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manan ff - ENTWINED FATE ch 5 updated pg - 13 (Page 11)

priyanka.mutha Groupbie

Joined: 08 August 2015
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Posted: 11 June 2016 at 6:47am | IP Logged
i love this story..do not leave it undone please..come back..

payal94 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 May 2015
Posts: 2871

Posted: 11 June 2016 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Awesome story cont soon
thamannamanan1 Goldie

Joined: 19 November 2015
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Posted: 11 June 2016 at 11:19am | IP Logged
when will u give the fresh updates
kavitamoolimani Groupbie

Joined: 20 July 2015
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Posted: 20 June 2016 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
please, update soon, Eagerly waiting to read further,
richa002 Senior Member

Joined: 27 April 2013
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Posted: 27 August 2016 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
Hello guys !!

It has been really long time that i have updated.. but believe me circumstances were really not in my favour..i was depressed and sad..so really sorry for the late update..i hope you guys are still interested in ths story...

So here is the new update... i hope you guys willlike it..give your precious review by your comments and likes...


Recap - nandini is nervous to meet manik after so many years..cabir and mukti gives her surprise by coming to meet her..

So here goes next..

she thought nothing has changed in this time..he is still too busy to notice her..he is still too oblivious of her presence..he still hates her.. She felt disheartened again..

On the other hand manik was nervous as well as a bit apprehensive to meet her after so many years..
Manik could have come alone but he needed support for what he has decided for her..manik knows only one person can make nandini happy without a doubt..and he is cabir..cabir and nandini are like long lost siblings..they wont even think twice to follow eachother's orders..

Manik always kept tab on nandini through cabir..every month cabir comes dehradun to meet nandini..manik trusts cabir with his and nandini's lives..so he dragged cabir with him here to convince her...and as for mukti she joined them so she can meet nandini..

Manik can feel that nandini is already here..he can feel someone 's gaze on him..but he is afraid to see the look on her face..he is afraid that he wont see that longing in her eyes..which he feels..he is afraid to see coldness in her eyes instead of warmth..so he tried his best to control his emotions..he controlled his urge to see her..he is not ready to face that coldness again which he saw in her eyes at the time when he sent her away..

Nandini was waiting for him to look at her once..but when he didnt..she masked her emotions..and turned towards mukti again...

" yeh manik bhi na..he loves his work too much..he only needs his work..uske aaspas koi hai ki nahi use pata hi nahi chalta.." Mukti spoke looking at manik..she was looking fondly at manik which irritated nandini to the hell..so cabir tried to divert the topic..
" come doll..lets sit and talk.." Cabir dragged nandini to the couch..cabir knows one thing which no one knows..not even manik..in fact nandini herself is not consciously aware of that..and that is her possessiveness for manik..
Cabir knows that nandini is highly possessive for manik..and that is why he knows that..nandini doesnt like any female creature near manik..not even mukti..and he is thankful to god that..manik stays away from girls otherwise nandini would burn every girl alive..
When manik finally felt that everything is under control..he finally walked towards them only to froze on his place..he thought he knew everything about nandini but after seeing her in blood and flesh in front of him..it hit him hard that he missed her like hell..he missed so many things happened in her life..and one of the main thing is that..malhotra garden's Caterpillar has turned into beautiful butterfly throughout these years..nandini is more beautiful than his imagination..he always shopped for her clothes, shoes, bags everything by imagining how she will look in it..but she was looking more beautiful in the dress he has bought for her just fifteen days ago..

Nandini, cabir and mukti oblivious of manik's presence were talking merrily about anything and everything..

" so..everyone met already.." He spoke to get their attention..and he got successful..but his attention was on nandini who looked at him with blank expression..and to nandini's annoyance..mukti walked towards manik.." Yup..i finally met her..isn't she looking like a barbie doll? " mukti asked him in excitement..manik smiled and agreed with her..but nandini gave him her fake smile which annoyed manik..

" cabir, why don't you and mukti order something for the dinner meanwhile i will talk with HER.." Manik looked at cabir with a meaningful look which cabir understood instantly so he nodded at him in agreement...

