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AKDHA SS: WHEN ONLY LOVE REMAINS {update teaser on page 54 on 12/11} (Page 46)

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Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

Originally posted by Akdhalover6898

Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

<font size="3">Unres rt baby
And sooo sorry for being late latif
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3" color="#ff0000">>>ITS OK BUDDY I KNOW U R BUSY...SO ITS OKBig smile</font><font size="3">
<font color="#ff00ff">Part 2 is awesome blosom</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Love it</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Wow jalli come to her home to pick up her</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">And seeing him jodha got mermeriz</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Ooo and same with jallu </font>
<font color="#ff00ff">He also bumd stick looking her</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Pics are amazing dear</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">And perfectly suit on situation</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Awww jallu impressed by decorations in jodha's home</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Wow jodha bring cake for them</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">And jallu touched by her words</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Wow jallu's prov is bounce on aarti</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Love the part when all give wishes to them</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">And indicating them as "couple"</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Awww jallu sing song for jodhu in his prov</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Love the aong you choose for this situation dear</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Awww the part after jallu's prov is very emotional</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Jodha is right "there is no need of old age home"</font></font>
<font size="3"><font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">>>YUP BUDDY
</font><font color="#ff00ff">Last vw a lot jallu's last line"there is no need of old age home WHEN ONLY LOVE REMAIN "</font></font>
<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3" color="#ff0000">>>THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR FOR LIKING ITEmbarrassedEmbarrassed</font><font size="3">
<font color="#ff00ff">Good jobyjob   </font></font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3" color="#ff0000">FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU SO MUCH HEMA DARLING FOR LONGGG COMMENTBig smileBig smileBig smile</font>

<font size="4">it's my pleasure rt Darling</font> LOL

Hug Hug

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Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

Originally posted by Akdhalover6898

Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

<font size="5">so sorry for late reply
Thanks for pm
update soon next part

<font size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">I WILL TRY TO UPDATELOL</font>
Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Will update soon hemu
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Originally posted by swetiii

JJ had a grt time
update asap

Thanks dear for liking Embarrassed
Will update soon Embarrassed
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Originally posted by ishagupta

Update plzz

Will update soon dear
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Thanks guys to keep patients and now I back I will update regularly...
Recape: Jalal opened the car door for jodha and she sit inside and then he also sit in driver seat and drove the car towards jodha's home.


Both set in a car and jalal drove it towards jodha's home. 
Jalal-"Jo from how long time you are coming in these old age home?"
Jodha- "from my childhood jalal.
Jalal- " oh great".

Jalal start music player in which a melodious and romantic song is played.

na hai yeh paanaa naa khonaa hi hai 
(it isn't a gain, but it also isn't a loss either)

tera na hona jaane kyun honaa hi hai 
(you are not here, but still i am feeling that you are here)

tum se hi din hota hai 
(my day starts with you)

surmaiyee shaam aati hai, tum se hi 
(the melodius night comes with you, only with you)

tum se hi 
(because of you)

har ghadi saans aati hai 
(i take each breath)

zindagi kehlaati hai 
(i live this life)

tum se hi 
(because of you)

suddenly jodha said "jalal stop the car" and jalal with worried stopped the car and asked "what happened jodha?...everything is alright?"
Seeing jalal's worried face jodha laugh and said "nothing is to worry about jalal...wo actually I want to eat ice-cream" and point towards the ice cream parlor.
"oh jo you make me scared.,..OK you sit here I bought ice cream for you" said jalal
"No, I want to come along with you." said jodha with slightly pleading tone.
"OK madam as your wish" said jalal and open the car door for jodha to come out.

At Ice cream Parlor

"so which flavor?" asked jalal to jodha
"chocolate" said jodha with so much excitement.
"bhaiya 2 chocolate flavor ice cream" said jalal to shopkeeper.
The shopkeeper nodded and give him 2 ice cream, and jalal pay him.

