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Abhigya TS:Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan[CH 1[B] UPD] (Page 3)

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Originally posted by Anapneo3003

awesome teaserClap
thanks dear...

Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by _Kamal_

Awesome teaser... Do update soon n pm me too..
thanks dear...will update and on you...

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looking forward to more
Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by adventure_gurl

looking forward to more
thanks dear...
hailly IF-Dazzler

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Interesting start.
Do continue soon plz.
Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 2:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hailly

Interesting start.
Do continue soon plz.
thanks dear...will update today...
Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Hey friends I am here with the first chapter and i decided to change this os into TS.Enjoy reading and let me know your reviews.

It was a fine morning in Mehra's household for everyone.Its been 2 weeks since Abhi and pragya returned home from the kidnapping and everything was smooth and happy in the house.Everyone was happy as their Abhi and pragya returned home sound and safe well except for Aaliya,Tanu and Mithali ofcourse as their plan failed.But apart from these three there was another one person who was in distress and pain for the last week.And the person was none other than the lovely bahu of the house pragya Mehra.For the past week she felt like a her heart was bleeding every single moment as Abhi words continued to ring in her ears.From the day she heard those words she felt like someone stabbed in her heart with a hot knife.From that day tears and pains are her only companion when she is alone.
Pragya was sitting in the balcony and looking at the night sky which was empty as her heart.Though she was looking at the night sky her mind was million miles away as lot of  thoughts are running in her mind.She didn't know why Abhi will do something like this to her when everything was getting better between them or that's what she thought.She still remember what happened this monday and everytime she thought about it she felt heart aching like someone poured acid on it.she just closed her eyes as her body shook with sobs remembering the events happened on the monday morning.


Pragya woke up from her sleep as morning rays of sun kissed her lovely face and when she was about to sit on the bed she felt something strong holding her back.Then she looked beside her and found Abhi sleeping with a small smile on his face and seeing this a smile automatically formed on her lips too remembering their last night events.Last night she was really upset when Abhi snapped at her for taking advantage of his state by ''kissing him''.But seeing how he apologized to her when he realized his mistake melted her heart and made her really happy.


Pragya was getting ready for the bed after removing her jewels and makeup arranging her pillow and duvet on the couch to sleep.She was really angry that Abhi again misunderstood her and snapped at her without even letting her to explain what happened.Just then Abhi entered the room and looked at Pragya with guilt.Seeing the guilt in his eyes she understood he finally came to know the truth and gave him a glare and was above to turn back when Abhi stopped her by holding her wrist and turned her back.
''Pragya can we talk?''asked Abhi and pragya looked him with anger and pain.
''What is left to talk now Abhishek? You alreday spoke enough and insulted me enough now.so what are you going to talk now?''asked pragya and Abhi literally flinched hearing the pain and anger hearing this.
''Pragya i know i made a mistake by jumping to conclusion without hearing your side.But now i know the truth I am really for saying all those things pragya.Please forgive me ''said Abhi and Pragya just snatched her hand from his.
''You really expect me to forgive you after you said all those  things just because you said sorry.Why are you always doing this Abhi?Why are you always jumping to conclusion when it comes to me?If you hate me that much you can't you say it openly and i will leave you if yo...said Pragya but before she could complete Abhi stopped her by pressing his lips on hers and pragya stood there stunned for few moments.By after few moments as Abhi continued to kiss her pragya too kissed him back love and care closing her eyes and wrapping her hands around his neck.
After few minutes they broke the kiss and both of  looked each other with a smile though pragya was blushing and turning tomato red.
''Don't ever even speak of leaving me okay?''asked Abhi and pragya just nodded.
''Now please forgive me.I promise i won't hurt you ever again''said Abhi and pragya just nodded with a smile.
''Good now let sleep''said Abhi and then lifted pragya in his arms making her scream in shock.
''Abhishek what are you doing?Put me down.I have to sleep''said pragya.
''Well you can sleep my chasmish but not on the couch''said Abhi and gently dropped her on the bed.
''You will sleep here from today okay?''asked Abhi with a smile and pragya just nodded.Then Abhi took the duvet from the couch and cover her with it and laid beside her.
''Good night chasmish''said Abhi and pragya smiled.
''Good night Abhishek''said pragya and both of them drifted to a peaceful sleep after so long.


