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SidNi TS: Meant to be Part 3 pg 7 (Completed) (Page 7)

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Third Part

Finally they reached Manali... they booked two hotel room for that night since they reached in the evening... All three four boys stayed in a room and roshni alone stayed in a room... all of them had their dinner in their respective rooms... but sid however was restless without seeing roshni and so was roshni...Sid thought of going but he didn't know how to...Roshni felt bad for not being able to meet sid before sleeping...She slid into her blanket and let sleep engulf her when she felt she saw a shadow...she tried to take of that thought but she just couldn't...so she thought it was best if she could ask to stay with her... She get of the bed with her pyjamas (a shorts with check prints and  a blue spaghetti top). she goes out of her room and knocks the boys room...Sid opens the door and is shocked to see roshni outside his room...she was looking very hot and he was kind of drooling over her in her pyjamas...he comes of his room since he didn't want to disturb his friends.

"Roshni, kya hua sab teek tho hun na??? matlab tum is waqt yahan.."...asked sid

"Sid...um...mujhe darr lagta hai raat ko akele sone mein...um...um...kya tum mere saath so sakte ho...pls...I know it sounds wrong par please...pretty please" he was staring at the cute faces she was making...she was going on and on she didn't stop, so he placed a finger on her mouth

"arre...tum kitna bolte ho...tumhe koi explanation dene ki zarurat nahi hai...mein tumhare saath so jaunge...dont worry"...he said with a cute smile

she was surprised but he just nodded..

she was happy and they both just went to her room...in her room there was a king size bed and a couch...so sid saw this and he said that he will sleep in couch since he didn't want her to be uncomfortable and he didn't want her to have a wrong impression about him...but her reply startled him..

"Roshni tum bed pe so jao aur mein couch par soti hun...dont worry" he said with generosity and she was bowled over by his modesty...

"Sid woh...woh..." she couldn't find words to say what she wanted

"woh kya Roshni..." he said with concern

"woh tum mere saath bed pe so sakte ho...mera matlab mein puri bed use nahi karti tum ek side pe so sakte ho aur mein apni side pe so sakte..." said roshni

"tumhe justify karne ki koi zarurat nahi...agar tum insist kar rahi ho...tho teeke mein bed pe soti hun" he said with an assuring smile

she was relieved...they got ready for the bed and they both...slid into one blanket on their respective sides...both their hearts were racing...there were tingling sensations in their stomachs, they felt hard core attraction towards each other but they resisted with all their strength within them... Sleep engulfed them both...They kept changing their directions and they kept coming close to each other...and somehow roshni's head was on Sid's chest and his hand was wrapped around Roshni's shoulder and her hands on Sid's chest as well. Sun rays hit Roshni's face and she woke up unable to face the sun...she saw her intimate sleeping position with sid and how well they both physically fitted each other she smiled looking at sid and even he had a smile on his face...she wished for his smile everyday...she gave a kiss on Sid's chest and she tried to get up from sid's chest but she fell back on his chest since his hands were tightly gripped on her shoulders she smiled unaware of the fact that even sid was awake now... even he smiled looking at her. She tries to get up once again but his grip grew stronger since sid wanted to hold her for a bit longer, he pretended to sleep. she cutely pouted and said...

"Kaise kumbkaran ki tarah so rahi ho...itna baar meri girne ki baad bi nahi uti..." She smiled and got a bit emotional... "kya tum mujhe hamesha apne pass rakogi...thaaki hum dono khush raha sakhe...I love you Sid...I dont know mujhe tumse pyar kab hua bas mujhe itna pata hai ki main tumse bahot pyaar karti hun aur ab mein tumhare bina nahi raha paunga..." Roshni said while Sid was elated and his insides were all jumping up and down in happiness...even though he pretende to sleep...and roshni continues...  "i dont know if you love me or not but i love you and i know i should confess this to you par darr lagta hai kyun ki agar tum mujhe reject karogi...tab mein jee nahi paungi..." 

he wanted to stop her from saying all that but he remembered that he was pretending and he controlled his urge to confess to her his real feelings and the urge to hug her and kiss her...

Suddenly the door bell starts ringing and sid literally curses in his mind... 

"Abe yeh kaunsi idiot hai, jo meri romance ko kharab kar rahi hai...agar woh varun our yash hoga na tho mein un dono ko chodungi nahi"

With reluctance Sid leaves roshni and she opens the door and the friend gang just jumps into the room and is surprised to see sid there and they tease her...

"Roshni tho sid yahi thi raat bar huh?? wow naughty couple...tum dono bola kyun nahi ki tum dono ko privacy chahiye agar bolti tho aise chupke milne ki koi zarurat nahi thi..." teased varun


Roshni blushed hearing varun but she had to tell them what happened other wise they would go on like that...

"Arre aise nahi hai, mujhe raat mein darr lag rahi thi, tho isi liye meine sid ko yahan bula liya aur kuch nahi hai..."

"Acha...jhut mat bolo...hum aaj se aapko bhabhi ji keheke pukarunga..." teased yash

by this comment roshni's cheeks were ready the redness darkened and they continued teasing her while Sid pretended to wake up and all the attention went to him...by this time Roshni left to get ready in her casuals... 

"kya baat hai sid...tum bade khush lag rahi ho..." teased varun

"honge na yaar aakir babhiji ki saath ek raat jo bitaya...baat mein details mein batana kya hua ok"...teased yash

"tum log bhi na kuch bhi bolte hain...aisa kuch nahi hua kal raat" clarified sid but even he had a redness in his cheeks giving away his real feelings... by that time roshni comes out and sid says 

"lets go guys roshni ko tayar hone do..."

