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Abhigya TS:Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan[CH 1[B] UPD] (Page 7)

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Originally posted by Anapneo3003

felt bad for pragyaOuch
hope there is valid reason for abhi doing like thisConfused
continue soonishSmile
thanks dear...will continue ASAP...

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Originally posted by Sijay.is.real

I think he us trying to save pragya from somebody. Or something like that.
Anyways, I loved the 1st chapter.
It's awsome.
Continue soon. Thanks for pm though.
Thanks and welcome dear...glad you loved it...
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Originally posted by hailly

Amazing update. Loved it.
Felt bad for Pragya though.
Continue soon plz.
Thanks for pm.
Thanks dear...will continue soon...glad you loved it...
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Originally posted by taahir004

Mind Blowing Update

Something must have happened to change Abhi's behaviour
waiting for next update
thanks dear...will update soon...
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Originally posted by reshma4875

nice episode...plz dont make d reason as tanus pregency its a small request...
thanks dear...will consider ur request...

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Hey guys I am back with the next chapter.Thanks for your lovely feedbacks.Enjoy reading this chapter and please let me know your feedbacks...
Author's Note:

Guys this chapter will be Abhi's P.O.V of  first chapter.


Abhi was pacing in the garden with tensed face after talking with purab and understood how he misunderstood pragya yet again hurting her a lot in the process.He felt like slapping himself for hurting pragya again by jumping into conclusion without hearing her side of story.He remembered how much pain pragya went through to save him in the forest and how she was ready to take bullet for him.Remembering all those things only increased his guilt as he felt like the worst person for hurting the woman literally faced the death to save him.After few minutes Abhi decided to see Pragya and apologize to her as he can't stop remembering her eyes which was filled with pain when he accused her of taking advantage of his state.
''Really Abhi you are such an idiot and fool sometimes''said Abhi to himself and left to their room to apologize to pragya.
As Abhi entered their room he saw pragya arranging the pillow and duvet on the couch to sleep.From her body movements he understood she was really angry.Just then she turned and once she saw Abhi she give a glare.Then she was about to turn again but Abhi stopped her by holding her wrist.
''Pragya can we talk?''asked Abhi and pragya looked him with anger and pain.seeing the pain in her eyes it stabbed his heart.
''What is left to talk now Abhishek? You alreday spoke enough and insulted me enough now.so what are you going to talk now?''asked pragya and Abhi literally flinched hearing the pain and anger hearing this.
''Pragya i know i made a mistake by jumping to conclusion without hearing your side.But now i know the truth I am really for saying all those things pragya.Please forgive me ''said Abhi and Pragya just snatched her hand from his.
''You really expect me to forgive you after you said all those  things just because you said sorry.Why are you always doing this Abhi?Why are you always jumping to conclusion when it comes to me?If you hate me that much you can't you say it openly and i will leave you if yo...''said Pragya but before she could complete Abhi stopped her by pressing his lips on hers  as he can't tolerate hearing her talking about leaving.For few moments pragya stood in shock but once she came out of  shock she kissed him back by wrapping her arms around her neck.
After few minutes they broke the kiss and both of  looked each other with a smile though pragya was blushing and turning tomato red.
''Don't ever even speak of leaving me okay?''asked Abhi and pragya just nodded as he can't even think a life anymore without pragya in it.
''Now please forgive me.I promise i won't hurt you ever again''said Abhi and pragya just nodded with a smile.Seeing her smile bought a bright smile on his face.
''Good now let sleep''said Abhi and then lifted pragya in his arms making her scream in shock.
''Abhishek what are you doing?Put me down.I have to sleep''said pragya but Abhi just kept walking towards the bed.
''Well you can sleep my chasmish but not on the couch''said Abhi and gently dropped her on the bed.
''You will sleep here from today okay?''asked Abhi with a smile and pragya just nodded.Then Abhi took the duvet from the couch and cover her with it and laid beside her.
''Good night chasmish''said Abhi and pragya smiled.
''Good night Abhishek''said pragya and both of them drifted to a peaceful sleep after so long.
The next morning when Abhi woke up and looked around the room lazily to find it empty.Even pragya was not laying beside him as he expected and he sat on the bed with irritation on not finding his wife.
''Robin''shouted Abhi and after couple of minutes Robin entered the room.
''Good Morning sir''said Robin and Abhi nodded.
''Good Morning.Where is Pragya madam?''asked Abhi as he wanted to know where his wife went in the morning leaving him alone. 
''Sir madam went to the temple with daadi early in the morning.''said Robin and Abhi  just shook his head hearing this.
