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New ASYA SS : A Deal Close To Her Heart! ~ THREAD II ~ Part 12- 28/06

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                        ASYA SS : A DEAL CLOSE TO HER HEART ! ~

                                                                  THREAD TWO

Hello gorgeous people!

Look who's back!  ~ *waves with a huge grin*

Thank you so so much all you lovely patient readers of mine for helping me make it to the 2nd thread with this story. 

I am so very overwhelmed! 
Thank you, each one of you!!!

Hugs and kisses! xoxo

Another thing I want to say is; I was just going through the story and saw that I somehow forgot to mention that the idea behind the start of the story was got from a novel I was reading [ Don't know how I forgot to mention it.] But just the starting part of Asad and Zoya having this professional deal of having a baby, but the rest of the story is completely different and all mine.

Also, I'm kind of having a writer's bloc, I did try writing on 2-3 occasions, like simply just sat to write but couldn't go on more than a couple of lines. So please hold up a bit more [I know, too much I'm asking of you allDisapprove] , I'll try to get rid of this writers bloc soon, hopefully and come back with a garma garam update! Embarrassed

Tab tak, re-read the story agar bhool gaye ho, and new readers, jaldi se read up the till the last part.

See you again very soon! Heart

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Chandnii. Goldie

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  • INDEX:


Part 12 : BELOW

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No, I'm still not done with writing this part. Though I've written quite a lot, just not satisfied with it, so am still going to take some more time. 

Thank you and sorry.


Attending the door was forgotten.

And so was ringing the bell. 

It was all forgotten.

Because two people were talking to their favourite person. Hence the rest could wait.


Not sure if this can be classified as a spoiler. I just felt like putting something up.LOLConfused

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Chandnii. Goldie

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Greetings to all my super lovely people here.Big smile

So, I know I was suppose to post this part yesterday but b the time I got home, was too drained to even post it. This part has been sitting ready since a couple of days now, just wasn't getting the time to post it.

Anyway, here it is now.

Hope you guys like it, and leave your amazing feedback! Show me the same love as before! Heart

Part Twelve.

Half hour into sleep, she woke up with a heavy head due to some non-stop buzzing and ringing. She somehow managed to get up from the sofa and find the source of that disturbing sound. She checked her phone, 38 missed calls from Asad Ahmed Khan, 20 messages and the bell to her house kept ringing so even before she could actually comprehend what was going on, and what should her response be, whether to read the messages, call him back, or open the door, her phone started vibrating again and, it flashed Asad Ahmed Khan calling, quite hazy and drained due to everything that happened in the past few hours, she sat back onto the sofa not knowing what to do? 
She wanted to answer the call and talk to him, yell at him, know what had actually happened and that somewhere she was wrong to have thought all things adverse and to have left like that, but she was so mad and it got the better of her judgement. So she cancelled his call. 

Only, she immediately regretted doing so.

Also, Asad wasn't going to let her be so easily, and so he called yet another time.
Even though he wasn't exactly the man to not get what he wanted and to have to beg for it. Repeatedly. 
However, he did have reason enough to do so ..

Love does teach a man persistence and perseverance. 

Zoya's feet started moving to answer the door while simultaneously swiping the screen to answer his call.
The heart though aching still wanted to hear the voice it ached for.

"Hello", she answered.
"Oh, thank god you answered!" She was met with a very panicky and high-pitched voice that blocked her rather casual 'Hello'.
"May I ask why did you pull the disappearing act on me this morning??" He enquired sounding rather angry.

Zoya's anger that had melted just a little on hearing Asad's very panicky voice and on that sigh of relief she heard and, which was felt by her, when she had answered the call, making her anger go away a little. And, before she could respond, he asked ... threw at her another question, making her anger rise up a few notches. How dare he, she thought, he was the one who disappeared on me and is now accusing me?!

Oh, what the hell! 

"I ask you just the same question, Mr.Asad Ahmed Khan, where the hell did you vanish early this morning, ha?" If Asad sounded angry, Zoya spitted fire through the very same question, hand on her hip, eyes big enough to scare anybody, she stood in the middle of the passage connecting hall to the main entrance of her house. 

Attending the door was forgotten by this angry tigress.

And so was ringing the bell. 

