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manan ff - ENTWINED FATE ch 5 updated pg - 13 (Page 7)

shoana Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 5:29am | IP Logged

this is amazing
soo much of suspense
nanidni can't reveal her identity
and manik arrogant malhotra
nice atitude
but who was his secretary...nandini??

amazing start
thanks for pm dear
continue soon



richa002 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 12:57pm | IP Logged

Chapter - 3

Recap - manik 's intro

So here goes next...

Life is very unpredictable..when you accept one change and started getting used to it without any complaint..life throws another change in your journey and you again start struggling..life was never easy for manik..but manik like a warrior takes all the changes of life as a challenge which he needs to take in his control..he wants full control over his life, his fate, his journey and his destiny..and till now he has controlled everything but from now on lets see what happens...

Nandini murthy is very pampered girl from her childhood..if she will put a finger on something, then that thing will be hers..one of the perks of being rich..but she craves for love..she craves for attention of someone..care of someone..she doesnt remember about her childhood, about her parents more..but she knows one thing for sure that as a child not only she had lost her parents but also something or rather someone from her life..that someone was always part of her life..and still is..but what she wanted from that someone she never got..and that someone is manik malhotra..yes you heard it right..manik malhora..she has grown up with him..she tried everything possible as a child to get his attention..but she never got successful..she still doesnt know what she wants from him or why she wants his attention..may be because he is the only family she has..but first his insults and then his ignorence towards her always hurted her..and one day last nail on the coffin was him sending her away from him and everyone she loved..that was the day nandini decided that she will never bother him from now on..but still she always thinks one thing that..why manik hates her so much?? But she never got any answer of her this question..

but today when shahid told her that he is coming to meet her..her mind is again messed up..all supressed feelings of hurt, anger and pain which she had locked in the corner of her heart.. came back on surface of her heart..

She doesnt know if she is ready to meet him again or not..she doesnt know how she should react..or how she will react in front of him..she doesnt know anything..after 5 years 6 months and 21 days she is going to meet him again..

Riya was observing nandini from the morning..she is lost somewhere..she is most of the time zonning out..first time after all these years riya is seeing new nandini..riya has seen nandini happy, vibrant, bubbly, naughty, angry, fearful, sad...riya has seen all emotions of nandini and felt it with her..but this nandini is looking lost, vulnerable..she is looking like a lost child in the crowd..that made her worried..so she shook her shoulder..

" nandini..what happened?? " she asked her worriedly..nandini gave her fake smile.." Nothing happened..i am just thinking about something.." She answered distractedly..
Riya thought of something to cheer her up..
" nandini..see your romeo is staring at you..he loves you so much..and you are not giving him any chance " Riya teased her referring max as romeo..

" love?? Really?? Do you really think, riya, he loves me? I mean do you really think anyone will love me?? " nandini spoke in really sad and defeated tone which made riya more worried..

" what is wrong with you nandini?? Trust me. Anyone can easily fall in love with you.." Riya tried to cheer her up again..
" really?? What makes you think that? " nandini asked her curiously...

" look at you..you are so beautiful..you are the diva of our college..every girl in the college wants to be like you..you are a package..babe.." Riya tried to make her understand..and nandini laughed on her.. " package?? What are you even saying?? You are not making any sense.." Nandini mocked her choice of words..

" yes..you are a package..and i am making all sense..if you dont trust me, then let me tell you a few things..you are rich.. You are beautiful at the same time hot..you are always well dressed..designer dresses, branded shoes, branded bags..you are really girly girl..i mean admit it... you are a brand freak...you are really pampered girl..i mean tum kuchh mango usse pehle woh chiz tumharein saamne hoti hai..in fact in this 6 years i have never seen you going shopping except for your night dresses and your other needs..still every month you get lots of bags full of new desighner clothes.. I mean your dad loves you so much..he cares for you so much..tumhari har need ka khayal rakhte hai woh.. And most important thing that you have a very pure heart..nandini you helped me so much..you are paying for my fees..you let me stay at your flat without even thinking twice..i dont have anyone to do that for me..but you and your parents did all this for me..so now say what more reasons anyone can need to love you?? " riya explained everything to nandini..

" never say that..you dont have anyone..i will be always there for you..you are my best friend riya..you are like a sister to me..and dont worry wherever i will go..you will go with me.. " nandini hugged her tight..
" by the way how do you know that i never go for shopping?? " nandini raised her eyebrow at her..and riya smiled sheepishly at her..

" actually..jab bhi hum mere liye shopping karne jaate hai..tumhe pata nahi hota but tum kabhi kabhi bhool jaati ho that you are not supposed to tell me anything..and you always frustratedly speak that..." Thank god..mujhe khud shopping par nahi jaana padta..its so confusing and tiring.. " but whatever it is..jo bhi tumhare liye shopping karta hai..he/she has really a very good taste in everything..because you always look beautiful in it.." Riya didnt notice that nandini 's smile brighten because of that person..because nandini knows who shops for her..and she always waits every month for the parcels...

15th of every month is luckiest and happiest day for her..because of two reasons...first reason is because she gets to meet her best friend and second reason is the bags full of things bought and sent by him..

Nandini was standing in front of mirror from last 15 minutes..practicing how she will talk to him or react to him..and poor riya is very shocked because of this behaviour of hers..and on top of that nandini told her that she is going to take lift from max today..nandini needed a excuse to save herself from the inquiry that why is she going with max?? So she informed riya about it before she can ask any question..

