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All Nice Chapters..

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awesome yaar
that was good
last part was fantastic
where is sharmila
yash the hero and gauri the damsel in distress
new events for kayu

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hey guys...SmileSmile
Same excuse as before...so so so so sorry for that.. I am such a pain.. The series is about to end.. so let's just say this is last second.. the last part will be some late.. but I promise that i'll not dissapoint you guys.. atleat I'll try.. Thanks for waiting patiently ... No more wasting time...here's the next one...

Chapter 17

Kali looked at the mirror. Somehow she couldn't help but feel sad about the turn of events. She looked at Yug and closed her eyes. And for one second, for one moment, she betrayed herself..she thought of something which was prohibited for her, she imagined him putting the sindoor... she imagined herself in bridal attire.. she imagined badke papa doing her kanyadan... she saw the wedding in her eyes...she felt happy.. she felt that her life was blessed...everyone from the both the families were happy.. they were celebrating... Then she came out of her trance.. she looked at her reflection... Did this blood made her feel that bliss... no... She looked at Badke papa's reflection... he looked shattered... She looked at other members of family.. they looked shocked.. they looked sad...Did she want that? Did she really wish for that? Then Vishwa fell down on the chair.. He said in a barely stable voice.. "Although it was an accident.. it cannot be deneyed that Kali became Yug's wife..." He looked at Raghu. "Raghunath ji... My kali.. I don't know what to do... I wanted Gauri to... but... maybe Ramji.. maybe Ramji.. wanted that... Please accept my daughter as..."

"NO.." said kali. Her voice was shaky, but her determination was resolute. Everyone looked at her except Yug. He was looking at his hand. Kali looked at her father and said, "Badke papa... All this time... I was fighting against your superstitions.. I thought I won when you have stopped me from trating me as a kaala teeka.. I thought I won when you have started letting Gauri go alone.. but now.. I feel like I lost... I have lost against you..." Vishwa asked surprised, "Kali.. what are you.." Kali interrupted. "Badke papa.. on what basis are you calling this accident a marriage.. just because Yug smeared his blood on my forehead accidently doesn't make him my husband..." Vishwa said, "But kali..."

Raghu said, "Yes.. I think what kali said is true..." Kali came near vishwa and said, "Badke papa.. Am I a burden that you want to give off to someone just like that?... If you call me your daughter.. then wouldn't you want your daughter's marriage should be seen with respectful eyes.. Should my marriage be called an accident? A careless mistake? Answer me.. Badke papa.. answer me.." She asked her father. Vishwa looked at her with teary eyes. Kali asked again, "Tell me Badke Papa.. If it was Aryan or any other goons that held me hostage, who smeared his blood... would you let it call a marriage.. tell me...Please Badke Papa.. Don't stay silent..Please.. Please.." she begged her father. She fell on her knees. Vishwa held his daughter. He hugged her and said, "It's not like that beta.. It's not that you are a burden... It's just. It's a ritual... It's a..."  Kali broke the hug and said looking into his eyes, "What's the use of this ritual.. when it is becomes a source of sadness for everyone.. I am sure Yug would not support this..." She looked at Yug who was still looking at his hand. When he heard Kali saying his name he looked up and saw her forehead.

Slowly he thought to himself... What if.. what if he refused to wipe it off from her forehead, She would become his wife...His family would not refuse this marriage.. All this time, he was fighting against superstitions.. but now.. he didn't feel like that... Slowly his thought started becoming more and more dark.. Yes... he should not wipe it off... this was it.. it was their fault that all this has happened.. Everyone should get punished for believing their stupid beliefs... Kali will become his... there was no need for him to forcefully marry Gauri... He would not wipe it off...

"Yug..." Kali's voice came as a ray of bright light in the abyss of darkens in his mind. Yug looked at her eyes. Those eyes were hurt. They had fear in them as though she could read his dark thoughts. He understood that she was broken inside. He knew that she was battling her desires for everyone's good. She said slowly as though she feared he might lose his temper any moment.. "Yug... You were the one who taught me to fight for what I think is right... You told me that you would support me in the battle against andhavishwas... Please Yug...Will you support me?" she asked.

