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Right.. It was long time... So.. I had my bad health days.. I really want to say many things.. but..I'll say it in another post.. But for now this is the final chapter...

@kashika_29 If the other one was not long then.. I'm sure.. This would come in long category... Atleast I tried my best...

Chapter 18

Manjiri woke up to find a sleeping Kali near her feet. She tried to sit up. "Manjiri..." She closed her eyes as she heard that voice. She waited for a long time to hear him call her. Vishwa came closer and pulled a chair and sat beside her. She opened her eyes and met his. They both were lost in each other's eyes. Many things.. they wanted to say many things to each other.. but they didn't.. they didn't have to.. Even after 14 years of separation those eyes knew to read each other's eyes.  Vishwa touched her head, Manjiri cried at the very touch of his hand. "Acharyaji.." she said. Vishwa said, "That's it... I wanted you to call me.. I feel so happy.." Manjiri and Vishwa hugged each other. "Manjiri.. I didn't know.. I didn't know.. but did you really hate me that much that you didn't want to see me... Did I really hurt you that much?" Manjiri cried, "Acharyaji.. I have already told you 14 years before that I will always love you.. " Manjiri broke the hug. Vishwa cupped her face and said, "I know you love me. Manjiri.. but You don't know this.. I love you more than what you think.. From the moment we first met 26 years ago... you have always stayed in my heart... you don't know that..." Manjiri shook her head, "No.. No.. Acharyaji.. I know that..." Vishwa said with tears in his eyes, "You had always found a way to correct me.. You were my moral guide.. you were my Tap shakti.. you were.. no.. you are my life... Do you know how it feels to be lifeless for 14 years? Manjiri.."

Kali stirred in her sleep and suddenly Vishwa and Manji left each other. She opened her eyes, "Manji Maa? Why did you get up? You need to take rest." She looked at Vishwa and said, "Badke Papa? Aap? You should also take rest." Manji and Vishwa smiled. Manji held her daughter's hand and said, "Meri Bachi.. You look so beautiful in colour dress..." Kali said, "Chachi gave it me..it is di's.. Chachi and I went to bring lunch...Khichidi.. I'll bring some for you both.. please wait..." Kali went out. Manji said with air of satisfaction, "My daughter has done it.. She wanted to remove the andhavishwas which was standing between us as a wall.. and even when I tried to stop her she didn't listen to me.. She was determined.. she wanted to unite us... And see.. She united us... The moment you allowed her to study I felt the change in you...I never believed that you would leave your superstitions but she made you do it.. You are calling her Kali.. Do you know what she told me when I tried to stop her?" Vishwa looked at her. Manji told him, "She told me that she believed in you.. she had total trust in you..." Vishwa felt touched. "Manjiri.. I am truly lucky to be called Kali's father..." Manjiri smiled. And said, "And I am lucky to be called your wife..." kali came in with Khichidi and started serving them. Vishwa looked at the mother and daughter. Anyone who saw them would think that Manji gave birth to Kali.. but this was the proof that some relations does not require the proof of blood.. they are just strong..

After some time Chachi came in the room.. "Mukta.. I mean Manjiri.. You are awake.." She looked at Madhuri,  Vishwa told "Madhuri lost more blood that's why she will take some more time to recover.. But there is no need to worry.. she is in no sudden danger..."  Chachi nodded, "Madhuri and I fought a lot... It was just for fun. By the way.. nothing was serious..." Vishwa smiled and said, "I know..."  Chachi said, "Jha babu.. I have come to ask your permission.." Vishwa looked surprised, "Permission?" Chachi nodded, "Yes.. permission to take your daughters... to my house... How long will they stay in this hospital..And anyway most of the people in that house are not supposed to leave this hospital.. Are you saying to let 2 girls stay alone in that house?" vishwa was reluctant at first but then he realised the situation and said, "I agree.."


