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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Hiii frnds we had a lovely epi we got 2 cute akdha scenes... Tongue and akdha getting decked up for d jashn... Wink but we know jashn means kaand and we know what kaand it would b... Wink anyways I have added both d akdha pics form my retro threads... Tongue

akdha r distributing clothes in jail where jalal tells jo that she too was disturbing d clothes among d jail animates in amer... Tongue and jo recalls those moments with surya... Big smile jalal tells her that how for d 1st time someone had d guts to keep d sword on his neck... Wink and fb is shown Tongue where he tells her that if possible she would have chopped off his head... LOL but jo blushful tells him that it was at that time as now d situations were diff... Wink and he asks her what was so diff about now... LOL jalal just wants her to confess her feelings by asking her kosthens... LOL Wink she tells him that now wasn't d right time to answer his koshtens as they were in ajil... LOL he asks her what would have she done if she knew that he was d same jalal who's head she wanted to keep on maa kali's feet... Big smile she would have killed him for sure... LOL LOL Wink

looks like jalal is in no mood to stop kosthening her LOL Wink and so she got a teda idea to answer him... LOL she tells him that ya she still feels like killing him and at least once in a day every wife feels like killing her hubby... LOL jalal is amazed by her answer... LOL he asks her then rest of d times what she feels   Tongue and she adds while shying that she wishes to take care of him... Wink he adds like making lep then applying on d wounds etc... Wink LOL she tells that this is not a care but love Wink wow jo again indirectly confessed her love... Wink he just smiles on her confession... Tongue and she adds that some wives like to give pain 1st then go closer to d hubby... LOL but he ask her forget about other what she thinks about him... LOL she doesn't answer but diverts d topic by saying that d dress was loose as tailor had not stitched properly but still he looked handsome Cooland leaves telling that everything wife cant reveal some things hubby should also understand... Wink

PICS Big smile

they go to d jail where they hear d voice of a prisoner getting beaten up by d jalal hurries up and sees its zakira who is getting beaten up... Confused zakira tells that she worked for ben and acted acc to her mistress orders but she was compelled to as coz of her height issues she never got a job... Confused jalal scolds d lady soldier and warns her not to repeat this mistake... Big smile jalal frees zakira... Big smile and she is happy to know and he adds that she got d punishment for what she did Big smile he further says that in amer its said that d weak and handicapped ppl wouldn't b punished and jo recalls amer moments when she had saved Abdul from getting killed by surya... Big smile zakira wishes for both to b together forever and would pray for them her whole life... Tongue jo is happy to know he was there at that moment in amer and also feels proud of her hubby's being praised by all... Tongue

they move ahead and jalal sees a mark on d wall which his similar to his bracelet and tells jo that its d same mark on his bracelet and BK used to always tell him about a secret way in d jail... Big smile jo is all xcited to know and he loves to see her xcitement and praises her for that... Big smile but he refuses saying that she never answered his koshten so y would he answer her's LOL Wink they keep moving when he tells her about how her father used to hide out in this secret place so that none could find him... Big smile

maham too comes to d same cave and threatens to that person that she had lost her patience and now it was time to act... Confused she orders to take that person with utmost care... Confused on d other side we have akdha reach a place where jalal tells that this mite b d same place where his father mite have got hid himself so that none could find him and they see a wall and jalal tries to hit d wall with d sword trying to break it ... Confused meanwhile MA heard s noise and stops d guards saying someone was there on d other side and orders not to make nay noise but jo hears some voice like some one was screaming and she tells jalal about d screams and both move to find it out... Confused maham sees both and she makes d guard along with that captive person hide and joja starts searching around and cant find anyone and so jalal tells her that it mite b some animal's voice she heard of coz this place even BK wasn't aware off so none could know about it and both think of leaving as they dint wanted to get late for d jashn... Big smile maham have a sigh of relief Confused jalal thinks that since BK dint know this place properly so none could know how he could forget about maham d great witch if possible she could have reached Bermuda triangle also and come out of it without getting gayab...Geek she would defo know this place v well...Geek

jo is getting ready and jalal comes calling her where jo tells her to give sweets and she would get ready... Wink jalal comes and tells her she had called him and she wasn't ready yet... LOL jo gets up and looks at him and tells him to look at himself how much he was glowing... Wink jo he is glowing coz of ur love... LOL Wink jallu blushes ohh my my... Tongue he then make her sit facing d mirror and compliments her saying if d begum is so much beautiful then d hubby has to look good...Day Dreamingand both looked adorably cute...2gther Day Dreaming jo blushes too at his compliments... Embarrassed she tells him that he was teda and so does his way of complimenting...Day DreamingCool hen then leans and tells her that if he not been teda and would b straight still she would have loved him... Wink Cooljo blushes Tongue

arghhh this shehnaaz spoilt everything... Dead ye hukka kam thi kya kabab me hadda banne ki cvs introduced this most irritating character I really felt like slapping her hard... Dead she comes with d bowl of kheer and mot tries to stop her but in vain and in an attempt of giving kheer to jalal shehnnaz drops d bowl spoiling jalal's clothes... Confused he gets irritated but he doesn't say anything to her only tells jo that he wanted to talk to her in private... Confused he tells her that even thou she was childish by her brains but still she won't b present at d jashn as she may create probs but jo gets upset as jalal orders her not to allow shehnaaz 2 d jashn and leaves... Confused d cvs cant leave them in peace neither us viewers... Angry

