someone someday but for now, let me be who I want to be. Let me explore this world and gain knowledge or let me breathe freely and dream with open eyes and...and let me fail and fall back so that i can strive hard for the next try, let me achieve my goals first so that I can make my parents proud at me, who are watching over me from heaven above. Is that...too much to ask for?"

Sohani's voice was shaky in the end and her hands were holding Vasundhra's at that time. Dadi and Bauji exchange proud looks to each other for Sohani. Vasundhra got stunned by Sohani's sudden outburst.

"You are right Sohani beta, Didi would be so proud to see you living a successful life but I want to fulfill the promise she made with me. It's my responsibility to get you and Biha-"

"Bihaan has nothing to do with the promise Mausi Maa! I was also present at that time and I clearly remember Maa asked you to find me someone who is as caring and as loving as Bihaan is for me not what to you took it as besides I don't think he's the one for me yes I love him a lot because he's my best friend but I can see no future of mine with him so please don't force us to tie ourselves into a useless relationship. We are better off as best friends and I am sure one day he will find someone who will always love him and cherish him and take care of him like he deserves to be taken care off and I will find the right one for me but now is not the time! Everything will happen when it's written. I am sorry Mausi Maa if I have hurt you but that's what I want to say and I don't want to marry Bihaan or anyone at this age. I am already stuck in so much of my shoots and stuff so let me be happy with it please?"

Sohani cleared out everything hoping her Mausi Maa will now understand her state of mind and drop the plan she made of uniting Bihaan and her.

She look so innocent but she's very clever! She's doing all this melodrama so that this oldie locks stop her marriage with Bihaan Dewar jee! No! Do something Shraddha, before this oldie locks agree to her.

Thought Shraddha, panicking at the situation. Just then she got an idea and she went towards Sohani and put her hand on her shoulder.

"Sohani Dear you are right! I absolutely agree with you. You are young and you want to achieve many things in your life but mummy jee is also not wrong! She wants to give you a secure relationship ahead and who could be a better spouse than Bihaan jee Haina... Thapki?"

Shraddha slyly stated looking back and fro between Thapki and Sohani while Thapki hesitantly nodded to her question. Sona mentally rolled her eyes at Shraddha. Bihaan

"No Shraddha she is right I can't force her into a relationship which is not ready for, My Didi will never forgive me."

Vasundhra exclaimed smiling at Sohani which made everyone Present in the room, except Shraddha happy about her decision and they all sighed in relief specially Sohani, Bihaan and Thapki. Sona quickly embraced Vasundhra in a tight hug and kissed her cheek thanking her for her decision, earning Laughs from both dadi and Bauji.


"Mummy jee why did you agree with Sona?? And what about Thapki and Bihaan Dewar Jee's Divorce?? You wanted to kick her out of this house right? So that she will go away forever form this house and Dhruv's sight then why did yo-"

As soon as everyone left Shraddha took Vasundhra to the side and questioned confusingly her but she cut Shraddha off by raising her hand in front of her, gesturing her to stop. She blankly looked at her palm thinking whether this is her new plan or not?

"My only concern is my niece's happiness and if she doesn't want to marry Bihaan than its fine with me and about the divorce, Both Thapki and Bihaan wanted to keep this relationship and you saw how much confident Thapki was about it this morning, which means she had moved over Dhruv and it's an advantage for you Shraddha beta besides I will ask Thapki myself to return the divorce papers to me and I don't care about their relationship anymore and you should stop thinking about it too and start focusing on your and Dhruv's relationship Beta."

Vasundhra exclaimed smiling generously at Shraddha and left. She stomped her feet on the ground thinking today was such a good chance to kick Thapki out of the house but Sohani has to spoil everything. Just then Dadi called her and she went towards her room mentally cursing her.


Sohani quickly closed the door of her room and picked her phone up from the vanity desk and dialed Rudra's number. She jumped on the bed excitedly waiting for him to pick up and continued playing with her lucky charm bracelet which Bihaan gifted her on her 12th birthday and after two or three rings he greeted her with a raspy morning voice.

