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manan ff - ENTWINED FATE ch 5 updated pg - 13 (Page 13)

gracyparmar Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2016 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
He is such a mystery cares for her misses her loves her but won't admit it..
And possessive nandini nice nice...
And she is going home finally..
What a dimaag cabir ko credit ko milna chahiye na manik ko kyun...
But what is it about manik why so cold behaviour what is it that is keeping him away from admitting bis feelings..???
Loved the update very much thanks for it

richa002 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 2:36am | IP Logged

Chapter - 5

Hello lovely readers!!!!
I hope you guys are still interested in this story..so here is the new part of this story..i hope you all will like it and share your thoughts in the comments about it ..plzzz
Thank you and love you all...

So here goes the next update...

" I understand how happy you are..but i am confused also..why did you refuse to manik for going back to mumbai?? " Cabir raised his eyebrow curiously at her..

" I dont want to give him credit to take me back to mumbai after bossing me around so much..it is better you get the credit for it..because i knew he will send you to make me understand.." she winked at cabir mischievously and both burst into laughter..

" You wait and watch, cabiraa..i am going to make him crazy.. what did he say??...he has right to boss me around..i will now show him what happens when you mess with nandini murthy.." she smiled evilly and rubbed her hands in glee..and cabir was laughing continuously..
" My evil doll..this cabiraa is always with you in this..buhahaa " cabir laughed nasty laugh..

Then he suddenly stopped laughing after remembering something..
" Doll, on a serious note i really need two promises from you.." nandini got serious and smiled at him in agreement..
" Cabir, you dont have to ask me anything..you just need to order.." cabir knew she will give exactly this answer..he knows nandini can never deny him for anything..

" Ok..so you know that i will be your side no matter what..right?? " He asked her in a serious tone and it made nandini nervous..though she was nervous she didnt show it to him and nodded at him..
" But there are matters on which i am on manik's side.. and first thing is..whatever manik will do or will tell you to do for your safety you have to follow it without any arguments no matter what happens..promise me this.." cabir looked into her eyes directly..

Then and there nandini knew that there will be lots of rules set by manik which she will have to follow..and she remembered how manik and cabir are particular towards her safety and how manik had lashed out at her when she had punched max for following her around..

" Ok..i promise..now next?? " She said in serious tone..
" Without interfering listen to this first completely..ok? " Nandini saw cabir first time hesitant to tell her something which made her curious..so she nodded at him with a smile to encourage him..
" Manik does not live in malhotra mansion..he had bought new house..he had never stepped into malhotra mansion after the day you left..so you will also have to stay at that place..not in malhotra mansion.."
Nandini was into tears by now..she loves malhotra mansion because it has so many beautiful memories.. nandini also knows that manik loved malhotra mansion the most because it was designed by his mom..but now??
" Why??" Nandini can only ask for a reason to cabir because manik will never answer her..

" I dont know.. i want to just say dont argue with him over this topic and never question him about this " cabir answered without looking at her face..cabir knows the answer but nandini doesnt need to know this..

Nandini knows there are so many things which she doesnt know..manik and cabir both hides things from her..
And she cant even do a thing about it..so she just promised cabir without any further arguments..

On the other hand manik was getting restless because cabir and nandini were taking so much time..manik doesnt want to force her for things but if she wont listen to cabir he will have to blackmail her and force her..he was pacing to and fro in the living room all this time..

Manik saw cabir came out of the room with a smile which made him relieved..
" Dont worry..she agreed but she wants to talk to you about few things.." cabir knows nandini will still show some tantrums in front of manik...
Manik sighed.." i cant believe cabir she has become so stubborn.. she literally frightened me with her anger..." cabir laughed at manik's words and patted his shoulder..
" This is just the beginning dude..so braced your self for more...all the best.." manik glared at him for laughing at his cost..cabir just chuckled at his expression..


Manik, cabir and mukti were waiting for nandin for the dinner..it has been already fifteen minutes to the nandini
and cabir's discussion..
Finally she came out and sat beside mukti..
" I am so happy chhoti that you are coming back to mumbai..it will be so much fun.." mukti happily side hugged nandini..but nandini removed her hand from her shoulder and spoke looking at manik..

" I havent said yes yet..i have a condition which manik has to agree.." she smirked at manik and manik rolled his eyes at her..
" What condition? " He asked her annoyed..
" you wont boss me around..you will talk to me politely..you wont show me your attitude.. and you will ask for my opinion in every matters related to me.."manik gave her W*F look..cabir was trying really hard to control him self from laughing..and mukti's jaw was touching the floor..she has never seen anyone talking to manik like that except cabir..and this is nandini..who used to be always conscious around manik for some unknown reasons..it was unbelievable for mukti to see her speaking like this..

" Come on manik..you dont have much time to think..agree or not?? " Nandini was intentionally provoking manik..she knows that it will annoy him and she wants just that..
" Fine..i agree..anything else?? " Manik was annoyed with nandini's attitude but he cant do anything right now and mess up anything..

" What about my studies?? " This time nandini was serious..
" Your admission letter is ready for space academy..i just need to meet your college authorities once for final formality..you are taking music as a full time course and business as a half time course.." manik said grabbing a pizza slice from the box but before he can have it nandini snatched it from his hand...

