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SS : Daddy & Daughter 's Day out new part pg 5 completed (Page 5)

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"so how did arushi ended up in chote's office ? " Anjali asked a visually grumpy ,sad, silenced , annoyed khushi all at once . all have return back to home and only question bugging them  is  how arushi got left behind or how she went to arnav's office without anyone's knowledge. Khushi saw arnav coming down the stairs, busy passing order to poor amanji.


 Khushi said eyeing arnav .

"aur kaise di , arnavji ne hi arushi ko gift samjh k pack kar diya hoga "(  who as di , it must be arnavji who must have packed arushi instead of gift )


"what the !"


"wad da !"


Both father and daughter said the word that is biggest reason for khushi's foul mood today . khushi glared at her daughter who was now jumping in her laps and whining to go to her father . arnav walked towards khushi in fast strides , anger quite visible on his face .


"what the khushi , how could you put all blame on me . I am not mad like you that I cannot differentiate between a baby and gift box " arnav looked her burning fire from his eyes , he bloody runs an multi billionaire empire . both arnav and khushi kept looking at each other  hoping other to back down  , ignoring  arushi various what the s' in between both continued the fight .


"ohoo !  don't tempt me to open my mouth arnavji "khushi now stood from the chair she was siting at , keeping her gaze intact on him .


"oh really !" arnav s right eyebrow shot up in response to her baseless allegations


"YES !   remember ,that morning on kanya pujan  .  as I was busy in preparation , I told you to took out arushi's toy   from cupboard , put her milk bottle in kitchen , put the ice-cream in the  freezer .  but what the mighty all the time busy on his bluethooth  ladgo..  err  arnav singh raizada did  ?   .  he put ice-cream   in cupboard , toys in the kitchen and  arushi my lovely  jalebi baby of 8 months in the freezer " khushi  finally threw  the  most curvy speeded ball to a without bat arnav as she has become an IPL fan lately well not IPL but well  VIRAT KHOLI FAN .. well whatever  the main thing is she has shown arnav singh raizada his place .  it was hard time to control herself to pull her  tongue out.


"that's not true !"  no way arnav is going to admit to it . it was not fully true.  Arnav felt comfortable under khushi  scrutinising  gaze and finally mumbled in a small voice to save his whatever small dignity has left .


" I understood my mistake the time I opened the refirgrator s door , so technically speaking our jalebi err.. arushi didn't make it inside it " arnav said crossing his arms over his chest .

"yes  because I stopped you  at time . devi maiya only know if I haven't come on time ,our daughter would have become ice-cream or worse a wildling like in game of thrones " khushi said pointing her finger at arnav . arnav just shrug his shoulder at that  and said what every  men in this situation says and whose consequences are never good.


"so ,  you are her mother , you are supposed to take care of her . what you do all day anyway ,that you can't even take care of our daughter . " arnav said in very firm tone . khushi's face turn all red with anger , she took deep heavy breath as if getting ready to pounce .  arnav had no idea that what huge mistake he has done but as soon as he saw khushi putting arushi in worried anjali's arms , his 4.8 GPA brain  spur into action and ran out for office  as a  khushi threw whatever came to her hand at him .




"hm.. so you mean to say Mrs raizada  that your daughter is arushi ? "  aditya asked putting his small fingers on his chin as if thinking something very deep and kept pacing the room in slow pace . while Anjali and khushi sat  on the bed of arnav-khushi's bedroom  with little arushi playing on the floor with her toys .  they kept nodding their heads on aditya s question   who has volunteered to help solve the mystery of arushi's office  travel .  

Well ! little four year old was practically jumping at idea of solving a case , seeing his excitement khushi was unable to say no , so decided to play along . but now as she is felling her legs going numb due to siting in the same position for last two hours and answering additya s  weird questions that too on repeat , she is regretting her decision to fall  for that innocent smile like his sister's .  devi maiya only knows how shy people like her jijii and jijaji  had  created this buddle of mischief , nani say that he has gone on mamiji  , seeing his investigation skill , she is now sure he has .


" my inbestigation is successful mausi  err  mrs raizada  " Aditya  said flashing his full teeth smile .

"finally !"

"finally !" 

Both Anjali and khushi said at same time and urged him to continue ,

"so what happened was  that , mr. HP  had packed all the small gifts and  now they have to put in bigger box  but before that mr raizada came and checked all and  put all the gifts himself while hpji left to tell mohanji to get car ready .  mr raizada kept on talking on phone after packing it  and  went to office not seeing left behind arushi hiding behind the bed .     so when he reached office  arushi come out of box "  Aditya finished flashing his full teeth smile


"what ?  but  how come arushi reached there " khushi asked  too involved in it


"because she was playing hide and seek " aditya said as if that will give all the answers .


"but it still doesn't explain anything ?" khushi still confused .