''Do you any idea when they will be back?''asked Abhi.
''No sir''said Robin.
''Okay.Just get me tea''said Abhi and Robin left the room with a nod.
''Hey fuggy bhi na she spend more time with her god than me.''said Abhi and left to the washroom to get ready  for the day.
Once Abhi came out of the washroom he saw his tea on the couch and started to drink the tea checking his twitter in his mobile and replied to his fans who wished him a speedy recovery.Once Abhi finished his tea he kept his empty cup on the tray and was about to replay to another tweet when a drop of red color liquid landed on his phone screen.Abhi looked it confusion and wiped it with his finger to find it was blood drop.
''Blood?''said Abhi in confusion and just then he felt something warm sliding down his nose and when wiped it with the back of his hand his he found blood on his hand too.He got panicked and immediately rushed towards the mirror and when he saw his reflection he saw blood marks above his upper lips.Just then more blood started to come out of his nose and he immediately took the tissue and started wiping the blood.After few moment the blood flow stopped and Abhi looked the tissue paper in fear which was now covered with blood.Just then his blood rang and Abhi attended the call as it was his family doctor who was calling him.
''Hello Mr.Mehra''said the doctor.
''Hello doctor''said Abhi.
''Mr.Mehra can you come to the hospital if possible.I have to discuss something very important with you''said the doctor.
''Why?Kya baath hai doctor?Anything important?''asked Abhi.
''Mr.Mehra i can't tell you this in the phone.so just come to the hospital''said the doctor.
''Okay doctor.I will be there is 30 minutes''said Abhi.
''Okay Mr.Mehra.see you in 30 minutes''said the doctor and he disconnected the call.
Abhi took a deep breath and decided to meet the doctor and tell him about the blood flow.But he can somehow feel that even the doctor was calling him to talk about it.He then entered the washroom and threw the tissue in the dust bin and left to the hospital after washing his face.
''Hello Mr.Mehra.Please have a seat''said the doctor once Abhi entered his cabin.
''Thanks doctor.so why you called me?''asked Abhi once he took the seat.
''I will tell you Mr.Mehra.But first tell me how are you feeling now?''asked the doctor.
''I am feeling  fine doctor but this morning i had a sudden blood flow from my nose''said Abhi and the doctor became serious hearing this.
''What?How much blood came?''asked the doctor.
''Not much doctor.But half of the tissue was covered with blood once i wiped the blood.Doctor is there any problem with me?''said Abhi.
''Actually Mr.Mehra i wanted to meet you talk about it.I am sorry to say this Mr.Mehra but you have 2nd stage of  leukemia''said the doctor and Abhi sat there in shock.
''Kya?Leukemia?''asked Abhi and the doctor nodded.
''Haan Mr.Mehra.When we made blood test to make sure that everything is right with you we found some traces of cancer cells in your blood.But we took another test to make sure and your results came positive proving that you do have leukemia''said the doctor and Abhi didn't know how to reach hearing this.
He was really shocked as he can't believe that he was having a deathly diseases.His thoughts immediately when to his family especially his daadi and his fuggy who loves him so much and how much it will destroy them when they know about his diseases.
''Abhi are you alright?''asked the doctor breaking his chain of thoughts.
''Yea doctor.I am fine''said Abhi coming out of his shock.
''I know its hard for you to know about it like this,but you have to strong Abhi.Its good that we  found about this in the early stage of the disease and so they are many chances we could save you.so please don't loose hope''said the doctor in a consoling voice and Abhi gave a nod.
''What we are going to do now doctor?''asked Abhi.
''Well first for few days i will give you some medicines and take them regularly.Then we can star chemo and lets see how your body reacts to it''said the doctor and Abhi nodded.
''Okay doctor.''said Abhi and the doctor gave him his prescription.
''Take the tablets as i mentioned before and after the meal.The tablet at the bottom is for the blood flow.Take it only when you have the blood flow''said the doctor.
''Okay doctor.But just one request''said Abhi taking his report file and prescription.
''Yes Abhi what is it?''asked the doctor.
''Don't let my family or anyone know about this now doctor.i need sometime to inform my family about this''said Abhi and doctor nodded in understanding.
''Sure Abhi.You can trust me in this''said the doctor.
''Thanks doctor''said Abhi and left the hospital after purchasing his medicines.