PICS Big smile

sharif instructs to make all d arrangements properly for d jashn...and then thinks about jo how he wanted her to b in his arms...rather than preparing for her wedding anniv with someone else... no other work this creep has gotDead BB comes and ask him what was he thinking but he fools her saying that he too wanted their anniv to b celebrated like this Confused and BB tells him do whatever he feels like and leaves...Geek

all arrive finally jalal 's grand entry and jo too enters and sits besides jalal... Big smile Big smile all d while from her entry we have just looking at her without a blink...Winkhe looks at her and smiles but she is all angry and so ignore himLOL ruks sees everything from her balcony and yells that she wont sit and see all happening jalal was hers and will b her only and she will do something to make hers...WackoSilly

waiting... Wink Wink

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sharmacatty IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:50am | IP Logged

 Thanks for the update and for these lovely pics harshuSmile

Very Nice episode which started with jo-ja. Big smile

Jalal still remembered that day in Amer jail when she was distributing sweets and blankets . I wanted him to say something about suryabhan but he didn't. After his death, jo never talked about him but at this particular moment I wanted him/her to atleast say something about him. And she was smiling that jalal still remembered that day but not for once she recalled anything about surya. I know she didn't love him but still.Confused

Anyways, their talks were lovely. Jalal was looking so charming  and beautiful in that outfit. Poor husband was craving to listen those three words from his beloved wife but she's throwing tantrums over this. She's still reticent about saying this, and I can understand as this was a first time that she's fell in love .Tongue

Though she told him that it's not service but love still she wasdiffident to say directly.Smile

The way she held his jama and adviced for alteration was sweet and amusing too as he knew what she was trying to do.LOL

I just loved the way he was literally running behind her and smiling  at her when she went after saying, "Har sawal ka jawab patina nahi deti..Kuch baten pati swayam samajh lete h"

They were looking like a teenage lovers- An enticing couple!!StarStarStar

But here their romance was disrupted by zakira's voice.

I know I shouldn't but I was laughing the way they threw her and she fell in jalal's arms.LOLLOL

When he said, "Aaj bahut paak din h aur hum ise khrab nahi karna chahte h tumhe sazaa deke"

Jo was amazed as these were the things she used to say before, that time he didn't listen but now he himself was following her beliefs. His words that she's handicapped touched her. That time in Amer he was smirking but now.HeartClap

After getting blessings from zakira, jo was proud on her husband and I love that soft smile on jalal's face.Heart

The scene was amusing when jo asked about the secret path and he shrugged shoulders, " Kya apne hamare sawaal ka jawaab diya tha to phir apke sawaal ka jawaab kyu de"

He was looking like a cute and beautiful child while saying that.StarStar

Don't want to write anything about maham.D'oh

So here jo was getting ready and jalal came. Again I loved the sweet moments of this lovey dovey couple.StarStarStar

"Tanik apne aap ko to dekhiye kitna damak rahe h.."

I completely agree jodha. The smile he gave in return wasDay DreamingDay Dreaming

"Jab begum itni khoobsurat ho to shauhar ko sajna sawarna padta h jodha begum.. taki jab wo apni begum k sath khada ho..  to uska tab bhi kam na ho"

" Aap bhi tede aur apki prashansa karne ka dhang bhi teda"

" haan aur agar hum tede na hote seedhe hote to kya tab bhi aap humse mohabbat karti"

Now that's a very interesting question. Personally I too like playful and tede boys and I guess most of the girls like tede boys.LOL

Again their romantic moments got disrupted by Shehnaaz.Angry

Shehnaaz is such an irritating lady. I really got very annoyed by her entry at this moment.AngryAngry

Moreover, I too liked jalal's clothes which she ruined deliberately so..Pinch

He left after giving his order for shehenaaz and here jo was upset with her behaviour.Confused

Jo entered the jashan and his lips curved in a winsome smile. SmileI don't know how but whenever RT smiles, my lips automatically twisted in a broad smile.Big smile

All the while he was smiling at her while she was greeting others but as she sat she pouted and he chuckled knowing well that she was showing fake anger.LOL

Overall I enjoyed this episode.StarStarStar


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ayushimehra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Thanks Harshu,

Today episode, dedicated, to Uff  Yee Ada, All episode full of Akdha, Passion & Ada, which both spreading, on screen,  charming appearance.