"Bhai..."Yash asked in middle of cleaning. "I understand most of your plan.. except why did you convince Chachi to bring Bhabhi and others here? Feeling Naughty? Huh?" Yug threw a pillow at him and Yash received it straight to his face. "Goal..." said Yug smiling. "If it was just for that then... I would not have done it.. and besides Di would have come with her woman empowerment morcha behind me... Sheeh Yash.. How can anyone besides you, can make this room this dirty?" They were busy cleaning Yash's room. Dadi had ordered that Neel would sleep in Yug's room and Yash and Yug should Share Yash's  room.. Yug decided to make the room fit for human beings and pulled yash to clean. They heard the cars and they went to balcony. Everyone got out of the car. Yug smiled as kali saw Yug. She turned away blushing. They came inside the house. Then another car came and stopped in front of the house. Chandrakant came out of the car. Chulbuli became stiff for some time.. Sharmila looked at him angrily and said, "What are you doing here?" Yug also came down. "You have helped us save our family.. but it's enough.. thank you for all your help.. You have no right to come here.."

"Yug... Sharmila.. I am the elder here, I make the decisions.. You should not talk like that to a minister.." She looked at her son. Many memories came in her mind, She was seeing her son after 26 years..and she was becoming emotional, but then she turned her head away from Chandru and looked at Chulbuli. "Chulbuli.. get inside the kitchen.. An honourable guest have come into house.. Bring something for him to drink... Home minister has come here.." Chandru felt the words sting him but he didn't say anything, "Batayiye.. Minister sahib.. Kya seva kare hum aapki?" She asked coldly. Chandru winced at the harsh words but still informed him about his position. Apparently he can't go to Patna today because of some security reasons. He wanted to stay here for one night. Leela heard everything and said, "O.K.. I will arrange the guest room for Jamai raja.." Neel looked confused. "Dadi.. I am sleeping in Yug's room.." Said Neel.  Leela shook her head, "Not you Neelkanth.. I was talking about my Daughter Chulbuli's Husband. He will stay in guest room." Her voice was determined. She looked at Kaali and said, "Aye, Ladki. Take me to my room ... I am having a head ache.. Yug... go to the hospital.. Tell your father about it.."


Sharmila came into Yug's room to see Neel doing pushups. He was shirtless. "Neel?.." she called him. He didn't notice her as he had his headphones on. "Neel.." She called him again as he came near him.  He didn't listen and continued the pushups. "Neel.." She called him again. He looked up and removed his headphones, looking very confused. "Sharmila?.." He stood up. "What are you doing here?" Shamila was feeling a little uncomfortable seeing his bare chest but still she replied, "Yug.. He want a meeting... He said that he sent everyone a message.. I didn't see it as I was in kitchen.. He scolded me.. didn't you.." She couldn't complete her sentence and he came closer to her. She backed away and he came close and bent down to pick up the phone which was on the bed. He looked at the phone amused. "hey.. You're right.. he sent a message..I didn't realise it.. You see.. when I am exercising, I don't distract myself.. Exercising makes me help me control my anger... actually that's why I listen to music while I..." "Just wear your shirt.." She said irritably. Neel looked at Sharmila. She was fidgeting with her dress. He understood that she was feeling awkward. He went away. Sharmila sat down while Neel said, "Sorry... I am used to being shirtless... you see.. I have to be shirtless when I am doing pooja and other things... So I.. So I wouldn't know if you..." Sharmila said, "Ok.. Ok.. I understand...Don't explain..." She just didn't want the conversation to go more wierd. She looked at her hand. There was no ring. She didn't know if she missed it or not.

Neel sat down beside her. "Sharmila... I want to say you something.." Sharmila nodded, she wondered if he wanted to talk about the engagement. "Your mother came near me today...She wanted me to talk to you about your father..." Sharmila froze. This was not what she expected. Neel said quietly "Sharmila.. I know what you are feeling right now...My father left my mother and me even before I was born.. And then when he came back he brought a step mother with him.. I tried to connect with him.. Forgetting everything just because Kaali asked me to.. but then.. He was not in the family most of the time.. He never understood me.. I thought I hated him... But then yesterday night.. when I heard about him...I realised that even after all these things I still value his presence in my life.. The bond between us is precious.. " Sharmila just listened to him without any reaction. Neel sighed, "Sharmila... I am not asking you to forgive him.. That's your decision.. But I am advising you to at least listen to him...It's totally your decision.. But.. Just listen to what he want to say..." Sharmila nodded. "I understand.. But I am sure nothing would change by that..." Neel smiled, "It doesn't matter...If anything changes or not... The important thing is.. You tried.." Sharmila nodded.

