Thapki...Pyaar Ki


Thapki...Pyaar Ki
Thapki...Pyaar Ki

-Kismat K Dhaage- A Thahaan FF *UPDATED* On Pg_81

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*Author's Note*

Helloo Guysss Big smile

first of all i am so sorry for making you all wait for my crappy FF LOL and second please bare with me remember i said i'll post it when i'll have good amount of chapters in my hand but i have only completed 8 chapters till now. Cry i am just too excited to post it!LOL i have so many final projects due and my exams starts from 16 may and the only time i had to type the ff is when i am going back home from my uni! ROFL so i am going to update it laaate BUT i promise you my only focus is thahaan in this FF. So the other things are either dragged on purpose or wrapped up quickly to get towards that particular thahaan scene! Wink i hope you enjoy reading this FF. Smile

before reading it please clear out some points for this FF.


i have changed some scenarios according to my story line requirement! so i hope you like it. Smile






MANISH GOPLANI              :               BIHAAN PANDEY


SHRUTI HASAN                  :               SOHNAI (SONA) D'SOUZA/KHANNA

GIRESH KUMAR                 :               RUDRA VEER SINGH





CHAPTER 1        CHAPTER 2        CHAPTER 3          CHAPTER 4       CHAPTER 5

CHAPTER 6        CHAPTER 7        CHAPTER 8          CHAPTER 9       CHAPTER 10

CHAPTER 11      CHAPTER 12        CHAPTER 13       CHAPTER 14      CHAPTER 15



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Sorry Baby!! I thought you would post it above!! 
Well I can congratulate you and thank you here for the FF!!! EmbarrassedBig smile

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*Author's Note*

After majority of votes, meet Bihaan babu's best friend: 





-Kismat K Dhaage-


 *Chapter 1*


"I should enter the house from the backyard."

There was something mysterious going on in Pandey Niwas and the family members were unaware of that. She checked her watch and face-palm herself. You idiot! Its 7:45 right now and Bauji always feed Gulaboo at this time. He might see me.

The girl thought to herself and started thinking about other ways that how she can make her plan progress. 

"Oh I remember there's a second door in the basement that leads you Straight to Ashwin bhaya's room...but I can't take that risk either."

She was lost in her own calculations that how she could enter the house without letting anyone know about her existence. After major brainstorming and plotting on her mind, finally an idea struck her almost lightening an invisible bulb above her head. She decided to go in the kitchen first and then directly in dadi's room. As she knows dadi will help her in her little mischievous plan plus at this time no one will be in kitchen because they will be busy in getting ready for the early morning pooja. She pat herself on the back for such a great idea and dig her head further in the hood of her hoodie she was wearing as She tip toed behind the tabela, keeping an eye on Bauji who was busy feeding Gulaboo and Rampyari. She hid behind the pillar as she saw Lakhan bhaya coming towards Bauji with a Bag full of fresh grass and haystack in his hand. She peeked out from the side of the pillar and the second she saw him getting out of her red zone, she quickly jumped in the kitchen from the back door. She close the door quietly and Sighed in relief. A big smile crawled up to her lips as her sight embraced the familiar place. She inhaled the delicious smell of the fresh Aloo k parathae and her mouth watered thinking back to the last time she had consumed one. Which was quite long time ago but now she just can't wait to devour every single Indian dish she missed back home specially the ones made by her Mausi Maa.

Suddenly, she was pulled out of her hungry day dream as she heard someone coming in to the kitchen. She crouched down and hid under the counter. She saw a masculine shadow in the doorway eating something out of the thal in their hand. By the looks of the hairstyle and whole figure, she realized who he was. He looked so changed and she mentally chuckled at him because he doesn't know that she's here. Well, she is as mischievous as him and she just can't let go the chance of seeing his expressions at her sudden arrival. She thought for a minute and then Ting goes the Light bulb above her head. She quietly crawled under other counter and picked up the cool water bottle placed on it. She removed the lid and count to three.



The guy shouted both in shock and anger when he got splashed by ice cold water which was running down his back.

"I am so sorry! I thought you were someone else! I swear I didn't mean to...I am just... I am so sorry."

The girl apologized nervously removing her hoodie as she was deeply embarrassed by her prank. She put the bottle on the side and offered the guy her helping hand but he stopped her. 

"I don't need your help! What kind of a Childish Person are you ha? I hate dumb immature people like you."

