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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

SS : Daddy & Daughter 's Day out new part pg 5 completed

dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 8:55am | IP Logged
It was the first   story i had writen on arshi at the time when ipkknd was still on air .   I had stopped it in middle for reason i dont remmber so when suddenly i saw it i thought of posting .     Its atnav & his daughter arshi ' s adventure story it will of   three parts only    hope you like it .   

this a sweet lil SS of mr. arnav singh raizada and his cutey daughter miss arushi singh raizada. . . .       

Shot - 1 

magic box

arnav was very busy for past few months , he hardly
had time for his family .
his soon to be 1.1/2 yr old daughter who hasn't yet uttered her first words. She has been missing her daddy too much , she has troubled khushi so much these days . Want to eat from daddy's hand , sleep in his lap , follow him every where , cry all day without him .   Daddy 's princesss uff !!

so, to bring them closer devi maiya made a plan . .and sit down write what gone happen next. .

''kanya/girl = love = happiness = ASR going mad = ARNAV going happy''                 


     arnav ordered mohan to keep the big carton boxes in his cabin . the boxes were full of gifts that he had bought for his new foreign clients.       

     he went outside to welcome the clients and gestured them to sit on sofas while telling aman to gave them gifts .      aman bent down and took a gift out and gave it to one of the client.   

he again bend down to seek another gift before which he noticed his palm geting wet .

''its maybe coz of nervousness'' he thought , then took another gift and gave it to the second client.

. he again felt his palms which got more wet now.

but now even a weired scent can be smelt   from it .

while bringing his palm closer to his nose to smel the wetness ''it doesn't smel like sweat. . . it is more like. .. like. . uriene . . yes. .susu it is. ! '' he thought which followed by a loud EWW! EWW! from him

Both the clients   also bheaved the same as aman shaking there hands and saying eww !! Eww !!   Loudly .

which went for to few minutes ,

   then whole office strucked by a roar from irritated lion ASR

''SHUT UP! what the hell happened?''     then came the answer

'urien . . susu . .urien'    '

'what the''       arnav saw the box and gift which were wet. .    then his already shocked face get more shocked as the culprit sarted crying . .      

     muh! eh! eh! muh! . . ma. .mue. .w!      

        ''who the hell brought a kid to the office'' arnav shouted so loud that the whole delhi can hear it .

the kid cried with more force getting scared from   arnav ' s shout . Arnav checked the boxes but all were empty .arnav looked here and there   to know the direction of the sound .

" MUH!MME. . .MA. . AA MUHE!!      

,'sir sound is coming from below the desk.'    Aman said .

everyone bent down to see the culprit .

    the culprit was cute , wearing a pink-white frok with stars & butterfly,   sandles adoring her small feet.
her small hand were covering her eyes and cried constantly .

     ''how cute'' the female client said              

    ''whose kid is she?'' a male client questioned angry seeing his hands full of urine .

hearing alien voices the girl stopped crying for a minute and bring his first hand down followed by seconed . now , both her big twinkling eyes were visible just like her mothers.             

    then came a voice '' she is my daughter, arushi''           

             then begin the day out!

thank you so much for liking this story   .    Big smile
a new part is added to it on page 5  do check out 

             ibestgationwa - pg 5Embarrassed{on people's demand }

hope u like it . :)   
Pls do like & comment

Scroll down for next parts

    #MISSING arnav-khushi <3   Embarrassed

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 8:56am | IP Logged
                                  Shot- 2 


devimaiya 's quote ''A mother is a daughter' s friend, teacher, infact her everything but at the time of her wedding its the father who is left heart broken.


arnav was shocked and angery at sametime .

joy or happiness that a parent feel meeting their kid was nowhere to exist.     

      arushi was sad & scared seeing so many alien faces, only one face that she recognize but yet unknown to her.

       he was infornt of her eyes ,moving not even an inch.

he was the mighty ASR the stranger that lives in her house which she sees occasionly , she calls her daddy . She misses him but he doesn't spend time with her . manav payal & akash 3 year old spends his whole time withbhis father playing , laughing , demanding his time . So getting jelous of manav , arushi has   demanded for her father at every time though she cant speak clearly but she wines looking at her fathers photo or calls pu pu .. calling his father .

   arnav has been really busy especially after the birth of arushi , he hardly got time to see her, care her also bcoz of khushi, arav, anjali, nani, mamiji, nk who already in line in front of him to play with her, care about her. . .                     

for him she was not less than any strange as desert to rain.     

next he did what all   dads do in case of being stuck   with their kids .