" lets talk in other room.." Manik gestured towards the room so nandini can follow him..and she got alert..when shahid told her about manik's arrival she knew that he is definitely up to something..but what??
She followed him into the room..he told her to sit on the bed and he pulled couch near bed to make himself comfortable..

There was complete silence between them from last five minutes..manik was trying to figure out how to start a conversation...but nandini was getting impatient and annoyed because of his silence..
" ok..so..umm..how are you?? " he asked after so much thinking..but it made her more annoyed..
" are you talking to me?? " she asked him sarcastically with annoyance..
" of course i am talking to you..aur koi tou hai nahi na yahaan.." He tried to control his annoyance with her ridiculous question..

" i thought tum kisi aur se baat kar rahe ho..because your question doesn't go along with your past behaviour.." she had anger in her eyes.. manik knew this is not going to be easy.. "you know what..just cut all the formalities and come to the point..why are you here?? " Nandini asked him the question which was on her mind from the time when she got the call from shahid..

Manik knew he is the reason behind her rude behaviour..he cant blame nandini for it..he never wanted to sent her away but he had his own reasons which he can never tell her..
Manik was lost in his thoughts which angered nandini more.. she grabbed pillow and threw at manik to bring him back..

Manik got startled by the hit..and looked at her in amusement..
" Will you speak up?? Don't start day dreaming in front of me.." she yelled at him in frustration..
Manik chuckled at he angry kitten like cute expression.." you have changed so much..you are not the same girl i knew.." his voice was dripping with amusement..but that surely got nandini curious..

" What do you mean?? " She asked him curiously..but like curiosity kills the cat..manik's next sentence made her remember the things which always hurts her..
" You had never talked to me in this tone before..you were always careful and silent around me..and now.." manik hanged the remaining words in air..which irritated her..

" But..you are still the same as before..cold blooded, heartless and arrogant " she countered back manik with the words that she had never spoken in her lie not even in her mind.. but it came out all of a sudden that too in front of him..
" I am glad..finally i got to know your opinion about me " manik smiled at her sarcastically..

" Will you get back to the point??..i am not here to listen your nonsense.." nandini tried to change the topic..
And with that manik again became cold towards her..
" Of course..i also dont have time for this stupid talks..i am a busy person.."
" Yes..you are a busy person..no one knows it better than me.." nandini muttered under her breath with sadness..but fortunately or unfortunately manik heard it clearly..and it dragged warm manik back..

He cleared his throat to get her attention..nandini looked at him..
" You are leaving dehradun tomorrow..i have talked to your college authorities about it..i just wanted to talk to you about this.." manik was very nervous of her reaction..

On the other hand nandini was surprised..in all these years manik never took her with him anywhere..so she was confused..
" For how many days?? " She had so many questions but she asked only this..which made manik confuse..
" You misunderstood..i mean you are leaving from here for forever..you are going.." before manik can complete his sentence nandini 's hurt voice interrupted him..

" Stop..just stop...how can you do this to me?? I knew that you hate me..but this much?? That you want to sent me away from dehradun also..tell me where do you want to send me now?? USA? or UK? or AUSTRALIA?? where?? Tell me.." she yelled at him..hurt, pain and anger was clear in her voice but anger overpowered every other emotions...

" You know what?? I wont go anywhere from here..no matter what happens..i wont leave dehradun..do you hear me?? " She stood up and spoke everything in anger.. manik also stood up and tried to speak something..

" Look..you are.." but before he can complete..nandini cut him off..
" I .AM. NOT. GOING...DO YOU HEAR ME?? YOU CANT BOSS ME AROUND ALL THE TIME.." she yelled everything by poking his chest with every word..

Manik was taken aback with her this behaviour..nandini was never like this..he remembered cabir had told him many times that nandini has developed temper issues and she is very stubborn..but he never thought of it to be this extense..he didnt know how to calm her down..he had never seen her like this..this was very new for him..so he took upon his anger to solve this..

When he was lost in his thoughts..nandini was still seething in anger and in anger she threw night lamp on the floor which brought manik out of his thoughts..