Remembering her first kiss pragya just smiled and touched her lips with a blush.Then she placed a soft kiss on her sleeping husband's forehead and left to take a bath as daadi wanted to visit the temple with her today.
Once pragya came back from taking her bath she got ready in a white salwar with black roses in the border and left the room after covering Abhi properly with a blanket as she didn't want to wake him as it was early in the morning.

Pragya and daadi are sitting in a corner in the temple after praying to the god.Its been 30 minutes since they reached the temple and daadi gave some food to the beggars and some poor people as a way of  thanking the god for giving her bahu and grandson back to her safe and sound.
''You know beta  when my son and bahu died i was really worried for Abhi and Aaliya.But i was worried about Abhi more than Aaliya as Aaliya will be fine once she get married and leaves for her sasural.I was worried for Abhi as i thought he will never get anyone in his life who will love and understand him fully.Once he became a rockstar that worry only got increased as i thought everyone will love him just for his fame and the rockstar title ad i was right when he introduced Tanu as his girlfriend.I know she never loved Abhi truly and only loved him for his money and fame.Seeing all this i was really worried beta and i prayed to god everyday to bless Abhi with a understanding and loving girl as his life partner.Then when Abhi married you i was so happy that he got a understanding life partner like you beta.And when i came to know how you saved his life in jungle i know i don't have to worry about him anymore as you will be always with him.I know he makes many mistakes when he is anger beta and i am sure he will do mistakes in future too as he will always my mental grandson''said Dadi with a smile which pragya returned.
''So even if he does any mistake in the future don't leave her beta.That's the only thing i want from you beta.so don't ever leave him beta''said daadi and pragya nodded placing a hand on daadi's.
''I promise you i will never leave him daadi its a promise on my sindor and mangla sutra''said pragya and daadi smiled hearing this.
''Thank you beta.okay now lets go home its already late''said Dadi.
''Okay daadi''said pragya and got up from the floor and helped daadi to help and both of them left to Mehra mansion.
Pragya was sitting in her room after having lunch reading a mystery novels.Though she was reading her novel she was also checking her mobile every five minutes as she didn't any replay for the text to Abhi which she send about 30 minutes ago aking when he will come home as he went out this morning before  she came home.She was really confused where he was from this morning as he didn't attend any of her calls or replay to any of  her messages.Just then Abhi entered the room and pragya smiled seeing him.
''Abhi where were you i was trying to contact from the moment i reached home''asked Pragya going near him.
''I had some work''said Abhi in a mono tone voice but pragya was too happy to notice.
''Okay but why didn't you pick up my calls and replay to my text?''asked pragya with a pout.
''I was busy''said Abhi in the same mono tone voice and pragya now noticed this and became concern seeing his upset.
''Abhi are you alright?''asked pragya and Abhi gave a stern nod.
''I am fine''said Abhi and was about to enter the wardrobe but pragya stopped him by holding his wrist.
''Abhi please lying to me as i can see you are not alright''said pragya and Abhi took a deep breath hearing this.
''Will you leave me alone if i tell you what's th problem?''asked Abhi and pragya nodded with hesitation seeing his anger.
''Then listen to me you are my only problem in my life now.From th day i married you you are my only problem who won't leave me alone.I am really tired of your non stop questions about where i am ?what i am doing etc etc.,.Why can't you just leave me alone pragya?why don't you allow me in peace?''asked Abhi and hearing this all pragya's eyes got moist.
''Abhi please i was just worried about you''said pragya and Abhi glared hearing this.
''You the hell you would worry about me?''asked Abhi .
''I love you Abhi.How i cannot worry about the person i love?''asked pragya 
''Well listen to me carefully even if you love me i won't love you.You really think i will just you and leave Tanu just because you saved me''asked Abhi and pragya looked at him with hurt and heart break in her eyes.
''Then why did you kiss me last night?''asked pragya wiping her eyes.
''Well that kiss was nothing but a mistake okay.so don't think so much about it''said Abhi and pragya felt like she was slapped hearing this.
''Mistake?''asked pragya fisting her hands.
''Haan.Its just a mistake.I am already feeling bad for betraying Tanu by it.so please from today stop all these useless thoughts and leave me alone pragya''said Abhi and left to take a bath.As Abhi left pragya crumbled on the couch in shock and pain as Abhi's words continued to ring in her ears.After few moments pragya ran to the balcony and broke down completely as she couldn't bear the pain Abhi's words causing her.She felt like she can't even breath remembering his words and closed her eyes tightly letting her tears fall and started to sob.She felt so humiliated and cheap remembering his words and felt heart breaking into million pieces.Just last night she thought may be everything will be fine between her and Abhi soon but today its was clearly proven Abhi can never love her and nothing will be fine between them ever.