"Wait were you asleep? But you told me you wake up at 5 in the morning for your early morning workout. Anyways, sorry for waking you up though."

She apologized feeling guilty for waking him this early. He groaned hearing her voice and put a pillow over his head as the sun rays made their way into his room from the windows, inflaming his eyes.

"No actually I was practicing for the upcoming Dandia Fest-OFCOURSE I was sleeping and you wake me up this early... Now I am gonna have daymares the whole day because of you."

"Errm...dude its... only 9 in the morning and I wanted to te- wait what are daymares?"

Sona asked confusingly and he yawned siting up stretching his back.

"When you are scared of some people's weird grumpy face they make and they decide to call you up in the morning and wake you up with their Horrifying voice, so congrats you will have nightmares about that person except you will experience them in Day, when you will be awake."

He explained with a hint of mischief in his voice and she rolled her eyes at him which made him chuckle.

"You know I had told you several times don't roll your eyes that much they will fall out from their sockets."

"Okay, seriously you are the creepiest person i have ever met! Are you a wizard or something?? The how do you know whe-"

"Blah Blah Blah! I am not in mood to listen your stupid ramblings and you called because...?"

Rudra trailed off yawning in the end. Sona took the phone away from her ear and gestured at it as if she wants to punch him through the phone.

"Whatever and I called you to remind you I have changed my plans today we are going to shoot the Female's entry scene so gear up we will be leaving at 2 for Bihaan's Bauji's village since our FL is a Desi Gao ki Kuri."

Rudra groaned at her saying he wanted to take off today but Sona assured him they will come back as soon as the Shoot is done and He eventually said yes.

"Great! Now just do as I say I am sending you my Mausi maa's address and without questioning why, you are coming here in an hour with Usman bhaya and I'll let Maggie and others know about the plan change."

She exclaimed and after exchanging goodbyes with each other they hung up. She quickly texted him the address and dialed Maggie's number.


"Thapki wait..!"

Vasundhra exclaimed as she saw Thapki going downstairs. Thapki went towards her and Vasundhra took her to the side asking her to give her the divorce papers back. Thapki froze thinking about an excuse while Vasundhra only glared at her in confusion.

"Maa Wo...S-S-Sohani tore the divorce paper accidentally and used it in her a-a-artwork."

She anxiously replied and Vasundhra's eyes went wide. She grabbed her arm and asked her whether she saw the papers or not but Thapki assured her that she hasn't or else she would've asked her about it.

"Alright then! Its good I was only asking you return those papers so I could cancel the divorce."

Thapki's heart danced to an unknown beat when her mother in law uttered those words. Vasundhra noticed her wretched expressions changing into sudden delight.

"Maa b-b-but you said you...and S-S-Soha-"

"I only agreed to her because I want her to complete her film first then I will ask her to reconsider my decision until then I am just going with the flow."

Vasundhra exclaimed giving Thapki a Frosty Look.

"Mausi Maa..."

Outraged by Sohani's presence behind them, they both turned around in shock. She walked up to them and asked them what they were talking about standing in the corner. Thapki gave Vasundhra an agitated stare where she mirrored her expressions wondering whether Sona heard them talking or not.

"Why do you guys look like you have just seen a ghost? Anyways... I came here to tell you guys I have to shoot a bit of Village and Hawaili scenes for my film so I asked Bauji about taking everyone with me and he agreed so pack your bags because today we are going for a little road trip!"

She exclaimed gleefully and Both Vasundhra and Thapki sighed in relief. Soon they all went downstairs and joined the other family members in the hall doing preparations to leave. Even if it was for a day but everyone was excited about this family trip. Dhruv gave her the details of the location she wanted to shoot and Bauji put his hand lovingly on Sona's head thanking her for her idea of making this family spend some time together after such a long time where she mentally apologized to him thinking not everyone is included in this trip and her gaze traveled towards Thapki. Sohani got a text from Maggie as they arrived outside Pandey Niwas excused herself and was about to go and greet them but Just then Bihaan worriedly rushed inside the house calling out for Bauji and Bauji stopped him asking what happened.

"Bauji...Gulaboo...She's not eating anything I think she's sick."

