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MANAN- YOU ARE STILL THE ONE.(CHAPTER-38 on pg no.38)(15.1. 2017) (Page 36)

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amazing update

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Hi guys I am back with another update...


Manik hadn't expected to see the person there .

Manik - Tum yahan???

Person - Yes... What's going on between you and Nandini?

Manik - Cabir yaar aisa Kuch nahi hai... Wo bas mai Nandini se...
(The person who had heard The 
Conversation of Manik and Nandini was Cabir)

Cabir-Manik... Ab koi bahana mat bana . Mujhse kuch nahi chupa sakta tu. So don't even try to hide anything. Waise bhi Maine sab sun lia hai.

Manik - Wo actually... Cabir... Mai aur Nandini... We Both...

Cabir completed the sentence - Love each other... Wo to obvious hai...Aage...

Manik - But because of my foolishness,she is now angry on me. It's not my fault altogether. But She is not ready to listen anything .

Cabir - Aisa kya foolishness kardiya tune Jo wo tujhse itni naraaz hai?

Manik - Bahut hi lambi kahani hai kabhi fursat me sunaunga tujhe. 

Cabir - Mere paas to fursat hi fursat hai. Chal canteen chalte hai. Wahan aaram se bataiyo ki akhir majra kya hai.

Saying this Cabir took Manik with him to the canteen.

In the meantime,

in the library-

Nandini went to the library and saw that Dhruv was already waiting for her.

Dhruv Welcomed her with a smile and both of them started their preparation.

After sometime Dhruv said - Nandini let's take a break and go to canteen. Subah jaldi me Maine breakfast bhi nahi Kia. Aur khale pet mujhse padhai nahi hoti.

Nandini - Ok Dhruv as you say.

Saying this she went to the canteen along with Dhruv.

Manik and Cabir were seated in the canteen.

Nandini ignored Manik and went and sat far away from him with Dhruv.

Manik's back was facing Nandini so he was not aware of her presence. Even Cabir didn't see Nandini.

Cabir to Manik- Ab batayega bhi ki kya baat hai?

Manik told him everything from the beginning like how he had a bet with his friends and how a small misunderstanding separated him and Nandini.

Cabir listened to Manik very carefully.

Then he said - Hmm... Mujhe to Pehle hi pata tha this girl Soha is trouble. I had warned you several times to stay away from her but tu meri baat maanta hi nahi tha.

Manik - Cabir yaar. That chapter is over. So what's the point in wasting time to discuss about it. Suggest me a solution now. Ab mai kya karu?

Cabir- Karna kya hai. Baat kar Nandini se .

Manik - Oh wow... Kya solution diya hai. Idiot... Mai itne time se yahi to try kar raha hoon. But Nandini to meri baat sunne ko bhi tayyar nahi hai.

Cabir- Fir to ek hi raasta hai.

Manik - Kya???

Cabir- Kidnap her. Tab to wo teri baat sunegi. Infact usey Sunna hi hoga. She won't have any option.

Manik gave an angry look at Cabir and said- What???? R u serious? Mai tujhse help maang raha hoon aur tujhe mazak soojh raha hai.

Saying this Manik got up to leave when Cabir saw Nandini with Dhruv.

Nandini and Dhruv were having sandwich. 

Cabir to Manik- Manik ruk. Look whose here. The love of your life NANDINI.

Manik turned back and saw Nandini.

Cabir- Ab baith ja.

Manik sat down.

Cabir- Ye Dhruv ke sath kya kar rahi hai???

Manik - Dhruv is her partner for the quiz competition. Maybe prepare kar rahe honge.

Cabir- Arey Haan. Partner se yaad aaya. Nandini aur tu bhi to dance partner ho for the final round. Tum dono ki preparation hogayi?

Manik - Kaha yaar. Wo to baat tak nahi karna chahti mujhse, practice to dur ki baat hai.

Cabir- Fir tum perform kaise karoge kal.

Manik - I have no idea. It's so messed up.

Cabir- What do you mean by you have no idea? Get idea dude.

Manik faked anger and said- Cabirrr... 

Cabir- Ok Ok jokes apart. Do you want me to talk to her now.

Manik - No not now. I will talk to her After the performance tomorrow.

Cabir- But you are not yet prepared for it.

Manik - That won't be a problem. I will manage it but the problem is Nandini won't agree to perform with me.

