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"The Challenge" - A ShraMan & Pushkar TS


"So you're going back next week Bhai?" Said Puskhar as he dropped down on the sofa in Shravan's room.


Shravan was sitting on one of the armchairs and looking at his laptop which was on the coffee table in front of him. He didn't hear exactly what Pushkar said but saw him as he glanced up.


"Bhaiyya, I asked you a question. Are you going back to London next week?" asked Pushkar looking squarely at Shravan.


"Ha! Ja raha hu. I am going back!"


"OK I guess?" said Pushkar with a scowl. "Aap mere kehene par ruk toh nahi jaoge na?"


"What's that supposed to mean?"


"Exactly what it sounds like! You won't stay for me. I've already told you so many times to stay, still you planned your return two times since then. You almost left last time, and only stayed for Sumo's case!"


"Twariji's case!" correct Shravan.


"Ha...Tiwariji's case. Of course, it was not Sumo's case!" said Pushkar giving Shravan an old fashioned look.


"What's that look for? I did it for the whole family. For Nanaji. Twari Killa means so much to him!"


"Yes Tiwari Killa means so much to Nanaji....! Tell me bhai, WHO's Nanaji is he? I mean he is also Dadaji to two people in that house. Preeti and Daboo. But you always call him Nanaji!"


"Of course I call him that. It's what I always called him. He's Sumo's Nanaji..." retorted Shravan, but as he completed the sentence, he realised the significance of what he had said.


"Asked and answered Bhaiyaa!" said Pushkar with a small smile. "Look, we both know you only did all this because Tiwariji is Sumo's Nanaji. If not why would you stay and fight for his home? It's because it's her home right?"


"Wrong Pushkar. It was MY second home too growing up!"


"Yes, and Suman your best friend! Clearly even more than that, judging by what happened since you came back here!" Shravan was about to speak when Pushkar stopped him.


"Please don't deny it Bhaiyya. I may not be as good a lawyer as you, but I am not that bad either! I can see this for what it really is!"


"And what is that?" asked Shravan with raised browse.


"Aap Suman ko chahathai ho!"


"Pushkar?" said Shravan looking up at him. "You're getting a bit carried away here!"


"Am I? All I know is, you have always been emotionally attached to Suman and everything connected to her. In my mind, I can't rationalise it in any other way but call it what it most clearly appears to be!"


"Sometimes looks can be deceptive!"


"Yes but in this case it's not. Sometimes, things are just as they seem! Look Bhaiyya...arguments aside, WHAT is stopping you from accepting what is so obvious to me? Problem kya hai Bhaiyya?" asked Pushkar in an earnest voice. "Muje batado please. At least THIS time, don't shut me out!"


Shravan closed his eyes and then covered them with his palms and he ran his hands over his hair. He knew he had hurt Pushkar by keeping things from him. Maybe it's time he confided in someone? Who better than his brother? Pushkar was the only person after his Dad, whom he knew loved him unconditionally. He can surely tell him how he felt.


"Look chote...the truth is, I did have a crush on Sumo during high school. But you know what she was like? She didn't have a clue and I don't think even now she has a clue about it. But what hurt me was not anything to do with that. It was coz she never wanted to accept who I was to her. She didn't want to accept that we were friends in front of her more "cool" friends in high school. She was not there for me when I needed her...I was hoping for her support, and she was too busy being cool. I was so gutted when Mum left...I..." Shravan stopped mid-sentence when he knew what he had said. He never discussed his Mother. To date, he had not talked of her to anyone in the family. Not even his Dad.


Pushkar sighed as he realised the mention of his Mum had thrown his brother off track, and it may be tough to bring him back to the topic again. He knew he had to be cautious talking on this subject as it was a very sensitive issue for Shravan. But now that he had inadvertently started the conversation, Pushkar was not going to let go of it. This was the first time he had mentioned his Mum to him in the past 10 years, even by mistake. He was not about to drop the subject.


