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MaNan OS - Chasing You **Completed**

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Chasing YOU
Cover Credit @ taaniroyal
Part A
"Guys hurry up! We are already late and Navya goanna kill us if we don't get there in next 5 minutes "Nandani told Alia and Mukti while walking hurriedly toward the garden where wedding is taking place.


"I can't walk fast in this damn dress wearing damn heels "Mukti bit out frustratingly as she adjusts the stole which kept falling off her shoulder.


"Yes Nandu I really don't know why you don't let us wear dress."Alia pouted as they both walk behind Nandani.


Nandani turn around, her hair falling all over her face, she smile fondly at her best friend and then walking up to them she said" Guys its wedding we have to attend ,not some disco where you both can wear dress. "And then winkling she said "And we want all guest attention on the wedding couple not on both of you"


Alia and Mukti smiled at Nandani then grinning at each other Mukti said."You're right. If we both wear dress then I think Navya mom will surely get heart attack", Alia smirk as she add, "Like last time was not enough."The trio laughs remembering their last encounter with Navya Mom.


"Any way we are equal as we literally force you to wear heel in return of wearing us this Anarkali" Alia said as she pointed to Nandani feet.


"Yup, you guys are evil. What if I fall?"Nandani pout sadly as she look down at her feet, she is wearing a good 3 inch heel and let me tell you Nandani Murthy doesn't know how to walk in heel.


"Oh that's no problem. I'm sure some hottie goanna catch you at the same time and after which you both fall in love and live happily ever after "Mukti tease Nandani.


"That's not some Bolywood movie going on that someone come to protect damsel in distress."Nandani told Alia and Mukti.


A sudden sound of Mukti phone which is "I'm sexy and I know it" gets all 3 friend attention.


"Damn .Navya. Guys hurry up or she will kill us before we can even say Hi" Mukti told worriedly as all 3 best friends make their way inside the garden from the gate.


 "Mukti, Alia and Nandani. Where were you? I was waiting from past hour .I specifically told you to come here early, but no, you guys are as usual late "Navya scold her 3 best friend while here 3 best friend stand there in straight line looking down.

"Now speak up" Navya speak loudly.

All 3 look up at Navya.

"Wo Nandani is getting problem while walking in heel so we got late "Mukti said.

"Wo Mukti stole keep falling so we got late" Alia said.

"WO Alia," Nandani look up to see Navya glaring at her so she keeps her mouth shut.

"We are sorry Jaan. Next time we will come on time "All 3 said cutely as they engulf Navya in a bear hug.

"Next time Ill literally Kill You "Navya said as she hug her best friends back.

"Now come on, let's go on stage after which you all can dine."Navya said as they start walking towards stage.

"Why, you will not join us? "Nandani asked Navya.

"No because I have to seat beside bhaiyaa as now it's my chance. I though you all will come on time so I was down from past 2 hour."Navya told glaring at 3 of them while they all look with sorry face to Navya.

After going on stage, Navya introduce her Bhai Karan and her Bhabhi Chandani to Nandani, Alia and Mukti and after congratulating couple and taking photo Nandani, Alia and Mukti come down while Navya seat on the spare chair on stage to collect the gift the guest are showering on the newly wedded couples and arranging them and all.


"Wow I just love Gol gappa" Nandani said as she stuff one gol gappa in her mouth.

"You and Navya! Both can't live without GolGappa" Mukti said as she saw Nandani eating golgappe one after other.

"Navya" Nandani said and then asking the waiter she take one plate of golgappe and run towards stage.



"Dude why the hell you dragged me in this wedding?" Manik asked Cabir while looking around.


"Because I can't come alone there and bored myself to death."Cabir told Manik as he also looks around.


"Really .You can just say a simple no to not to attend the wedding" Manik told Cabir while hitting him on his head.


"No need to get physical dude" Cabir yelp at Manik while rubbing his head.


"I try but you know na Mom. So here I am with you. Anyway we are partner in crime dude. So you have to be here."Cabir told Manik as they both enter inside the venue.


"We don't come here to do any crime dude."Manik sigh as he takes in the presence of People where all are dressed in traditional dress. Yup It's not like Manik didn't attend wedding but here we are talking of big fat Indian wedding where everyone is dress in colorful clothes and children is running here and there. Also on gate there is one uncle and aunty standing who are welcoming the guest and some girls are also standing there who are sprinkling rose water on every guest and did I mention they sprinkle extra rose water on Manik (;.


"Dude just wishes the couple and then we are out of here."Manik told Cabir and point towards the stage.


"Ok. After wishing the couple, we'll do some stomach prayer and then we are out of here" Cabir told Manik while looking around the various stalls where all type of dish has been served.


"Stomach Prayer! What's that?" Manik asked confusedly.