Cabir- Leave that to me. It's my responsibility to get her on stage. And then you can take it from there.

Manik - Thanks yaar. U are a true friend.

Cabir- Haan wo to mai hoon hi. But Iska Matlab ye nahi hai ki mai canteen ka bill dene wala hoon.

Manik confusingly looked at Cabir.

Cabir- What... itna bada favour karne jaraha hoon tujhpe . Aur tu canteen ka bill nahi desakta.

Manik - Ok Dramebaaz... I will pay the bill.

Cabir - Ok then. Let's go.

Manik paid the bill and they were about to leave the canteen when Dhruv and Nandini too got up to leave.

Nandini and Manik bumped into each other and she was about to fall when Manik held her hand.

Both of them shared an eyelock.

None of them blinked.

Manik selfthought -

Nandini I am really sorry for whatever happened. Please forgive me. I can't take this rude behaviour of yours towards me. I promise I will never do this mistake again.

Nandini selfthought - How can I forgive you Manik after what you have done to me ?

Do you have any idea how I felt when I came to know that you were just playing with my feelings?

Now you want me to believe you again. Ye nahi hoga Manik mujhse.

Manik selfthought - I swear I can do anything to make you believe that I am not pretending this time.

Nandini Selfthought- Anything...

Manik - Yes anything...

Nandini could see the genuineness in Manik's eyes.

Her heart melted a bit and for a second a thought crossed her mind to forgive him.

Their eyelock was broken by Cabir who said - Guys ye aankhon aankhon me kya baatein ho rahi hai tum dono ke beech. 

On hearing this, Nandini left Manik's hand and moved away from him.

Manik too came out of his thoughts and looked here and there.

Both Manik and Nandini were embarrassed as everyone present in the room were looking at them.

Nandini turned towards Dhruv and said- Dhruv chalein...

Dhruv nodded and both of them left from the canteen.

Manik looked at Cabir who said - Mujhe pata nahi tha ki tujhme ye talent bhi hai.

Manik - What talent???

Cabir - Yahi Jo tu aankhon aankhon me baatein kar raha tha Nandini se. Waise kya baatein ho rahi thi?

Manik - Cabir, for a change sudhar ja. Aur aisa Kuch nahi hai jaisa tu soch raha hai. Ab chalein...

Cabir- Haan Chalo. Mujhe kaunsa PhD karni hai eyetalk me. Aur meri to girlfriend bhi nahi hai abtak.

Manik - Nahi hai to ban jayegi. Bahut jald. Fir mai bataunga tujhe. Chun chun ke badle loonga tujhse.

Cabir - Tab ki tab Dekhenge. Filhaal to tu apni wali pe concentrate kar.

With this both of them went away.


Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

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welcome back dear...i missed ur stories...i hope ur exams went well

unexpectedly u updated ..thank u

it was nice update

superb manbir talk...

eye talk betn manan was awesome..

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Nice part
continue soon
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Nyccc prt
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Finally got update and it's awesome
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awsm update
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Hi guys...

I am here with another update of this story .


The final performance of the Inter college competition.

The day had arrived for the Final showdown.

Everyone in the college were busy in preparations of their respective acts.

The college staff was busy as well in getting the arrangements done as quickly as possible.

It was a matter of pride for them as the Intercollegiate Competition was being held in their campus.

None of them wanted to give the visitors a chance to point out any mistakes in the event.

Manik and Cabir came to the college in Manik's car.

Manik- Cabir tuney socha hai Nandini ko stage pe lane ke baare me. How are you going to do this???

Cabir- Ab kab kaise kyu ye sawal mat pooch. I have planned everything and if everything goes according to the plan then she will be on stage performing with you.

Manik - Ok then let's go.

With this Manik and Cabir entered the college.

At the same time, Nandini arrived.

Nandini was wearing a full sleeve kurti and leggings and her hair was tied in a messy bun.

She had minimal make-up and wore High heels.

Nandini carried a bag with her.

She was about to enter the campus, when a voice stopped her.

Nandini turned back and saw Dhruv walking upto her.

Dhruv with a broad smile- Hi Nandini...

Nandini- Hi Dhruv... 

While walking into the campus, Dhruv initiated the conversation.

Dhruv - It seems that you are ready for the quiz contest but what about the dance performance???

Nandini - Dhruv actually I don't want to participate in the performance. So I have decided to quit.