It was all forgotten.

Becuase two people were talking to their favourite person. Hence the rest could wait.

Well... not talking exactly. 


Asad's doubt was now confirmed. She had indeed left the house without reading the note he wrote to her, thinking all things negative about the situation, assuming that he left her after hearing her wretched past and gone away. So instead of being angry at her tone and yelling right back at her, he paused a moment understanding her dillema. There was a slight smile on Asad's face just visaulising Zoya's angry posture and the just the way her eyes would have bulged into huge fire-spitting red saucers, thinking that's her scaring away look, only Asad thought she looked way too adorable with that look on her. He was reminded of the few times she had gotten angry during the initial stages of their deal, at the office, in the house, on the sofa, when she thought she was misunderstood by Asad and just how adorable she looked then.

He sighed remeniscing those moments. 

She really had taken over his heart. This beautifull girl, Zoya.

"What happen now? Cat got your tongue? Why aren't you answering my question?" Zoya all but yelled this time, breaking Asad's chain of thoughts.

Asad's thoughts were disturbed by a loud and angry Miss Farooqui. She was so loud that he could hear her through the main door more clearly than through his phone. And before he could help it, he came up with a snide reply.

"No Zoya. Cat did not get my tongue. Well, thank god! Though I hope you would have." He sniggered just a bit. It was very unusual for Asad to have comeback with a remark like that... maybe this was also because of Zoya, her love was changing him, making him a bit more fun-loving, let-loose and a happy person.

But then as soon as he heard he the next line out of Zoya's mouth, he sobbered. And decided to act understanding the seriousness of the situation. On any other day, before this deal with Zoya, Asad wouldn't have even thought he'd be this carefree person, mocking an angry person in such a serious situation. But here he is now, doing just what he'd never thought he'd ever do. Well... impact of Miss Farooqui's playfulness and warmth. Only, if she understood that she was all smiles, sparkles and lot of shine.

"WHAAAT? Do you not realize the matter we are in right now? How dare you mock me? I'm hanging up on you right away, if you fail to realize what has happened and continue to mock this, us." This time Zoya sounded a bit hurt. 

Honestly speaking, she herself  for a moment forgot about the current fiasco and wished it were indeed her that got Asad's tongue. Oh boy! Did she miss him?! It had been what? how long? ... only just a few hours and she missed his touch, his scent, and the entire being with him and doing things... Even though she didnt want to agree, he so smoothly had etched his place in her heart. But not getting further carried away by these thoughts, she sobbered just as soon as this thought crossed her mind, remebering what got her in this position, how Mr. AAK abandoned her. She did somewhere feel that she had over reacted but what the hell.. he did disappear after all and she wasn't sure where their conversation was heading, confusing her further and making her all the more mad.

Asad felt his insides crunch and pain with the hurt he felt coming from Zoya's voice and he only wished to hold her and kiss away the pain, clear this stupid misunderstaning and break the wall between them. In the current context, the door, thought Asad.

'Dude, get a grip'  ...
'perhaps, grip onto Zoya, eh? ...' 
'Behave heart and brain .. '
'function properly.' He chided himself.

He sobered.

"Alright. I'm sorry. Please open the door Zoya. I'm tired ringing the bell to your house. Please open up. We can talk and clear the misunderstanding. A huge one at that." Asad requested.

Zoya couldn't believe her ears. Was Asad really standing outside her house? Was he the one who was constantly ringing the door bell? Asad's genuineness could be heard  and felt by Zoya and she all but ran towards the door to unlock it, but stopped right before her hand could unlock the door. She saw through the peephole and Asad was standing right outside looking every bit haggard, yet dashing as ever. She eagerly wanted to open the entry to her house (& heart) for him and soothe away his pain, wipe those tense lines from his forehead and indirectly take away her pain as well, but she was having an inner battle between her heart and brain. 

Both had their own things to say.

'Shut up Zoya! Stop. Get a grip.' The brain firmly said.
'But, look at him.. he looks exhausted and is standing oustide since god knows when?' The heart melted and spread a warm mushy feel inside Zoya.

'So what? Don't open the door to him.' Said the heartless brain.
'Open the door Zoya. Don't be foolish!' Said the gooey heart.
'DON'T Zoya! ... did you forget the reason behind all this?'
'But he is here now and that is what matters.'

