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Thapki...Pyaar Ki
Thapki...Pyaar Ki

-Kismat K Dhaage- A Thahaan FF *UPDATED* On Pg_81 (Page 66)

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Originally posted by Mimiii22

Saakshii ab na tu mujhe bara wala complex de rahi h...LOL Mushkil se to mujhse do tin line likhe jaate h, aur tu to yaha pura ek OS hi likh daali... LOL  Woh bhi itne ache ache words se...Ab tujhe sachi me ek OS or episodic analysis likhna hoga...Embarrassed
haa kitna mast lagta hae na sakshi ka comment jese apne ap mae ek OS ho Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by oceanbubble

Chanda...ShockedShockedShocked How did you manage to write this...??ShockedShockedShocked
I had to read it be able to grasp know...the first attempt at reading this left me disturbed & lost...OuchOuchOuch
So after i composed myself...i gave it another shot...& then one more time now...LOLLOLLOL I guess i m a bit of an idiot when it comes to a heavy duty update like this...ROFLROFL Bihaan's room's condition pretty much told us & Thapki how much he was hurt...& confused...& messed up between his brain & heart...CryCryCry
the constant tug of war...where he knows that Thapki cannot do this...& he knows NO reason why his SO CALLED mother would lie to him...I m happy that he still feels thapki cannot do this...though he is feeling hurt by her signatures on the papers...he still knows that she cannot bargain his life for herself...
I cannot even imagine what will happen when he comes to know of Vasu's deceit...her lies...& her Blood for Divorce deal with Thapki...Poor soul...he would really be tormented...CryCryCry
I m happy that at least thapki is trying to is important...& hopefully sooner or later Bihaan will confront...or maybe confide...
& sona's nightmare...OuchOuchOuch I feel so bad for her...& you wrote the entire scene so beautifully...i ended up crying the third time as well...CryCry   I knew this was her dream...but it would turn out to be such a horror story...i had no idea...Her confusion at the wedding mandap was very well portrayed...& then i thought the dream ends there...but only went from bad to worse...OuchOuchOuch & it was quite vivid...this is such a hellish sort of feeling...OuchOuchOuch
I knew that something must have happened with Sona...& her mother...coz everyone was cautious about Sona...but imagining this much pain...i m lost for did you really manage to write this is beyond my comprehension...ShockedShocked
I really really hope she gets some sort of emotional support...I really don't want her to be a victim of a particular witch's manipulation tactics...AngryAngry
& I hope she can find Rudra...Embarrassed LOLLOL
I am loving Rudra & Sona...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed more & more by each passing update...LOLLOL It adds spark you know...WinkWink Rudra has already entered the Questioning himself phase about why he is bothered regarding Sona...& i am totally loving it...Heart
Hats off to you Chanda...ClapClap  this was one of the most difficult updates in this FF so far...atleast it was for me as a reader...idk if you found it hard to write or not...LOLLOL
Thanks for the update babe...LOLLOLLOL

hayeee sakshi tujhe ni pata mujhe kitna maza ata hae tumhare comments parh k!!! Day Dreaming
tumhe samjh agy hae phew i am happy wrna i thought k jab sab prhe gae to they will be like haain?  dafuq ye kia hogaya LOLLOL 
asal mae scene ye hua mae ne dosri dafa likha hae ye cuz mera phone update hone k bad documents show ni kr rha or mae ne email bhi ni ki thi apne apko likh k pata ni kio so i had to write this and other two chapters again Angry
islye itna time lag rha hae update krne mae  Confused
tu ne itna pyaar dia us k liye thank you bhut kam hae re LOL but still Thanks babeeh lub youu HugHeartHug

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-Kismat k Dhaage-

"I'm falling apart, I'm falling apart.
Don't say this won't last forever.
You're breaking my heart, you're breaking my heart.
Don't tell me that we will never be together.
We could be over
And over, we could be forever.

It's not over. It's not over, it's never over, unless you let it take you, it's not over,
It's not over, it's not over, unless you let it break you. It's not over."

-It's not Over By Secondhand Serenade.


Chapter 14



Sohani heard Maggie but before she could react she plainly closed her eyes shielding herself from her hands as she saw the light stand falling on her. After a good moment of silent suddenly cheers erupted across the room. She confusingly open her eyes and gasped as she saw why the hot lens of the lights never touched her.