Dhruv - Quit??? But why?

Nandini - Dhruv mujhse nahi hopayega ye dance ...

These words were heard by their professor who was passing by them in a hurry.

Professor - Nandini did I just hear that you are not going to perform on stage today with Manik???

Nandini looked at Dhruv and then at the Professor.

Nandini - Yes sir. I won't be able to perform. I am extremely sorry to tell you this.

Professor - Aur yeh mujhe tum Ab bata rahi ho? Acha hua Jo mujhe ye Pehle hi pata chalgaya. Warna tum to mujhe event hone ke baad batane wali thi.

Nandini - Sir aisi baat nahi hai. Mai abhi aap hi ke paas aane wali thi. 

Professor - Nandini tum last moment pe aise kaise karsakti ho. Think about the reputation of this college. Logo ke saamne hum mazak bankar reh jayenge. No I can't let this happen. You have to perform at any cost. If not then you are disqualified from the quiz contest as Well. 

Dhruv - Sir but!!!!

Professor - I know Dhruv ye contest tumhare liye kitna important hai but I am sorry, Nandini ke wajah se tum haar jaoge.

Dhruv's face fell hearing this.

(This contest was actually important for Dhruv's career as it will give him exposure as the top businessmen were presiding over the event.)

Professor - So Nandini what is your decision???

Nandini looked at Dhruv's sad face and said- Sir I am ready to perform with Manik. 

Professor - Good... Ab jao Jake ready hojao tum sab. Come on get going...

Dhruv - Thank you Nandini.

Nandini - Thanks kyu???

Dhruv - Na chahte hue bhi tumne perform karne ke liye Haan kehdi wo bhi sirf mere liye.

Nandini - Haan kaise nahi karti. Dhruv tum itne ache ho aur mai Tumhe dukhi kaise karsakti thi...

Dhruv smiled and adjusted his spectacles.

Nandini - Let's go. Warna sir fir se aajayenge lecture dene ke liye.

Dhruv nodded and they went to their respective greenroom.

In the meantime, at professor's cabin -

The Professor entered and saw someone already seated on his chair.

Professor - Tum yahan???

Person - Haan mai yahan. Kaam hogaya???

Professor - Haan hogaya. Wo maangayi hai. 

Person - Good. 

Professor - Cabir Ab to wo video delete kardo apne mobile se.
(The person was none other than Cabir)

Cabir - Itni jaldi bhi kya hai. First let Nandini reach on stage. Uske baad kardunga delete.

Waise Professor mujhe nahi pata tha ki aapka chakkar Chal raha hai hamare hi college ki student ke sath.

Professor wiped his forehead with a handkerchief and said- - Shhh... Dheere Bolo Cabir... Agar kisine sun liya to problem hojayegi.

Cabir- Don't worry sir Ye baat apke Aur mere beech rahegi. Na hi college me kisiko pata chalega aur na hi apki wife ko. So relax... Aur lijiye pani peelijiye.

Saying this Cabir handed a glass of water to the Professor and left his Cabin.

The Professor in tension loosened his tie and drank the whole glass of water in a go.

Cabir went to Manik and said- It's done. Ab tum dono ko perform karne se koi nahi rok sakta.

Manik - Thanks Cabir... You are a true friend...

Saying this he hugged Cabir.

At the same time, the announcement for the beginning of quiz contest was made.

Cabir - Chal let's go to the auditorium. Dekhte hai Nandini aur Dhruv kya gul khilate hai ???

Manik gave an angry glare to Cabir.

Cabir - What??? Ab Maine kya keh diya. I meant in the quiz contest bro... Tujhe kya laga??? 

Manik - just shut up. Mai janta hoon tere double meaning talks.
Ab Chal...

Both of them went to the auditorium.

The quiz contest continued for half an hour.

And with Dhruv and Nandini's instant replies to each question, they Were declared winners.

Now was the time for the dance performances.

Cabir- Le Ab Nandini aur Dhruv to jeet gaye. Now it's your turn.
Without preparation jaraha hai tu stage pe. Create some magic with Nandini... Ja ... Mera aashirwaad tere sath hai.

Manik Rolled his eyes and went to get ready.

Nandini too went back to the green room and got ready.

She looked at herself in the mirror and thought to herself - God please help me. How am I going to perform. Maine to practice bhi nahi ki. Manik to already itna Acha dancer hai. Will I be able to match upto him?

