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I lunged at him with the razor blade in my hand. He caught my wrist before I could stab him on the neck. If he hadn't caught my wrist, I would have been still unsuccessful to stab him because of his huge height.

He was damn tall. At least five to six inches from me. "Stop!" He yelled. But I totally ignored him.

As my hand which was holding the razor was now out of action, I used my other hand to punch him in his hard stomach. But he caught my other hand as well. He held my wrist tightly making me yelp in pain and pressed them against the wall on either side of my head.

"Leave!" I snarled this time. I tried to break free. "Leave me I said!" I shouted, gritting my teeth.

He didn't reply instead he pressed his body against mine. He was furious. The last thing I had got was to knee him in the groin, but this time also he locked my left leg between his thighs. I struggled in his grip but he was not even effected.

"Get.Off.Me!" I whimpered. I didn't know when I started crying. Tears were coming out of my eyes, down my cheeks. 

He reached out, touching the swollen corner of my mouth and tracing with his lips down my chin.

"Hey! It hurts." I whined, glancing dangerously at him.

His eyes softened instantly. He moved closer to me and kissed my cheek, where a tear was falling. I closed my eyes shut and my muscles tensed, controlling the urge to crush him.

"Don't cry." He said in a soft tone. I looked at him directly in the eyes. His voice contained sincerity. I didn't know what was the problem with him? One time he cares for me and the very next moment becomes a monster.

I didn't realize that I was crying hysterically. He started kissing my neck line slowly reaching my collar bone. His grip on my wrists slightly loosened. Sparks erupted on my skin when he touched me. His hot breathe was fanning across my face. I would be lying if I said I didn't liked his touch.

What was this feeling? I really liked this feeling. I wanted more.  I didn't have this feeling when Aryaman used to kiss me. Aryaman. His name rang into my mind. What was I doing? I was enjoying the closeliness of a person who killed Aryaman? No! This can't be happening.

"Stop! No!" I moved my face as he trailed his lips right above mine. But he simply ignored my pleas. And continued doing what he was doing. 

"I can't!" With all my force I pushed him on his chest after freeing myself from his grip. I was shocked! What I have been thinking? How can I enjoy his touch?

He stumbled backwards with my push. I met his gaze. He looked shocked as he had not anticipated such a sudden reaction from me. "What the hell?" He shouted.

I was not scared of him this time. "I didn't know that you can stoop so low. You still have the temerity to force yourself on me after what you did? Shame on you! You are such a disgusting monster!" I wondered how this guy was controlling his anger after what I was saying. 

"Nan--" he said advancing towards me but I didn't let him finish. 

"Don't!" I warned him to stop, by raising my hand and continued "I heard from people about you, that you are f**king heartless, that you don't spare those people who cross your path. And you no what? I didn't believe in all those f**king shit. Why? Because no one can be this evil. But you proved me wrong!" 

"Shut up! You have gone f**king crazy. You have no idea what you are talking about." He grabbed my arms tightly and pinned me against the wall roughly. His nails were digging my arms. It was hurting like hell. My arms would definitely have bruises tomorrow.

"Leave me! You are hurting me!"

"I don't give a flying f**k about you! You heard that!" He shook me hard and smacked me against the wall again. My back hurt really bad. I flinched at his voice and snapped my eyes shut. He was dangerously close to me.

"Look at me, Nandini." He said in a low voice. I kept my eyes closed snubbing him. No. I won't look at him at any cost. I can't be weak.

"I said look at me!" His voice held so much power that I forced my eyes open only to be met with his eyes filled with anger.

"I did what had to be done." He said as if he did not do anything wrong. 

"You killed an innocent man! Why did you do it? Because it had to be done, huh? What kind of reason is that? What was his fault? Tell me!" I finally asked him.

"I don't justify my actions to anyone. I am the one who is keeping you here not you. And why are you so worried about him? " He said, angrily.

"It's...it's none of your business. But what was his fault? Hun? You killed him because of money, which he couldn't pay you back? Right? Come on, tell me!"

"You don't know what he has done. So, just shut up, Nandini!" He shouted and his grip on me tightened, shaking me vigorously.

"No. I will not, Manik!" I spat at him and jerked his hands away from me with all my force.

He pulled out his gun from his back. Dej vu. And he pointed the gun on my lips this time.