The guy spat her and she was taken aback by the guy's attitude. She paused for a moment then she took the flour pot and dumped the whole flour on his head. The girl smirked.


"Viraj what happened? Why are you shou-Oh my God what happened to you?? Who did this?"

Shraddha Gasped looking at her brother all messy.

"This Immature baby over here did it. She poured icy cold water down my back first and then she dumped the flour on my head Di."

Viraj told her sister about the incident and she glared at the girl standing right in front of her proudly without any guilt.

"May I ask you who allows you in my house?? Who are you ha? And why did you do this to my brother?? Let me call Lakhan He'll throw you out! LAKH-"

"Oh hello! Excuse me I should be the one asking you that what are you two rats doing in MY house??"

Shraddha was cut off by the girl's sudden Question. She was stunned when she said my with emphasis on the word. Her house??? She thought to herself. Who is this new problem that entered so early in PN?? She was annoyed and was making angry faces and as she was about to ask her who she is Dadi cut her off.

"Arey Shraddha beta why are you calling Lakhan? He's helping Ballu feed Gula- Arey Sohani Beta??? What a surprise! How are you my Bacha?? When did you arrive??"

Dadi was blown away by Sohani's sudden surprise. Giving one final glare at Shraddha she didn't hesitate to embrace Dadi in a tight hug, almost crushing her old bones. Just at the moment Suman Bhabi and Preeti Bhabi came to call dadi for pooja but they were surprised as well seeing their favorite member of the family.

"OMG what an awesome Surprise Sohani!"

Preeti Bhabi exclaimed joyfully and Suman Bhabi nodded in agreement. Sohani broke off her hug with dadi, took her blessings and quickly hugged Both Bhabis as dadi called other members of the family. Soon everyone joined except Thapki and Bihaan and welcomed Sohani. She took Bauji's blessings and Hugged Ashwin and Sanjay. Both Shraddha and Her Brother were really annoyed by seeing them all welcoming her absolutely forgetting what she did to her brother. She gestured his brother to go to his room and he left furiously giving a last glare at a laughing Sohani. 

"Dhruv Bhai You've gotten more smart and handsome than the last time I saw you."

She exclaimed as Dhruv Chuckled at her compliment and hugged her tightly. He missed his Cousin Sister a lot. She quickly broke off from Dhruv and suddenly someone embraced her into a bear hug. By the fragrance of her she knew who that person is. The one who loved her the most, her Mausi Maa. Shraddha was stunned by Vasu's gesture. She was thinking to herself that who is this girl that everyone is so happy about and even mummy ji is hugging her like she is somewhat special to her.

"Oh come on Mausi Maa I am here to make all of you happy by my sudden surprise and look at you crying like a 9 year old me."

Sohani exclaimed faking an upset face as Vasu wiped few tears of joy that escaped her eyes and pinched her cheeks. Everyone laughed at her when she made annoyed noises as she hates it when anybody pinches her cheeks. Shraddha rolled her eyes at the whole family thinking what kind of comical family she has encountered. They find stupid little gestures amusing. She was too irritated by all of them so she stepped in and ask Maa.

"Mummy ji why don't you introduce her to me? I mean after seeing all of you giving Sohani a warm welcome she must be very important to this family besides it's our right to know who we are to each other right Sohani."

Shraddha sarcastically taunted as Sohani gave her a stern expression.

"Sona beta She's my Best and Perfect bahu Shraddha, Dhruv's wife and Shraddha beta she's my niece, only daughter of my late Elder sister."

Vasu introduced both the girls. Dhruv was annoyed when Vasu called Shraddha his wife.

"Dhruv Bhai's Wife? Means you are my Bhabi? Well nice to meet you Shraddha Bhabi."

Sohani intriguingly taunted emphasizing on the word Bhabi and Shraddha smirked. She came towards her and embrace her in to a hug. She unwillingly hugged back.

"I hope we are going to have good time creating our Bhabi-Nanand bond."

She slyly exclaimed as Sohani annoyingly nodded which made Preeti and Suman rolled their eyes at Shraddha's compliment. 

"Sohani why you never told us about you arrival? Me and Ashwin would have come to pick you up from the airport."

Sanjay exclaimed and Ashwin agreed to his statement. 

"If I would've have told you guys then I would have gotten the chance to surprise you all but some things just doesn't go as planned."