"Pet pooja Bhai" Cabir told while running his hand on his belly.


"You and your food. You have hour to finish all this and if you don't finish na then I'm out of here without You "Manik warn Cabir and Cabir nod his head like a small kid after which both start making their way towards the stage.


Nandani signaled Navya to come down from stage.


Navya with hands signal asked why for which Nandani showed Navya a plate full of golgappe (Pani Puri).


Navya mouth water after seeing golgappe but then she turn sad. She gesture that she can't come down as who will seat here. Nandani pout and then thinking for some time gesture Navya to come down as she can replace Navya for some minutes.


Navya face light up and after excusing herself she come down.


Nandani smile widely at Navya and giving a plate to Navya she go on stage till Navya finish her golgappe.


Here Cabir and Manik come on stage to wish the new couple for which they have to stay in line. There are already 3 families standing there to wish the couple and to take photo. (Guys it happen in Wedding in India. I know that you all may have face this situation already)


Manik cursed under his breath as he looked around boringly.


He takes a look on the projector which is showing the live telecast of stage. He look as the uncle wish the couple after which his wife and then their children. He chuckle as he see the state of bride and groom. They look exhaust but still smiling. He look as uncle give a very big gift to bride because of which she stumble with its weight and then Manik think his breathe got stop. He see as a girl wearing his favorite color(Need to mention Red) anarkali suit come and take a gift from bride .He see as she stumble with weight of gift and pout cutely and then place it on the top stack of gift. She turned around huffing as she removes hair from her eyes which kept falling. Suddenly projector starts showing the bride and groom photo making Manik restless. Manik turn around and start searching for her on stage but is unable to see her because of family standing in front of him who is covering his full view.


"Damn" Manik mutter and then looking at Cabir asked him impatiently, "How much time will it take"

"Just 5 minute "Cabir told while Manik look around restless.


After 10 minute it was their turn and as Manik and Cabir make their way toward the couple Manik see his Angel seating on spare chair beside bride. He smiles as he sees her pouting while getting up again.


"Congrats Karan and Chandani "Cabir wish the couple.


"Thanks Cabir. Glad that you can make it. Aunty didn't come? "Karan asked Cabir.


"Oh Mom have to go out of city so she didn't come. By the way meet my friend .Manik" Cabir call Manik.


Manik smile and wish the couple. Cabir give gift to Chandani which again take by his Angel who place it on stack of gift.


Cabir stand beside Karan for photo while he asked Manik to also stand for photo.


Manik walk beside bride and then looking at his Angel he smile as she again seat down with smile on her face.


After photo Manik and Cabir walk down but Manik keep standing beside the stage gazing at his Angel.


"Manik lets eat something and then we will leave."Cabir told Manik.


"Cabir you go and eat, I'm waiting here."Manik told and seat on the chair in front of stage.


Cabir nod and walk away while Manik start gazing at his Angel again.


Nandani feel that someone is staring at her .She look around but found no one. She look straight to see a boy, a very hot boy is looking towards her. She nervously tucks her hair behind her ear as she look again at him.


Manik smirk as he is successful in getting his Angel attention. He continuously looks at her as she nervously tucks her hair behind her ears and look around nervously.


When Nandani again meet Manik gaze Manik raised his eyebrows and give a flying kiss to her .Nandani eyes got wide open at the boy gesture and she look down nervously. A girl around her age come up to her as she told that Navya sent her here and that she can go down. Nandani smile at girl and make her way down of stage.


Manik she as his Angel starts coming down from stage. He gets up and starts walking towards her.


The moment Nandani see that boy is making his way towards her she make a run from there and stop beside Mukti, Alia and Navya who are laughing on something.


Manik watch with amusement as his Angel run from there and stop beside 3 girl.


Mukti, Alia and Navya look at Nandani as she literally run towards them.


"What's the hurry girl? Looks like someone is chasing you? "Mukti asked with raised eyebrow.


Nandani look at Mukti with wide eyes. Mukti take in Nandani expression and burst out laughing, "You should see your face Nadu, I was just kidding. Chill"


"Hi beautiful. " Manik whisper in Nandani ear from behind making her startled.


She turns around so fast that she loses her balance but before she can fall Manik secure her in his arms.


"Woo Relax Angel "Manik said as he straightens Nandani.


Nandani blush as she mumbles a thank you.


"Anytime for you Angel "Manik said while winking at her.


Alia, Mukti and Navya mouth got wide open in shock after seeing all this.


This hot dude is totally flirting with Nandani and Nandani is blushing to damn much.


"Nandu who is he? "Mukti asked Nandani.


"I don't know "Nandani mumble slowly.


"Hey mister who are you and why are you bugging my friend" Alia asked Manik with raised eyebrows.


