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PV SS/OS Restored Love Chapter 4 Epilogue - page 4

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Restored Love

Chapter 1 & 2 - page 1
Chapter 3 - page 2
Chapter 4 - Epilogue - page 4

"Prashant, can we please leave."
But it was too late. They had already seen each other.
"Yash Scindiya, when last did I see you?"
"It's been a while, Prashant. How are you doing?"
"Good and you?"
"Great thanks."
"You remember Aarti. We are married now. And this our angel Palak. Good thing she looks like her mother don't you think?" Prashant laughed.
"Namaste Aartiji."
She nodded her head, not meeting his eyes.
"Your daughter is very beautiful. What are you doing in Mumbai?"
"We here on a little vacation. You are so lucky to have the beach so close. You can come any time."
"Yes. Pankaj's kids love it."
"And you. Are you married yet, Yash?"
"Congratulations. We must catch up before we leave."
"Do you have my number." he took out his wallet and handed him a business card. "Here call me and we can arrange something.
"Nice seeing you again."
Yash looked after them, thinking how different things could have been. If only ... It seemed to him that she was even more beautiful now. And even after years she couldn't even look at him.

Yash and Prashant had finally managed to get together for drinks. They were chatting about their old college friends and reminiscing. Then Yash said,
"Prashant, why do I get the feeling you didn't call me just for a catch up session."
"You're right. I wanted to talk to you about Aarti"
"You want to talk to me about your wife" he wondered if he knew.
"Yes, I am worried about her."
"So why do you want to talk to me about that?" he was very confused now.
"I am dying Yash. I have been diagnosed with cancer and I don't have much time left. This is why we came on this last vacation."
"Prashant..." Yash was a loss for words.
"Don't worry about me. I have made peace with it. I just worry about Aarti and Palak. I'm not working now and she gave up her job to look after me. At least for these few days I have been well but most times, I need care and soon I will need full time care. She does everything for me and for Palak. There is no one to help her. So when I saw you a few days ago I knew what I had to do."
"I'm still not sure how I fit into this?'
"Yash, I don't want Aarti to suffer. I don't want her to be alone and not being able to make ends meet. I want to ask you to be there for her and Palak."
"Why me? Why not your family."
"My parents did not approve of the marriage so they won't help her and her parents also won't help her."
"Prashant, I am so confused."
"Yash, Palak is 3 years old. We have only been married for just over 2 years." He took a piece of paper out of his pocket and gave it to Yash.
"What is this?"
"Read it"
It was the results of a paternity test showing that Prashant was not the father of Palak.
"Why are showing me this Prashant."
"You do the math Yash. She told me she was pregnant and I offered to marry her. I've always loved her. So for me there was no sacrifice. But she suffered. Our parents treated her very badly and actually still do."
Yash held his hand to his forehead as the realisation set in.
"She told me she had an abortion. Why would she lie about that?" Yash asked.
"I don't know. She has never told me who Palak's father was, but I always knew it was you."
"Why didn't you come to me then?"
"I told you I loved Aarti and I wanted to marry her. Even though she was pregnant and in love with you."
"What now Prashant?"
"She mustn't know that we are having this conversation. And I want you to try and stay away while I am still alive, but when I die, please just see that my girls are seen to financially. I am not in a position to do that for them. I want you to bring them here to Mumbai and let them make a home for them here. Bhopal will have to many sad memories for her."
"Of course, Prashant."
"I have to go. She worries if I stay out to long."
"I will take you back."
"No thanks. Oh I almost forgot. Take this." he gave him 2 flash drives.
"What on it?"
"Its pictures and video clips of our beautiful girls, from the time Palak was born till now and the other you need to give to give to Aarti when I'm gone."
"Thank you,Yash"