The dark thought which overcame his mind suddenly disappeared... He wanted Kali in his life.. but not this way.. He wanted her to come in his life happily without any guilt.. He smiled sadly and said, "Of course.." and he took a jug of water and threw the water on her head. He wiped it off. She closed her eyes when he did that. She opened his eyes to look at his eyes and smiled sadly.. Yes.. this was their war won.. even though they were the ones who got more hurt...

Vishwa looked shocked. "What are you..." Yug interrupted him, "Uncle... you can think whatever you want.. but for me.. I'll always support Kali.. She is fighting for a cause...and I think she is right..And she trusts me..." He looked at kali. Their eyes met. Both were hurt. Both of them wanted to support each other. Both of them just broke a beautiful dream of each other.. both of them were helpless.. He said slowly looking down, "Her trust is the most valuable thing for me..And I don't want to ever lose it...even if I lose my life.."  Vishwa felt a strange. He had always known that Yug really looked at Kali with a respectful eyes but now, he felt that Yug's feelings towards Kali was more than respect.. more than friendship... more than trust... Kali came closer and said to Vishwa, "Badke Papa.. Are you still not willing to support me?" Vishwa looked at Kali. He sat down on the chair. He remained silent and after sometime, "No.. I am not a father who would do this to his daughter... No.. I toatally support you.. I was always the one who did injustice to you.. by making you kaala teeka...by stoping yopur efforts to fight against my Vishwas... Always not realising you.. Always treating you like a servant.. I want to change it... I will support you... I agree with you.. that was an accident..not marriage..." A lone tear escaped Kali's eyes but she immediately wiped it off and hugged her father.

Yug saw this and went out. Dadi saw all this. That girl, She told her that she her that she loved Yug... then when the situation was in favour for her, why didn't she use it? Why would she sacrifice her happiness for the family which ill treated her.. why would she sacrifice it for this old woman. When she heard Yug's words then, she felt that Yug saw that Kali more than a friend as he claimed. Was she doing the right thing by hurting a pure girl like Kali.. she thought..


Sharmila was seeing the night sky. The stars twinkled over her head. She was alone. Many feelings covered her heart. Those feelings clouded her eyes with tears. She closed her eyes and felt the breeze sofly move her hair. The wind was trying to wipe her tears and she allowed it. She was weak now.. and only this night sky, only this wind, only these rocks, only this place can see her in this state.  No person can see her now.. She heard few footsteps... She assumed that it would be some tourists. So she didn't open her eyes. She simply stayed silently. "Sharmila... Thank God!!! You are here..." She heard Neel's voice. She didn't open her eyes. But she started feeling tears overflow in her eyes.. She tried to hold them. No.. Not him...

Neel was panting heavily. It seemed he ran all the way here. He called Yash and said, (still panting...) "Yash... Don't worry... I found Sharmila... yeah.. She is fine...what about Gauri?... Huh... she is fine... OK then.. We'll meet at the hotel.. No..No.. Don't come here.. We'll come..." Sharmila heard everything but didn't react to anything. She didn't want to.  There was silence. Neel didn't talk. He let the silence take over. This silence was slowly tormenting her. She wanted him to talk. But it didn't happen. She waited for him to speak. She couldn't handle the silence.. she shouted, "Say something... How did you know? How did you know that I was here?" She was still keeping her eyes closed. Neel looked around. He came near her and saw that she was keeping her eyes closed. He saw that the tears were almost about to escape her closed eyes. He took a deep breath and  said in a calm voice, "These.. caves.. Mandapeshwar.. caves..These caves have a long history...First it was a Shiva Shrine.. then a church.. then again a temple.. the stone pillars have been here fron 8th century... clearly.. an archaeologist would surely be interested to see this.. check the carvings on the pillar...". Sharmila heard everything. She didn't want to break down in front of him so she asked him, "Archaeologist? Who told you that?" Neel said slowly, "Facebook..It was Kaali's idea.. she told me that I better try to understand you before... you know... our wedding... And when I went through your info, The books which you read.. the books which you wanted to read, the places you have visited, the places you wanted to visit...I just felt it... when I asked Yug about it, He confirmed it..." Sharmila finally opened her eyes. Her eyes pained but still she looked up and said in a shaky voice.