Bihaan exclaimed and Dhruv assured him not to worry she must not be feeling hungry but Bihaan insisted they should at least come with him and check upon her. So Bauji, Sohani and Dhruv went out with him and Bauji tried feeding her but she refused to eat.

"See Bauji Gulaboo never refuse to eat Thapki's homemade Aam Papar. She is sick I guess."

Bauji nodded agreeing to Bihaan worrying for her, while Dhruv offered to call the Vet.

"Dhruv Bhaya I just texted my friend he will arrive soon with a vet don't worry."

She quickly exclaimed stopping Dhruv from calling the real Vet. Dhruv nodded and Sohani introduced him with her crew. Bihaan sat sadly sat beside Gulaboo asking her to tell him why she is not eating anything and Bauji chuckle seeing his son getting restless for his first love. Sohani felt sad for Bihaan as she was the reason behind Gulaabo's sudden sickness. She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around.

"Now will you please tell me why you asked me to dress up as a doctor?"

Usman exclaimed as Rudra gave her puzzled looks while she told him she will tell him everything later and explained what Usman has to do.

"Usman Bhaya thank you for helping me out just make you convince them that Gulaboo is sick okay?"

She nervously asked and he nodded. They went towards Gulaboo where Rudra shook hands with Bihaan and Dhruv and took Bauji's blessings.

"Bauji this is Doctor Usman he will check Gulaboo right... Doctor Usman?"

Sona exclaimed introducing her friend as the vet and He nervously started his fake check up on the mammal. Bihaan and Dhruv both gave him puzzled expressions thinking about his weird ways of doing a clinical examinations. Sona was biting her nails nervously and Rudra nudged him whispering in her ear to explain what she is her plan.

"Look Gulaboo is not sick! I...uh... mixed some powdered barley in her feed and she hates the smell of barley and because of that she will not eat anything for a day until her feed is changed I know this because it has happened before and I have my own reasons for doing it."

She explained everything in a low tone so no one hear her accept him. Rudra raised his eyebrows in amusement asking what her little evil plan is, while she rolled her eyes at him and he chuckled.

"Alright I have examined everything clearly she has a...flu...yeah a... a stomach flu and I am not going to prescribe anything just take good care of her diet."

Doctor Usman exclaimed nervously and Bihaan glared at him in confusion.

"But Doctor I take good care of both her and Ram Pyaari's diet how can she get sick?"

"Bihaan he is a doctor he knows more about it. Thank you Doctor come for coming and let me escort you to the gate."

Dhruv exclaimed putting his hand on Bihaan's shoulder and Bauji nodded. Rudra Offered to escort Usman to the gate and left with him.

"So that means I have to cancel my shoot today because how ca we leave Gulaboo alone here when she is sick and even Lakhan bhaya is not at home."

Sohani exclaimed fretfully caressing Gulaabo's head while Bihaan and Dhruv frowned at her.

"No! Sohani Bitya I have a solution for this problem. Bihaan why don't you stay here for Gulaboo and then join us back in the Hawaili there in evening? I know the village is only 4-5 hours away from Noida but you have a bike so it will take less time."

Bauji suggested where Dhruv agreed and Bihaan nodded. Sohani tried protesting but Bihaan assured her he will join them later. Soon all the family members gathered up outside the house all prepped up for the trip. The family members opted to travel in their cars while Sona decided to travel in the bus with her crew and asked Dhruv to guide the bus driver for directions. They were about to leave when Sona asked Thapki to get her Phone charger which she forgot accidentally in Bihaan's room. Thapki nodded and quickly left. She rushed towards Bihaan who was helping Dadi to sit in the car. She apologized to him for leaving him alone like this but he chuckled and said he is not a kid anymore. Just then out of the blue he hugged Sohani leaving her startled but soon she hugged him back. He was mentally thanking her for stopping their marriage and she knew it. Rudra saw them hugging each other and he couldn't feel good about it which is something he has been questioning himself for a long time that why it bothers him so much when Sona is with Bihaan or talking about him. He shrugged it off and stormed in to the bus siting asking the driver to start the bus.

"Why this hug? may I ask? "

"Well, you are taking my family out after such a long time so that's why."