"oh ho !   mausi  aap bhi kitni budho ho  .  arushi hamre angel ha na ,  sab khate ha na use angel toh   pari toh apne wings ke sath udke hi jayegi na office " ( oh ho !  mausi , you are so stupid . arushi is our angel , everyone calls her angel . so itn't it obvious that she will fly with her wings to reach  office)


"what ?"  khushi still looked at Aditya shocked  while Aditya sat on his mimi toy bike and drove away screaming case solved .   khushi hit her hand on her head , its all her mistake she should not have got Aditya addicted to CID  , till investigation its is fine , but she is scared of the day he will break the door like daya , no no please devi maiya never let this happen  khushi sent a little prayer to devi maiya . she should  have let Aditya watch  CSI or some other Hollywood show maybe he would have come to some good conclusion .



Arnav came running to his bedroom , he had finally solved the mystery . he would  show khushi now , she was being too much smart in the morning wasn't she.  Now the time has come to face the truth and  punish the culprit . arnav started speaking as soon as he entered their  bedroom door , khushi's back facing him .


"you were  packing  in a haste  , you had put some toys on the box which had gifts for the clients , I was talking to aman standing in the poolside so I didn't see anything .   you very so busy , confused , between packing , making breakfast , taking arushi's toy food , that you accidently took out some gifts thinking them to be toy and put arushi thinking her to something .. I don't know .  everyone was calling you too leave so you picked up the bag and arushi's doll thinking it to be arushi and left .  your mind was not concentrated , you forgot her here.  You put our daughter in danger  , what if something happened to her .  its all your fault khushi   , I  might have almost put her in freezer but I came to sense sooner but you don't even knew it still I called you .  you are a bad mother khushi ."  arnav completed his monologue taking slow steps to khushi , his face giving a satisfied look as if he had just won a deal .


"your right !  I am a very bad mother  . I am so bad that my daughter not even loves me a half of what  love  she has  for you .  she don't even have anything like me except her smile that she shows very rarely like you  .  she.. she  hates me , even when I say her to pout like me for our new selife , she just frowns like you .  our every pic on facebook or insta she full of her frowning as if she hates even getting a picture clicked with me .  "   khushi said trying to control her sobs , holding arushi's doll that she has mistakenly taken,  assuming to be arushi  . she had been so busy the whole day that , her mind had not been in one place , it had been running at various things at a time .  she has realise this bitter truth an hour  before  arnav had come blaming her  .

Khushi stood up from the bed , tears flowing continuously  "  I am that bad that even after  trying for so long to her to say " ma "  or  "devi maiya"  or  something related to me  , she still had said  "what the " "lad governor " things related to you .   do you know what she calls this doll  , she calls it lad governor , almost all her other toys are named what the .  arnavji, I .. I .. I failed as a mother . I failed at something that I had dreamed all my life."  Not able to hold anymore  khushi fell down on the floor crying bitterly .


"shhh!  Khushi I didn't mean that    I am sorry for hurting you . you are a wonderful mother . she loves you a lot more than me khushi "  arnav tried calming her down , taking her in his embrace , shit!  He didn't knew his words will hurt her so bad , why you have to say things without thinking arnav , why  you hurt her when you know you can't stand her in tears . arnav kissed her tears away , cupping her face in his hand .


"khushi she likes jalebi , she can't sleep without you , she wont eat without you . she share her every day with you blabbering in her babyish tone that only you can understand maybe that's why she said something related to me because I couldn't communicate with her in her tone so she said word that I can understand .  she is her mother's daughter in everyway , I am nothing but a stranger for her .she knows that she has got the world greatest mother that's  why she throws tantrum act pricey around you because she knows that you love for her would never stop ."  arnav tried to make khushi feel good , seeing her tears stop , he felt relieved .


"you agree to it or not khushi  but the truth is you are our lifeline .  we  love you more than anything .  I love you " arnav kissed khushi's forehead , then her cheeks with each sentence , he finally concluded his speech with a intense kiss on her lips making her forget her every worry.




Khushi was preparing the pooja thal while humming her favourite tune , at the same time  arnav  came to  her with arushi in his arms . he put arushi down , who went walking to her mother and accidently made the fall out of khushi's hand making the content fall down on the ground making khushi shocked .

"hey devi maiya !  "

"hy dey mai " arushi said in her babyish tone while hiting her head with her little palms and her other hand reside on her hips making both mother and daughter look alike .


Khushi gaped at her daughter s  word as the realization  came to her , she started jumping in joy and kissing arushi everywhere smilingly  while little arushi just gave another hy devi maiya' to her behaviour , making khushi eyes wet with happiness .


Arnav  captured this beautiful scene of his daughter and wife in her mobile camera  , smiling all the while .  he winked to her daughter who only giggled in reply as khushi took her to kitchen to award her  daughter's small achievement with jalebi .


Finally arnav constant practice of hey devimaiya' with his daughter had paid off   .  she after all is smart like his father to learn things quick and implement them faster especially in crucial circumstances like now .


Like father like daughter  , can't see khushi sad .



I am not sure if I have lived up to your expectations with this updateBig smile

.  but thank you a lot for giving this story a chance and loving it so much that too demand this another chapter .  for all those who PMed  me to update  thank you so much , you made me so happy and  make me to write more .Embarrassed


a big hug for you all  thank you so much Hug

If the response to this come good , I might consider making a sequel to it . please like and comment it means a lot to me .   constructive criticism is always welcomed  . avoid the typos 

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That was absolute fun...

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wow awesome
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excellent cute
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nice Smile

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