"I wanted to come here with Shekhar.. you know... I thought he would understand me...I thought he would give me the freedom which Dadi didn't... I thought I'll introduce him to dreams here.. I'll thought I'll explain him that I want to become an archaeologist here..But I guess.. It was good... He really didn't seem like a guy who would appreciate my dreams...If he cannot really see a woman anything else other than an object which can be easily damaged... If he can't understand that a woman has a mind and heart... then how would he ever understand that I have dreams..." Neel just remained silent, absorbing everything she said. He didn't want say any unnecessary thing. Sharmila didn't say anything after that... she looked at the stars.. After some time she said slowly, "Neel...Why? Why did you make me do this?" Neel came closer to Sharmila, "I am sorry..I am sorry to make you go through this all again.." Sharmila started crying and fell on her knees. Neel let her cry her heart out. He sat beside her and held her hand. He wanted to show some concern.. Sharmila cried till her heart felt light.


That night, both the family members decided to stay in the hospital... To be more specific the doctor ordered them to stay there. Chulbuli came near Jogi's room. Kali was sleeping there. Chulbili slowly touched her head. Kali woke up startled. "Chachi.. aap?" Chulbuli smiled sadly and asked, "Did I disturb you?" Kali shook her head. Chulbuli touched her forehead and said, "Why are you always like this? You never tell anyone about your pains... Isn't it suffocating? Don't you wish to cry sometimes? I know how it feels... Trying hide your feelings so that no one gets hurt...I have been doing that for years.. but when I see you..." Kali looked confused, "Chachi.. What are you..." Chachi hugged her. Chachi said, "I know.. I know everything... Sharmila told me everything...I know...I know..I know.." Chachi cried. Kali didn't say anything, she just let Chachi hug her. Her heart felt heavy, she wanted to cry. Chachi said, "Look, Kali..." Kali broke the hug and said, "Chachi... I am sorry but I have to go...Badke Papa.. Badke Papa.. may be searching for me..." Chachi understood and said, "You can go... I have kept some clothes for you in the room.." Kali went out the room. She wiped her tears.

Kali changed her clothes and came out of the bathroom. Yug was already in the room sitting on the bed. "Yug?.. Aap?.. Yahan?" Yug did not say anything. He looked at her. He looked angry. Kali felt nervous. She was not wearing her duppatta. Yug stood up and came towards her. "Samajhti kya ho tum apne aapko..." He said holding her against the wall. She was trapped. "Yug, What are you saying? If it is about the sindoor..." Yug shouted, "Oh shut up! It was not that stupid thing.. I don't need any sindoor to say you are mine.. You are mine... only mine... From the moment I called you my sita.. I meant it.. You are my sita.. And I don't need any proof for that.. " Kali and Yug looked at each other. She wanted to cry. "Why Yug? Why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you hurting yourself?" Yug on the wall angrily and said, "Why? If you can just go do dangerous places like that, then why can't I hurt myself?... What do you think I was going through the time when I realise that you went near Aryan.. even though you knew it was dangerous.. Why do you do you always make me feel helpless... Why? Why?" He hugged her tightly. She started crying, "I am sorry... I am sorry.." She kept on asking forgiveness. For a long time they kept hugging. Kali cried on his chest. "Yug.. I was really scared.."