To distract herself, she looked around and saw the laptop. "Can I see?" She asked. Neel nodded. She opened it and browsed for some time and her eyes fell on a particular file, "The lady on the bridge?" She asked. Neel nodded. Sharmila smiled,  "Don't tell me.. You are its author?" Neel nodded, "You know it?" He asked surprised. "Yes! Of course.. I read it during college festival... I loved it... I have been following it since then... It is amazing..." Neel smiled. "Where do you get these ideas.. The hero falling in love with the ghost who lost her memories... He would promise to help her realise herself and later discovering that it was his great grandmother.. then helping her reunite with his great grandfather.. and then.. and then..Actually when is the next chapter coming out? I want to know...What happens? When will she remember? I mean... The next chapter would be here right? I'll see..." Neel snatched the laptop from her. "No.. No.." But Sharmila was persistent, "Why not?" She asked indignantly. "Because.. I'll feel embarrassed if the girl I like read my story in front of me..." He said. Both of them stopped, feeling embarrassed. They did not talk for some time, because they were both feeling quite bashful at the moment. Both of them wanted to remove this awkwardness but they also liked it a little.. This uncomforting silence was making both of them realise each other's embarrassment..

The door opened with a blast and Yash came in followed by Yug. "Di..."Yash shouted and hugged sharmila.  "Let's murder Bhai.." Yash said as soon as he sat between Neel and sharmila. They both were still feeling awkward. But fortunately for them both of the brothers didn't notice a thing.."This idiot was sleeping... I had to pull him from the bed... Where is Gauri?" Yug asked while Yash was busy plotting the murder("Let's throw him in a vat of chemicals... No.. That would be too expensive.. Let's find a cheap way to kill...") Neel went to get Gauri.  Gauri was not in a good mood when she came to the room, "What?" she asked Yug. "Why do we have to attend this meeting?" Gauri asked. Yash replied "We are here to discuss a method to kill Bhai.." Gauri said with full irritation, "Good, Let's throw him in a vat of chemicals.." Yash replied, "Thought of that already.. Too costly.."

Yug then slammed his hand on the table. "Guys.. Focus.. We have to work according to my plan.. And today I have made some changes to the plan.." Yash and Gauri groaned. Yug ignored them. "Neel.. You have to convince panditji to not give a date at least for two weeks.. we need atleast that much time.." Neel agreed. "And Gauri. Meanwhile convince your mother first.. not your father.. I know. I know.. you are confused.. But trust me.. Convince your mother first.." And he went on explaining his plan and assigning everyone a job. And when all this was finished, Gauri said, "You are boring and bossy.. What did Kaali see in you anyway?" Yug didn't look at her and said absentmindedly, "At least I am better than the criminal Aryan.. Whom you chose for her.." As soon as he said it he knew he said wrong. He turned and saw a teary eyed Gauri, "Gauri.. sorry.. I didn't..." But Gauri wiped her tears and stopped him. "No need Yug.. I know.. I feel so disgusted at that action..At that time.. I was just going to destroy Kaali's life over a stupid crush.. And she forgave me instantly.. But I couldn't forgive myself easily.. That's why I am supporting your plan.. To give Kaali her Ramji..." Yug smiled and patted her cheek. "Thank you..." Gauri also smiled with him.


Dadi was getting her head massaged by Kaali. She did not say anything. She just closed her eyes and thought of various things. She was woken up from her dreams when Kaali called her. "Da.. Choudhrainji... I have finished massaging.. Is there anything else you want me to do?" Dadi shook her head. Her head was feeling quite better now. Kaali was about to leave when Dadi called her. "Actually... before you go.. can you read me the ramayan.. I have habit of reading that before I sleep... Just one page.." Kaali smiled and nodded.

She took the ramayan from the shelf and started to read. Leela smiled. Yug was right about her.. This evening Yug came near her and suggested Kaali's name to read Ramayan(As leela was unwell and nobody in the family know to read Sanskrit.. Kaali can also explain her the meaning..). Leela was first reluctant but still agreed when Yash also insisted. But now.. When she heard her singing the ramayan with her sweet voice, Leela couldn't help but cry... Kaali's bhakti could be heard in every syllable.. Her soft voice penetrated into Leela's heart. Kaali patiently explained the meaning of those sanskit slokas without corrupting the pure belief behind them. Kaali stopped after one page. Leela asked, "Why did you stop?" Kaali looked at Leela with a surprised eyes and replied, "Choudrainji?.. You were the one who said to read only one page..." Leela brushed that off and said, "Now I have changed my mind.. Read for at least one hour..." Kaali didn't understand dadi's sudden change of mind, but she continued to read without any comment. Leela closed her eyes and enjoyed the blissful magic of her voice. Slowly she thought to herself many things.