Both joja come and sit on car's bonnet to enjoy there ice cream.
"so how's it?" asked jalal to jodha.
"its amazing, and you know its my favorite flavor." answered jodha.
"oh great...mine too" said jalal.
And both chat about different flavor and its taste...but soon its start raining 

"jodha let's go inside the car or otherwise we drench into rain" suggest jalal to jodha.
" no jalal, let's enjoy the rain" said jodha.
" no Jo it's not a good timing... we fall ill if we stopped here in rain" said jalal.
"no jalal its feel so amazing here we can't fall ill " said jodha "let's enjoy it na" added jodha making pouty face.
And how can jalal said no to his friend specially when she made this face.
"OK but not more than half an hour" said jalal in strict tone.
"OK" said jodha in marry tone.

Both are sit on bonnet and look upwards to the sky from there rain drops are falling on them...soon the rain is become heavy and in no time both are drenched. There face is lighten with smile.
Jodha step down from bonnet, and stand beside the car...she lift her both hands up and feel the rain drops while shutting her eyes. And then she turn towards jalal and dragged him with her...
"let's dance jalal" said jodha with sweet smile on her face.
"are you gone mad that to here what people say when they show us" said jalal with not so pleasant tone.
" uff you think too much...see know one is there except us...that ice cream parlor also closed due to heavy rain" said jodha to jalal to try to convince him.
Jalal glanced at his surrounding and found know one except both of them...but he feel hesitant to dance with her so he can try to make an excuse "you are right Jo but I can't able to dance"
"and why so?" asked jodha.
"wo I...where is a music" said jalal taking deep breath.
Now jodha know he is making excuse so she goes inside the car and resume the song which was played when they are in car.
Then she come near him and take his both hand in her hands. Than she entwined his one hand with hers and put his one hand on her waist, she put her free hand on his shoulder and said "now let's dance" with sweet smile. 
Jalal smile her back. Both look at each others eyes and start to sway according to bit of song.

tum se hi... 
na hai yeh paanaa naa khonaa hi hai 
tera na hona jaane kyun honaa hi hai 

aankhon mein aankhein teri 
[in my eyes there are your (i am seeing this world with your eyes)]

baahon mein baahein teri, 
[in my arms there are your arms (i am touching with your hands)]

mera na mujh mein kuchh raha, hua kya? 
(nothing is left in me as mine (everything is ur's ), what is this happened to me?)

baato mein baate teri 
[my talks includes ur talks (i am speaking ur language)]

raate saugaate teri 
[my nights are your gifts to me (i am seeing these nights because of you only, otherwise i would not be alive.)]

kyun tera sab yah ho gayaa, hua kya? 
(why did everything become yours, what happened?)

main kahin bhi jaataa huun 
(wherever i go,)

tum se hi mil jaataa huun tum se hi tum se hi 
(it is only you whom i meet, only you...)

tum se hi... 
(because of you...)

There is a silent between them only the rain and song make a sound...Both are enjoying there dance.

shor mein khaamoshi hai 
(there is silence in the noise)

thodi si behoshi hai tum se hi tum se hi 
(there is slight unconsciousness that is b'z of you)

tum se hi... 
(because of you...)

aadhaa saa waadaa kabhi 
(sometimes half a promise)

aadhe se zayadaa kabhi 
(sometimes more than a half)

ji chaahe kar luun is tarah wafaa kaa 
(this is how i want to make with you)

After enjoying themselves in rain they decide to leave for home because its late in night.
Both sat inside the car and jalal drove the car.
Within 15 min both reached to jodha's place. 
"so here we reached" said jalal to remind jodha that there sweet journey ends here.
"hmmm" said jodha in not so pleasant voice. and get down from the car with jalal.
"Thank you jalal for making my day special and being a part of my happiness" said jodha.
"no need to thank jodha...I'm the one who has to thank to you" said jalal.
Both give each other a friendly hug and said good bye...Jalal sit in car and waved bye to jodha and jodha to waved him bye till his car disappear from her sight.