"Rudra are you okay? Spot dada take these lights away and put it in the storeroom we don't need it's broken."

Sona exclaimed as she helped Rudra straighten up who caught the light placing his hand underneath its glass, preventing it from falling on her head. He didn't know what got into him at that moment and his only concern was to save her somehow. He winced in pain as came back to his senses.

"Oh boy his hand got burned!"

Spot dada worriedly stated as Sohani's eyes went wide seeing the slightly burned red skin of his palm. Despite his protest, she made him sit on the couch and started looking for the first aid kit. As Soon as she found it she quickly applied the ointment on his palm. Rudra winced again which made Sona look up at him holding concern in her eyes. She blew on his hand gently and wrapped the bandage around it. Rudra was carefully eyeing her every move.

"Thank you for uh... Saving me but I am sorry that your hand got burned because of me."

Sona awkwardly stated as she put the first aid kit aside and Rudra replied it wasn't her fault and thanked her for bandaging his hand. 

"Sona? Why are you so quiet for the past two days?"

She got up to leave but she paused her steps when she heard what Rudra directly asked her. She didn't want to answer him so she decided to leave silently.

"It's about Bihaan isn't it?"

There was some roughness the way he asked her about Bihaan. Sona turned around shockingly thinking how does he know?

"Look don't waste your brain cells thinking about me okay I ha-"

"Woah woahh woahh! Hold on a sec! Who said I am thinking about you? Pffft... I am just asking you because I can't see you making that stupid face all the time. It distracts me from my work!"

Rudra annoyingly cut her off which made her rolled her eyes in front of him and she folded her arms over her chest sending him death glares. He got up from his spot and started pointing at her face.

"No I don't make any stupid faces! My faces...Are you ou-"

"See??? That face I am taking about! It really bothers me when you knit your brows together and scrunch up your nose and you do that weird lip thing like..."

He exclaimed mimicking her face which made her chuckle at him. Rudra mentally patted himself for making her at least crack a smile. 

"You know you look more beautiful when you make that smiling face! I-l-l mean more natural."

He nervously covered up his compliment which made Sona smile at him. He winked and gave a thumbs up to her smiling face and went back to sit at his previous spot.

"You guessed it right though it is about Bihaan by the way!"

After few minutes she spoke up sitting next to him in the couch. His jaw tightened as he heard his name. 

"You two went out on some ermm date so uh... Did he confess his feelings for you?" 

"No, he didn't!"

"Why? He doesn't love you?"

"No, he doesn't!"

"Wait but you said he was going to and you ermm l-love him so..?

"NO! I mean Yes! No...Ughh it's complicated."

Sona groaned frustratingly putting her head in her hands while Rudra gave her puzzled Look.

"Okay listen carefully! Bihaan is married and he loves his wife Thapki a lot! He wanted to express his feelings for her that night and as I am his only friend here, so he took me to show all the preparations he did for her also Bihaan and his family kept his marriage a secret from me because they think my mother wanted me to marry Bihaan and she took a promise with my Mausi Maa who is Bihaan's mom but the thing is they don't know that I got to know about his marriage the same night, Bihaan wanted to confess his feelings to his wife but now he won't because my Mausi Maa told him that his wife wants divorce from him and last night I heard them arguing and I realized that they are not on speaking terms as well and Thapki doesn't know about what his mother in law told her husband and I do think my Mausi lied to him but I am not sure why would she do that?"

It was like Sona was on a speaking marathon and she finally ended her long debate breathing out in relief. Where Rudra still had the same puzzled expression.

"Okay I am lost!"

He exclaimed throwing his hand up in the air in defeat where Sona groaned again in frustration.

"I told you it's complicated!" 

"No I got what you said like you know everything but they don't know that you know everything but I am still confused that why were you upset then?"

Sona gawked at him in utter disbelief. She was about to answer him when Maggie called out that the break is over.

"Hey Sona I was thinking maybe we should drop any ML scenes for today and shoot the Girl's parts?"

Maggie suggested looking at Rudra's hand. Sona got what she said so she suggested her to shoot the scene where girl is praying for the right guy whom her threads of fortune are tied too and she gets hints from the God about him. Maggie agreed and left while Sona decided to clear out Rudra's confusion first before she leaves.