After one hour Kaali stopped reading, She closed the book and folded her hands and prayed. She was about to leave after she put the ramayan on the shelf. When she reached the door Leela called her to her side. She held her hand and said, "Beta.. You have Maa Saraswati's blessings.. Don't waste this talent.. Sing for some satsang or something like that.." Kaali nodded. Leela continued, "There was only one other person who could bring me into this type of hypnotic trance... Urmila.. my daughter in law.." Leela's eyes watered when she told her name. "She too was a big Ram bakth.. I loved her like my own daughter.. She was a good girl.. always helping others.. never fought with anyone.. Diligent.. Dutiful... But look at her misfortune.. she became my daughter in law.. If she was someone else's daughter in law.. then maybe she would not have been dead..." Kaali was shocked. "What are you..." Leela cried and explained her, "Raghu told me on the day of pooja.. That I was the reason for Urmila's death.. My superstitions killed her... She was not healthy enough to carry a third child.. but on my insistence... She ignored whatever the doctor had told her about the danger.. I wanted a girl child through Urmila.. Panditji told me that if a girl was born in our family then it would bring good luck.. I forced her not to abort that child.. whom I thought would bring good luck.. But in the process.. I killed my daughter.. He never told me that till now.. but on that day.. he revealed it... All this time... I didn't know anything about it... " Leela sobbed. Kaali supported her. For a long time they didn't talk.. leela kept on crying on her shoulder while Kaali silently patted her. Then when she cried a lot leela broke the hug. Kaali silently said, "I don't know if you would feel better while hearing this but.. But manji maa used to say me that repentance is the first step for atonement... actually I don't think your daughter would ever blame you for her death.. she would be the first one to feel sad when you would be sad...don't you think?" Leela nodded slowly. They both talked for a long time about Urmila and others.. Both of them didn't realise that it was already midnight. When kaali started feeling sleepy Leela asked her to get some sleep.

When Kaali was out of the room, Leela thought out loud, "Strange were the ways of life... I opened up to the person with whom I thought I would not even spent a moment.. what was Ramji thinking?" Yug, who was standing outside her room smiled and replied silently, "Dadi.. I don't know what your Ramji is thinking..but My plan is working is working way more effectively than I had expected."


One week passed away after the Kalyani-Aryan incident. Kaali was in the temple. She was praying in front of ramji. Everyone is feeling better. The doctor gave them permission to go to their homes. And after 14 years Manjiri was returning to her family.

Everything was going fine. Tauji was also getting better. He was now responding to everything and started moving his body a little.  Neelu bhaiya served him, nurtured him, took care of him. Everything was fine. But kaali felt restless. She couldn't help but think that something was not right.

Yug was not coming near anyone. He was always walking alone. And he always looked like he was in a bad mood. Once, kaali even saw him fighting with Yash. They did not talk after the fight but kaali still felt that it was somehow connected to her. "hey ramji... Please don't make this happen... I don't why they were fighting.. But please let them reconcile.." Just then she received a message. It was from Yug. It just read, "you win.." She didn't understand it. She won? In what? What was Yug trying to say her. She was about to call him and ask but then she decided to ask him directly in the hospital itself. She took an auto and went to the hospital. After she reached the hospital, she immediately met Sharmila. She looked angrily at Kaali and said, "Very good...Kaali.. You have won against my brother... He will not disturb you anymore..." Kaali asked very surprised, "what are you saying? Di? Why are angry at me?" Sharmila tried to leave. Kaali called her but she didn't listen to her. Kaali didn't understand it but she thought about di's words. Did that mean that Yug has decided forget her. A sudden feeling of loss engulfed her. Her chest felt heavy. Yug... Yug.. Her mind said over and over but she didn't say anything out. She walked slowly. She didn't know why Yug suddenly decided that but she tried to console herself. This was for everyone's happiness... She has to sacrifice... This was her destiny... she should know it..More than anyone else... But whatever she told it, her mind did not listen... It just wept for Yug. But she did not the tears come out of her eyes. She stuffed everything in her heart and walked forward. Just then Gauri came in front of her. She looked really happy. Kaali saw her happiness and tried to smile. Gauri hugged her tightly, "Kaali... I am so happy right now.. " Kaali nodded.


