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-Kismat K Dhaage- A Thahaan FF *UPDATED* On Pg_81 (Page 54)

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Originally posted by manaan

GIRL now u have havy duty on ur sholder, cvs is coping your kkd, so plX give us more loveable thahaan scenes. Heart

oh myy Ridaa esa na bol yaarrr Blushing
i promise lovable scenes to ayege and Sona will unite Thahaan for sure Party

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Originally posted by manaan

Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Originally posted by PHP_069

Kaash iski 1% ne bhi show mein milti..Chanda iss baar bihaan thik se propose kar payenge..?thapki phir se koi garbar to nehi karegi?

hahaha dii ab milegaROFL
thank you for reading DiiiHugHeart

1% ROFL 70 %mil gaya hai

 i am really waiting to see dori scene and kitchen scene itna to dekha skate hae ye log Blushing and in KKD these scenes helped Thapki realize her love clearly Wink

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Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Originally posted by manaan

Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Originally posted by PHP_069

Kaash iski 1% ne bhi show mein milti..Chanda iss baar bihaan thik se propose kar payenge..?thapki phir se koi garbar to nehi karegi?

hahaha dii ab milegaROFL
thank you for reading DiiiHugHeart

1% ROFL 70 %mil gaya hai

i am really waiting to see dori scene and kitchen scene itna to dekha skate hae ye logBlushingand in KKD these scenes helped Thapki realize her love clearlyWink

I can bet, I m waiting more than u...mera favoritest scene haihai, aur a sankarI bhi nai la na deakha saka.. Embarrassed Embarrassed
Mai soch rae hw manaat hy mang lw.

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Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Originally posted by manaan

GIRL now u have havy duty on ur sholder, cvs is coping your kkd, so plX give us more loveable thahaan scenes. Heart

oh myy Ridaa esa na bol yaarrrBlushing
i promise lovable scenes to ayege and Sona will unite Thahaan for sureParty

I love ur sona... Embarrassed

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-Kismat K Dhaage-

Chapter 12

"I am talking about... Thapki..!"

These words were like a dagger to her heart. All her thoughts
that she was having about herself being that special one, Bihaan has been
gushing about faded away. Bihaan couldn't stop his excitement and continued
telling her about how much he cherish her and what she meant to him. She wasn't
even listening to any of his words but was only focused on his gleaming face as
she stared at him blankly, while his face shone brightly highlighting the
euphoric state of his heart and his soul. This thought ached her heart the most
that Thapki is the reason behind it and she thought it was her. Her mind flew
back to Kiran's Sangeet night when she saw both of them dancing with each other
so intimately forgetting about the world. If she hadn't been dancing with Viraj
that time she would have went towards them and separated them but Viraj hold
her hands tightly and she out of frustration pushed him away and made him fall.
She was biting back her tears and trying to crack smile to make Bihaan feel
she's happy for him but it was getting really hard for her. She was brought
back to reality when Bihaan's hand brushed against her and he took the box from
her hand.

"You know Sona why I chose this Necklace for her? These two
stars hold so meaning and importance for me and I am sure for her as well. It
will remind her about that new year's night when I gifted her the Star named
after her but at that time it was just my gesture of saying thank you to her
for doing so much for my family but now it holds different meaning for us and I
will give her these stars as the token of my love to my moon."

Bihaan chuckled at the end of his comment remembering the sweet
memory and looked down at the necklace fondly while Sona nodded faking a smile.
Suddenly Bihaan's phone rang and he lit up as he saw his mother's name on the
Caller ID. He excused himself and picked it up. The moment he turned his back
at Sona she couldn't hold back her tears and let them rolled down her cheeks. She
wiped them away quickly before he can see it. Bihaan hung up his phone and told
her that Maa wants to meet both of them so they have to leave now and thanked
Sona for loving his preparations. He even jokingly asked her not to spoil his
plan as he know how mischievous she is and she will go tease Thapki about it.
She made a promise to him and they went towards the parking.

"Why do I have to be in such hurry?"

Thapki scolded herself as she looked down at the Divorce papers
scornfully. She was hating herself for being so stupid enough to sign the
divorce papers the night Maa asked her and she saw Bihaan star grazing with
Sona. At first she thought Bihaan is in love with Sohani and she should stay away from both of them but all her misconceptions went down the drain the moment Bihaan kissed her. She is sure about her feelings for Bihaan and she
decided she will confess her feelings tonight when Bihaan asked her to come and
meet in some venue at 9 but the thing that worried her the mostwere her signature on these documents. She
can't take it anymore and was about tear them down when Vasundhra entered her

"Thapki have yo-WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAPKI???"