'So what? He pulled the disappearing act on you this morning. He doesn't deserve it.'
'He does deserve it ... Open and give him a chance to explain.'
'DON'T!' yelled the brain
'DO IT. OPEN THE DOOR.' cried the aching heart.

"Nooo ... Allah Miya what's wrong with you?" Zoya tried to calm herself down, by shutting her ears with her palms.

"Zoya please. darvaza kholo. I want to talk to you. We need to clear this misunderstanding." Asad thought Zoya's reaction was for him, when it actually was to stop the 'yes and no' discussion going between her head and heart.

But when she heard him act upon it, she also continued instead of actually doing what she wanted to.. which was to open the door to him, hug him tight and kiss him with all her might, punch him hard and then maybe kiss him some more, and later listen to the explanation behind his very stupid act. She knew somewhere, that there was a reasonable explanation behind it, that Asad wasn't at fault. But the brain took over and she did not open the door to Asad. She infact even contemplated telling him that she wasn't home. 

Rational thinking was darned.

"No Mr.Khan. There is no need for that. There isn't any misunderstanding. Sab kuch loud and clear samajh aa chuka hai mujhe. It's better if you leave. Please don't make this any difficult for me or for yourself." She choked a bit towards the end but tried hiding it.

Rational thinking was indeed dammed.

Asad obviously understood the turmoil she was going through, and only wanted to see her, hold her and be with her. All explanations could wait, he couldn't bear her crying and him being the reason behind it.

Damn it. 

He punched the wall next to the door, losing his cool.

"ZOYA!" His breath raspy. "Open the door." He was firm this time.

"NO." came the instant reply. Even though she still wanted to open it and care to the hand he just banged the wall with. She was now openly crying, and even though she tried hushing her voice down, she was audible.

Asad lost it.

"Zoya, if you do not open the door this minute. I'm going to break this damn door and only you're going to be responsible for it & whatever that happens later." 

He didn't sound like he could be argued with. It sent tingles down Zoya's spine. But, she wasn't going to budge this easliy, at least not yet.

"Go away" She paused  ...  "Please." She cried.

He kicked the damn door a few times. And boy, did it quiver? Despite it being a hard sturdy door.
He was after all Mr. AAK.



"Don't..." she cried. " Stop hurting yourself. ... and me.." but the last part came as a mere whisper.

"Zoya please ... open up... if you do really care.. open the door, Zoya. I'll stay as long as it takes... I'm not leaving here without speaking with you and not without you. Is that clear?"

This time she did want to tell him she wasn't home so as to make it stop but she peeped through the peephole once again, only to meet Asad's eyes, looking boring straight into hers. She had been caught. So she quickly backed away, but almost instantly peeped through again, and the sight she saw made her heart twist and turn unpleasantly. Asad look tired and drained and angry as hell, yet there was a certain kind of emotion "(hurt, and maybe love) she saw in his weary eyes. One who would fight any obstacle that would block his path to her. That look of love, concern, anger, desperation and almost about any other emotion, which Zoya could read, and that which gave her the answer she was looking for.

And did she hear correctly .. ?

'not without you...'

'wait... WHAAAT?'


Alright! So that was that! Embarrassed

A long update. So no complains coming my way for that.

Some of you wanted AAK to break the door and all of that macho-sexy ness... uska bhi dose hai thoda sa.. so no complains there either.

And baaki, I hope you guys liked the update. It's really been a while since I've written, trying to get back on track with the story.

Leave me lots of likes and comments and lots and lots of love and adverse remarks through them. Basically, your honest views.

Not sure when I'll sit to write the next part & how it may affect their lives.TongueLOL


Stay tuned to know what fate has in store for them.Wink

Until then, Keep smiling & stay beautiful!

Much Love! 


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& here comes me tooTongueDancing

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Mona baby Congrats a lots 4 d new threadPartyHug

a very well deserved sweetuClapBig smile

Love yaHeart

ab updt de de jaldi seEmbarrassedLOL

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Last sabke liye common resBig smileHug

& page khlaas (error correction by Tehsu LOL)Cool

thank u thank u 4 not interruptingLOLROFLLOL

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