 "Yug broke the engagement.." she said. Kaali was shocked. She broke the hug. "what are you saying?" she asked. Gauri smiled and replied, "yes... I was also surprised... i mean you knew right?... That i wanted to break it but Yug said it in front of everyone and you had to see papa's face... He was really broken .. But then I convinced him... I told him that I too didn't want to marry Yug... I told him that I want to become a model... Yug was also supporting me.. Then Yash came and supported me.. In fact you know what Kaali... Everyone and I mean everyone, including Sharmila, Neelu bhaiya... Chachi.. Everyone tried to make Papa realise that... He was first so shocked but then he said.. "if i treat Kaali as my daughter, and give her permission to pave her future her own I should do the same with Gauri.. If all this time she was trying to remove superstitions from my life then I should prove it that she became successful... I cannot be a father who discriminates between his daughters... Sorry beta.. I decided on your future on basis of some superstitions... I should have already realised that, If you are my daughter then you will become successful without any beliefs... Sorry beta... I never realised your feelings and decided on my own..." Kaali... You cannot imagine how happy I was at that moment... Papa trusted me.. He trusted that I can do something on my  own.. " Gauri hugged Kaali again. But Kaali didn't know what she was feeling right now. On one hand she was feeling happy seeing Gauri's happiness but on the other hand, a weird feeling was tormenting her.. It was her guilt.. Was she the reason that Yug broke the engagement? She remembered Yug's message.. Sharmila's angry face.. She broke the hug.. "Gauri... Then what about Yug.. Why did he break the engagement? Did he say any reason..."

Gauri smiled and said, "That's the interesting part kaali...you see he wanted to go to USA and manage the family business... but then when everyone told him marriage was not a restriction.. Then he said the truth.. He said he loved someone and that someone did not share his feelings.. He said that he wanted to forget her.. That's why he is leaving India... Just imagine Kaali.. How silly it is.. I mean leaving because of a heartbreak... you know what.. I wonder who the girl was.." Gauri was talking with full excitement but Kaali didn't listen to anything... Her mind was a whirlpool of emotions... She felt scared, hurt, anxiety, guilt, everything... Yug.. Yug...he was leaving? He will not be near her... Her feet dragged her even without her notice.. Afterwards she started running. she didn't know where but all she wanted to do was to find him.. She wanted stop him. She ran into Raghu on her way..

"Kali beta... Are you all right? Why were you running?" he asked with concern.

"Uncle... Yug... He..." Kaali said with breathlessness. Raghu looked somewhat angry. "oh... So you heard that huh? That my useless son has planned to leave this country... I cannot believe that my son is such a coward,.. He said  that a girl rejected him... Instead of trying to forget her.. He is escaping reality... But... " He said with a solemn voice. "my son... He... He was really looking sad... I was angry at him but i couldn't bring myself to scold him.." kaali didn't want to hear anymore.

She ran away from that place. She had to find Yug. She tried to call him. At first, he didn't pick up. She tried again and again. Each time he didn't pick up, she felt more restless. Then finally he did pick up. "Yug... What are doing? You can't just leave your family like this.. What did they do? If you want to punish someone then punish me.. Not your family..please Yug.. Yug..please..." she said. "khatam hua?" yug asked her irritated. "how can you easily just ask me to punish you... When I am the one who is being punished here... and I am being punished for what? For loving you? "

"yug..please.." she said. "no.. Kaali.." when he called her kaali she winced. It sounded like he was really hurt by hurting her. "I have decided... I am leaving.. I will come back only when I will be able to forget you... Although... I don't think that is possible.. But I will still try to forget you..."  kaali still didn't give up. "Yug.. You are not thinking straight... Where are you? I will come there..."