" Two courses?? Why business course?? I dont want to do it..you know that i hate studies..then why?? " Nandini complained to him..manik didnt pay any attention to her complaint and grabbed another pizza slice for him self..that made nandini angry..she again snatched it from him..manik glared at her..

" Manik, you are already forgetting about the condition..you are again ordering me..give me proper reasons for this decision of yours.." nandini was glaring at him continuously and cabir was trying very hard to stop him self from laughing at the scene of two adults bickering like kids..mukti was very amused to see manik behaving like a kid..because she had never seen him like this..

Manik sighed at nandini's stubbornness.." if you have forgotten then let me remind you..you have an industry to run..so you need to study business. I know you want to be a singer but you will also have to do a business.." manik explained her very calmly..
" I am not interested in any business or company..and you are there to run the business and i definitely trust you with the business and you know that i am not even good at studies..so it is only fair that you handle business " nandini said every thing carelessly which made cabir smile but manik was shocked with her attitude.

" One sec..this business is yours also and i am your guardian till you turn 21.. after that you will have to be on your own..you need to take interest in the business and this is one of the reasons that i am taking you back with me so you can learn something about business.." manik tried to make her understand this but nandini was hurt after learning the reason of her going back to mumbai..she had never thought in her dreams also that this would be the reason but once she thought about it...this reason made more sense to her of manik's sudden arrival..but this realisation was very bitter for her..

Manik was staring at nandini and her changing expressions..confusion, realisation and finally hurt expression settled on her face..and realisation downed upon him of his statement..but before he can say anything to make her feel better..she asked him with cold eyes..
" When are we going to leave for mumbai?? "

" Tomorrow in evening..pack your bags before going to college and give them to max..max will leave from here in the morning..and max is not there so cabir will go with you to the college..i will be there only because i need to meet your college authorities." Manik was ready for another argument on this but to his surprise nandini just nodded at him and got up from her seat..
" Its late..i think i should leave..and i need to pack also.."cabir very well understood that nandini was hurt again because of manik but he also knows that everything will get better between them once nandini will be in mumbai..

Cabir is the only witness of their equation in every situation..when manik and cabir were younger they had fought many times for nandini.. cabir knows that if nandini will take one step back from manik then manik would fill that gap between them again..
It has been always that way..manik would always stay aloof when nandini was around him..but if she gets away from him manik would do something that again take them back to square one.. this is how their relationship works..they know that there is no one for them without each other..they are the only family of each other..its like an unspoken rule between them that they belong to each other..and this is the reason manik has never dated any girl till now or never thought of getting married..



i think that there wont be a person whose life is as complicated as mine..and my life 's biggest complication is NANDINI.. for me sge is everything to me but i dont know where i stand in her life..she has been always my first priority but i was never in her priority list..and now after seeing her like this, her behaviour, her stubbornness..i dont know what to feel anymore..
I don't even know if my decision to take her back is good or not but its the high time that she faces the reality of our life..i want to make her strong enough to face everything and everyone alone.. there is only two years left for the guardianship and after that it will be her decision that if she wants me to stay by her side or not..

I don't know where i stand in her life..but for me she has always been my first love..if that accident hadn't happened, things would have been different between us..
I was lost in my thoughts when i felt cabir sat beside me..
I looked at him and raised my one eyebrow at him..
" Be good to her manik..you dont have to make her feel ignored always..so many years have passed of you ignoring her..but now when she will be in mumbai don't do that again.." i know cabir is right and even i want to do that but i dont know if i will be able to do that ..

" Its not like i don't want to be good to her and you know that very well cabir..but everytime i look at her face it reminds me of the things and times that i detest the most..and it makes me angry.." my life is really mess i hope it will get better soon before i lose everything...

Precap - some of the past from nandini's pov...

I am really sorry for the super late update..but blame it on my treatment schedule and my health...now please comment and like

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niti06 Groupbie

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 7:37am | IP Logged
Yes we too braced ourselves to see a annoying, irritating, frustrated n helpless manik in front of stubborn n angry nandini LOL LOL LOL amazing chapy means amazing yaar nandhu's behavior is really cute bechara manik ab kya karega LOL nandini is all ready to give him a tough time Wink waiting for the next chapy dear
Tata tata bye bye come back n update soon dear luv u dear.
thamannamanan1 Goldie

Joined: 19 November 2015
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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 8:55am | IP Logged
super awsome 

waiting   for   thr past   

loved kabeer nandini  bonding 

kabeer  n mukti s reaction   during manan    scene   was    awsome 

nanoNikki Goldie

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Wow read it in a go...awesome and unique story really liked it continue soon waiting take care
Heatsha8176 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 6:31pm | IP Logged
So Nandini already agreed to go back with manik she just wants to annoy n torment him for while
N Cabir is ok with it as long as she doesn't go too far n doesn't do anything to put herself in jeopardy
Maniks words about why he's taking her back really hurt her
Just hope once they reach home manik starts trying to close the distance between them n make nandini his
He wants her to want him to stay by her side after the two years r up but he needs to give her some hints of his feelings first otherwise how is the lassie to know he wants to be with her
Looking forward to next update
Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin
payal94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
rockstarlover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2016 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved nandu & cabir bond
manik & nandu's bickerings
loved it
cont soon

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