Bihaan replied her back as they broke off. She punched his shoulder thinking how much of a big liar he is and quickly bid him goodbye as she saw everyone leaving. Bihaan went towards Gulaboo and caressed her head joking about both of them being alone at the house and plugged his headphone in his ears.

"Sona I can fi..."

After few minutes Thapki came out of the house and trailed off as she saw no cars or buses outside except Bihaan listening to songs on his phone sitting in the shed facing Gulaboo. Thapki sighed as she was left behind but she felt more awkward because she is left home alone with Bihaan. She hesitantly walked towards him and tap his shoulder. At first Bihaan didn't bother but when she shook him he turned around taking his ear plugs off.

"Tum? What are you doing here?"

"I went inside to find Sona's phone charger but when I came out i saw everyone left"

Bihaan was astonished by her presence so he asked her to call Sona and she did like he said. After two rings she picked up but before Thapki could say anything Bihaan snatched his phone from her hand.

"First you asked Thapki to get your charger from my room and now you left Thapki at home now what?"

"What do you mean now what? Okay how about you come here with Thapki?"

"But So-"

And Sohani hung up saying do it as she says and Bihaan furiously glared at Thapki returning her phone back.

"We will leave together in evening till than you go and rest in your room."

Bihaan exclaimed and sat down with Gulaboo and started making her feed.

Bihaan I know you are still upset with me because of the divorce thing but now I will try to make it up to you and to our luck even Maa cancelled our divorce which means we can still try to work out our relationship.

Thapki thought to herself and went to help Bihaan. He stared at her blankly and they had an eye lock for good seconds but soon he turned his head away thinking back to the early morning memory. Their hands brushed against each other as he was mixing the grains in the bucket and Thapki decide to mix it with him. He angrily stood up and asked Thapki to leave inside but she stubbornly ignored him. Twice, thrice she ignored him again so He abruptly grabbed her arm and made her face him crashing his chest with her's.

"Why are you doing this ha? Can't you leave me alone and give me some peace? And don't give me that old reason that you are my wife and you have every right. No! We are over Thapki the minute we both signed those papers our relationship...Ended."

He spat at her furiously and she winced in pain as he tighten his grip around her Arm. He let her go and turned around cursing himself for hurting her physically.

"Yes we both s-s-signed the papers but Sohani accidentally tore those p-p-papers not knowing what they were and now that she refused to m-m-marry you we can still try to mend this relationship B-B-Bihaan."

Thapki Hopefully exclaimed with a shaky voice as she bite back her tears. Bihaan got stunned when she mentioned the incident. He turned around and stepped slowly towards Thapki where she was staring at him only with hope in her eyes.

"It was never about Sohani marrying me...Neither was it about the divorce...You hurt me a lot Thapki... I was ready to give our marriage a chance because I started to see myself with you in my own world. I felt like we may have started this relationship by fraud but I felt Thankful to God for letting you in my life and I don't know how I sta...Leave it you would never understand it. And don't you dare to even think the things can go back to the way they were before."  

He exclaimed through greeted teeth where his heart was screaming in pain. Thapki was only staring at him in disbelief and he turned around to leave. Thapki wearily grabbed his arm stopping him and he closed his eyes stopping the tears that were threating to spill.

"I know I had hurt you a lot Bihaan but can you p-p-please give me one ch-ch-chance?? Please forgive me I am s-s-sorry."

Thapki apologized folding her hands in front of him. His hands twitched as he wanted to stop her from apologizing to him but Thapki's betrayal was making it hard for him to accept her apology. So he without looking into her eyes he plainly went towards Gulaboo and started making her feed putting his ear plugs on. Thapki eyed his every move and wiped her tears.

Bihaan I know you are stubborn but I am more stubborn than you and I promise you sooner or later you will forgive me.

Thapki thought confidentially and went inside.



"This place is very beautiful and I am upset we are only here for a short period of time after this Thesis project I am so coming back to tour this Village."