Abhi was sitting in the couch in the living room of his beach house where he arrived straight from the hospital as he really wanted to be alone now.He can't believe that he have cancer when he was fine till this morning.Though he didn't want to admit he was really scared now and wished he could share this with someone.But he know sharing this with any of his family members will only cause them pain so he decided against it.He really wanted to hugged by his wife and daadi now and get the comfort of their love and care.He know how both the women loved him to their core.He know daadi will be heartbroken when he comes to know about his condition,but he was sure she will be strong atlease for Aaliya and other family members will make sure she is fine if something happens to him.But just thinking about Pragya bought tears to his eyes as he can't even imagine how much she will be shattered hearing his condition and he also know if the cancer succeeds in killing him it will kill his pragya too.He remembered the kiss they shared last night and closed his in pain knowing he could never feel the love and care he felt for him in her kiss ever again.He know sending pragya away from him will kill him more painfully than the cancer would.But for the first time in his Abhi decided to be selfless for pragya and  after thinking a lot he took the toughest decision of his life.The decision of letting her go and make her leave him.Abhi know pragya will be broken by what he is going to do.But he is sure she will be back to her normal self atleast to prove him that she can live without him.But if she comes to know about his cancer he know she will never leave his side and will die slowly with him.so Abhi with a heavy heart left to Mehra mansion deciding to start his plan from today.
Abhi entered the mehra mansion leaving the file and medicines in the car and locking it as he didn't want to take the risk of others seeing it.As he reached his room he took a deep breath preparing for what he is going to do.Then he entered the room and pragya who saw his smiled brightly with happiness.Seeing her smile and happiness on seeing him he just wanted to hug her tightly and kiss her senselessly with love and passion which he wanted to do this morning.But he controlled himself and kept a straight face. 
''Abhi where were you i was trying to contact from the moment i reached home''asked Pragya coming near him.
''I had some work''said Abhi in a mono tone voice but he can see pragya was too happy to notice.
''Okay but why didn't you pick up my calls and replay to my text?''asked pragya with a pout.Seeing her innocent pout made his hear bleed thinking how much her innocent fuggy is going to get hurt by him.
''I was busy''said Abhi in the same mono tone voice and he saw pragya now noticed this and became concern seeing his upset.
''Abhi are you alright?''asked pragya and Abhi gave a stern nod trying hard not to break down seeing her concern and care.
''I am fine''said Abhi and was about to enter the wardrobe but pragya stopped him by holding his wrist.
''Abhi please stop lying to me as i can see you are not alright''said pragya and Abhi took a deep breath hearing this.
''Will you leave me alone if i tell you what's the problem?''asked Abhi and saw pragya nodding with hesitation seeing his anger.
''Then listen to me you are my only problem in my life now.From the day i married you you are my only problem who won't leave me alone.I am really tired of your non stop questions about where i am ?what i am doing etc etc.,.Why can't you just leave me alone pragya?why don't you allow me in peace?''asked Abhi and hearing this all pragya's eyes got moist.Seeing the unshed tears in her eyes made Abhi's heart ached and cursed himself as he was forced to do this.
''Abhi please i was just worried about you''said pragya and Abhi glared hearing this.
''why the hell you would worry about me?''asked Abhi .
''I love you Abhi.How i cannot worry about the person i love?''asked pragya 
''Well listen to me carefully even if you love me i won't love you.You really think i will just you and leave Tanu just because you saved me''asked Abhi and pragya looked at him with hurt and heart break in her eyes.
''Then why did you kiss me last night?''asked pragya wiping her eyes.
''Well that kiss was nothing but a mistake okay.so don't think so much about it''said Abhi and pragya felt like she was slapped hearing this.
''Mistake?''asked pragya fisting her hands.
''Haan.Its just a mistake.I am already feeling bad for betraying Tanu by it.so please from today stop all these useless thoughts and leave me alone pragya''said Abhi and left to the bathroom as he can't see her pain and heartbreak anymore.
Once he entered the washroom he locked the door and crumbled on the floor letting the tears fall.He know how much his words and actions hurted pragya today.When he called their first kiss''A mistake'' he wanted to cut his tongue for calling their beautiful moment by sure a worst name.But he know this is necessary to ensure she will have a good future.So he controlled himself from going to their and taking her in his arms.Just then he heard her heart breaking sobs and punched the floor as his heart broke with each single sobs.
''I am sorry kismish.I love you so much.But i was forced to do this.I am so sorry''said Abhi as silent tears rolled down his cheeks.
For the next few days Abhi ignored Pragya as much as possible and acted as she didn't even exist in his life.He even started to sleep in the guestroom as he can't see pragya crying herself to sleep.One early morning when he returned to his room from the guestroom before anyone could notice he saw pragya sleeping on the couch and tear stains could been seen on her cheeks.Abhi sat on his knees beside her on the couch and he carefully caressed her cheeks on the tear stains with love and care.
''I am sorry kismish.I know i am hurting you a lot.But one day you will understand its for your own good.I will make sure you have a good future even if its not with me and i will release you from all this pain soon''said Abhi and left to balcony to clear him mind

