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|| Deception || Chapter 12 on pg no. 11 19/09/2016 (Page 10)

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"What the hell is going on here with you two?" A voice came from the direction of the door. Mukti? Holy shit! My eyes widened in shock.

Manik's grip on my waist immediately loosened and I got up hastily.

"Why do you always have to interrupt us?" He said in an annoying tone. What the hell? I shot daggers at him with my eyes. What the hell was he speaking? Interrupt us? Good she came!

Woosh! I sighed in relief. If she hadn't come, I don't know, what we could have done. But also, I was feeling very embarrassed as she saw us in such a vulnerable position. My cheeks were getting red.

Shaking my head mentally, to get away from these thoughts, I ran towards Mukti and hugged her tightly. 

"Thank god, you came." I said in content. "You don't know what he was trying to do." I said to her, scared, breaking the hug and looking at Manik from the corner of my eyes.

She narrowed her eyes, confusingly. 

"Oh come on! Nandini, tell her you liked it too." He said seductively coming towards to me. I gulped in fear. I glanced at Mukti as if telling her to do something. She nodded and suddenly came between us. 

"Manik, can't you leave her alone? What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you always scare the poor girl? And what did I tell you to do?" She said in a displeased tone. He looked disappointed.

"Hell! She is not a poor girl. You don't f**king know her. Did you watch her damn mouth? Huh! And sis, did you forget that I am your f**king brother?! Why are you taking her side? I was just going to tell her but you came in between." He whined like a five year old child. 

What were they talking about? What was he going to tell me?

She just rolled her eyes. "First, mind your language. Can't you listen to me once? I gave you one task, still you couldn't do it properly." What task was she talking about?

He was about to open his mouth but she interrupted him again.

"No! Don't speak. Will you please stop troubling her and leave from here?" She said looking at me with pitied eyes and I glanced her back making an innocent face. 

"Fine! I will go! I don't know what has gotten into your mind?! Go, eat each other's brain." He said and shot me a 'you can't get away from this' or 'I will see you soon' type of glare.

"Women these days..." He muttered to himself which was heard by us and left from here and Mukti rolled her eyes at this. I thanked her again.

"Where were you? I was waiting for you for almost two hours! You know, two freaking hours!" I asked her the moment he left from here.

"Oh, I am really very sorry. I just got busy with some work. But I heard that Dhruv showed you the house..." She said.

"Yeah. I met Dhruv on my way. He showed me everything. He's so adorable, you know unlike Manik." I snorted.

"I know, he is sweet and adorable. He's like a brother to me." She smiled innocently. She was so pure hearted. Something was different about her. She was not like other girls. 

"Hey, are you even listening to me?" She shook me.

"Huh...yeah, yeah. I am sorry. I spaced out on you. What were you telling? And what was Manik going to tell me?" I asked her, curiously.

"I was telling you that, we are having a family dinner after a long time. So, you should get ready, coz you are invited. You can wear my dress if you don't mind. I guess, it will fit you." She said dumping a beautiful summer dress on my hands. A family dinner? With the Mafia? Oh god!

"I had sent Manik for this purpose only. But see, what was he doing." She laughed at her brother's antics, followed by me. 

Oh, so this was the task. Then why did he apologised to me? She looked like she was very annoyed by his brother.

I noticed that she was also wearing a simple blue dress, perfect for a family dinner. She was looking very ethereal and pretty as well as skinny.

"Go, change. I am waiting for you." She said, before I could protest, pushing me into the bathroom.

I quickly stripped myself and changed into the dress. It was a little loose on me as she was skinnier than me. I opened my hair band and let my hair fall on both my shoulders. I applied some Kohl on my eyes and some lip color on my lips which were kept on the dresser.

I came out of the bathroom, only to see Mukti sitting on the bed, waiting for me. 

As soon as she looked at me, her mouth wide opened.

"What?" I asked her, hesitantly. Was I not looking good? Should I go and change?

"No, no. You look amazing!" She said throwing her hands up in the air. Oh, so I said that loud. But Seriously? Amazing?

"Oh, thank you and same to you!" I said and she smiled.

"Come on, let's go now. We are getting late." She said pulling my hand and I nodded at her.


We were walking through the corridor, when anxiety hit me hard like waves of an ocean. I was feeling very nervous.

I started sweating, I don't know why. Who were going to be present there? How I was going to face them? So many questions were popping into my mind.

"Hey, don't worry. It will go good." Mukti tried to comfort me.

We started walking again that is when, something or I guess someone bumped onto my legs from behind, making me stumble a little forward.

I turned around and looked down to see a cute boy around six-seven years old, laughing. 

"I am sorry Miss. I didn't see you." He said to me, with a sweet voice.

"Abhay, there you are! Why did you run from me?" Dhruv said puffing, literally running towards the boy, Abhay picking him up in his arms, before he could escape.

When I saw Abhay, a smile appeared across my lips. He was giggling and laughing. He looked so innocent.

"Hi, guys!" Dhruv greeted us and we smiled at him.