Yug held her more tightly and said, "I know... I wanted to come fast.. please please..Kali.. don't do these kind of things.. please.." Kali nodded. "I promise.. I will not do this again.." Yug kissed on her forehead. Kali got startled. She broke the hug and backed away from him. She touched the place where he kissed and said, "Yug? What are you..." But yug came forward. He touched her cheek and traced her the mark she got from knife. Kali started crying. When Yug touched her she felt so different from when Aryan touched her. She wanted to him but she controlled, "Yug.. stop..." He looked directly into her eyes and said, "Kali.. I love you.." Kali felt shivers in her body. Yug came closer.  She tried to back away from him but then he said, "I love you.." kali couldn't hear anymore, "Yug..please..." But he came closer and said it again, "I love yo.." She put her hand on his mouth. She didn't have enough strength.. She didn't want to hear anymore.. "Please Yug..Please..." She looked at his deep brown eyes. Those eyes contained an emotion which she understood. "Yug..What we are doing is wrong..." Yug didn't listen to it. He came closer. His lips were covered with her hand he bent closer and pressed his face against her. Their lips were separated by her hand. He kissed her hand as though he was kissing her lips. She was shocked by this. What should she do now? She wanted to remove her hand, but if she removes her hand now, their lips would meet. His warm emotion reached her even when her hand was blocking them. She looked at Yug. His eyes had a fire in them. She felt melt under those eyes. She closed her eyes, absorbing the bliss she was feeling right now. She didn't know if she was right or wrong to feel this way.. but still she felt it and there was no way she could control this emotions.. Yug was still kissing her palm but she felt him hold her arm and slowly remove her hand.  She felt nervous. She wanted to stop Yug but she didn't want to stop him. Tears started forming in her eyes when her two desires battled against each other in her heart. She felt his lips on her lips. She was paralysed. Her mind went blank.

Suddenly the window opened by the wind. Both of them got shocked and moved away from each other. Kali was shocked. She touched her lips. She was about to do a sin. "What was I doing?" She asked herself. She was shocked. Her body was pale. "I.. I.. Was .. What happened to me? How could I do such thing? Why?" Yug saw her panicking. He went away and took her duppatta. He turned behind and saw her hitting her forehead on the wall. He put his hand on the wall and she hit his hand. She was crying. "What are you doing? Don't punish yourself for listening to your heart." He said. She was still resting her head on his hand. She continued to sob. "Kali.. Your heart knows that you love me.. no matter how much you try to hide it.. it will show up...It always shows up in your eyes.. I can see it.. I always see it.. Just like you see mine..." Kali turned to face him. Her eyes were red with tears. "No.. yug.. It won't show up again... We should not..everyone will feel hurt... I won't hurt anyone..." She tried moving away from him but he pulled her hand. He went towards her. He put her duppatta on her from back almost and he hugged her from behind. He said. "Kali.. we both know the truth between us but you would not say it aloud because you are scared of hurting others.. you are ready to get hurt but not give hurt to others.. and I always loved that trait of yours..but now.. enough is enough.. you can't always choose others over your feelings or me.. So truth has to come out.. and I challenge you.. that you will be the one to say it in front of everyone.."

Kaali tried to move away from him but he kept on hugging her. His hands were on her stomach, his face rested on her shoulder. Kaali could feel his heart beat. It was beating fast. Exactly like her heart. She did not know anything else. Yug touched his cheek against her cheek. "Do you want to leave me?" He asked. Kali cried, "Yug.. please.." Yug sighed and said, "O.K.. I promised you unconditional love but not unconditional support.. I would support you only if you truly accept your feelings.." and he left the room. Kali fell on her knees. She touched her heart. It was still beating furiously.


Neel was sitting in front Jogi. It was next day afternoon. He had no idea what kind of emotional situation he was going through for last 10 hours. After bringing Sharmila from the caves, He met Gauri and Yash in the hotel. They were about to eat dinner when Vishwa called him and informed them about the condition in Mithila.  He was shocked. And that was it..They didn't wait for minute and came to the airport. They boarded a late night jet and they reached mithila by afternoon. Neel saw all the instruments attached to his father. The doctors told him that the condition was severe. He touched his father's hand. There was no reaction. He wanted to say many things but he couldn't. His throat was on fire. He didn't say anything except, "I am sorry...Papa.." Jogi hand moved a bit. Neel held his hand and sat inside the room for a long time.