He panicked seeing glass pieces on the floor..and he rushed towards her..he held her her hands..
" are you alright?? Are you mad?? what are you doing?? You would have hurt yourself.." he was really concerned and panicked..nandini jerked her hands away from him and started walking towards the door..she was still too much blinded by her anger to see his concern..so he got angry..

" Nandini..stop.." he yelled her to stop..and she stopped right there..not because he ordered her to stop or yelled at her..she stopped hearing her name..it rang in her ears..she heard her name from his mouth after so many years..it made her stop..only her name from his mouth and her volcano like anger vanished in thin air.. she turned towards him..

Manik didn't know his effect on her..so he marched towards her in anger and held her hand tight..he
dragged her to the bed and made her sit..nandini never said a word..she just followed his direction..
Manik sat near her legs on his knees and held her from shoulder..which made her look at his face..

He tried to calm down himself and spoke with authority..
" First of all i want to clear that you are leaving dehradun because you are going back to mumbai with me for forever..i am not sending you anywhere else..do you understand what i am saying?? " He asked her seriously..and she nodded her head as if she is too exhausted to speak a word..

He continued further.." second thing..i hope this is the first and last time i am seeing you behave this way..i dont want to see this reckless behaviour of yours.." this annoyed nandini..she removed his hands from her shoulder showing her disagreement..

But it didn't affect him and he again continued ignoring her reaction.." and i am telling you this clearly that i have every right to boss around you..because I AM YOUR LEGAL GUARDIAN.. mom and dad had given me your responsibility..so i will take every decision of your life whether you like it or not..you dont have any choice.." manik said with commanding voice which annoyed her more..

" You are just my guardian..but you are not my father..so i can be against your any decision as an adult..and i am against this..i am not going with you..i going to stay here only.." she said with stubbornness which made him frustrated..

He glared at her angrily and marched out of the room with banging the door..he came out only to bumped into cabir.. he raised his eyebrow at him..

In response cabir smiled at him cheekily and manik understood that cabir was eavesdropping on their conversation..
" So how was the meeting?? " Cabir asked him teasingly..manik rolled his eyes at him..
" Cabir, please handle her and make her ready.." manik said with frustration..cabir patted his shoulder and entered whistling into the room in which nandini was sitting..
He entered the room and locked the room from inside..he sat quietly on the bed beside nandini and tapped on her shoulder..

Suddenly without any warning nandini hugged cabir tight and smiled brightly..
" Cabir, finally..it is happening.." who was hell angry before just 10 minutes she was now bubbling with joy..
Cabir broke the hug and ruffled her hair laughingly..
" Cabir, i am so happy..i am going back home..finally i will be home..now there wont be any lies or hiding..i am so happy..you can understand right??.." finally after so many years cabir can see the smile reaching to her eyes..

" I understand how happy you are..but i am confused also..why did you refuse to manik for going back to mumbai?? " Cabir raised his eyebrow curiously at her..

" I dont want to give him credit to take me back to mumbai after bossing me around so much..it is better you get the credit for it..because i knew he will send you to make me understand.." she winked at cabir mischievously and both burst into laughter..

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Cooldude101 Goldie

Joined: 01 June 2015
Posts: 1395

Posted: 27 August 2016 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Read it for the first time and it really is interesting.
Manik is Nandini's legal guardian and I can't wait to see all the emotions coming up on the surface as they live together and rediscover their feelings all over again.
Can't wait to read more
mehak_ahuja IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 May 2015
Posts: 2763

Posted: 27 August 2016 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
Heyyy finally u r back.. Like finally... God missed u so  damn much..
First thing definatly interested in ur story.. All ur stories..
N second thing God missed u so much

The update was super duper awesome loved it ... Nandus pretence in front of Manik was amazing.. What she told cabir I was actually not expecting it... Heheh.. But she is finally going home.. So things will surly be a uphill from here..

Thank u so much for coming back and writing again
And bigg bigg thank u for the PM and this lovly update

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
sreesri Goldie

Joined: 15 August 2015
Posts: 1814

Posted: 28 August 2016 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Awesome update..
Manan convo..
Nandus anger..
Cabini convo..
Luvd it..
Thnkz 4 d pm

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