She almost screamed on top of her lungs. Thapki stood up from
her bed and went towards her mother in law.

"Maa I am sorry I cannot fulfil your wish but Maa I
H-H-Have taken a final decision! I don't want to end my and Bihaan's
relationship in fact I want to give it another chance."

Thapki confidently exclaimed, while Vasundhra was still
recovering from the shock she gave her. She calmed herself down and snatched
the papers from her hand.

"Alright then! Go on and do whatever you want but Thapki
remember you have lost all my respect for you and you proved your parents
upbringings to be wro-"

"No Maa! My parent's upbringings are not wrong. They never
brought me up to play with someone's feelings. He asked me one chance to redeem
his mistake that only God knows why he did and that's what I am going to do!
Give him that that one chance."

Thapki out of frustration cut off Vasundhra as she declared her
final decision. Thapki's sudden confidence made Vasundhra's blood boiled as
felt herself being defeated by her. Vasundhra was about to say something when
Bauji called her so after giving one last deadly state to Thapki she left.
Thapki sighed in relief as she felt a huge burden lifting off from her chest.
She thanked God and went back to her preparations for the night.

"Maa you wanted to meet us is everything alright?"

Bihaan asked his mother as soon as both him and Sona entered the
lounge. Sona quickly ran towards her brother and hugged him as she saw him
sitting on the couch with her Bhabi.

"Sohani why are you crying Gudiya? What happened are you

Her brother Karan Asked worriedly wiping her tears as they broke
off the hug. Everyone got tensed up as they saw her crying suddenly.

"I...I am fine Bhaya it's just that I am going to miss you
guys when you will leave so that's why I got a bit emotional."

She lied faking a smile and everyone sighed in relief. His
brother cupped her cheeks and assured her that he loves her Gudiya a lot and
will Skype daily with her so she won't have time to miss him. She laughed and
hugged her brother again. Vasundhra smiled at Sona lovingly and she thought
back to the reason why she called everyone here.

"Karan beta I called you and everyone here today because I
have taken a decision! As per your mother's last wish I've decide to ask you
Sohani's hand for Bihaan."

A wave of shock and anxiety traveled across the hearts of all
the family members except Karan and his wife who were extremely happy. Bihaan
looked over at Sona who mirrored her with same Stunned expressions. Bauji
thought back to the meeting she had with him and Dadi earlier telling them she
wants to make things better and free Thapki from this fraud relation and let
her live happily after all she had done so much for this family and now it's
time for them to return the favor and they all can't see Thapki in pain anymore
so Both Bauji and Dadi agreed with a heavy heart.

"What can i say Mausi I am really overwhelmed by your
decision. Maa and pita jee had always adored Bihaan so does Sohani so what are
we waiting for where are the sweets?"

Karan joyfully exclaimed unaware of the fact that this is not a
celebratory moment for the Pandey Family. Vasundhra smiled and asked Shraddha
to bringing sweets and aarti plate so that she can do Bihaan and Sona's aarti.
Shraddha was as confused as the other people of the family but she shrugged it
off for the moment and did what her Mother in law asked her. Bihaan was
completely shattered by his mother's decision and Sohani well she was in
complete distress and Vasundhra's words were like a salt to her fresh wounds.
Vasundhra asked both of them to come stand in front of her for Aarti. Sona was
hesitant and Bihaan was still under major shock. Seeing he's not responding and
Karan is making worried faces, Vasundhra grabbed Sona's hand and made her stand
next to Bihaan who came out of his zoned out state when her shoulder touched
him. Vasundhra blissfully did their aarti and Tilak. Bihaan looked at her teary
eyed but she ignored him and Karan asked them to take her Blessings as a
couple. As both Bihaan and Sona unwillingly bend down, Sona saw teardrops on
the floor and found out it was Bihaan's. She looked up at him painfully as she
knows he is not happy by Mausi's decision. Vasundhra cheerfully give them her
blessings and Bihaan quickly went upstairs leaving everyone startled by his
sudden move. Vasundhra excused herself and followed him. Sohani noticed
Bihaan's reaction and she knows that he loves Thapki a lot and is not happy
with Mausi's announcement so in that moment she decided out that she will talk
to Vasundhra about it soon.

"This way madam."

The waiter guided Thapki towards the spot that Bihaan reserved
for them. She was at the venue 10 minutes before the fixed time. She was too
excited for confessing her love to him. She gasped as she saw the beautiful decorations.
Her heart raced with curiosity thinking does Bihaan also want to tell her about
his feelings too? She calmed herself and went towards their table and looked
down at it where a box was placed with a blue note attached to it. She picked
up the box and opened it up. She felt her eyes nearly bulging out of their
sockets when she saw a beautiful 2 star necklace laying in the box on the red
velvet cloth. After admiring the beauty of the little silver ornament, she then
opened the Note which read.