"Okay I am upset because the same night my Mausi Maa announced my marriage with Bihaan!"

"WHAT? I-I-I mean you told me h-he is married right I mean how can he marry two girls at the same time? Is your Mausi mad or something?"

Rudra smartly and quickly covered his sudden outburst. 

"Mad? Oh dude her entirely bonkers! She is twisting my mother's words! I was present there when my mother breathed out her last wish and her exact words were I quote "Vasundhra I want you to find a perfect suitor for my daughter who would love and care for my Sohani just like Bihaan." NOT Bihaan! Now you see why I am upset?"

Sona frustrating blurted out everything in front of Him and he felt sorry for her as he heard about her mother. Sona took a pillow and screamed in it making Rudra silently chuckle at her.

"So you don't want to marry him then?"

This time he sounded so sternly curious. Sona stopped screaming and slowly took off the pillow from her face. This question made her mind go numb as she didn't knew the answer about it. She wasn't sure what she should say so she hesitantly stood up and excused herself. Rudra's other hand clenched in a fist as he saw her figure fading out from his view leaving him hanging with so many thoughts to ponder over. 


"B-B-Bihaan where are you g-g-going?"

Thapki questioned curiously as she entered the room with glass of milk for Sohani. He was standing in her way with the pillow and duvet in his hands. He looked away furiously and asked Thapki to move aside as he is shifting back to his room for nights. He tried getting out of the door but she stubbornly stood stiff at her spot which angered Bihaan even more. 

"Bihaan as long as I am here, you are not leaving this room okay? Now come, sit here I want to show you something!"

Sona threatened him and patted the spot beside her for him to sit. He unwillingly agreed and threw his stuff on the floor and did as what Sona said. Thapki sighed in relief and mentally thanked Sohani for stopping Bihaan. She put her glass of milk on the side table and was about to leave when Sona grabbed her hand.

"Thapki you don't have to leave for the sake of our privacy! Besides I told you, you are my best friend from now on and no secrets will be kept from you so come, you too sit here."

Thapki and Bihaan both smiled at Sona's warm words but soon their smile faded as she asked Thapki to sit beside Bihaan. Bihaan awkwardly scooted towards Sona while Thapki hesitantly sit beside him and accidentally brushed her shoulder with his' that made both of them jump at the spark running down their spines. Sona noticed their hesitation around each other so to break the ice she played a music video. As soon as the video started playing, Bihaan's face lit up with joy and astonishment.

"GAJAAB! Billi you never told me you still have these videos!"

Bihaan exclaimed pinching Sona's cheek which earned him a light punch on his shoulder. Thapki chuckled at both of them.

"You know I hate that! And yeah I have all of them like I transferred all the data from my old digital cam into this Laptop and I have a cd for the back up too."

Sohani perked up showing him the CD which was labeled as "Sohani's Painkillers" Bihaan looked at it confusingly and out of curiosity Thapki asked her why she named it like that.

"You know my doctor told me that I get those shocks and nightmares because my brain keep replaying all the bad scenarios I have been through so he asked me to force my brain to play all the good memories I have so it can help me overcome my PTSD and voil it did work! And All these videos helped me a lot in my self-therapy so yeah that's why I named them my painkillers."

Sona explained smiling cheerfully while Bihaan patted her shoulder and Thapki squeezed her hand assuring her she will get fine soon. Thapki felt more concern for her health after she got to know from dadi about all the trauma Sohani had been through because of her disorder.

"Alright enough with the chit chat let's watch this video Yar!"

Sona chirped and played the video. Thapki's eyes went wild as she covered her mouth in disbelief while Bihaan and Sona had tears in their eyes from laughing so hard. She soon joined them and started laughing at the video of Ashwin bhaya and Sanjay bhaya dancing like drunk women to the song "Tu chez Bari hae mast" wearing their wives' sarees. Sohani told Thapki it was the wedding week of her brother and Pandey family decided to stay at their place.

"You know it was like a day before Sangeet and we were like rehearsing for our performances and both Bhayas were newly married so we decided to scare our new Bhabis and mixed some alcohol in their juices and here they are dancing like as if they are Rakhi sawant!"