"I am telling you one last time, Nandini. Don't f**king test my patience. I had enough of your rambling. Not a single word more or I swear I will seriously kill you you this time."

"Kill me, then. I am not scared of you! I would f**king die than be with you. You bas***d!" I didn't mean to shout but it already came out. And there was no other way I could take my words back. I knew now, I had crossed the limit. "You--"

He lowered his gun and was about to grab my neck, when the door snapped open. Both of our eyes went towards the intruder. A young and a beautiful women came in the view. Thank.God.

"Manik, what are you doing? Are you crazy?" She shouted looking at him and then me.

"You stay out of this, Mukti." Manik said trying to calm himself.

"No! You were going to f**king kill her!" She shouted. Manik stepped away from me and sighed. 

"What are you doing here? Leave, Mukti." He sounded annoyed.

"You are the one who is going to leave. If I wasn't on time, god knows what you could have done to her! Now get your godamn ass out of this room! And I don't want you to be around." She started pacing towards me.

"I will handle this. Just leave us alone. You just scared the poor girl." She said in a concerned tone. Manik shot me one last glance before leaving the room. I sighed in relief.

"I am sorry. He has temper issues." She said in a low tone. I wonder who was she? How was she related to Manik?

"Thank you very much! You saved me from that bas***d!" I quickly came to her and hugged her tightly. 

I pulled away from her and she smiled at me.

"I am Mukti. Manik's sister." Seriously? I hung my mouth open in daze. She? Manik's sister? I was so stupid. They had similar features. Their eyes were dark brown and her hair was pure black, similar to Manik's. Why didn't I realised it before. Nandini, you are so dumb. She just smiled at my reaction.

"I am sorry...but..."

"I know, I know. It's hard to believe that I am his sister. But this is the truth."

"How can you be that Devil's sister? You are exactly the opposite. You are bold, beautiful, kind and most importantly, you have a heart. And on the other side, he is so rude, bipolar, impolite, arrogant, so hot an--"

Then I realised what I just said and quickly put a hand over my mouth to save me from embarrassing myself. My cheeks turned red.

"Umm..I am sorry..I didn't mean to say that." I flushed. 

She was trying to hide her laughter. "It's okay. Don't feel sorry. I have heard this from every girl I have met till now." She said in between her laughter.

"No..no. I really didn't mean that. Believe me. I was just saying th..that..you know what..I wanted to say.." God knows what I was blabbering.

"Okay...okay. Now stop." She said and I immediately shut my damn mouth. I so wanted to hide my face under a pillow. I was making a fool out of myself. God!

"Okay. Now, Nandini, calm down. Please, eat a little and get dressed. I will be back in an hour and give you a tour of this area. Okay?" She asked.

I just nodded, don't know what to say.

"And please, don't try to escape. As I said, brother has temper issues. And also, you cannot go anywhere as it is an abandoned area. There are trees and only trees here through long distances. So, please follow my advice and don't try to escape. Please." She said before leaving and closing the door.

I sat on the bed looking through the window. Hmm..she was right. There was no way I could escape. All that I saw outside were trees. Where the hell was I? I was in such a horrible mess.


Huh! Finally! Hope you guys like it.
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The next update will depend upon the response. So please comment kerna.

Mujhe aisa lag rha hai ki tum logo ko meri story pasand nai aa rhi.Cry

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Hours had passed, still no sign of Mukti. What to do? I have been waiting for hours pacing inside this f**king room, staring at the wall clock.

I started thinking when my eyes snapped towards the door. As far as I remember, Mukti hadn't locked it. 

Should I escape? Hell no! Mukti said not even think about it. But there has to be some way to escape. Come on, think!

Fine! I will go...

I silently went towards the door not making a single noise. The door screeched when I opened it. 

I saw a long corridor. It was beautifully furnished. Chandeliers hanging on the ceiling, a red carpet lodged over the path. It was freaking amazing. These guys were f**king rich!

Shelves bursting with books and only books could be found left and right like a tiny library. 

There were various pictures hanging on the wall. I saw one of Mukti's and Manik. They were looking so happy. Manik looked so innocent and nave. I wonder, why was there no picture of his parents. All the pictures were of Manik or Mukti's or both. 

I was looking at the pictures when unknowingly I bumped into someone. I closed my eyes rightly as I could, waiting for the hit, but then I realised I would not be touching the ground anytime soon, as warm arms wrapped my waist securely, holding me in a vulnerable position.