"Hey, boy! You ready?" Mukti asked Abhay squeezing his cheeks, which I guarantee he didn't like at all as he pouted.

"Mukti di, don't do that please. It's annoying." He whined and we all laughed at him.

"Nandini, meet my baby brother, Abhay," Mukti said to me and then looked at Abhay "and Abhay, meet Nandini, my friend." 

Oh, Abhay was Manik's and Mukti's sibling. He did have the eye color same as Manik.

"Hey, baby!" I cooed him, ruffling his hair.

"I am not a baby anymore. I am a grown up man, Miss!" He said to me, pouting and I mouthed him a sorry.

"You guys are looking beautiful!" Dhruv said winking at us.

"You are no less." I said to him while blushing. He was wearing a black suit.

"So, are we ready for the dinner?" He said to Abhay and he grinned widely.

"Okay, let's go now. We don't want to be late. Manik must be waiting." Mukti said. Oh, God! Why didn't I realised that, Manik will also be present there. How will I face him? Jeez, please save me.


We reached the dining hall. It was spacious and splendid. A large chandelier was hanging in the center of the hall. The walls were grey in color. The hall was very well furnished.

I saw a middle-aged couple sitting there. Abhay pulled away from Dhruv's grip and ran, quickly sitting beside them. Manik was nowhere to be seen. Good!

The couple and Abhay were sitting at one side and Mukti, Dhruv and me sat on the opposite side of the table with Dhruv sitting in the middle. Manik was still not here. Where would he be? Ugghh! Nandini, why are you so desperate to meet him?

"Nandini, this is Roshni aunty and Sumit uncle." Mukti introduced us. 

"Hello, guys." I said softly. I was feeling so awkward as it was a family dinner. And family? No! I was not even their friend.

"You don't need to feel uncomfortable, child. We are all family. No one is going to hurt you." Roshni Aunty said and I gave her a slight smile.
Roshi aunty and Sumit uncle looked so endearing. It seemed they were very happy with each other.

"You are so beautiful, Miss Nandini." Abhay said.

"And I agree with him." Said Dhruv, laughing and I rolled my eyes.

"By the way, uncle, where is brother? He is late, again. Where does this boy disappear?" Mukti said, annoyed.

"I don't know, must be busy with his work." Sumit Uncle replied.

"Oh, what will I do with this guy? Come on, man. This is a family dinner! Can't he spare his work for sometime?" Mukti said, sounding more pissed.

"Don't worry, Mukti. He must be coming." Dhruv said putting a hand on Mukti's shoulder.

Soon, we started our dinner. The food was amazing and extremely delicious. We were laughing at Abhay's cute antics when we heard someone clear his voice.

"Manik bhai!" Abhay shouted in excitement. Why, God? Why?


Okay, so here's the chapter. Please give your feedback. And don't forget to comment and vote.

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Amazing continue soon waiting for next chapter 

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awwweesssooommee Suuperbb Luved it
Waiting for more Manan encounters
Please update next asap please continue

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A very interesting story... you write so good. Kudos to you... keep it up.

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Awesome update
Want Manik pov

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please update next part please, eagerly waiting to read further,
thank you

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"Manik bhai!" Abhay shouted in excitement. Why, God? Why?

I turned to my right, and my jaw dropped at what I saw. He was wearing a black suit, his hair all jelled up. His shaven and chiseled jaw was complimenting his muscular physique. His features made my heart unexpectedly skip which I did not like at all.

"Manik bhai! We were waiting for you only." Abhay's voice interrupted my thoughts and I broke my gaze off him. Jeez, I didn't even realize, that I was staring him for the past few minutes.

My eyes darted everywhere, skipping him, and stood there awkwardly.

He sat on the seat, adjacent to me. 

"Where were you Manik? Can't you understand one word I say?!" Mukti said frustratedly and Manik rolled his eyes.

"Calm the fu-" Mukti glared at him. "-dge down! I was just attending a meeting. Why are you always angry?!" He finished.

Mukti was about to argue back when uncle interrupted. 

"Stop all this! Both of you need to calm down. Mukti, you specialty. And Manik, you, don't miss family dinners from next time." Manik nodded.

After a few minutes of silence, we started eating again.

I was trying to take the bowl of pasta but it was kept far away from my hand. Dhruv saw this and passed me the bowl. While taking the bowl from his hand, our hands slightly brushed against each other. His hands were so soft. He was smiling at me, so I smiled back.

And then I heard someone grunt who was none other than Manik and I took the bowl hastily out of Dhruv's hand.

"Uh..oh thanks.." I said to him giving him a meek smile and then I glared at the stupid idiot.

"By the way, why did you have to invite Nandini? She isn't even a family? The last time I checked, it is a family dinner, isn't it?" Manik asked still looking at me.

"It's none of your business, Manik. She's my friend. She can come whenever she wants." Mukti replied.

It was becoming so embarrassing. They were seriously fighting for me.