"kali... I am in airport... The flight will arrive in half an hour.. I am leaving India.. ..Kali.. My flight's been announced... I have to go..." Kaali said, "Yug.. No.. " But Yug cut the call. She tried to call him.. But it was switched off.  She kept on trying but there was no use.. She cannot just let Yug go.. She has to find a way. "Bhabhi...No Kali.. What happened?" Yash came near her. Kaali looked at him and said, "Yash.. your brother.. we have to stop him.." Yash gave her a sad smile, "No.. Let him go... He would be more tortured if he stay here more... At least there he would have the freedom to think whatever he wants... You should be happy now.. He would not disturb you anymore..." Kaali closed her eyes as the cruel words pierced her. "We had a plan to make you confess in front of everyone.. but then he quit in the last moment.. that's why we fought that day.." Kaali opened her eyes and said loudly, "Manji maa.." Yash looked at her. "Only Manji maa can stop him now..." She did not listen to anything what Yash said and rushed to find Manji maa..

"Manji maa.. You can stop him... You are his Pishi maa.. you can stop him.. Right?.. You can.." She said as soon as she saw Manji maa. Manji maa was with badke papa and everyone. But she didn't care she had to stop Yug from leaving.  Manji maa looked at her with teary eyed, "It hurts..doesn't it.. When you heard he is leaving then your heart hurts right?" Kaali hugged her. "But my child Yug has decided and I cannot change his decision for him.. I have already told you.. I would support whichever decision you make.. and I stand to it.. You both have decided to forget each other.. so you both should.. Kali.. meri bachi.. You should also forget him... Or else that would be torture for him..That would be injustice..." Kaali frantically tried to say something. Words were not trying to come out from her mouth but still she was trying because, Manji maa was her only hope. "No Kali.." Manji maa shouted. "I will not stop him.. He is trying to forget you.. you should also forget him" She said sternly. Kaali left her as though she suddenly got a electric shock. She met Manji maa's eyes.. they were teary and determined. Kaali understood that Manji maa was not going to stop him.

Kaali stopped. Her face undergone a huge transformation. There was no expression in then. She said with a empty voice, "You are right manji maa.. I should forget him.. I should.. Forget..him...forget..forget.." And she went out.

Outside the room, Kaali felt a cold shiver, The warmth of Yug was disappearing. Yug.. he left.. he left her feeling sad.. She had many things to say him. Now she can't tell him.. The pent up feelings in her heart was about to burst. She wanted to say many things.. but it was too late now..Her shoulder, Where he always held her as though he had a right on her, longed for his support. She looked at her hand where he kissed on the day of barsi.. she had to forget that.. She touched her hair, he tucked it behind her ear.. she had to forget that..he kissed her on her forehead, she had to forget all that. Her legs gave away. She collapsed, but she didn't feel any pain as nothing was more painful for her right now... Someone was trying to make her stand u.. but she was not listening. Her eyes only saw Yug.. his smiling face.. Her ears only heard his words.. the words which gave her courage almost every time.. She had to forget all this.. She had to forget everything.. slowly she felt her mouth move.. but she didn't know what she was doing... She wanted to forget that Yug who has filled himself all around her.


"What are you saying Manjiri? If Kali loved Yug.. Then why didn't she say it?" Vishwa asked Manjiri. Manjiri replied with teary eyes. "Because she loved you more.. acharyaji...she didn't want to hurt you.. but now.. It looks like she is hurting her soul.."

Jal rahi hain rah ka ban kar diya

Jane kitni rathon se Teri siya

Everyone heard that. It was kaali's voice. They rushed out of the room and saw the scene. Kaali was shattered on the floor. Chulbuli was trying to make her stand up. Kaali had a eerie feeling to her eyes.. they were blank, emotionless. But she was singing. This time her song didn't contain the blissful trance which it always had, but instead it made everyone feel sad. Everyone felt their heart being heavy.

Kho me baiti khud me tum ko ramji

Apne khatir hoon to main bus naam ki

"Acharyaji.. stop her.. or else she will break her heart stop her.." Manji shouted with fear. Her daughter was going through a painful phase. It was torturing her. The doctor came, "What is happening?" he asked. He saw kaali. She was singing. Her body looked bloodless. She was looking vaguely at a direction. "Stop her.. It is stree.. She is going through a breakdown.." He said.