Yash was sitting at the kitchen table looking at the pictures when Pankaj came past.
"Yash, that looks like the lady and the little girl we saw at the beach. Who are they?"
"The little girl is my daughter, bhayia and Aarti is the love of my life. I broke her heart and she married someone else. Another man raised my child." He realised soon after seeing them again that he was still in love with her. he met with Prashant only to find out more about her. He thought he hated her at one stage. Wnen she told him about the abortion but when he saw again at the beach he realised that he never did.
"You heard right. She is my child. And I never even knew she existed till today. And it's all my fault."
"Now I am totally confused. Please start from the beginning."
Flashback 4 years ago

Yash noticed the beautiful girl that came in with Prashant earlier. There were two girls with him, younger than the crowd that were there. The one was dancing and enjoying herself. The other was shy and followed Prashant all over. Finally she was standing alone and he went over.
"Would you like to dance?"
She shook her head.
"Come on. This is a party. I promise I will behave myself."
"Ok" she said softly.
It was his luck that the music turned to slow song as they started to dance so he could hold her as close as she felt comfortable.
"What your name?'
"Well just because you asked me so nicely I will tell you my name. It's Yash" she giggled.
"I've never seen you here before."
"I am visiting Prashant. We are neighbours and his sister is my best friend. So we have come to Mumbai to spend some time with him."
"I see. How long are you staying?"
"2 weeks."
They danced together for a while and then he led her outside for fresh air.
"How old are you Aarti?"
"Have you ever been kissed?"
"No" he could see even in the dim light that she blushed.
"I would like to be the first one to kiss you. Will you let me?"
She nodded, still looking away. He turned her face to him with her hand and he kissed her softly. He lips were as soft and delicious as he imagined them to be. Then he started to insert his tongue, exploring her mouth. She didn't respond at first but soon she followed his lead. But he had to stop. She wasn't ready for what he wanted. He took her inside and after taking her number, fully intending to spend part of those 2 weeks with her.
Prashant was an IT technician and was always on standby. So Mansi and Aarti used those times to do what they wanted to do without there chaperone. Mansi also had a love interest so they went their separate ways.
He took her out and she came out of her shell systematically. But he didn't plan for what had happened that night. He had taken his families beach house. They ordered in and then went for a walk on the beach. They were walking hand in hand ankle deep in the water, when a big wave came suddenly and wet them completely. They didn't normally keep clothes at the beach house but he had left a few things with his last visit. He checked to see if Bhabhi left anything but there was nothing. He gave her a t-shirt to wear and put her clothes in the tumble dryer. They both went to take separate showers. Not that the thought to join did not cross his mind.
But when she came out of the shower, just wearing his t-shirt and her hair still wet, it was the end of him. He put on a dry pair of jeans and had not yet put on his shirt and the way she looked at him, it was clear that she also felt the same. They walked towards each other and started kissing each other passionately. The t-shirt was quickly discarded and he was consuming her breasts. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around him and he walked with her to his room. He put her down on the bed and he lay on top of her. Kissing her, moving down her neck, her arms, nibbling her ears and her breasts. Then when he reached her moist centre, she gasped before he even touched her. He rubbed her a few times and inserted his fingers stimulating her. Then he pleasured her with his mouth till she trembled in ultimate bliss.