Sohani explained as Bihaan high fived her and Thapki continued laughing, giving them a thumbs up. The corners of his mouth twitched upwards and he couldn't help but stare at how openly Thapki was laughing after such a long time.

"If you showed this video to Sanjay and Ashwin bhaya now they will kill you!"

Thapki exclaimed making Bihaan snickered. Sohani shook her head agreeing to her statement and played the other video. They spent good three hours of the night watching all the funny videos. She squealed as she clicked another MP4 file. It was a video of Bihaan and Sohani practicing on Rab Rakhaa song. Thapki giggled as she saw a 15 year old Bihaan struggling to dance. Bihaan felt his cheeks going red as he remembered what would happen in the end of the video. He elbowed Sohani to change it but she only mischievously grinned at him. Thapki noticed how happily lost Sona was when she was dancing with Bihaan it was clear that she developed her feelings for him at that time. Her heart sank thinking about when Sona told her how much she loves him. Now Thapki knew why Maa wanted to keep this marriage a secret from her. She was brought back to reality when Sohani abruptly burst out laughing clapping her hands and Bihaan was only face palming himself.

"What??...what happened?"

"What? Don't tell me you didn't see that coming!"

Sohani replied as she moved the time slider few minutes back and asked Thapki to focus on Bihaan. Thapki did as what she said and soon found herself covering her mouth in amusement as she glanced over Bihaan who only wanted to hide his face right now. 

"It wasn't my fault I didn't knew that it was going to happen."

Bihaan protested as he tried to close the video but Sona replayed that specific part again where Bihaan was too focused in doing Bhangra that his jeans got ripped and he didn't realized it until Sanjay bhaya told him and he awkwardly danced himself out so that no one can notice his torn jeans.

"Alright! That's it! Enough with these videos I am gonna go sleep good night."

Bihaan quickly escaped the situation and laid down on hi spot with his back facing both girls. Thapki shook her head smiling at the childishness of her husband while Sohani put her laptop aside and laid down on her pillow.

"Oh Shiz! Bihaan there is a hole in your trousers!"

Sohani exclaimed shockingly making Bihaan jump from his spot and started checking his trousers and hiding it with his duvet. He awkwardly stood up wrapping the duvet around his lower body and went inside the bathroom throwing the duvet out and looked the door. As soon as he left both Thapki and Sohani burst out laughing at how he was limping towards the bathroom.

"He's going to get so mad when he will come out. Come on! Let's sleep quickly!"

Thapki suggested and they both went inside their duvets and closed their eyes and in a minute or two a furious Bihaan came out of the bathroom. He was about to scold both of them but he paused when he saw both of them sleeping innocently. He stomped his feet on the ground and went towards his place. He lied down facing them and his lips curled up into a smile when he thought of how happy Thapki was today. He felt his anger washing out when her laugh echoed in his ears and her laughing face was replaying in front of his eyes and with that he dropped his eyelids.



"Thapki how about you place this plate of puris on the table and I am going to get these ready okay?" 

Thapki agreed to Suman Bhabi and did what she asked as she was helping both Bhabis prepare the table for breakfast. Just then Shraddha entered the kitchen and without saying anything or helping them she took the bowl of fruits she made for herself from the refrigerator and started devouring the freshly cut fruits.

"Shraddha don't you think we could use a little help here?"

Preeti Bhabi furiously asked her as she was making juice for everyone. Shraddha rolled her eyes and said she had recently got her manicure done so she's not willing to ruin her nails. Suman Bhabi rolled her eyes as Preeti Bhabi huffed angrily and was about to reply her when Vasundhra entered the kitchen followed by Thapki.

"Summa bahu Preeti bahu is breakfast ready? Everyone is waiting at the table."

Vasundhra asked both Bahus giving them serious stares while they both nodded and left with trays in their hands. Thapki picked up the teapot and was about to leave when Vasundhra grabbed her arm.

"I've decided to do a small Sohani and Bihaan's engagement ceremony tonight! I hope you have done your part of the job!"

She remarked reminding Thapki about the deal. Thapki's heart fell as she heard about Bihaan and Sohani's engagement. Vasundhra let her arm go and Thapki turned around angrily which made Shraddha almost drop the bowl from her hand seeing her confidence.