chhode na chhuute kabhi, 
(even if i want to leave, i can't leave you)

tode na tuute kabhi 
(even if i try to break it, it is not breaking)

jo dhaagaa tum se judd gayaa vafaa ka... 
(the bond of faith that is made with you)

main tera sarmaaya huun, 
(i have prosperred because of you)

jo bhi main bann paaya huun, 
(what ever i have become now)

tum se hi, 
(is because of you)

tum se hi... 
(because of you)

raaste mil jaate hain 
(i find the roads)

manzilein mil jaati hain 
(i find the destinations)

tum se hi 
because of you (with you)

tum se hi... 

the time flews and both joja's bond becomes more and more strong.
Both are now start to share there emotions with each other without hesitation. There trust on each other get increased more and more day by day.

Now its time for there semester examination which is after one week. Both joja starts preparing for it. Both help each other in clearing doubt's and in weak subjects. 

Day Of Examination:

As usual jodha is come early in collage with moti and waited for jalal to come.
After 15min of waiting finally jalal is come in his Audi and came out from it in his style. Seeing jalal jodha give him "again you are late Mr." look while indicate her wrist watch. on this jalal held his both ears and said sorry while making puppy face. Seeing her dearest friends' antics jodha laughed and said "this time I leave you okay." and on this jalal give her his evergreen smile.

After this jolly moment both proceed towards the notice board where their roll number and class are displayed. The notice board is crowded with many students all are try to look their roll number in same time and that's why it become crowded...

looking the scene both joja laughed little but now question arise that how to check roll number in this crowd and both give each other "now what?" look. But at very next moment jalal said jodha "Jo you stand here only I will go and check our roll number." On this jodha nodded with a little smile. After a while jalal come back with a big smile on his face. Jodha asked him "so what's our roll number and classroom?". Jalal answered her " you can't believe our roll number are in same class and same bench."
Listening this jodha get surprised but happy too and answer mischievously "wow that's great now I'm able to copy from your answer sheet."

Knowing jodha's mischief mood jalal answer in same tone "oh I thought I will copy from your answer sheet but my bad luck you are too like me not prepare properly for exam." listening him jodha start to laughed out loud and jalal join her too.

Soon the bell rang indicating all the students to go and sit in examination hall according to roll number.

Both joja enter in the room and sit in their respective place, they both are on same benches but only obstacle between them is their one senior who's number is in between them.

After 3 Hours

"Stop writing" yelled the examiner as last bell rang and she collect all the answer sheets and allow the students to leave the class.
Outside the classroom
"so how's paper?" asked jodha to jalal.
"it was good... and yours?" asked jalal to jodha.
"mine was also good" answered jodha.
"so let's go to home we have to prepare for tomorrow's paper." said jalal.
"yup, let's go" replied jodha.
Both went to there respective homes.

After A Week

It was a last day of exam and all students are in full of joy mood as tension was gone...and all are start to discussing about how to enjoy this happiness.

But here our joja is sitting in one corner of canteen with moti and trio are engrossed in deep thinking. There is silent only at there table seems like they are thinking on serious topic.

But soon moti break the silence and said "idea" with so much excitement.
"not again moti, I bet it's also boring like other one so please you kept mum" said jodha with not so pleasant tone.

And listening her moti's all excitement vanished, and again trio engrossed in deep thought.
After a while jodha suddenly screamed and said "yeah I have a superb plan." 
and both her bestie look at her with so much curiosity.

Done Guys,...Sorry for mistakes...I know its worth reading but if you like it so plz hit like and comment...
Thank you all

{Now you all think what's jodha's idea and what they are thinking about}

Precape: Outing

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me first if updated here

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Originally posted by Kavya_P

me first if updated here

Big smile Hug
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Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

Me second

Big smile Hug

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