Why not Agar Manik mera sath dega toh I can perform well???
He will not let me fail???

Agar Manik itna hi acha hai fir tum usse naraaz kyu ho??? Maaf kyu nahi kardeti tum usey???

Ye mai kya soch rahi hoon? Abhi mujhe performance pe concentrate karna chahiye.

And at the same time, Manik and Nandini's name was a announced.

Both Manik and Nandini took their positions on stage...

And on the count of 
3... 2...1

The music started.

As the beats starts Manik who was in the middle of the stage swayed sideways.
His back towards the crowd.

Nandini repeated the same swaying but her front to the crowd.

Kurbaan hua
Teri tishnagi mein yun
Kurbaan hua
Teri aashiqui mein yun

(As Manik turned, Nandini felt  his eyes on her.  Manik walked to her. Eyes darkened.)

Bekhudi mein 
Bekali mein 
Bekafi mein hua

( Manik blew air over her face which created  havoc in Nandini. His Hands roam from her shoulders gently to her arms just in line with her waist.)

Tujhko har dua di
Aur daga bhi
Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua ha haaa

Ada pe
Wafa pe
JAfa Pe

Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa 

(He twirled her and pulled her so close that they could feel the heat radiating from them. Bodies touching. 
The words that left his mouth while he dip her and when he slowly pulled her up created an atmosphere of intensity. 
He slowly roamed his hands down her hands and place them on his chest. And then his hands went to her waist. He picked her from her waist. No one ready to break the eye contact)

Rubaru Tu Magar
Tanaha hai yeh jahan 
O O 
Jal uthe Meri kuft se
Saanson ka yeh saamaa O O 
Kya hua
Pal mein jane kho gaya kyun
Tu mila
Aur judaimaa hua yun

Bekhudi mein 
Bekali mein 
Bekafi mein hua

Tujhko har dua di
Aur daga bhi
Aur fanaa hua
Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua ha haaa

(As he placed her back on the floor she took some steps back with her back on him. The fire was too hot to handle but then again she was a moth that gets attracts to the fire. She turns. And walks slowly to him.
She puts a hand on his shoulder and is not adjecent to him. Shes a little on his left side. And then twirls her body so as now her behind touches his. She stays there for sometime feeling the fire and absorbing it. Breathing raged. Every cell in her body on fire. 
And then he turns suddenly making her shiver. Holds her waist and held her at the slant angle from his body. A bit afar. Then brings her back.)

Ada pe
Wafa pe
JAfa Pe

Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa 

Marne ka sabba mangata raha
Dar badar
Mitne ko to dil pal mein razzi  hua aaa aaa 
Puri hui har arzoo har dastaaan meri 
ki Tum suru hue jahan mein khatam hua

Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa 

Ada pe
Wafa pe
JAfa Pe

Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa

(He roams around her taking a slow circle studying her. As he moves she turns with him not leaving a bit of space within each other. As he stops so does she. He holds her hand and she lets him. Turns her and brings her closer. Then turn her in the opposite and she goes back. They walk to the side where the wall awaits them.

He gently places her to the wall and then comes in front of her. 
Manik takes Nandini's hand and kisses her knuckles without breaking eye contact and kneels in front of Nandini( his world) slowly taking time to study her. She looks at him silently not understanding his actions just focusing on his voice that worked both ways in keeping her sane and making her insane.)

Marne ka sabab mangta raha
Dar badar
Mitne ko to dil pal mein razzi  hua aaa aaa 
Puri hui har arzoo har dastaaan meri 
ki Tum suru hue jahan mein khatam hua

Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa 

Ada pe
Wafa pe
JAfa Pe

Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua aaa aa   aa

(He looks at her with love filled eyes which displayed emotions of how much he wished to die for her. She held his shoulder looking at him in pain as those words felt to her ears. He got up with her touch and took her both hands in hers pushed her away and bring her back. Repeating it over and over. Stops and leaves one of her hand and twirls her multiple times walking straight then. 
As he stops he jerks her up and she take a leap of faith onto him. And he cradles her on his chest like a baby. He twirls and takes a round at his place. When he stops they both just get lost looking at each other. )

They were brought back to reality by the huge applause and cheering of the audience...


Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

And thanks to those who suggested me Kurbaan Hua song. (Sorry I forgot the name)...

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