"Hey, are you okay?" An unfamiliar but a sweet voice entered my ears. Probably from the one who was holding me. I nodded slowly, opening eyes only to meet two dark brown eyes. 

"I am fine." I said looking at him and he nodded in response. He was extremely handsome. He was wearing a simple shirt, still he was looking so leering. How on earth all the handsome men are involved in this f**king Mafia? 

I realised that I had been staring at him for minutes and forced myself out of his grip and took a few steps back.


"Uh yeah...and who are you?" I asked hesitantly. 

"Hi, I am Dhruv." He said offering me his hand. He seemed cheerful and nothing like Manik.

"I am Nandini." I smiled shaking his hand.

"I know. What are you doing here?" 

Oh god! Why was I even telling him my name? He obviously knew, as he was with Manik.


"Are you trying to escape?" He looked at me suspiciously.

"What? No..no. Not at all. I just...Mu...Mukti told me that she would give me a tour of this area, but she hasn't come yet." I told him genuinely.

"Okay. Okay. Come on. Let me give you this tour. Mukti is doing some work. She will be meeting you later." He offered.

"No. It's okay. I will go back to the room then. I will be fine." I said.

"Nandini. I am serious. Trust me. I will give you the tour. I would feel honoured to give my services to a beautiful lady like you." He flirted with me and chuckled.

I blushed. He found me beautiful? Oh my god! He was so adorable. That seemed different. 

But should I go with him? Should I trust this guy or wait for Mukti? He was totally opposite of Manik. He was so cold.

"Nandini? What are you thinking? Come let's go." He said offering his arm.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes. Really. Now, let's go."

I smiled at him and entwined my hand around his arm and started walking. 


He was giving me the tour for almost an hour now. I was almost familiar with each and every corner of this mansion. I was extremely tired. This house was so damn big. Also, I got the biggest shock of my life. He told me that he was Manik's childhood best friend! Holy f**k! Seriously?

"How do you handle him?" I asked.

"I don't know. Because he is my best friend? He can be sometimes a pain in the ass. You know, he is an idiot but he has a heart. He can do anything for his closed ones." He said and I rolled my eyes.

"You are an asshole!" I remarked. 

"And you are cute..." he muttered under his breath.

"I heard that!" I said and smacked his shoulder. Now it was his turn to roll his eyes.

"It was meant to be heard." he winked at me.

After sometime, we both ended up laughing.

"What the hell are you two doing here?" A familiar deep voice entered our ears from behind and we immediately stopped our giggles.

Oh crap!

I looked at Dhruv and slowly turned around. I opened my mouth to say something but no sound came out.

Manik's face was expressionless. He was looking at me as if he would kill me this instant.

"I was just showing Nandini around the house." Dhruv said. Manik's eyes snapped towards him and I sighed in relief.

Dhruv held my hand tightly and whispered, "Don't worry. I am here." I just nodded at him.

"And who gave you the permission?" I saw Manik's gaze on our hands and his hands turning into fists.

"Mukti was busy. That's why..."

He couldn't complete his sentence as Manik came towards me and grabbed my arm. He was about to pull me when Dhruv's hold on my hand tightened, preventing him from pulling me.

"She's not going anywhere with you." Dhruv said, sternly. 

"And why do you think I would listen to you?" His grip on my arm became tighter and I gasped in pain.

"Because I am your best friend. What has happened to you? Why do you always act like an asshole?" 

"I don't need to tell you anything. Now, leave or you know what will be the consequences." He said.

"Manik, I am not going to leave--"

"Dhruv, leave!" He shouted and I closed my eyes at the intensity of his voice. Dhruv reluctantly left my hand, looking at me with defeated eyes. No, Dhruv, no. Please, don't leave me. I signalled him not to leave me.

"Dhruv, no. Please, don't leave me!" I begged him but he ignored me. I glanced at his retreating figure. I tried to go after him but Manik's hold on me never loosened.

He jerked me and started dragging me I don't know where.

"Hey! Leave me you asshole." I struggled against his grip.

"Dhruv! Dhruv! Help me!" I screamed like hell.

"Let me go! Where are you taking me?" I shouted. I scratched his hand and did all sorts of things to get rid of his iron grip, but I failed. He didn't knew how much I wanted to punch him.

He ignored my pleas and continued to drag me. After sometime, he stopped in front of a large door.

