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|| Deception || Chapter 12 on pg no. 11 19/09/2016 (Page 2)

charanyaaj IF-Sizzlerz

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different concept
continue soon

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farcry Groupbie

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Packing was always a hard task for me. Maybe because all the things including books and clothes which I own seemed impossible to place in hundreds of boxes. I checked all the bags and made sure everything is there. Letting out a sigh of relief I wiped the sweat accumulated on my forehead.

Today, I am going to move to a new place in the outskirts of Mumbai along with my mother and my fianc, Aryaman. My father died in an accident when I was five. Since then, I live with my mother. I met Aryaman last year and we both fell in love with each other. Even though I still cannot say I truly love him but yeah, I surely love him as a friend.

Aryaman has always been a sweet guy, and I know he loves me a lot. I stared at my engagement ring which he gifted me last week. A slow smile worked its way across my face and into my eyes. I recalled the beautiful moment.

"Nandini, come on, we are getting late!" came my mother's voice breaking my trance.

"Yeah, mom. I am coming!" I shouted back.

I rechecked the bags one last time. I wore my converse, put on my leather jacket, tied my hair in a bun and hung the bags on my shoulders. Then I sprinted towards my bedroom door, passing through the staircase. I was going to the living when I bumped into someone. Aryaman. He had put his hands on my shoulders in a jiffy to balance me. In a moment, I wrapped my arms around his in a tight hug.

"Careful." saying this he gently rubbed my back with his hand. I pulled away from the hug and looked into his eyes. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

"Let's go. We're getting late." he nodded and took my hand in his. I walked out of my house, letting Aryaman lock the house and handover the keys to our landlord, Neera Aunty. And with a final wave to her, we started walking towards the car where mother was waiting for us.

Upon reaching my car, I took a last glance at my house and then I made myself comfortable on the passenger seat. Aryaman loaded our bags in the truck behind us and took the driver's seat while mother sat on the back-seat. And then finally Aryaman drove off and started our journey.

I was going to miss this place very much. I had spent my childhood in this house. 

Sometimes later, I turned around to see how far the truck was behind us. Then I took out my iPod from my pocket and plugged my earphones before playing "Send me an Angel" by The Scorpions and slumped back into a comfortable position, humming the song. I closed my eyes drifting into sleep, entering into a different world. 


"Nandini! Nandini! Come on, baby. Get up!"

I stirred in my sleep due to the disturbance. "I am awake." I mumble under my breath. I was being shaken by the shoulder. They continuously called me. I just wanted to sleep, is that too much to ask for?

I made an attempt to open my eyes but they automatically closed. I breathed heavily. I struggled to open my eyes, blinking several times finding a figure in front of my eyes. "Alright...alright." I tried to focus only to find my mother and Aryaman.

I yawned and got out of the car. I turned around picking up my sling bag to find a beautiful house.

"You piece of shit! Can't you understand?  Stop calling me. I said I will f**king pay! Now, f**k off!" Aryaman shouted on his phone and I flinched at his voice. He caught my eyes and smile at me for a moment and again started talking on his phone. Me and my mom exchanged glances.

It was weird. I had never seen Aryaman talking to someone like this. I shook my head, ignoring my thoughts I stared at my new house.

My new home stood tall and proud, having a large door in the entrance. It seemed to have at least two floors. There was also a garden in the front which was beautifully cultivated.

Mom and me entered the house while Aryaman was busy on his phone. It was so beautiful. I went to unlock my bedroom upstairs. The moment I walked in, I froze. "Wow!" I shouted.

There in front of me, was the most amazing view of a huge fountain surrounded by yellow and white lilies.


The sun had begun to sink and darkness was spreading all over when me and Aryaman finally managed setting up my bedroom.

It was surprising that the place was extremely quiet making it more scary and haunted.

We were having our dinner when suddenly mom enquired about my job. "Yes, mom. I got a job in a cafeteria. I will be joining from tomorrow. I had talked to the manager yesterday." I replied.

Finishing the last bite of my Aloo ka paratha I stood up from my chair. "I am feeling very sleepy now. Good night." I said lazily, giving a small peck on Aryaman's lips and waving at mom. I went into my bedroom and thumped into my bed, closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I had a great day ahead of me.


How was the first chappie?Ermm

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riyaparo IF-Dazzler

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nice update
continue soon

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Autumn_Hue IF-Rockerz

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Great introductory chapter but the length was extremely short.. But great whatsoever.. Keep it up.. 

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farcry Groupbie

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Originally posted by Autumn_Hue

Great introductory chapter but the length was extremely short.. But great whatsoever.. Keep it up.. 
Yeah, thanks for your suggestion. I will surely keep this in mind. I will try to make it long next time..Smile
farcry Groupbie

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I groaned as the powerful sun rays hit me over my face, forcing me to get out of my bed. But I stayed on bed, as if it was inviting me. The need to stay in the bed inside my covers outweighed the need to close my blinds.


"Nandini, wake up, Honey!" I heard someone shouting.


"Mom? What time is it? Please! Let me sleep." My voice came out roughly.