"haan haan babhiji ko tayar honni kai chalo lets go" said krish

Sid gave a helpless look to roshni and left with them happily and even roshni was...

All of them had break fast and plans were being made...and they all decided to go for a trek...even though sid was reluctant because of the cold and everything...he complied to their requests and especially roshni's. They all got ready for the trek while sid discussed with varun what all roshni had told him. varun was excited since both of them had the same feelings...varun have thought of a plan but does not inform sid about it...

All five of them start trekking and Sid is always walking with Roshni and both of them speak along the way to the top of the snowy mountain, getting to know each other...

once all of them were on top they set up their tent and this time there were 3 tents - 2 in each tent while roshni stayed in one tent but as usual she was scared at night but sid comforted her saying that he will come at night to her to her relief..

All the other three wandered off to explore the mountain and varun made sure, all three of them wandered off to a point where it will be morning by the time they came back to the tent... he hi fived Sid and while going he added a bit of alcohol to sid's bottle of coke...

As expected Sid and Roshni was alone and they spent more time alone in the snowy mountain...Sid and Roshni sipped their respective drinks and gradually sid got intoxicated... It was getting really cold outside and roshni started to shiver while sid noticed this and got the only blanket in the tent... he took it and gave it to roshni while he was feeling cold as well and the effect was high since he was intoxicated... Roshni noticed him and offered to share her blanket and he went inside her blanket and they both was in an intimate hugging position because of the cold. the view from up was so beautiful and romantic that led things to happen in an unexpected way even without them knowing.

By this time he was fully intoxicated.so as of now, a drunk sid and a sober roshni were sitting next to their tent hugging each other because of the cold while sid said 

"roshni tumhe pata jab mein un taaron ko dekti hun, mujhe kis ki yaad aati hai? " 

"kis ki sid???" 


"huh??" her heart skipped a beat... 

he continues to look at her eyes and says 

"I love you Roshni...I love you so much that if i don't see you even for a second i feel like dying, I get hurt when you get hurt, I cry when you cry and i smile when you smile...I don't know if you love me or not but i will love you forever even if you don't love me back" He said genuinely

Roshni didn't know how to react...she never thought of his confession even in her wildest dreams... she had an overflow of emotions...it was love, it was emotional, she had tears but she just looked at him and passionately kissed him till both of them ran out of their breath. She bit his lips and he looks at her...and questioned her with his eyes...

"Arre bhudu, tum meri hai, koi shaq mat rakna...and I just marked you mine!!!!" said an excited roshni

"so is that a yes" asked a confused sid

"Are you serious Sid...I just kissed you... and what is that supposed to mean"

"That you may love me...but how can i be sure unless you tell me..." he was blabbering because of the alcohol effect...

She knew it that he was not doing it on purpose and just gave up and told him because she wanted to be with him more than anything else

"Obviously I LOVE YOU!!!, now does that clear everything??"

he didn't answer and it was her turn to be surprised he kissed her passionately while playfully he threw a snow ball at her with his free hand and she made an O face and she started to make a snow ball. while he started to run.. he slipped while running and fell and roshni tripped on his foot on him and fell on him...

She started laughing and he was mesmerised by her beauty...he moves her free hair from her hair and starts kissing her face and looks at her with intimacy and passion...she noticed this and she was captured in his deep and passionate eyes which was full of love for her...she let him kiss her face and when he kissed her she felt more week in her knees and he knew the effect he had on her..

He rolls her over and gets on top of her and he starts getting off her and got up with roshni just looking at him with a raised eyebrow... he smiles and picks her up in his arms and takes her to the tent.

He slowly starts undressing her and while undressing he kisses her all over body and her body starts to tighten while she starts to undress him showing the same love that he has for her She gets on top of him and starts kissing his forehead first, then his both cheeks, his chin, his neck all the way to his torso... he started groaning by then and she loved the effect she had on him... he was done with her teasing and pulls her down and rolls over her and gives her the perfect kiss on her lips and gives a love bite on her neck and marking her his...he says

"Roshni you have given me everything i wanted from life...I know i am not as perfect as you are but I love you with all in me...i would protect you and love you like you have never been before..." he said assuring her

"Sid you don't have to tell me this...I know you will and I trust you..." she said and nodded which gave sid assurance... he leaned on her again making her his

As the night unfolds, their scattered clothes,their love bites (symbol of love), the beautiful stars, the night, moon, snow and the bon fire are the witnesses to their union as one soul...

Roshni and siddharth sleeps peacefully cuddling each other in one blanket...without knowing that they were MEANT TO BE with each other from the beginning till the end of their life...


Sorry if I was not able to do justice to this story... and I hope you liked itEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by maclean

Outstanding update
Thank you!!!!
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for anjuEmbarrassed 
wow super awesome end sidni getting drunk and then Blushing  tent mein romance i loved the way u wrote it the scenes and the friends helping sidni indirectlyClap
kudos anju keep writing more and moreEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by prathe

fir anjuEmbarrassed 
will unres soonEmbarrassed
u didnt read it yet did you???

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Originally posted by anju_reji66

Originally posted by prathe

fir anjuEmbarrassed 
will unres soonEmbarrassed
u didnt read it yet did you???
hhehe i wanted to comment first so i reserved my commeent we always do thatTongueEmbarrassed
will read and unress by tommooorowTongueEmbarrassed
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Awesome update
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Loved it dear
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Superb dear

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