Only then did her remove his pants. He was fully erect in anticipation of her. She looked at him with so much passion that he couldn't contain himself. He entered her with a big thrust, knowing the pain she would experience. She merely whimpered.
"I can stop if you want me to, if it's too painful." he said looking at her intently and wiping the strands of hair from her face.
She lifted her head and kissed him as consent. Her moved slowly moved inside her until her he could see the pain eased, then progressively he increased the speed and the depth of his thrusts. He had to hold himself back as the amazement and passion on her face drove him wild. Finally she wrapped her legs around him as she was reaching her climax and he let go at the same time.
He moved off of her.
"Aarti, please believe me, I didn't plan that. I'm sorry. We didn't even use protection."
She started to cry.
"I'm sorry, honey. I won't do it again."
"Was I that terrible?"
"No, honey you were incredible but what we did was not safe. Don't cry."
"Ok" she said through her tears.
"I will see how far your clothes are and I will take you back to Prashant's place."
They saw each other twice more before she left for Bhopal. They didn't make love again.
They were in contact after she left but he was not really interest in a permanent relationship.
2 months later she was back in Mumbai and they met up back at the beach house.   She was so happy to see him, she hugged and kissed him. He knew he would have to let her down gently. But before he had a chance she broke the news.
"Yash, I'm pregnant. We are having a baby."
"No, I can't do this. I can't be a father. Are you sure about his Aarti?"
"You can't keep it. You have to give it up for adoption or something. I am not ready to settle down. I have to go." he left her alone at their beach house. It was late when he came back. He'd expected her to be gone. He had Ishita with him. She was always available when he needed her and he had a little too much to drink. They came in the door and had already started kissing and discarding clothes when the lights went on. The pain on her face sobered him immediately. She left without saying anything and he didn't follow.
He called a cab for Ishita and sat there on the balcony. Thinking about the events of the day. Then the realisation that he was going to be a father set in. She was having his baby. Something had change, suddenly he knew what it was. He loved her, he wanted her and their child. But he hurt her so badly. He had to make amends, had to get her back, he had to apologise. He tried to call her repeatedly but she ignored is calls. Finally he flew to Bhopal to see her.
He waited for a time when he saw everyone else leave the house and he went to knock on the door. She was shocked to see him. She let him in.
"Aarti, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have re-acted in the way I did. I'm so sorry. It was all just such a shock. Please will you marry me. I will send my parents with a proposal soon."
"It's not needed anymore Yash"
"What do you mean?"
"There is no more baby"
"What happened?"
"Nothing happened. I had an abortion."
"What. You had an abortion, without even telling me. You killed my baby."
"No Yash, I removed an unwanted foetus from my body. That's all. Now you are free of obligation."
"You b***h! You are heartless."
"You made me so. No please leave." her face was expressionless. Gone was the loving innocent girl that he met almost 3 months back.   At that moment he could have strangled her, he hated her. It was better for him to leave, else he might have done something he could've regretted.
End of flashback
Pankaj was shocked at this revelation.
"So now what happens Yash? Are you going to bring her home?"
"Not yet, I have to first honour a dying man's wish.