After couple of days Abhi entered the house with a file in his hands which contains the papers which will change his whole life forever.Each step he took towards him room with the file in his hand felt like a century and Abhi wished all this was a nightmare and he would wake up with pragya in his arms on monday morning.But he know life is not that fair and he must live with this nightmare life from now.Once Abhi entered his room he looked around the room to find it empty.He know pragya will be in balcony now but he didn't have the guts to see her this soon and waited for her to come to their room by herself.Then he started to walk  from one cornor of the room to another in tension as he didn't know how to get signature in the divorce papers.
Just then pragya entered the room and Abhi looked her in silence for few moments.He wished he could pause the time and never leave pragya alone.But he know this has to be done and that too as soon as possible.
''I want your signature in these papers''said Abhi forwarding the file to pragya and she took the file from him in confusion.But as soon as she read the content of the papers all the colors left her face and she looked Abhi in disbelief and shock.
''Abhishek what is all this?''asked pragya with pain and hurt in her voice.
''Pragya i know this must be hard for you.But i really need you to sign these divorce papers as i can't be away from Tanu anymore.Once Bulbul and Purab's wedding gets over i will explain everything to both of our families and we can get divorce.so please sign these paper without any argument''said Abhi knowing using Tanu will only make her sign the papers.
''I won't sign this paper.Do you really think you can end our relationship just with a couple of signs?Did you think about daadi and how much pain she will go through when she comes to know about this?''asked pragya and Abhi got irritated hearing this as he can see his plan already started failing
''Pragya please stop your speech.I know daadi will be hurt.But i will make her understand.Now sign this papers''said Abhi and pragya nodded her head negatively.
''No.I won't''said pragya with determination and seeing this Abhi got anger.He know the strength of her determination and this started to scare him.
''Why can't you sign the papers dammit?why?''shouted Abhi in anger as he was trying really hard to make her leave him but she is making it impossible.
''Because i promised daadi on my mangla sutra and sindoor that i won't leave you''shouted back Pragya and hearing this Abhi just looked her in silence for couple of seconds.Hearing this his heart melted knowing how much her sindoor and mangla sutra meant to her.Then the next moment he realized her mangla sutra will be solution to this problem.
''Please forgive me if possible for what i ma going to do my god''thought Abhi and looked at pragya.
''Okay if that's the problem i will solve it.''said Abhi and before pragya could even react Abhi pulled the mangla sutra from her neck and breaking it as the black beat landed on the floor.Abhi felt like killing himself when he saw the lifeless look on her face as she realized what he has done.
''Now sign the papers''said Abhi and the next moment pragya slapped him hard but Abhi didn't even flinch as he know he deserve worse than this.
''How could you do this?How could you?You are such a monster Abhishek.You want the divorce right?Then okay have it''said Pragya and signed all the papers in the file and threw the file on the bed.Abhi felt like someone pulled the life out of his body when he saw her signing the papers though this is what he wanted. 
''Take this and get out of the room''said pragya with the most hateful glare and Abhi just left the room taking the file as he didn't have the strength to face her hate for him in her eyes.
Once he Abhi left the room and closed the door he leaned on the wall beside the floor and closed his in pain hearing her heartbreaking cried and sob.But what he heard the
''I hate you Abhishek Mehra.I hate you so much''said pragya with so much hate in her voice and hearing this made Abhi wished he died from Neel's bullet that night.The next moment he rushed to the guest room as he can't stand feeling the hater of the person whom he loves more than anyone anymore.
He just hoped Pragya will move on from him soon and create a better future with someone.Even thinking of pragya with someone else made him felt like his whole body was burning.But he know she deserves more than anyone and just prayed a better future for her as he loves her too much to see her wasting her life alone.After few minutes Abhi composed himself and left to meet the doctor for today's appointment.

-To Be Continued.

With Love,

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poor abhi...hope he will fight with disease...
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Abhi n pragya's divorce?? Shocked
Update soon

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