He punched some numbers on his blackberry   and shouted bringing the phone closer to his ears

''khushi! what arushi doing in my office , can't u even taken care of a small kid''      arnav frustrated because of his ruined meeting .

'kya? arushi apke pass h , devimaiya danyawaad . hum to dar hi gye the. (what! arushi is with u. thanku devimaiya.i got so scared) '' khushi said in between her sobs

     ''what the! khushi stop crying. she is fine. come and take her from here'' arnav said in a calm voice      controling his anger      

      ''arnavji! aap bhol gye kya hum lucknow mein h, aur subhe flight ki jaldi mein arushi ko ghar pe hi bohl gye (arnavji, u forget we are in lucknow. bcoz of early morning hurry we forget her at home)'' khushi said   

    ''arnavji, u have to take care of her before i come back'' khushi said              

   ''fine , i'll call a nanny'' arnav said       

''NO! NO! no nanny, no stranger, arnavji you take care of her'' :k[COLOR=green]

''but khushi . . '' before he could say anything the phone get disconnected .    

           STRANGER! really well don't know about the nany but arnav was a 100% stranger to her.

      well looks like finnaly its time to meet the stranger

arnav again bent down , this time to bring arushi out of the desk        but what he saw was more shocking then his daughter, more dangerous then a terroist, more devasting then losses in business . . .   

       it was the empty desk, arushi nowhere to be seen .       

seeing this only one legendry word came to his mouth ''WHAT THE''          

 scroll down for more Big smile

In this story arnav and arushi are like stranger to eachother . With the progress of story they will get closer to eacother . Their this day out will finally let two strangers meet .

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 8:56am | IP Logged
                                   shot   -3

                                         horse's back Embarrassed

" come out right now arushi . I am warning you for the last time " arnav said in a very stern voice hoping that as his this voice make people shudder with fear same way this tiny little creature will also get scared and come out imediately .

But looks like he is forgeting that this tiny little creature is flooded with his DNA as khushi says 'arnavji arsuhi bilkul aap par gye h ' . Indeed she has .

Arushi had run off from her father ' s desk to the conference room wobbling her tiny feets as fast as she could .

Arnav had a hard timing finding her , he even comanded every one in the office to look for her . Finnaly his PA finded little bundle   under the conference room 's table , she informed arnav of the same but unfortunetaly seeing arnav ' s angry face and   arushi ran away from him again making him folllow her   .   

When arnav was just a inch close to her she douch his hands & went   running between his open legs gigling as if they are playing a game   and suddenly she vanished again in front of his eyes in seconds .

Khushi might say that arushi is his replica but surely when it comes to running and irritating arnav she is full felged replica of her mother.

' o .. o.. hee'   arushi 's babish voice reach arnav ears    when he was frustratingly looking for her here and there   . He followed her voice , her little palm was hiting something made of tin or steel making tump tump sound .

" what the " arnav muttered under his breath   looking at   a gigling arushi siting inside     AC vent   . AR 's   center air conditioning was not working   for some reasons so today its repairing was on thus most of the AC outlet were open .

So now coming back to the present situation where arnav has been trying to get his daughter out of the vent which too small for any adult to enter or even his hands were not reaching till her.

Arnav has been trying to get her out for past 15 mintues   but she have not buged even a little on his threats    instead she has giggled and has shown her tounge mocking him , thanks for mrs m raizada for teaching her that   Like mother like daughter . Arnav's this last self thought gave him an amazing idea   so he smirked   and told his PA to bring   ' jalebis '

" if you want jalebi then come out right now " arnav again threathned arushi   showing a piece of jalebi . He   forwarded his hand holding jalebi a little inside the vent , luring his daughter    to take the bait .

Arushi looked mesmirzed at the jalebis   , her mouth watering   just looking at that .   Arushi crawled towards it she took the jalebi carefully from his father 's hand    .   