"No matter how much I wanted but I couldn't get you the
real stars so I decided to get you this necklace. It's very is special for me
and I hope it will be a reminder for you of this night my twinkle twinkle
Thapki star."

She couldn't help but blush and chuckle at the messy scribbling
of his hand writing. She smiled as her mind flew back to the New Year's night
and it made her heart race with jet speed as she was impatiently waiting for
him to come.

"Maa why are you doing this? You know I can't marry Sona
like this when I myself is married to Thapki. How can I betray both of them at
the same time? What will happen if she found out I am married to Thapki??? Maa
stop it please!!"

Bihaan pleaded to his mother folding his hands in front of her
as they both reached Bihaan's room. She sternly looked at him and was about to
close the door of his room when He stopped her.

"Maa answer me please how can you do thi-"

"Stop it Bihaan! I know what I am doing and if you consider
me as your mother than you should do as I say!"

Bihaan felt like his heart stopping as Vasundhra shut him up.
Tears rolled down his cheek as his mind was only revolving around Thapki and
Sona. He can't destroy his best friend's life knowing he is already married and
also he can't play with Thapki's life too he had already gave her a major shock
of her life and when things started to fall in one piece, Maa had to come up
with this decision.

"UGH are you blind or do you love getting in my way?"

Viraj exclaimed scornfully as he grunted in pain rubbing his
arm. Sohani was too lost in her thoughts walking towards her room, when she
bumped into Viraj and made both of them fall.

She brushed herself up and stood up apologizing to him and held
out her to help him out. He rejected her offer and said he will help himself
up. As he stood up brushing his cloths he noticed she too upset about what
happened earlier.

"You know it's a really cruel world out there, you get
betrayal from the people you trust and love the most."

Viraj wickedly smirked as he exclaimed loudly when She was about
to leave but his comment enraged her and made her pause her steps. She turned
around and went towards him with anger boiling inside her heart. Viraj took out
his phone and started pretending innocently as he didn't say anything.

"As much as I know nothing like that happened with me so
shut up and mind your own fricking business will you?"

She held out her finger pointing at him as she sent him furious
glares. He laughed humorlessly and put her finger down.

"You're so naive Hun I really pity you!"

He exclaimed slyly twirling her loose strand on his finger
getting so close to her. Sohani felt extremely uncomfortable as she pushed him
back and his back hit the pillar.

"You are very strong for a girl I must say but let see how
strong your heart will stay when you will get to know the truth."

Viraj spat on her face air quoting around the word 'truth'. Sona
was dumbfounded by his remark.

"What do you mean? What tru-"

"Uuhhh enough with this boring chit chat you're wasting my
time! And if you really want to know about things go ask your dear Mausi Maa
and your so called best friend."

Viraj cunningly exclaimed and left winking at her. Sohani's head
was already clouded with so many confusions and now before it explodes she has
to clear it out. She quickly went towards Bihaan's room but before she can
enter his room she paused outside as she heard Vasundhra shouting at him and
asking him to do as she desires. She hid herself so she can eves drop on them
without getting caught.

"Bihaan I am only trying to fulfil my Didi's last wish and
you have to help me with it whether you like it or not?"

Vasundhra furiously stated turning her back at Bihaan folding
her arms on her chest. He wiped his tears and went towards his mother taking
her hands in his.

"Maa you are God for me I will do anything for you! Take my
life Instead I will give you happily but I can't marry Sona. I am sorry Maa
please don't let me repeat my mistake again. I married Thapki deceitfully
because you never wanted an imperfect Wife like her for Dhruv. She already suffered
so much pain because of me Maa I can't hurt her anymore. I know how much the
words of Mausi meant to you but I can't just do what you are asking me to do just
because she wished it and I don't want to betray Thapki or destroy Sona's life
either. Don't you think what will happen to her when she will get to know she's
going to become my second wife when i am already married to Thapki?"

Bihaan poured his heart out to his mother knocking her off
completely but she remained expressionless. Sona felt like someone kicked her
in her stomach. Silent sobs left her mouth as she get to know about Bihaan's marriage
truth. She covered her mouth to muffle her cries. Vasundhra felt herself
getting defeated by Bihaan's innocent words and it made her blood boil. As she
was about to protest, Bihaan spoke up.

"Maa you know there is another reason why I can't leave Thapki!
Maa...I..I..Love her. I don't know when it happened but now i do and i Love her
more than my life and I am willing to give our marriage a chance and you know what
Maa she agreed too! you know why? Because I think she loves me too. Please Maa don't
separate me with her she's my reason to live without her I am nothing."