"Come on, Manik. She is an amazing woman! Why do you have so many grudges against her?" Dhruv added, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I can sense that Manik didn't like this at all as he was shooting daggers at Dhruv. But why? Was he effected as much as I was?

"Yes! He's right!" Abhay shouted.

Huh! I resisted the urge to smirk at him. All of them were supporting me.

"Let it be, Manik." Aunty said politely.


After an hour, we finished our dinner. Oh gosh! My stomach was so full that it could have burst anytime. I was not even able to get up from my seat.

Uncle and aunty, bid us goodbye and went to their respective rooms. 

"Bye, Nandini di." Abhay said, taking my hand and kissing it. He was such sweetheart.

"Bye, Abhay. Good night!" I said giving a peck on his cheeks.

Mukti took Abhay with her leaving me with Manik and Dhruv. And not to forget she also warned him that not to even come close to me. 

At that moment my head suddenly started spinning around giving me a blurry vision. But I just simply ignored it.

"Come, let me drop you to your room. You must be exhausted." Dhruv said and I nodded in response, eager to go to my room.

I was about to follow him, when I heard his voice.

"I will drop her. You go and sleep." Manik said sternly. I turned around to see him. He wasn't even looking at me. I didn't wanted to go with him because as usual we would end up arguing.

"Okay, as you wish, buddy. Bye...And please, don't do anything stupid." He patted his shoulder and hugged me before he left us...alone.

"Let's go, Nandini." I didn't reply to him instead just stared at him, shocked at his change in behaviour. He was really so bipolar. 

I didn't know why, but I started feeling dizzy again. I found it difficult to breathe. I could feel my heart beat unevenly. My leg's strength was gone for a moment, and I immediately took hold of a chair, so that I don't collapse.

What the hell was happening to me? I held my head as if to retrieve my vision. My eyes were opening and closing simultaneously.


I heard his faint voice. But I still didn't reply to him.

"Nandini, are you alright? Hey, Nandini!" He said coming towards me.

"I am fine. Just stay away from me. Don't come near me." I said stopping him by raising my hand in his direction.

"No, you're not fine!" He said, ignoring my protests.

I couldn't handle it any more. My head was whirling around as if some was crushing it.

He took hold of my arms and helped me balance my body.

"Manik, my head...my...I..I cannot feel my legs..." I whispered softly. 

"Wait, don't close your eyes! Stay with me Nandini! Stay with me and focus on me!" He looked very concerned about me. 

And the next thing, I collapsed into his strong arms, not fully unconscious, my hands falling to my sides. He started patting my cheeks with his free hand, having the other around my waist. I didn't even had the energy to move.

"Don't faint! f**k! Just don't faint." He locked his arms behind my knees and my back and swiftly lifted me up.

Being in his arms was strangely warm. I so wanted it.

He was running down the corridor, panicked, with me in his arms when one of his men appeared.

"Go! Call the doctor quickly!" He shouted. 

"Yes, sir!"

"What is happening to me, Manik?" I asked.

"Shhh...you're gonna be alright. I am here with you. I am not going to let anything happen to you." I heard him say before I completely passed out. 


The sun's rays of light made their way to the corners of my eyes through the open window nearby. Intensifying and forcing my eyes to flutter, the rays left my vision a bit blurry.

"Hmm..." I weakly hummed out loud to myself, a strong headache getting ready to come on.

My blurry eyesight soon focused upon Manik who was gently placing cool rag on my forehead. He was looking incredibly handsome and extremely attractive. I could feel my heart skip faster beats, his looks definitely having an effect on me. Its day time. Was he there by my side the whole time?

He began soaking another rag in a cool bowl of water, unaware of my consciousness. He seemed deeply concentrated in his task of wringing out the rag.

I drew in a sharp breath which caught the his attention. He lifted his eyes to meet mine. I was about to open my mouth but he interrupted me.

"Don't talk, you have to rest." he replied as he stood up and continued to squeeze out the rag.

But as usual, I didn't do what he said. Of course! Why should I listen to his commands? I don't listen to anyone.

"What the hell happened to me?" I asked in a weak voice and he sighed at my stubbornness.

"You really are an adamant girl, huh?" He stated and I nodded, being proud of my mulishness.

"The doctor said you to take some rest. You were quiet exhausted by the past events. That's the reason you fainted." He enlightened me.

"How much time has passed? And where am I?" I asked looking at my unfamiliar surroundings.

"You have been unconscious the whole night. And you're in my room." He said.

What seriously? His room? Did he do anything last night?

"You have been here the whole time." It was like a statement rather than a question.

He smirked, knowing what I was thinking.

Also, I agnized that I was wearing a night dress. What.The.Hell?

"Who dressed me? What did you do to me?" No reply came from his side, he just smirked. Oh god!

In anger, I grasped the rag on my forehead and threw it to the floor and tried to get up from the bed.

But he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me on to the bed.

"Ughh...not again!" He said, infuriatingly.


Another chappy after a long time! Hope you guys like it! 

Don't forget to comment and share your views! Hehe!

Love you all!


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Continue soon .manik ki pov addkaro.

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