Taking advantage of her distraction arnav snaked his arm   around her tiny body to lift her up . But before he could fully materialise his plan , arushi bit his hand hard , making him jerk his hand back in pain . While arushi went crwling back to the end of vent and chewed her jalebi   smilingly .

" what the ! , arushi come out right now " losing his patience arnav shouted making the whole office tumble with fear . Arushi looked at her father in the eye    , arnav folded his arms on his chest and gave her his deadly glare trying to scare her .   

Arushi   folded her arms on her chest mimicking her father and try giving the same glare   back    with her inocent eyes . arushi added her own flair to the action by sticking her tounge out . Arnav looked   at her shocked   , arnav eyebrow shot up at her atitude   . Arushi gladly followed his father by raising her eyebrow   just like his father   .

Like father like daughter . Arnav this thought took him to memory lane   .

"arushi is just like you   " khushi said while patting arushi 's head softly to make her sleep .                                                                    " why you always say that khushi ? " arnav asked her while coming to lay on the bed .                                                               " because just like you to make her do something as per our wish , if we try to shout at her , get angery   , she retaliates   and become stiff .                                                                but if talk to her nicely , lovingly   she follows us without question   "   khushi said smilingly looking at her amused husband

Arnav   came back to the present   hearing the giggling sound of his employess who were sorrounding him .

Arnav   glared at them ,stoping all of once . Everyone left for their work , leaving daddy - daughter duo to themseleves . Its good that they left otherwise   arnav 's reputation would have gone down servel   steps down with what he is going to do next .

Arnav took few deep breaths   getting himself ready for what is coming next .

Then he turned to his daughter , smiled wide , turned his eyes very gentle   and started saying in a babish tone    

" my allo baby come out    , we will play together , eat a lot of jalebies   , see mickey mouse or tom & jerry whatever you would like    ok   "   arnav coed sweetly to his daughter    .

Arushi melted down slowly looking at her father .

Arnav   got down on his arms and knees   in a horse postion    and said looking at arushi   

" come   allo    hop on , i will be your horse   , we will ride down in the whole office "

Arushi   come crawling fast to her father   laughing & claling her hands at her fathers invite exciting .

Arnav pulled arushi out of vent and made her sit on his back and   rid around the room   like a horse     taking in babish tone to her now & then . Arushi enjoyed a lot with his father .

They played all day in office   and then at home . Arnav changed her diapers   , feed her watched cartoons as promise .   Both strangers got to know eachother a little more in this day out .


" arnav ji , hum aa gye   "   khushi opened   their bedroom   happily    . She stood there not moving a inch looking at the scene infront of her .

Arnav & arushi sitting side by side on the floor   surrounded by hundred of toys    . Arnav   turn the key of toy train making it run round and round the tracks , making arushi clap happily while jumping   with excitment .

Khushi made her we threw the flood of toys in their room and   kneeled down near both of them   and took them in a bear hug   smilingly and kissed their cheeks lovingly .   Tear of happiness making its way out .

Arnav looked back smilingly . Khushi    turn the key of toy train making it run round and round   but suddenly it fell down the tracks letting three sounds come in unision .

" hey devi maiya !! "

" what the "

" whad dd "   

Khushi and arnav looked at arushi shocked . Did she just said her first word that too ' what the '

' NOOO!!   '   khushi screamed .

" i   nutured for 9 months in the womb and then for one and half year i took very good care of you .   Spend   most of my time requesting you say    'amma ' . And you spend one day with this lad governor and you say what the ... not fair !! "

Khushi let her frustration out   while   both arushi & arnav looked at her shocked   and scared at her .

" lad govnu "    arushi said in her babish tone   and laughed .

Khushi just gaped at her daughter open mouthed .

   Like father like daughter

the super last part on page 5   on popular demand 

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swpna IF-Dazzler

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waiting for next..

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sandystarz19 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Lovely.. how did she baby reach office??

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sandystarz19

Lovely.. how did she baby reach office??
      arushi   get inside the carton box while playing , which had gifts in it

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:58am | IP Logged

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MysticRiver

   thank you Embarrassed

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