Couple entry,   or walking steps always speaks volume, Some personality, like this, we want or not want, but our Eyes, feel still ness, or wants,  to see or watch them again again, Same happens when if Good episode, or focus on Akdha , .

So episode was," KATILANA," "Andaz," or we can say," Mar dala" type (both were killing  eachother from own eyes ) or today all going flat, or will live Dream Lan

Aree we know pehla pehla pyar hee pahli pehli bar hee.Wink

Amazing scene, both were talking about, beautiful past memories, actually, after Hugging jodha

jalal is now confident level, now he has confirmed in his mind,  jodha loves him, so he is talking about,

this relation, beautiful manner, & his heart & mind, both wants, to this relation, should go now next level;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; or he creating space;;jodha silence, +naughtiness HAA, admiring him, or he is living, best movements, of life with jodha;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;he is not sparing, one second  LOLLOL , He is living fully full  life with jodha.

oh jalal, you are amazing, livingDay Dreaming special movements,or sure you both deserve, Hardness of life some, comfortable movements.Day Dreaming

How jalal recalling jodha, how she put sword in his Neck,? Or jodha shying, shying, giving ans,es, couple fully changed or fall in love for eachother.


Jalal want to hear,  where standing now jodha mind or both relationship ? he not want to do mistake which will effect their relationship, so  he preparing  atmosphere, they will first   reach comfortable jone through talk. Or side by which imp, jodha not reacting, but creating next space which this time necessary moving next step, from jodha side also.


Jodha words, in Day everyfemale wants to kill her hubby,...she spoke indirect Yes, her meaning was from eyes, or she clears its wife love if he look after, care concern, for hubby, jalal this type treatment not got from any begum. 

"Jodha speciality, Beauty with Brain,+Softness +kindness in inner, so she ruled jalal heart +mind both, "

He want to hear, What in jodha mind, but But jodhu bhee kamm nahi hee, she is teasing, +flirting  jalal her own style, or An'sing, Gol-MAL, jalal always pull leg jodha, but this time, she also, today flirting jone, nahele pee dehla


Gol-Mal hee bhee sabb Gol-Mal hee.  LOL


Jodhu praised Jalal,  Tede manner, your tailor loose fitted this dress, but you are  Looking, Smart;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Naturally husband will feel proud, some talks husband should understand

 is jodhu is giving Green Signal sure jalal will understand jodha cod language yes.

i recalling song lines;

Nighahe, Milene koo jee chatha hee, Dilo jann chahne koo jee chatha hee.   )  Wink

 NO ,TOUCH NO HUG today, because both  Heart Vibes or Attachment is enough,  so Dil kee batt juba par aaa hee gayee.

 its a soul chemistry,  when vibes go to extreme of heart-level, then physic, reacts, or we live this relation physically level, but when it comes to Heart From body, then relation goes  from heart to Oneness level;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   no remains second then, or sure ;;After soul level, so here is happening this.Body is working, but

Heart to Heart, contectvity or soul contectvity speaking  its own language  silance;;;;;;;;;;;;Naughtiness;;;;;;Katilana;;


 i think no words can describe this movement   or emotional bonding,(which will effect Ruk, later or we can say she started )  later jodha will spoke emotionally, which distancing her  or stopping her for dissolving then which Tarr will bind up,   that will cover up, later, when  Both will become  one That day,

Then  Heart which door will open,  for, both,No scope will be for other, Maybee practically world he have many wives, or ruk,  try many times, but which spark was necessary for both, that  will happen that  oneness day clearing emotional, touch points, ...or after that, only Both  can complete eachother,


(completeness not means now they will not face problems or thoughts gaps, these are sure imp Natural  things, but which they going  to achieved, compersion, that no matters .

Agree jodha words, sometalks not necessary, saying in words, Husband should own understood,...its female Ada. 

Zakira realeased from jail But Zakira blessed both couple its great, when jodha supports Zakira, then clearly shows

difference between jodha & Ruk, one evertime shouts, her Dassies, & other is understanding person  is a person. everperson have its own valu, jalal is also shown changed from Heart level here. Jodha praised, Him; jalal is also learning this new qualities.

so both are appreciating eachother, so both filling corners is filling now each other company


Surrung scene.