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Chapter 2

3 months later he heard that Prashant passed away. He went to the funeral.
He wanted to be there for her. She didn't even notice him. She was too distraught. Mansi held her in her arms. They were both crying. Someone held his daughter but he didn't know who it was. She was also quite upset, she wanted her mamma. He didn't know what made him do it but her went and took her from the lady. He held her and stroked her hair and she calmed down.
When the rituals were over, Aarti noticed him for the first time. Palak was now sleeping in his arms.
"Hello Aarti"
"Please give my daughter to me."
He gave her.
"Aarti, we have to talk."
"Thank you for paying your last respects to my husband. Good bye, Yashji"
He left. He expected that response he got so he decided to give it a couple of more days before he approached her again.
Mansi opened the door for him when he went there again.
"She is not taking any visitors, Yashji."
"Tell her that I have to give her something that Prashant gave me in Mumbai the night we had drinks. She will see me."
She literally came running out to see what he had from Prashant.
"What did Prashant give you?" She didn't even greet him.
He gave her the flash drive. He said you should watch it in private."
"Have you watched it?"
He gave her the flash drive and her fingers were shaking as she plugged it into the laptop. It was Prashant last message to his beloved.
"Hello my beautiful. I hope your gorgeous eyes are not soiled with tears for me. I had time to prepare for this and I have made peace. So should you. You are still young and you still have your whole life ahead of you and I don't want you to waste it mourning me. You have blessed me with a couple of wonderful years as your husband. That was all I have ever wanted. You and our angel were my happiness.
I always knew Yash was her father. And maybe I should have told him about her but I was too selfish. I wanted you too much. The course of events allowed me precious time with you and allowed me to have a daughter. Since we never conceived a child. I love Palak as my own. You know that and that is why I ask you to do this for both of us. Please let Yash be part of her life. She deserves to know her father. He can take care of her way better than I ever could. His family is rich and they will accept her.
I know you are not going to want to do this. But for me my love please do this. I have asked him to be involved your lives. He also deserves to know his daughter. She has a whole family that she has been deprived of. Ours never had time for her besides Mansi but now she will have grandparents and uncles and cousins to play with. She will be able to go to best schools. No more scrounging around from month to month. Especially since you have no income at the moment and I have not left you anything. The least we can do for each other is this. Let him take care of you and Palak, at least till you are back on your feet. Please move to Mumbai and let him take care of you. I beg you my love. This is my dying wish.
"I love you so much, I always have and did till my last breath, Aarti Prashant Dubey"
Her sobs were heard outside her room. She loved him so much but he knew she was never in love with him. He knew that she had been in love with Palak's father but she hadn't realised that he knew who it was. She wished she could have given him all that she had given Yash. Her love, her body. But she gave it to a man that had no use for it. And Prashant picked her broken pieces. Despite the fact that his parents objected he still married her. Her parents wanted nothing to do with her. So she only had him. He poured all his love on her and Palak. He was a good provider till he got sick and they had to deplete all their savings and other funds for medical care and day to day living expenses.
She practically had no money left. But to take anything from him, the man that so used and discarded her, how could Prashant ask that of her. How? She wished he was still here. She wished she could still talk to him to release her from this. But he wasn't. He did everything for her. She could not refuse him is dying wish.
She left the room and stood in front of him.
"Do you know what Prashant wanted?"
"Did you agree to it?"
"Then I will too. Because it's his dying wish and nothing else. As soon as I am on my feet, I want to you out of my life again."
"It doesn't work that way Aarti. Palak will always be part of both of us. Because of that there will always be a connection between us."
"No. I don't have any connection to you. The only good part of you is my daughter. And once I am stable, you can be a part of her life but not mine. And I will pay you back every cent that you spend on me. Every single one. When do you want us to leave?"
"As soon as possible. I have been away from work too long as it is."
"We can go tomorrow."