"M-M-Maa I have decided i don't want to divorce Biha-"

"I don't care what you want or don't want! I only asked a small favor from you Thapki and you weren't able to do that but don't worry I asked Bihaan myself and he didn't prove my upbringings wrong."

Thapki went into complete shocked state. As if the news of her husband getting married to other women wasn't enough and now this. Shraddha's eyes went wide as she heard what Vasundhra said just like Thapki she could comprehend how and why Bihaan agreed to his mother. Thapki didn't say anything and left while Shraddha asked her mother in law that how she could convinced Bihaan.

"Bihaan is a bell budhi he would do anything I would ask him to do and it was getting on my nerves when he was going on and on about Thapki so I told him that she was the one who asked for divorce in exchange of my blood donation for him and look he stopped praising Thapki and agreed to his mother."

Vasundhra proudly stated while Shraddha squealed praising the devilish mind of her mother in law. 


Everyone was done with breakfast and Thapki was wearily walking back to her and Sohani's room. She couldn't believe what Vasundhra said but most importantly her heart was not getting settled hearing why Bihaan would agree. 

Bihaan now I know why are you so upset with me for the past three days. You want to get rid of me but you are finding it hard to tell me that and here I was thinking you may be... have loved me.

She thought to herself as she wiped her tears. She reached to her room and to her surprise found Bihaan and Sohani having a pillow fight with each other.

She makes him so happy unlike me who only takes his happiness away. I think Maa is doing right and just like her I should let them be each other's. I know it will hurt me but I have to do it for the sake of Bihaan's happiness.

Thapki sighed confidently and made up her mind for her final decision.  She was brought back to reality when a pillow hit her on her head. 

"I-I am sorry Thapki I didn't see you there! Come we have so much work to do today."

Sona apologized as she picked up the pillow, grabbed her hand and pulled her in. Bihaan silently looked at Thapki from the corner of his eyes while she continued staring at him which ached her heart the time her eyes blinked looking at him.

"Bihaan enough with goofing around I asked you to fix the light yaar come on do it now! Today I am in very good mood to finalize this room."

Sohani frustratingly exclaimed handing him the hammer and nails while Thapki stood there awkwardly playing with her fingers nervously. 

"Thapki you are going to help me make paper Mache and bottle pencil holders okay? Because I need something to put my paint brushes and sketch pencils in besides why buy supplies for art when you can easily make them."

Sona chirped nudging Thapki while she nodded giving her a smile. Soon Bihaan started his work and Thapki started helping Sona. 

"Wait! I forgot the empty bottles! I think there must be some in the kitchen. Okay I'll go check and you continue stirring this paper Mache batter."

Sona exclaimed and went out her room in search for some empty plastic bottles. There was an awkward silence in the room when she left. Thapki's eyes never left Bihaan while he kept stealing glances at her without her noticing it. Bihaan grunted in pain as he accidentally hit his thumb. He climb down the stool and Thapki ran towards him checking his thumb as it was bleeding. 

"B-B-Bihaan it's badly hurt come sit here and I'll bandage it or it won't stop bleeding."

Thapki worriedly said as she covered his thumb with her dupatta. Bihaan angrily jerked his hand back making her completely startled by his move.

"Why are you caring about me so much? It's my thumb and I can bandage it myself."

"Bihaan this is not a good time to argue let me ban-"

"Why is it even bothering you that much? Go do your work! I am fine."

"B-B-Bihaan! Don't be a fool list-"

"Fool! Ha! That's what I am for sure because I believed you that you wanted to continue this relationship Thapki but you were just waiting for playing your card and get rid of me."

What Bihaan said out of the blue, completely knocked the air out of Thapki's lungs. She winced in pain as He grabbed her by her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes.

"Look into my eyes Thapki and Tell me...Tell me that I am wrong! What Maa told me was not true!"

Bihaan hopefully asked her and she only gawked at him thinking what could have Maa lied to him about.


"Viraj I am so happy today! Mummy Jee is going to announce Sohani and Bihaan's engagement soon Thapki will be out of this house."

Sona paused as she heard Shraddha taking her name while she was on call with her brother. She decided to eves drop wondering why Shraddha is so happy about her engagement news.