He kicked it open and pushed me to the floor, causing me to land on all fours. 

I sat up and frowned at him. 

"What is your f**king problem?" I shouted. He closed the door with a loud thud.

"What is my problem, huh?" He scoffed. "What is your problem? Who gave you the permission to go out of your room?"

"Mukti told me--"

"You don't listen to Mukti! Everyone here including Mukti obey my orders! And this goes for you too!" He snarls pointing his finger at me.

Why does he has to shout all the the time? f**king dumbhead!

"I don't want to see you again with Dhruv. Am I clear?" He said towering over me.

"Will you stop shouting? I am tired of your scoldings. I am having a f**king headache because of you! And also, you cannot order me. I will do whatever I want. I listen to no one!"

Then we went silent for a few minutes. He sighed in frustration and was about to leave when I opened my mouth again. Damn! Nandini! Damn your mouth!

"At least Dhruv is better than you. He didn't try to kill me."

He growled loudly, connecting his fist with the adjoining wall. He slammed the door shut and he left. 

I think, I was a little harsh on him this time. I should not have said that. 

I think he isn't that bad. Should I apologise? f**k! He doesn't even deserve it.

Nonetheless, there was no denying that I was still undoubtedly infatuated with him.

I sighed. How long is this going to be? I was seriously feeling claustrophobic. I had to leave by any means. But before this, I had to find the cause behind David's murder. And no one was going to stop me now.

I looked around the room. It was more beautiful than the previous one. It had a large wardrobe, a king size bed, a luxurious bathroom and a balcony.

I dropped into the bed, wrapping myself with comforters and I don't know, when I fell asleep.


Plz tell me if I should continue this or not. Tum log comment hi nai kerte...meri story itni acchi nai hai kya? Plz bataayo, Verna mai discontinue ker deti hun..:-(

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awesome yar, please update fast, eagerly waiting to read further , please, Thank you for the update

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awesome update

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so nice and interesting update
and god nandus POV
how on earth all the handsome men
are involved in this f**king mafia
hahaha l liked this yaar

thanks for pm and interesting update
waiting eagerly for next

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Awesome update cont soon

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Hey guys! I have changed my story's name from 'Won't Let You Go' to ' Deception' as I found the previous one very boring and common. 

And there is a good news for all (for those who love my writing), I am going to publish this story in my Wattpad account (lost48), as I got many requests from my readers and friends, so cheers and stay tuned for further updates!


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I had been sleeping peacefully for hours, when I heard the door click open. Who could be here? I was so sleepy that I didn't care. I was even too lazy to open my eyes. And I was not in the mood to have a talk with someone at this point of hour.

"Go away!" I mumbled in my sleep and shuffled in the soft bed, covering myself with the comforters.

My comforters were slightly pulled off, revealing my face.
I groaned in my sleep. 

Warm hands stroked my face. I tried hard to open my eyes, but I failed. What the f**k is their problem? Why can't they let me sleep.

"Please, let me sleep.." I said softly and made an annoying face. I heard someone chortle.

"Nandini..." I couldn't pick out this person's words clearly. He continued to caress my cheek. It felt so irritating and cranky at the same time good and comfortable.

With my hard efforts, I was able to open my eyes a little. I could only see blurred images. I tried to focus more, and I saw the most handsome person ever.

"Manik?" I said gently and my eyes snapped open in shock. What was he doing here? 

I immediately got up to leave but he caught me by my wrist. 

Oh god! I didn't had the energy to fight.

"Stay." He said pulling me back and pushed me by my shoulders on to the bed.

He loomed over me in such a position that I was laying underneath him, caged by his arms. 

He was looking extremely gorgeous. He had jelled up his hair. I was mesmerised by his scent. He was a f**king Greek God! He was so damn sexy!

He was wearing a white shirt and blue denims. He looked like as if he was going somewhere.

He pulled me closer to him. His hot breath fanned my face. I closed my eyes, as I was feeling uncomfortable by his degree of closeness.

With all my strength, I tried to push him when sanity stroked my dazed state, but he caught my wrists and locked them against the bed. I was becoming crazy by his approximative figure. I dug my face deeper into bed.

"Manik. Get the hell off me!" I said looking into his eyes.

He didn't respond and kept staring me. 

"Manik? Why are you here?" I asked again. He seemed to come out of his reverie.