"It's time to get up honey. Do you want to be late for your first day of your job?" I heard my mom say.


Then it clicked in my mind. Shit! It's my first day. I don't want to be late for my first day. I shot up from my bed, forgetting all the sleep. I seriously hate this. Who loves to be waken up this early in the morning, when he/she is cuddling against the pillows and comforters?


"Come on, now, get up!"


"f**k!" I groaned making an annoying face moving in to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair looked like a nest. I tried to untangle it, but as I failed, I proceeded to brush my teeth. I stripped of my pyjamas and my bunny top and stepped into the shower turning it on. As soon as the cold water hit me, I spluttered and gasped at the unexpected icy cold that ran down my skin.


After finishing and wrapping a towel around my body, I picked out my ripped baby blue jeans and a yellow tank top. I changed, putting up a leather jacket, and let my hair fall upon my shoulders. I did my light make-up. I was never fond of doing it. For me, it included a lipstick and an eye-liner only. I don't know why the so called s**ts come with a large amount of make-up smeared upon their faces only to impress boys.


Anyway, I checked myself one last time and went downstairs. My gaze stopped on a little note resting on the table. It read:


I have gone to work. Sandwiches are on the table. Eat before leaving. I asked Aryaman to drop you to the cafeteria.


Love, Mom.


Then realization hit me hard like a bucket of cold water. I almost forgot about Aryaman. He was nowhere to be seen. After having my sandwich, I searched the whole house but couldn't find him. Where could he have gone? I looked at my wrist watch. I was already getting very late. I ran towards the front door when I heard a faint voice. It was Aryaman's. I couldn't hear it clearly but I could make out some words. Like money...give..time...next week. What? He is acting weird since last two-three days. Was something wrong? Was he hiding something?


I started walking towards him in the front garden. As soon as he saw me, he cut his call. I can make out he was nervous as well as furious. "You ready?" he asked. I nodded and smiled at him. "Whom were you talking to?? I was looking for you!"


He looked very nervous and didn't reply. "You alright?" asking this I put a hand on his shoulder.


"Yeah, of course. I am alright. I was talking to one of my clients. No need to worry." He said giving me a weak smile.


"You know, you can tell me." I said trying to comfort him.


"No. It's nothing, really. You are getting late. Let me drop you." He said walking towards our car. When we reached, I gave him a hug and got out of the car. Waving him a 'bye' through the window, I walked into the caf.


As soon as I entered, loud and obnoxious whispers floating came to a halt; everyone was staring at me with hungry eyes. At last, I saw the manager A.K.A boss, Mr. Udit Jain. He was a bald, old, short and a very weird man. He was also staring at me hungrily, like he was going to eat me up anytime. I was already very late on my first day and their gaze on me was making me very uncomfortable.


"You are late, Miss Murthy. Do not repeat it from next time. Now go, start with your first customer over there." He said walking towards me, giving me a wicked smile, pointing towards a costumer and eyed my body again. What's with the people here? The customers were no less. Does everyone here behaves like a pervert? Anyways, I nodded and started walking quickly towards the customer. I wanted to be far away from this asshole.



I reached their table. It was an old man. "Good morning, Sir. What would you like to order? " I asked sweetly. But his eyes were fixed on my chest. Pervert. It made me conscious. I quickly pulled down my scarf. "Hi, Sir. What do you want to order?" I asked again, but this time not sweetly.


He came out of his reverie and said "Huh? Yeah. A cup of coffee would be fine." 

"Anything else, Sir?"


"No...no. Nothing Else."


I was going to the kitchen to get the order when I bumped into someone. In front of me, was a timid looking petite girl wearing a jeans and a simple black top. Still, she was looking very gorgeous.


"I am sorry." She said smiling shyly, her lips crinkling as she did.


I smiled at her. "It's okay. By the way, I am Nandini. I am new here. In fact, I joined today only." I offered her a handshake and she took it.


"Hey, nice meeting you. I am Navya." She said shaking my hand. She seemed nice. Thank god, not everyone was weird here. I could sense that we were going to bond good.


"Can I ask you something?" I asked her hesitantly.


"Of course." She replied.


"Umm...wh...whats with the people here? Do they have a problem or something? They were staring at me as if they were going to kill me!" I blurted. I waited for her reply but she started laughing. "What?" I frowned.


"Noth...nothing!" She tried to stop her laughter by placing her hand on her chest. "Actually, you are right. They have a problem. Everyone here is like this. No need to worry. Just ignore them. Now, I need to go. I have an order to take. See you! " I nodded and she left. I also went to get a cup of coffee for my customer.


I don't know what's going on. Everyone is acting weird including Aryaman. I need to find out what he is hiding. Ignoring the odd thoughts, I went to give the order.




What do you think? Please comment. I would appreciate your feedback;D. I know this update is also a short one. I promise, I will be giving you a long chapter next time, at least longer than the last two:P. Also, I need help. I want to make this a members only post. I am not able to find this option. Please, help me with it. 




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the story is really interesting
loving every bit of it
update soon

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