"Yeah I know but mummy jee is a genius! She lied to Bihaan Dewar jee that Thapki made a deal with her that if she will convince Bihaan for signing their divorce papers then Thapki will allow her to donate blood to him and that stupid Bihaan he believed it and whenever Thapki will show him the papers, he will sign it without a second thought and then Thapki will be out of this house and as well as Bihaan Dewar jee's life forever! Isn't it exciting?"

What the hell?? Why is Mausi Maa doing this? First she made Bihaan marry Thapki now she is asking both of them to get separated does she think my best friend is a toy for her?

Sona thought to herself angrily punching the floor.

Sona breath! Both of them are alone at this time what if they..?

She sprinted towards her room the moment the thought crossed her mind hoping they don't sign the papers.

This the right time Thapki Do it!

Her inner self screamed and she jerked her arms back from Bihaan. She went towards her cupboard and took out the white envelope. She grabbed the pen from the vanity desk and handed Bihaan to sign the papers.

"A m-m-mother can never lie to her child...Whatever Maa s-s-said she is right... I want d-d-divorce from you B-B-Bihaan."

Thapki gulped down the lump that formed in her throat and bite back her tears. Bihaan wanted to deny this whole scenario but his brain wanted him to face the bitter reality. He stepped towards her and searched her eyes for any sign of lies but they remained subtle.

"Alright then!"


Sona stopped in the hall when she saw Bihaan storming out of her room. Her heart raised with fear but she calmed herself and went towards her room. Thapki was standing like a statue staring blankly at the papers resting on the bed while Sona only had one thing in her mind seeing her condition.

Did he...Sign it?


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Such a lengthy one...but i ll read now itself baby...

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Originally posted by pupra

Such a lengthy one...but i ll read now itself baby...

Hmmmhmmm im cryong a bit at the end...chanfu baby..its superb...see i dont have r get words to form a coherent comment as today is my exam and for refresh i came here and cant wait else my mind will be thinking abt it...
Nice atleast sona got all the truth...oh!!! Thanku thank u baby...

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Chanda...MU door kerdo naa...
cant see them in so much painn...
Lovely UpdateHeart

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Beautiful, I love rudra confused , and unknown feelings for sona..It feels like bihaan, who don't know y he care for thapki..but he couldn't help when he sees her struggling. Same as with rudra.this couple is cute Day Dreaming
I love the part where sona comes to him and tell him everything. We human did this In some part s of our life, we are totally unable to tell are self struggling to our loved ones so we tell it to some stranger, bcx he don't know our personality..and building new persnality In front of new person is.. easy...
And rudhra jealousy part from bihaan name.. Sleepy
So cute...
Here comes our broken thahaan..who just loved each other so much that , with this much mu they still happy to see each other happy... Hug
"Jo bheji thi duaa
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa "
And then , sona joke with bihaan poor b , phas gaya do larkio ka darmiyan...
Vasu the much I fall for u on screen. The much our writers push me to hate u with no limits..and shardha is always like that.
Ur sohani hai special capability to reach every next place ,where there is some interesting and sach ka khulasa is telecasting.. well good this capability of her is good for our thahaan...
So when cvs made thapki little less MAHAAN you again made her tge character, I irritated..well..this irritating thapki is trigger the more passion in thahaan so I m okh with it.
Thabk God sona reached before the paper were submitted to the court...
Well I wish he don't sign the papers...
P.s: warning 402... I did long bakwass read it at your own risk...
Bcx I don't want you to fait in..

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Awesome update Chandu...Clap

I guess this is a start to Sona's and Rudra's was good that Sona confided in Rudra about her problems...hope he also helps her in her turmoil but seriously how did he understood the complex situation so easily that too Sona telling him all this without catching a breath...LOL...anyways looking forward to their story.

I loved the light- hearted moment when Sona, Thapki and Bihaan watched old videos and Thapki and Sona teased Bihaan that his pants are torn.

Thapki standing up for herself was great to see but Vasu Angry...her  lie changed her into the MA mode again...CryCry

Thapki and Bihaan misunderstanding each other was so heart wrenching especially when it is because of Vasu creating MU...and the cliffhanger...what can I say other than do update soon.

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ThaHaan watching Po*n caps of *Thahaan expression*


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ashwariya_98 13 4031 21 April 2016 at 11:13pm by kapiri

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