Maggie exclaimed sipping her tea as she sat with her Actress Jiya and Sohani. The minute they reached the Village they started shooting without wasting any time and now it was their break. They had just shot a scene where Juhi meets Adarsh in the field of Mustard flowers for the first time. Where Adarsh is injured and lying unconscious after getting into a fight with goons who had weapons. Soon Rudra joined them after doing the fight sequence and getting himself cleaned up. Sohani mentally cheered after she got a text from Bihaan which read he can come as he got punctured. She mentally praised herself for puncturing the tire of his bike and she sighed happily thinking now finally they will get some alone time and hopefully they will patch up. Maggie excitedly suggested it has only been 4 hours since they reached here and started working immediately but she wants to look around the village so she said how about they shoot the other scene late at night and everyone agreed. She cheerfully clapped and called out for postponing the shoot till night. Sohani excused herself and went to call Dhruv outside so she could notify him that she is going out with everyone for a little hangout. She didn't get the signals so she went a bit out in open sky just she was about to dial Dhruv's number when she saw flames of fire glowing inside the Barn and out of curiosity she went to check it out.


Bihaan kicked his bike angrily and started pacing around thinking why is all the bad things happening to him today.

Ek to you Chuk Chuk Gaadi she was left at home with me and now this bike got punctured Oh god why all the bad things are happening specifically with me today?"

He was brought back to realty when he heard Thapki screaming and he jolted inside. His heart was in his mouth when he heard her scream and he was only praying that she was okay. He searched everywhere in the house but he couldn't find her.

"Thapki...?? Where are you??...Thapki??"

He ran upstairs as he heard a glass shattering sound coming from their room. He burst in the room and didn't find Thapki there. He searched around and to his luck he found her hiding in the nest with her eyes closed tightly. He called out her name and she quickly opened her eyes and as soon as she saw him she pulled him inside the Nest with her.

"B-B-Bihaan I-I-I saw a shadow in the house I think t-t-there is someone maybe a thief w-w-wandering in the house."

Thapki uttered as she pointed towards the spot where she saw the shadow. Bihaan assured her nothing will happen to her when he is around and protectively shield her with his arms around her when they heard another glass shattering sound. Thapki looked up at him Thinking why does he still care about him when she was the one hurt her where Bihaan was looking everywhere to see if there is any sign of this shadow and found her glaring at him and they had an eye lock.



"Hello..? Is anybody there??"

Sona exclaimed as stepped inside the old barn. She saw the flares growing up so she quickly took the blanket which she saw laying on the floor and covered it putting the fire out before it reach the stacks of hay.

Strange! Who could leave the fire burning in the barn like this and that too with hay? It could've cause such a serious damage. Ugh! People are so careless these days!

Sohani thought to herself shaking her head in disappointment as she closed the door of Barn decided to go back.

"You put this fire out so easily but what about the fire of revenge that is burn inside my heart?"

She shockingly turned around when she heard Viraj's voice. She noticed he was drunk so she decided to ignore his question and was about to leave when he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.

"No one in this Village will save you from me!"

He stated laughing slyly tightening his grip around her hand and she continued to struggle under his grip to escape him. She managed to free herself after biting on his hand but before she could run he grabbed her hand again and before she could scream this time, he put her hand on her mouth asking her to be quiet or else she will face the dirty consequence. Her heart raced in fear for the first time from Viraj and her eyes went wide thinking what he meant.

Where did she go? I thought she went to call her Cousin?

Rudra thought worriedly as he searched everywhere for Her. He thought to himself that The Hawaili is a bit far from the place where they were shooting so she can't reached the Hawaili too otherwise Her Bhabi would've not called him asking about Sohani not picking up her phone. He took his phone out from his pocket and dialed her contact. He started going the source of the sound as he heard her ringtone playing near him. He reached at the spot but he only found her phone laying on the ground. He picked it up and his started to race anxiously thinking now he really has to find her. He called out her name and started looking for her. He saw a barn few miles away from where he was standing so he ran towards it but he stopped as he stepped on something and quickly picked up the ornament looking at it in confusion. He could feel his blood running cold when he realized it was Sohani's and too add more fuel to his fear, he heard some muffled female screams and sound of dry leaves crumbling, coming from behind the Barn. 


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