He took her to his home. She would live in a separate quarters on the grounds as she refused to live in the house. The parents were sceptical of her but the brothers and Bhabhi accepted her immediately. She didn't want to be part of any family things, but she helped clean the house and cook. Yash was livid, he didn't want her behaving like a servant in the house but she had to pay him back somehow. And his mother made her feel like a maid. She spared no opportunity to taunt her and she took it silently.
Palak was accepted as family immediately and she took to them as well. Some nights she even slept in the house with Vedhika and Vendant her cousins. This made Aarti happy and sad. Happy that she had family that loves her and sad that she now had to share her with strangers. She was looking for a job in her profession as a graphic designer with no luck until Yash overheard her speaking to Bhabhi about it.
"It' so hard to find a job here, Bhabhi. And because I was out of work to look after Prashant, people don't want to hire me. I am so frustrated."
"Don't worry. Something will come along."
He immediately contacted Aaman, one of the guys that studied with him and Prashant that owned a graphic design company and organised a job for her. She was so happy. She could finally start paying he own way. She felt she had a purpose again.
"Thank you Yashji. I appreciate it" she had to thank him.
"Pleasure. If you have need anything, please don't hesitate to ask."
"I need nothing. Once I have worked a couple of months, I can move out on my own."
"And Palak."
"She comes with me of course"
"No, Aarti. She is happy here. You don't have to go. You can stay here."
"And when you get married, will you wife be happy that the mother of your child stays here. In fact, how does she feel about it now?"
"Arpita is not an issue. My daughter is more important to me than anything else. And her happiness is paramount. And she needs you too so it suits me for you to live here."
"I think you are delusional if you think she will accept this once you are married. But that's your problem not mine.
And she was right.
It was Palaks first birthday at SM and although it was small as she didn't have any friends there, the Scindiya's invited some of their close friends and extended family. She had a ball and loved every moment. Vedhika and Vendant were typical older siblings, always protective of the little one, although Vendant was only 2 years her senior.
Aarti was watching the kids play with the brothers, and smiled. Her girlsy was really happy here.
"Enjoy it while it lasts."
She turned around and saw Arpita.
"It won't be long before you and your b*****d are out of here. I am just waiting till I am secure in this house and I will see that you are out on your ear. And I will have his parents on my side."
"I don't want to be here either. I am working now so I will find a place for us. But you crazy if you think Yash will just let go of his daughter so easily now that he has found her."
"I am not worried. I have ways and means to get my way."
"Go ahead and try Arpita. He lost her once and I can see the effect it has on him. He will not let it happen again. And Arpita, if you ever call my child names again, I won't remain so calm. And you won't remain standing." She walked away. Both of them seething.
Aaman dropped her at home one night after working a bit late and she invited him in for supper. He was sitting in the kitchen while she was cooking and they were chatting. Aaman was an awesome person and they had hit it off immediately. She heard a knock on the door and she went to open it. It was Yash carrying Palak.
"Palak wanted to come to you seeing as you didn't even bother to come and greet her."
"Sorry, I just got home and I started cooking. Sorry my poppet, I didn't forget about you. Come to mummy."
She took her.
"Mr. Scindiya, how the heck are you?'
"Aaman, do you make it a habit of bringing your staff home and having dinner with them?"
"Nope, only the special ones. So are you joining us or have you eaten."
"I could eat. Will there be enough for all of us Aarti?" He wasn't about to leave them alone.
"Yes" she said angrily. Not wanting him there.
None the less the dinner was pleasant. The guys had an easy banter going and Palak was sitting on her father's lap, sharing his food. Then she made coffee and excused herself and got the little monkey ready for bed. When she came back to the kitchen, Aaman was gone and Yash was busy doing the dishes.
"Yashji, you don't have to do that."
"I'm already almost done. Is she sleeping?"
Yes, has Aaman left"
"Yes, he asked me to say good bye."
"Oh. You can go too. I will finish cleaning up."
He ignore her and continued.
She took a cloth and started drying and packing away. When they were done she said.
"Thank you."
"Aarti, I won't have you entertaining men here alone."
"I wasn't entertaining anybody. He gave me lift home and I offered supper as a thank you. Besides he is your friend."
"Was I not clear enough Aarti? I will not have you entertain any man here alone."
"So that means you should leave too." she said defiantly.
He started walking to her and she stepped back till she came to a stop at the table. He stood dangerously close.
"I'm serious Aarti. You don't' want to test me on this."
"I ... wont." she said. Her nerves were ragged and her body on fire.
"Good" he said and left abruptly, leaving her behind shaken and confused. She didn't think that she could feel that way anymore.

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WOW! I see you are on a roll Honey-Bee! keep it coming! am loving this tension! Day Dreaming
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Originally posted by Tessaloni

WOW! I see you are on a roll Honey-Bee! keep it coming! am loving this tension!Day Dreaming
I think that's it for today. It's a public holiday and I think it's about time to get out of bed now seeing it's already lunch time LOL

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Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Tessaloni

WOW! I see you are on a roll Honey-Bee! keep it coming! am loving this tension!Day Dreaming
I think that's it for today. It's a public holiday and I think it's about time to get out of bed now seeing it's already lunch time LOL
oh no! Cry 
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Wow so d love is restored in yash.i wonder what series of twists r in store as things r never easy with aarya in ur plots which makes u stand out of d lot.but seriously i feel so disgusted n confused with his behaviour n if he so loves her nw , y does he get things done by coercion rather than in  a pleasing way whn all d damages were bcoz of his one world famous statement n he expects her to forgive d very instant he so called apologises for sayng something too despicable.idiot ,arrogant sindhia.
such a sick mad n s** psycho.

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another intresting story.. eager to read more

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