Pragya opened her eyes wiping her tears and rested her head on the couch and remembered how Abhi avoided her like a plague in in the last 6 days and she was really hurt by this.From Monday Abhi never slept in this room.Ever night once everyone slept he went to guest room to sleep and came back early morning before anyone could notice.He avoided her as much as possible and only spoke to her infront of others.Pragya was really hurt by his actions and wished he will tell why he is doing all this.But today she was determined to get the truth out of him as she had enough of his action and indifference towards her.Just then she heard moment in the room and stood up from the couch with a dertermination to get the truth from him.
As Pragya entered the room she saw Abhi walking  from one corner to another with a file in his hands.Then he saw pragya and looked her in silence for few moments.After few moments Abhi took a deep breath and came near her and forwarded the file to her.
''I want your signature in these papers''said Abhi and pragya took the file from his hands and opened it with confusion.But as soon as she read the content of the papers all the colors left her face and she looked Abhi in disbelief and shock.
''Abhishek what is all this?''asked pragya with pain and hurt in her voice.
''Pragya i know this must be hard for you.But i really need you to sign these divorce papers as i can't be away from Tanu anymore.Once Bulbul and Purab's wedding gets over i will explain everything to both of our families and we can get divorce.so please sign these paper without any argument''said Abhi and hearing this pragya got really angry and looked him with a glare.
''I won't sign this paper.Do you really think you can end our relationship just with a couple of signs?Did you think about daadi and how much pain she will go through when she comes to know about this?''asked pragya and Abhi got irritated hearing this.
''Pragya please stop your speech.I know daadi will be hurt.But i will make her understand.Now sign this papers''said Abhi and pragya nodded her head negatively.
''No.I won't''said pragya with determination and seeing this Abhi got anger.
''Why can't you sign the papers dammit?why?''shouted Abhi in ager seeing her determination.
''Because i promised daadi on my mangla sutra and sindoor that i won't leave you''shouted back Pragya and hearing this Abhi just looked her in silence for couple of seconds.
''Okay if that's the problem i will slove it.''said Abhi and before pragya could even react Abhi pulled the mangla sutra from her neck and breaking it as the black beat landed on the floor.Pragya seeing this felt like someone pulled her life out of her body and looked at the rolling beats on the floor.
''Now sign the papers''said Abhi and hearing this pragya slapped him hard the next moment.
''How could you do this?How could you?You are such a monster Abhishek.You want the divorce right?Then okay have it''said Pragya and signed all the papers in the file and threw the file on the bed.
''Take this and get out of the room''said pragya with the most hateful glare and Abhi just left the room taking the file.
Once he left pragya sat on the floor in shock and caressed her neck where her mangla sutra was hanging before few moments and cried in pain and depair.Then she started to collect the beats and once she collected as much as beat she could she hugged her hands to her bosoms and started to sob.
''I hate you Abhishek Mehra.I hate you so much''said pragya with so much hate in her voice.

-To Be Continued.

So my friend tell me how was it and any idea why Abhi is doing all this.

With Love,

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