"Bhaiyya...it's OK. You can say it. I know Badi Mummy leaving hurt you a lot. Sumo didn't support you, and that hurt you even more. I understand now why you behaved the way you did with Sumo. But Bhaiyya I won't say you were right, coz your method of teaching her a lesson really sucked!" said Pushkar who never minced his words. Shravan always appreciated his honesty.


"Trust me chote...I know! Your right. My methods sucked and I acted in such a damned juvenile way. But I guess when dealing with Sumo, my emotions were still stuck in high school" said Shravan ruefully.


"I know you guys have patched up now. But seriously Bhiayya...are you going to pretend to me that what you felt for Sumo was just a crush? Or better still, that you don't feel that way about her now?" said Pushkar looking squarely at Shravan.


Shravan could not handle his direct gaze and looked away.


"Kya hua Bhaiyya? Why won't you answer the question?"


"Kuch sawal ka jawab nahi hotha!" said Shravan with a sigh.


"Jawab nahin hotha, ya aap dena nehi chatain?"


"Sometimes, when the answer is too painful, you can't verbalise it!"


"The answer being, I am right? You are not over Sumo?"


"Whatever I am, it's my issue Pushkar. I can't burden Sumo with it. Uski zindagi main bohot kuch chal raha hain! Meri ek tharfa pyar ki boj bhi use main nahin de sakta!" said Shravan in a pained voice.


"Apko kaise patha ke yeh ek tharfa pyaar hai?" asked Pushkar.


Shravan looked at Pushkar incredulously. "Why do you say that?"


"Come on Bhaiyaa...Sumo has been waiting 10 years to see you. Woh apka intezar kar raha tha. She was so excited to meet you again!"


"Yeah coz she wanted to apologise. To put things right. She told me!" said Shravan.


"And you just believed her?" asked Pushkar with a small laugh. "Bhaiyya, how can you be so blind? Apko dikai nahi detha kya? Sumo has feelings for you too!"


"I don't think she does!"


"Yes she does. Maybe you're too close to this and you just can't see what is so clear to me. You know the saying "The closer you get the less you see?" Well this is the same thing. Trust me, she feels more for you than just friendship. Main daweke saath kehe saktha hu!"


"I don't know!" said Shravan in a low tone.


"I do! OK agar main kahu ke main aapko yeh prove karke rahunga? Toh aap kya kahoge?" asked Pushkar.


"I'll say...you can try chote!" said Shravan with a small smile.


"I'll do better!" said Pushkar returning his smile. "Lagi Shart?"


"OK! Lagi Shart!" said Shravan shaking his head.


"Bhaiyya looks so good when he smiles", thought Pushkar. He was going to bring the smile back to his brother's face if that was the last thing he did. It was so good having Shravan back home. He didn't want to lose him to London again. He had always been closer to Shravan than to his brother Varun. They had more in common and they were closer in age. He was determined. SHE was the only one who could make his brother stay and that is exactly what he was going to do.



To be continued...



Hi All,

Just a little piece I wrote on the Bromance of Shravan and Pushkar. I want him to play a pivotal role in bringing these two together. Will try and update soon!



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Really good.. Smile
M sure Pushkar is going to win this bet Wink
Do write the next part soon.. Smile

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Nice!! Update soon

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MANDY!! Our Shakespeare Mandy!!LOLLOL

I really can't thank you enough for writing something on their bromance.         These two have such a precious bond. And yes Pushkar is the only person in the family except for Ramnath who actually loves Shravan and appreciates him without any motive. Even I want him to play a pivotal role in ShraMan love story which I believe he will.

Now back to your story I wonder what is Pushkar's planLOLLOL...will be waiting for your update.


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This is really good! 
Loved it..
Continue soonEmbarrassed

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Aaah I was looking for OneShots on the bromance! Please write more, all the writers actually! ShraPush (I think the ship name is right? LOL) needs to be written about!

Nice job btw! Continue soon!

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Nice os
Pushkar to the rescue
Eagerly waiting for what Pushkar is going to now

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