Aanke merit raat din barsa kare

Ek jhalak paane ko bus tarsa kare

Vishwa tried to stop her. "Kali beta.. stop it..." She was singing as though her body had no control over it. She didn't know that many people were shaking her. Her mind was only thinking of Yug. She saw him everywhere around her. Her heart screamed for Yug.  Everyone got tensed as she continued to sing. Her pain was felt in every syllable. Everyone understood the depth of her love towards Yug. She sang more.

Kaali raaton ki subhah bhi aayegi

Ek din jeevan mein khushiyan chayegi

Aas Maine tujh she bus ye bandhli.

Ek manauti dil se Maine maan li

Aaoge tum aaoge ek din kabhi

Sun lo meri inteza o ramji

Her body was becoming colder by every minute. Her heartbeat slowed. Her voice was beconing horse. Her throat pained. She was holding her fist in such a manner that the nails dug deep into the flesh.

Pyaar apna me dikha sakti nahi

Aur dil mein bhi daba sakti nahi

Everyone was trying to stop her. They felt that her soul would leave the body at the end of the song. The melancholy of her separation was making everyone teary eyed. The doctor ordered the anaesthetic urgently. Kaali's body was going through a dangerous phase. He needed to stop her. Vishwa was shaking her. "Kali. Beta.. Stop it.. Everything will be alright.. stop it.." Manjiri started crying, "Acharyaji... She is going to break her heart...Kali... Stop singing.. Kali.. Kali.. It's your manji maa..Listen to me.."  Kaali's eyes were dropping down. The doctor held her hand, "the pulse is weak... Stop her..."

Raat din beichain dhadkan kissiliye

Ishq hai toh gain yeah uljhan kissiliye

Kaise har ye dhundh kuch dikhta nahi

Rah kuch dikhlao mujhko raa...

"BAS KARO" Dadi screamed. Kaali stopped. She didn't complete her song. Dadi came near her and slapped her. "WHO GAVE YOU THE PERMISSION TO FORGET YOUR YUG.." she screamed. Kaali was slowly regaining her senses. Leela was crying. "Arree.. You love my Yug.. Accept that.. You can never forget him.. and you should never.. I order you.. you should never forget my grandson.." Leela started shaking her. "Don't forget him ever..." Kaali started crying. Leela hugged her. Manjiri fell down crying. Kaali's cry echoed throughout the hospital. It filled up everyone's heart. Kaali said with a shaky voice, "Yes... I love Yug... I love him.. I always hid this feeling but now when he is not here with me.. I cannot stop this.. I love him...I am sorry.. but I love him..I am sorry..I love Yug...Yug.."  Leela said, "Vishwaveer ji.. give me your daughter...give me.. I will treasure her.. Please give her.." Vishwa nodded with tears in his eyes, "Take her..and please give her all the love which she deserves." He kept his hand on his daughter's head, "She was ready to sacrifice her heart, her life for me... How can I ever repay her other than this manner... Please leelawati ji.. Give Kali her life, her yug back to her..."  Kaali was crying loudly. Raghu came near his mother, "Maa..." Leela, who was still hugging Kaali, said, "Yes.. Raghu.. There is no one who can love our Yug more than her.. she loves Yug.. and Yug loves her too...I know it.. Bring hi back.. I don't know how but bring him back... Kali should unite with Yug... This is my decision...Bring him back..."

"Bring whom?" came Yug's voice from behind. Everyone looked at the hallway shocked. Yug smiled and said, "How can I ever leave this dramebazz family." Kaali looked at Yug. He was standing there in front of her. She understood everything even when he didn't say anything. It was his plan but she didn't care. She cried more. But this time she was happy. Manjiri looked at Yug and asked with surprise, "Yug?" "I am sorry Pishimaa.. I am sorry Kali.. but I was not going to leave anyway.." Yug walked slowly towards her, "I knew Yash would act.. but Dad surprised me.. that was  really good act... Di, Gauri all acted their part correctly..." Kaali stood up and ran towards Yug. They both hugged. She didn't say anything but only sobbed slightly. Her life came back for her. Yug hugged her tightly and gently patted on her head. He looked at Dadi, who was wiping her tears, "My plan was not exactly this.. I was going to come in front of her when she lost all the hope and I knew she would confess then.. but.. Dadi.. I knew you would eventually like her...But I didn't know you liked her this much already." Dadi nodded and stood up.(Meanwhile Yash shooed away the doctor who was clearly looking dumfounded, "Doctor... our families are weird.. so you should expect these kind of things.. You better go somewhere else.. this is a private moment...") Leela went towards Vishwa and said, "Jha sahib.. I told I would treat her like my daughter...Please agree for this marriage.." Vishwa nodded. "Gauri, you helped Yug in this?" Gauri nodded and said, "Papa.. I can never love Yug the Kali loves.. and Yug can never like me the way he loves kali.. then isn't it better if they both unite?" He hugged Gauri, "Both my daughters are really good.. I am really happy that I am their father.. And about their wedding..I promise you that it would be the grandest wedding the Mithila had ever seen.."