Sohani said glancing at Shraddha in the end and she gave her a fuming stare back. Everybody sat down and started having chats with her. She told them that she came here because of her film thesis project and soon she'll start shooting in Noida. She asked Dhruv for his help as she need some good Cameramen and Art directors. Dhruv said he would gladly help her. Even though she was caught up in her childhood conversation brought up by dadi but her mind was diverting here and there searching for the person she wanted to see first. Vasu noticed her uncomfortableness and asked her if she's okay and she nodded.

"Arey Thapki Bitya you came just in right time."

Bauji exclaimed cheerfully as Thapki came in from outside she was curious to know what Bauji meant so she asked him what happened.

"First tell me did you deliver the home made Prasad to Mandir on time?"

Dadi asked her and she nodded then Bauji ask her to come and meet their special family member.

"Thapki Bitya this is Sohani Bitya our Vasundhra jee's niece and a very special member of our family and Sohani Bitya This Thapki Bitya my Bitya just like you and Kiran."

Bauji stated proudly and Thapki smiled.

"Hi Thapki nice to meet you" 

Sohani exclaimed shaking hands with Thapki. Dadi and Bauji smiled while Vasu and Shraddha made annoyed faces.

"Nice to meet you too S-S-Sohani."

Thapki stuttered and it took Sohani off guard not in a bad way but in a curious way. A sudden urge to know more about Thapki struck her. She was so lost suddenly in her thoughts about Thapki that she looks like a nice girl and this Stammering problem of her must've been a biggest hurdle of her life. She was being inquisitive and she wanted to know about her so before she could question about her stammering Preeti Bhabi and Suman Bhabi Took her with them for Selfies. 

"Thapki Bitya where is Bihaan? He was with you right? Did he get his bike fixed?"

"Yes B-B-Bauji he was just parking his bike outside I don't know w-w-what is taking him so long?"

Thapki confusingly answered. She decided to go check up on him but before that she found Sohani running outside the house making everyone laugh. Thapki found her sudden excitement strange but shrugged it off and went into kitchen to help Bhabis prepare breakfast.

"Arey Gulaboo how are you my love? Are you ready to give fresh milk today?"

Bihaan Exclaimed lovingly caressing Gulaabo's head. He sat down and started milking the cow and as soon as he was done he got up, picked up the bucket and patted on Gulaabo's back and walked towards the house.

"Very funny things are happening in Pandey Nivas these days, for example "A Bander milking a cow" Great! This should become a headline for today's news don't you think?"

Sohani enunciated excitedly and Bihaan smirked when he listen to her voice. He put the bucket down and turned around only to be greeted by her eyes shining with joy and her plumped lips curled up into a big smile revealing her left cheek dimple. Her heart was palpitating with excitement as she took in the features of his best friend. His big dark eyes were telling her how surprised he was but he was keeping it cool in front of her. He has gotten beefed up which she found funny as she knew how much he hated to do exercise when he was a kid. His new wardrobe style, new haircut she was stunned by everything that how much her best friend is changed. A good change though. 

"Well they can't ask a Jungli billi to milk Gulaboo she might drink all her milk."

Bihaan playfully taunted her folding his arms to his chest and giving her an amusing look. She folded her arms to her chest and rolled her eyes at him playfully which made him chuckle. She remembered something and leaned in towards him.

"This billi missed her Bander"

She whispered in his ear. Bihaan playfully raised an eyebrow at her as he recalled the little whisper game they used to play after the school they used to meet and just like her he leaned in towards her and whispered in her ear.

 "Well this Bander didn't."

She pushed him back harshly as soon as he completed his sentence. She was huffing with anger and He continued laughing at her sudden reaction. She started hitting him and told him never to talk to her again. He was still laughing at her and it made her mad even more so she started walking away from him and he started chasing after her.

"Arey O Sona I was only joking! It's been a while since I've irritated you. I really do missed you my best friend and I am really happy that you are here. I am surprise by the way!"

Bihaan grabbed her hand and managed to stop her. She turned around and smiled at him but then her smile faded away.

"You said you missed me but for the past few months you never contacted me. Bihaan you're my best friend tell me what happened that you stopped?"

She questioned him sadly. Bihaan's heart fell thinking about the marriage and everything that happened few months back. After Bauji he was closest to Sohani. He is the only one who calls her Sona and him use to share everything with her. Every thought that bothered him, Sona already knew about it and was always there to help him get over it. She even knew about the behavior of Maa towards Bihaan that hurt him and made him cry in night which he wasn't able to share with Bauji but Sona knew about it. She knew he worships Maa but she has always tried her best to make him realize that his Maa doesn't love him like she loves Dhruv Bhai but he is just too blinded to see it. He was on verge of breaking into tears in front of her. He so badly wanted to tell her everything but he just shrugged the thought and said

"We will discuss everything later. First lets have some breakfast I am starving and you must be hungry too so let's go."