Vasundhra yanked her hands away from his tight grasp and turned
around in shock as she couldn't believe what he was telling her. She thought to
herself that she had to do something to make Bihaan fulfil her wish so she went
towards the drawer and took out the papers that she put earlier in his drawer. She
handed him the envelope and He confusingly took it and as the title of the
document came into his view he felt his lungs running out from air. The
documents were of his and Thapki's Divorce but what made his heart shattered
into million pieces were her signatures on bottom of the page. He felt a tear
rolled down his cheek and the papers fell from his hand. He was too shocked and
Vasundhra felt relieved that she managed to pierce through his blind love and
trust for Thapki.

"You think she loves you and wants to give you a chance?? Then
what is this ha?? She doesn't love you Bihaan she is just counting her days to
get away from you."

Vasundhra furiously mocked his feelings and rolled her eyes at
him shaking his head in denial. Sohani's eyes went wide as she heard about the
divorce papers. Many thoughts clouded her mind making her drown in her more in
distress and confusion.

"No Maa this... is...she can't do it she... Maa you must've been mist-"

"Lying??? So you are saying your mother is lying?? Oh no wait so
Bihaan you are trying to say that your mother destroyed your life by asking you
to marry that girl??"

Vasundhra Shouted on top of her lungs shutting him down.

Thapki can't do that but what about the signatures?

His mind kept recalling this line driving him crazy. He knelt
down and took the Papers in her hand as a tear or two dropped on the paper.
Vasundhra put her hand on his head asking him to stand up.

"Do you really think your mother will see you in pain like this
Beta?? I...I tried stopping Thapki but she never listen to me. I would have never
agreed to her...Little plan if you hadn't been fighting for your life that night."

Vasu Fake sobbed taking his hand in her's. Bihaan was completely
blown away by his mother's sudden explanation. She quickly stole a glance and
found his face showing the puzzled state of his mind so she continued.

"She blackmailed me Bihaan that if I can get to convince you to
sign these papers then she will let me donate blood to you. Tell me what could a
mother would have done that time?? Let her son die? I agreed to her plan and
she let me give blood to you."

Vasundhra's fake motherly love once again blinded Bihaan's heart
and he believed his mother was telling the truth. The guilt and Love he had for
Thapki, banished when Vasundhra lied to him about how Thapki black mailed her. Sona's
ears perked up suddenly in disbelief as it was really hard for her to digest Vasundhra's
words. She wiped her tears and went towards her room as it was too much for her
to bare in one day. A new rage formed inside Bihaan's heart and he wiped his
tears and cupped his mother's cheeks.

"You are not wrong Maa you did right! In fact you just made me
realized how two faced and selfish she is and she bloody black mailed you?? Now
I promise you Maa she will pay the price for it!"

Bihaan promised hugging his mother who only smiled cunningly
wiping her fake tear in his arms, thinking her work here is done!


A/N: DONT THROW CHAPPALS AT ME I HAD TOO AND I AM SORRY and please ignore the typos too I will fix them later!LOLLOL


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U made Vasu too meany Chandu!! but she deserves to b just that!! her excessive goodness on Tv these days is making me puke. Am just wondering when she will turn over n do something to separate ThaHaan!!
And ur update was very good.. exams over? and pls dont separate ThaHaan n make Bihaan misunderstand Thapki. Pls pls. I want their trust factor to remain in tact. I want him to come n talk to Thapki first. waiting for the next update eagerly!

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lo Vasundhara showing her true colors...Anyways this is better, the good vasu made me realize how important was the bad vasu lol...Please please please dont break Thahaan trust please...eve in a fic I cant see it happen...I hope Sona does something...I know Bihan is maa bhakth and we were always expecting for Bihan to hurt Thapki for Maa but please lol
And a very good update! and my guess was true Sona was to be married to Bihan ...that was the promise lol

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Awesome yaar!! Truly beautiful one
I am moved to tears right now with the way that Vasu B**** played with Bihaan's feelings
I am so disgusted by Vasu and Thank you for letting me feel those things for her because I want to keep in mind how bloody cunning she is!!

Just a small piece of glass in the heart is Bihaan believing her and doubting Thapki! I know he loves his Maa so much but the fact that he doesn' believe Thapki is just heartbreaking
I can feel those feelings and now I want to cry like I was Thapki and got to know that Bihaan was not trusting me!!

But maybe now Sona will try to bring Vasu's truth out and I am counting on you to give a superb punishment for taht two faced b****

That was truly awesome Sunshine!!

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