And it was. The wedding of Kali and Yug was not just grand but the most colourful wedding the mithila had ever seen. Vishwa gave her all the colours which he had taken away all these years on her wedding. Gauri did bid Kali with all her love.  Dadi and the full Choudhary family welcomed Kali into their house and life whole heartedly. Kali was happy. She was being welcomed into such a nice family with full respect and love. Vishwa did her kanyadaan proudly. And yug put the sindoor on her forehead. While putting their eyes met, they smiled as each other's eyes told them samething.

"Thank you for coming into my life"

The end

WOW!!! I didn't think it would fit.. but the whole chapter fit into this one post..

And A huge thanks for supporting me all this time..

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Beautiful... IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 January 2016
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Posted: 06 July 2016 at 3:33am | IP Logged
Hai. Smile  Nice and very emotional. CryU penned the emotions of all perfectly. Very apt endingSmileClapClap. Thanks and do write more ClapClapClap. U r good at writing the suspense and thrill elementSmile

Happy ending LOL  

Well done.  

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Mr.Bhola_Bhala Newbie

Joined: 09 June 2016
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Posted: 06 July 2016 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Thank You Thank Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You..till infinite times..for writing such a Happy Ending..

The best part for me "How can I leave this Dramebaaz family..?"..This Family is my Life..And trust me this is not a sarcasm..This is my Love and respect for you all..

As @Bdaygirl requested you..I would also request you tow rite more and more and keep guiding us..I would really love to be guided under your guardianship..
My special Heart Dil Heartf or you..

Happy Eid..to you all ..SmileHeart

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sweetcherry95 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2016 at 5:14am | IP Logged
It was awesome 
I don't why but I had silent water in my eyes

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Unattainable Senior Member

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Posted: 06 July 2016 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Umm..I...I ...I m quite speechless...was teary eyed for the moment when Kali cried...I couldn't feel the pain yet I could...I luved it so very much... Thanku,thanku for writing ...this ff will always stay close to my heart cuz I have enjoyed each n every bit of it...
U know what u r amazing at writing...I would wish to read more of our work... So please do tell me when u write more things n in fact give me ur old work too...I must say u write in an exquisite manner...n the plot is always too good..negativity too has been always portrayed by u in a beautiful I should rather say interesting manner...
N it was long BT was last...
U acc. To me are one of the best authors I have ever come across...my wishes r always with u,may u be successful in whatever you do...
N on the end note I would say that it is true that great things too don't last long...n so my fav. Ff ends..lots of respect to u my frnd

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__shibani__ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 July 2016 at 10:43am | IP Logged

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umawanderer Groupbie

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Posted: 06 July 2016 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bdaygirl

Hai. Smile  Nice and very emotional. CryU penned the emotions of all perfectly. Very apt endingSmileClapClap. Thanks and do write more ClapClapClap. U r good at writing the suspense and thrill elementSmile

Happy ending LOL  

Well done.  

Thank you so much for liking it...
umawanderer Groupbie

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Posted: 06 July 2016 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mr.Bhola_Bhala

Thank You Thank Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You..till infinite times..for writing such a Happy Ending..

The best part for me "How can I leave this Dramebaaz family..?"..This Family is my Life..And trust me this is not a sarcasm..This is my Love and respect for you all..

As @Bdaygirl requested you..I would also request you tow rite more and more and keep guiding us..I would really love to be guided under your guardianship..
My special Heart Dil Heartf or you..

Happy Eid..to you all ..SmileHeart

@ blue: That was my favorite line too..Smile

Thank you very very very very much for reading and liking it...

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