Sohani knew something is troubling him but for the time being she bought his excuse.

"Alright but hey I just came here all the way from Australia after such a long time and no Bihaan Pandey's GAJAAB welcome hug for me?"

She made a sad puppy dog face which made Bihaan chuckle and he quickly embraced her in a warm hug. He put his arms protectively around her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She took in his cologne closing her eyes and put her head on his shoulder. Oh how much she has missed Bihaan and for her this moment was perfect and she simply doesn't want it to end. 

"Arey Thapki why don't you go and call Bihaan and Sohani for breakfast and I'll set up the table with bardhki." 

Suman Bhabi suggested and Thapki nodded. She went outside and as soon as her eyes embraced the sight in front of her she felt something warm bubbling inside her stomach. She felt something wrong happening with her as she saw Bihaan comfortably Hugging Sona. By the looks of it they were lost in each other's arms and she was just standing their awkwardly waiting them to complete their hug. She was dumbfounded by Bihaan's action. I mean she has never seen Bihaan hugging even his mother like this, so lovingly then why is he hugging her? Sure she is his cousin and he must've missed her but anyways why am I bothered? Thapki thought mentally cursing herself.

Lingering In there for a moment, unwillingly Sohani broke off their hug but Bihaan still had his arms loosely wrapped around her waist. Which made Thapki more irritated.

"Now that I am here nothing will bother you okay and let's go the breakfast is calling us."

She exclaimed putting her left on his cheek and he nodded smiling at her as they turn around they found a restless Thapki was standing there lost in her thoughts. 

"Arey Chuk Chuk Gaadi When did you come?"

Bihaan asked Thapki bringing her back to reality. She looked at them astoundingly and Sohani found her sudden change of expression amusing.

"I came here to c-c-call you guys for b-b-breakfast. Let's go then."

She stuttered and left inside awkwardly. Sona chuckled and Bihaan raised an eyebrow in confusion wondering what happened to Thapki suddenly. He shrugged it off and went inside with Sona and soon they joined everyone on the table and had breakfast.


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aWW its really nice...and I love Shruti glad you chose her lol...Sonali looks interesting and u gave Shradha a brother lol...and Thapki is j? like seriously but she is a cousin na? lol...this girl lol...she is going to realize her love like that ha ha...and really yar u r awesome u wrote 8 chaps how?? u will give regular updates then?...waiting for it

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This is awesome baby!!! I was just smiling while reading it!!
I loved this so much!! But will the FF be from Sona's perspective or we will have more Thapki POV too?

I am glad you have more chapters in your basket coz I can't wait to read the next chapters!!

This is just Gajab Chanda!! You are awesome!!

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 6:48am | IP Logged
I am already loving Sona...
Nice start to the story...& now I can't wait to read it further...LOLLOL

Continue soon...Smile

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Originally posted by -Lachu-

aWW its really nice...and I love Shruti glad you chose her lol...Sonali looks interesting and u gave Shradha a brother lol...and Thapki is j? like seriously but she is a cousin na? lol...this girl lol...she is going to realize her love like that ha ha...and really yar u r awesome u wrote 8 chaps how?? u will give regular updates then?...waiting for it
Thank you so much love!! Hug
yeah i love shruti i was hoping she gets more votes LOL 
oh yes Shraddha's brother is something something Wink 
Thapki wil get J of Sona but trust me she'll relaze it on her own.
you'll get updates of these 8 chaps fast but other than that i can promise you slow updates cuz of my exams and after that freq updates! Big smile
i just realized how ironic is that Sohani's nick name is Sona and shruti played sona in RV LOL but my sona is a mixture of so many qualities the gifs highlight it well ! Wink
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Originally posted by Kowsi

This is awesome baby!!! I was just smiling while reading it!!
I loved this so much!! But will the FF be from Sona's perspective or we will have more Thapki POV too?

I am glad you have more chapters in your basket coz I can't wait to read the next chapters!!

This is just Gajab Chanda!! You are awesome!!
Kowsiii you pushed me to write it LOL
thank you so  much love ! Hug
its going to be in Author's POV and yes there are some places where there will be other character's POV too. Big smile

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