"I..I...umm." He stammered and I raised my eyebrows. Manik Malhotra, I mean Manik Malhotra was stuttering? How on earth was this possible? I blinked my eyes in daze.

"Tell me fast!"

"I came here..to tell you...that..that I am sorry." He blurted.

"What?!" Was he joking? Am I seeing a dream? 

"Don't shout! You heard me. I said I am...I am sorry." He said. He sounded serious. I mean very serious.

"You are saying sorry to me? Are you serious?" I said in a shocked tone and he just nodded. I couldn't forgive him that easily. His apology was very small, compared to what he did. 

I looked at him, he was waiting for my answer. And also I realised that he was still holding my wrists tightly in his hands.

"Get up and get out." I said rudely, trying to pull my hands out of his. 

The keyword was trying. His eyes instantly became darker.

"How do you expect that an apology would be enough for murdering a man?" I spat at him but he only scoffed and laughed at me.

"Do you think that I am apologising for murdering that bas***d? f**k! You are so dumb!" What was he saying?

I narrowed my eyes at him, confusingly.

"I just came to apologise for my previous behaviour. Not for murdering that f**king man!"

"Then get the hell out of here. I don't need your f**king apology." I was so angry at him, but he was not getting off me. Oh god! He was so irritating and stubborn as hell.

"Will you get off me?" I said smiling, sarcastically to him.


"No." f**k. Instantly the smile on my face disappeared.

"Why not?" I asked, steamed.

"Accept my apology." He said. Wow. Do hell with that. Never and ever I was going to accept his apology.

"No way, Mister!"

"Then stay like this. By the way I am actually quite comfortable in this position. I don't mind being in this position forever." He smirked seductively, looking at my lips. My eyes grew wider in shock. I was blushing hard.

I licked my lips in embarrassment. 

Control, Nandini, control.

"Oh, Nandini! Don't do that or I will seriously lose my mind." He said coming near my left ear. My cheeks grew deeper colour of red. What was wrong with me? Why was I not doing anything? Why was I not even pulling away? I was so enjoying his touch!

Oh god! He was getting on my nerves now. Fine then! If he can play games then why can't I? 

"Actually, Manik. I agree with you, I also like this position." I casually lied, smirking at him. Actually, it was partially a lie. I really liked this position. 

He looked bewildered. I came closer to his face. Nandini, it's just an act, only an act. Don't lose your mind. I told myself.

He then smirked at me. Heh. He was so stupid. Making him a fool was easier than I thought. 

Slowly his grip on my wrists loosened. Yeah. That's what I wanted. I laughed proudly at myself.

Now, time for some action. 

As soon as he was going to kiss me, I tilted my head to bite his hand and pulled my hands out of his grip and summoned all of my strength to slam my hands against his chest and push him out of my way, which caused him to roll over my side on the bed. I got hold of a pillow and thwacked it on his face with all my force, before getting up from the bed.

I was about to sprint out of the bed, and out of the room but a strong arm wrapped around my waist out of nowhere, causing me to topple over him. Huh! Not again!

"And I thought you were really flirting with me. I am upset. You shouldn't have bitten me. You ditched the whole sweetheart act?" He chuckled, making an innocent face.

"That would be the last thing I would like to do with you." I said rolling my eyes. 

"Oh God! You are so cute, Nandu." He laughed at me. He said my newly formed nickname, making a puppyish face. 

"Hey! Don't call me Nandu. Its Nandini!"

"Okay, okay. Sorry, Nandu." He laughed again and I glowered at him. His hands were still around my waist, holding me tightly. 

We were again close to each other, only the difference was that this time, I was on top of him. I felt captivated by his eyes.

I noticed that the first two buttons of his shirt were opened, showing of his muscles. Oh my god! He looked so yummy.

"So, did you get an eyeful?" he suddenly inquired, and my eyes popped out in shock, before I could react again, and I adverted my gaze and faked innocence.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" I babbled. "I have no interest in anything that could concern you!" I added, trying to push myself off him, with my hands.

In an attempt to free myself, my hand slipped from his chest and I lost my support, causing me to fall on him and accidentally touching my lips with his cheek.

God! Why on earth this had to happen? But thank God, it was his cheek instead of his lip--

"What the hell is going on here with you two?" A voice came from the direction of the door. Mukti? Holy shit!


All the silent readers comment! Kaisa laga update?

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