Very beautiful scene, our couple did evening walk, in surrung  

(or i recalling these lines, Ye rat  bheegi bheegi yee;;;;;;;;;;;


So, teda jalal back, now jodha is learning his Teda pan.  


you not ans'd my ques, why i give you not ans'd my ques, why i give your ques ans;;;;;Childish couple.TIT OR TAT

Brave jodha, not fears, this quailty, always, attracts jalal

but this is a secret Way, which used By Hamauyan.& BK told jalal.

in this way, Sand is SPREADING on the Floor, so jalal cleared this reason to jodha, Why sand spread ing here? ( VERY IMP TALK )


last scene;;

very cute, scene, jodha is being ready, for Jashan.or jalal entry, so jodhu aware, or wants to serve sweet dish to hubby,...jodha we know,  this sweetness coming from your heart, or special day you want,;;;;;;;;; Kuch Meetha hoo jeye. Ha ha

 how looking she was, Gorgeous,   Big smile    


jalal coming scene very dignified.   or dashing style coming jalal,


jodhu gayi kamm see,  she now start to speak, which jalal wants to listen.LOL


See own, how looking you smart, sure, jalal, feeling seven top of the world, but if he not finds heart, he can enjoy jodha words or importence, noWink


Nok+ Zhonk, praising eachother goes              


Jabb begum Khoobsurat Hoo, To  SS koo bhee sazna savrna padata hee parta hee    


So flirting, joking, leg pulling,  filling atmosphere, Rommence, +naughtiness


Cuti-couple, )


But one thing i liked, when jalal standing back side of jodha in front of Mirror,

 Mirror reflection, seeing eachother+ Talking, Jalal touches jodha shoulder,

KYA BATT HEE;  Star ;Star;ClapClap;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;total  TIME LESS scene.  ClapStar



total Dream land,  ( Back-side standing means;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;i am with you now , i am your back supporter, you need not to worry;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;now we are standing in ONE NESS JONE

because  jalal total covering jodha from back side;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;so which security women needed from her Husband;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;now jalal is giving to Jodha,


again No Touching;;;;;;;;;;;;;;but Heart or Eyes connection, going to more Close.  

but love is feeling here, & its increasing  .,  now time to blossom   these little movements, fillls our life, with beautiful movements.or everyone have to live these movements.

 But yes our AKDHA IS Living these beautiful movements.ClapStar

No comments, Ruk shnu, Sharrif,  so Akdha reached Jashn point.

Jalal want to know jodha ans, so this  song from jodha side.

mujhe kitna pyar hai tumse, apne hee dil se puchho tum
jisase dil diya hai woh tum ho, meree jindagee tumharee hai) - (2)

chahat ne teree mujhko kuchh iss tarah ghera
din ko hai tere charche rato ko khwab tera

tum ho jahan hai wahee par, rehta hai dil bhee mera
bas ek khayal tera kya, sham kya savera

mujhe kitna pyar hai tumse, apne hee dil se puchho tum
jisse dil diya hai woh tum ho, meree jindagee tumharee hai

yeh duniya kaise badalee kuchh bhee samajh na aaye
kyon kar huye woh apne kal tak the jo paraye

dil kee lagan ho sacchee phir kyon na rang laye
mere the tum sada se par abb kareeb aaye

mujhe kitna pyar hai tumse, apne hee dil se puchho tum
jisse dil diya hai woh tum ho, meree jindagee tumharee hai

meree wafa ko abb toh tum aajmana chhod o
dil ko churake mere aankhe churana chhod o

mujh ko banane apna bate banana chhod o
mai kab na thee tumharee lekin satana chhod o

(mujhe kitna pyar hai tumse, apne hee dil se puchho tum
jisse dil diya hai woh tum ho, meree jindagee tumharee hai) - (2)

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sweet_diksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:50am | IP Logged
didn't watch the episode...but from what I remember, it was good one...
harshu27 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet_diksha

didn't watch the episode...but from what I remember, it was good one...

ya d epi was good one compared 2 yest's hukka epi... LOL

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sweet_diksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:59am | IP Logged
jallu in full flirting mode... of course Jo was no less...specially, when in jail , the way she holds his coat, it felt so good to see her so comfy with her...

and then in room while getting ready for jashn, his words, that when Begum is so beautiful, then hubby has to dress up with more perfection ...all lovey-dovey...

btw, both Shehenshah and MUZ got new dresses for this occasion...seems ekta got new sponcerers  and new designers too...and both of then really looking too beautiful , lovely, smart ...

and then the music to our ears... the precap...Jalal putting his wish to become father of 'Their" babies...ufff...he is putting his wish that too in a flirting mode...

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sweet_diksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by harshu27

Originally posted by sweet_diksha

didn't watch the episode...but from what I remember, it was good one...

ya d epi was good one compared 2 yest's hukka epi... LOL

even tom will be good till hukka plays her move of fake preg...
Shinning_Stuti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 10:00am | IP Logged
They showed so many exciting thrilling scenes that I had thought that time now Jodha and Jalal together will solve a great mystery. Hoooh poor me!LOL

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