Manik take step back seeing the girl gang protecting his Angel.


"Wooh chill girls. I mean no harm. I just like your little friend here and want to know her more so that after some year we are able to invite you all for our wedding. "Manik told and smile at Nandani.


While all 4 girls' mouth got wide open at Manik confession.


Is he serious? He doesn't even know the name and planning wedding and all.


"So plan wedding and all ha on first meet."Mukti asked with raised eyebrows.


"Uhm just need you friend permission "Manik said as he looks at Nandani who is looking down.


"So please excused me Meri hone wali salio (Means sister in law)' let me talk to your friend "Manik told as he push Mukti from his way and stand in front of Nandani.


"So Angel, May I know the name for such a beautiful face or should I just call you Angel."Manik asked in soft voice


Nandani look up at Manik and then they both get lost in each other eyes.


Alia signal Mukti and Navya to leave them alone as they like Manik in his first meet and didn't get any wrong signal from him and also for the fact that Nandani is blushing and all because of him which is first so the trio leave from there. And anyway if Manik tried to be over smart then they are always there to kick his ass.


A small push of kid on Nandani get her out of her trance. She looks around to find her devil of best friend leave her alone with another devil.


Nandani composing herself walk from there.


Manik catch up with Nandani and asked her again, "Angel Your name "Manik asked cutely.


Nandani glare at him "Don't call me Angel"


"Ok. Tell me your name and I stop calling you Angel "Manik smirk at Nandani.


"I don't go around telling my name to strangers "Nandani spat to Manik.


"Stranger. Wait. I m Manik Malhotra from Mumbai itself. I have two best buddies Cabir and Dhruv. I Love my Family a lot. I have completed my business studies this year and going to join my father business. I love food. All types of food and my favorite color is Red which you're wearing right know and looking like an Angel."Manik speak all in one breathe while Nandani looks shockingly at Manik.


"Now you know all about me. Now can I know your name?"Manik asked again cutely while Nandani smiled at him.


"Nandani .Nandani Murthy."Nandani speak slowly.


"Nandani" Manik speak while tasting her name on his lips while Nandani feel that thousand of butterflies start flying in her stomach hearing her name from his lips.


"Manik Listen "Nandani said


Manik look at Nandani and gesture her to continue.


"I don't do boyfriend and all. My moral never allow me to make a boyfriend. I know what you're thinking and trust me I like your honesty but I don't think I'm the right girl for it. My boyfriend, husband will be the only one person which my parent chooses for me. So stop chasing me. I'm sure that any girl will fall for your charm and will be happy to become your girlfriend. I think this is it. Good Bye Manik and its nice to meet you "Nandani told Manik and walk away from him towards her friend.


While Manik stood there numb watching his Angel going away from him.


Nandani walk up to Alia and said "Guys I want to leave right know"


Alia, Mukti and Navya share the look but seeing Nandani mood down they bid bye to each other and leave.


Nandani is seating on the backseat of car. She is looking outside the window. Manik hurt face keep flashing in front of her eyes. But she needs to do it. Her parents have already started searching a groom for her and she doesn't want to give any false hope to Manik. You don't need rocket science to know that Nandani is already fallen for Manik. They say it take year to fall in love and sometime one moment is enough to make you realize that he is the one for you. Nandani knew that that this will be there last meet and with time she will forget about Manik.                   


Hey guys I'm back with another  OS.Its Part B will be post in some days.

Till then enjoy this and tell me did you like it or not.

I know I know its not at all to good.

But this idea come in my mind when I have to attend my friend brother wedding and I was like lets pen it down.Yup getting inspiration from real life situationLOL

Waiting for your reviews and hit like button if possibleWink

Peace Out






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samiamalhotra Senior Member

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Manik falls in love with nandini...

He tells her about his feelings...

Nandini one man woman...wow...she told him truth...

Her parents are searching a groom...she also falls...in love with Manik...

Now waiting for see what happens in next...

Update soon...

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elsaanna Senior Member

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hey Anna..you have some awesome skills girl..
loved it..
it's simply mesmerizing...
love tht manan conversation..
too good...
God bless you..

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vidushi_arya Newbie

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hey! this was awesome... nd plz pm the second part whenever u will post it :)

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rockstarlover IF-Rockerz

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lovely os

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ps_angel Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 5:24am | IP Logged

Cnt wait

Fo pm me plzzz

Its fab

Spclyy manik z cnfession abt his future planss

Blush blushh


Do pm me pretty plzzz

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monstermanik Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 7:07am | IP Logged
cute os...

manik trying to woo nandini...
nandini blushing..

loved it
cont soon

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Pari_mananholic IF-Dazzler

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Wow cute and adorable os...
Can't wait for next...
Luved it..
Do pm me nxt part..
Waiting for it..
Update soon..

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