" nandini, this dress is really beautiful..but wear something warm on it...outside is really cold.." Riya really liked the dress nandini was wearing..in fact riya likes every dress of nandini..
" you are right..i should wear something warm.." Nandini pulled out a woolen sweater and wore it..

After half an hour of ride nandini is standing in front of the most exiquiste hotel the solitaire of dehradun to meet HIM..

She walked towards the reception..
" yes..mam how may i help you?? " a receptionist with very polite and professional smile asked her..
" i am nandini..i am here to meet mr. Malhotra..can you tell me the room number he is staying in?? " nandini asked nervously...

" sure mam..he is expecting you.." The receptionist called someone and told him to take her somewhere..
Nandini was feeling really nervous..anxiety was feeling her senses..that man took her to the top floor of the hotel and show her the suite where he is right now...

Nandini took a deep breath to calm herself down..after she calmed down she pressed the bell..and in just few second door was opened by someone she has not expected to be here..

The person pulled her into the bone crushing hug and she happily reciprocated it...
" oh my god..doll..you wont believe..how much i have missed you " that person broke the hug and nandini laughed on him.." You are impossible..cabir, we have met like just 15 days before..and you are acting as if we havent met from years.." Yes, that person was none other than cabir, nandini 's best friend and like a big brother..

" so what if we have met before few days..i still missed you so much..and doll as always you are looking really pretty.." Cabir kissed her on her forehead lovingly and pulled her in the room..but someone cleared the throat to get their attention..
Nandini looked at the person and again she was surprised to see that person.. That person ran towards her and hugged her.." Chhoti, you are looking so beautiful..aur tu to kitni badi ho gayi hai..i missed you so much.." Nandini was hugging that person but you can see the lack of warmth in it..and she instantly broke the hug.." Hi..mukti, how are you?? " nandini asked her with small smile..

That person was mukti..mukti vardhaan, soon to be thakkar..manik treats her like sister..she is one of the member of fab 5..she adores nandini very much..and nandini likes her but not that much..

" i am fine..chhoti, you are still looking like a barbie doll but very beautiful one.." Nandini smiled at mukti and tganked her..she was going to speak something when she heard a voice..HIS voice..nandini turned towards the direction of voice..he was talking to someone on the phone..his other hand was occupied with some files..he was engrossed in his work without the knowledge of a pair of eyes observing and absorbing his every move..

Nandini was looking at him without blinking..she is seeing him in person after 5 years 6 months and 21 days..yes..she remebers exact time period..he was looking handsome though he is wearing some stupid gunji and jeans..his hairs are messy and sticking out in every direction..still his hair looks sexy enough..the frown on his face is still the same as before..

she thought nothing has changed in this time..he is still too busy to notice her..he is still too oblivious of her presence..he still hates her.. She felt disheartened again..

Guys i need your help in how to upload the pictures in it..please help me..so i can use pics related to outfits and other things...

So here is the third part of the story..i hope you guys liked it..if you guys liked it please tell me in your comments...
Thank you so much for lovely comments and likes.. Waiting for your response...
Love you all...

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mehak_ahuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Awesome update...
Intresting as well... Nandini feels that Manik hates her.. Is not even interested to look at her.. But surly there is going to be the story for his side.. Some past.. Will be eagerly waiting to know the other side story

Loved the update
Thanxx for the fabulous update and the pm

Keep smiling 
Stay blessed 

Ps first to comment Party

Edited by mehak_ahuja - 05 May 2016 at 2:03pm
Heatsha8176 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 March 2015
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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
oh no what a place to stop ...ur killing me LOL
so Nandini thinks Manik hates her
he never in past gave her the attention she craved the love
sent her away separated her from everyone she loved
im thinking he had a reason
im thinking hes hiden his feelings from her but not the kind shes thinking
so its now reunion time
looking forward to next update to see how he reacts to her n vice versa
thanks for pm nplz keep em comin
rockstarlover IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 October 2013
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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved the bond of riya & nandu
loved how she described her
nandu thought manik hates her
but may be there is more 2 it
cabir is a sweetheart
plz cont soon
591994 Goldie

Joined: 29 August 2015
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Posted: 06 May 2016 at 12:12am | IP Logged
Omg...loved it so much...i'm so excited fr story further...i don't know how will i manange to have some patience fr further updates... Will be waiting fr next eagerly... Cont. Soon...
daddysjaan Senior Member

Joined: 30 July 2015
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Posted: 06 May 2016 at 12:37am | IP Logged
manik hates nandini?? y ?? and how come he is nandini's only family?? how both are related?? is he nandini's guardian??? y nandini don't like mukti??

so many questions, and u left in a cliffhanger.. not fair.. plz update soon
shoana Goldie

Joined: 22 May 2015
Posts: 1451

Posted: 06 May 2016 at 5:17am | IP Logged
awesome update
but still confusing..
nandini likes manik...she needed his attention..
but she thinks that he hates her...
hope everything gets cleared soon..
if he hated her then why he was happy of meeting her
she is meeting him after 5 yearsShocked
i think he had some reason of keeping  her away from him
cabir is such a sweetheart
mukti too likes her..but why nandini doesn't likes herConfused
eagerly waiting for manan's meet

thanks for pm dear
continue soon

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