After some he came out, Sharmila was waiting outside the room. "Did he open his eyes?" Neel shook his head. "No.. but his hand moved a little..." Sharmila tried to console him. "It's alright.. his hand moved.. it's a good news.." She stopped in middle when she saw the main door. Chandrakant Choudary was coming. Her whole body froze. The father and daughter met each other's eyes. He came near her. "Sharmila..." he said. Sharmila raised her hand to stop him, "Excuse me? Who are you? Are you the one who abandoned my mother? Or  are you the one who never acknowledged my existence till now? If you are not anyone of these then you can talk to me.." Sharmila said acudily. Neel didn't understand everything but he didn't ask questions. Chandrakant left the place without any comment. He looked like he was repenting his actions. Neel understood that Sharmila was in a bad mood, he wanted to calm her. He wanted to say something.

"There you are.." said Gauri. "I was trying to find you people.. " Gauri pulled them both in a hurry. "Gauri? What happened?" Neel asked.  Gauri answered impatiently, "Neelu Bhaiya.. I'll answer everything.. But now It's an emergency.. We need to find Kaali, Yug and Yash.." Sharmila told, "Kaali went with Maa... to bring some lunch for us... And Yug and Yash are in cafeteria..." Gauri voiced out her irritation. "That kaali... why did she have to go? It's not as if we'll die without lunch.. now how will I tell her.. I guess I'll tell her when she comes back.."

"Tell her what?" Yash asked as they came near the cafeteria. He was holding two cappuccinos. "Yash?.. Where is Yug?" Gauri asked. Yash sighed. "Typical girls... You ask them a question and instead of answering they ask you another and you are obliged to answer their question without any complaints.. I mean.." "YASH!!!" Gauri shouted. "Fine.. fine.. he is there on the table.. geez..Can't even say a joke.. Typical girls.."  Gauri brought everyone to Yug's table. Needless to say Yug was surprised with the sudden increase in number. Gauri went straight to the point, "Yug, Our families are trying to conduct our wedding soon.. It will happen in one week.." Everyone except Yug got surprised. "What?" they asked. "Yes.. and..."She looked at Yug, "I know I said I loved you and all that.. We even went out on dates.. and I really do think that you are handsome.. smart.. but... but now I realised the feeling which I felt for you was what I felt for Kaali.. Just like her, you fight against superstitions.. you like boring stuff.. you listen to old songs and you are colour blind.. just like her.." Yug interrupted, "Is it about me not knowing different shades of pink? Then don't call me colour blind.. I just don't like to complicate simple stuff..."

Gauri said angrily, "But see.. that was an illusion, Kaali would not interrupt me like this.. You just have some things common with her.. But you are quick to temper, arrogant, jerk, rude.. and most importantly BORING..." Yash started laughing. Yug was getting irritated. "What do you want to say? What's the purpose of insulting me?" Gauri answered. "What I wanted to say was I don't want to marry a boring, colour blind, jerk like you.. I want to be a model.. and Marriage even before my carrer starts is a too big of a risk... So I want to cancel our wedding.. In fact I don't feel anything for you...so I guess there is no need for us to get..."

Yug completed her sentence. "Married... Gauri.. are you serious? You don't want to marry me? Will you change your mind after some time?" Gauri shook her head. "Yug.. I am sorry.. You are not my type.. I have already applied for a modelling agency and I am waiting for their confirmation letter.."

Yash smiled, "Gauri.. I think You gave Bhai a surprise gift..." Gauri asked surprised, "What do ypou mean?" And Yash explained everything. He explained her that Yug loved Kali and she refused him almost always thinking of them, "And now Bhai is thinking a way to make bhabhi confess her feelings..." Gauri looked surprised. After sometime, she said, "I can't believe that stupid girl was sacrificing her love for me.. and all this while I was oblivious to her feelings... Why does she always think that she have to sacrifice for me? I'll show her.. Yug let's go and tell everyone.. We both break our wedding and prepare to be my Jeejaji.." She smiled. Yash also stood up. But Yug who was thinking all this while said, "No... Kali will not confess yet.. There will be one person whom she would not want to hurt..." Gauri asked, "Papa?" Yug shook his head, "No.. I am sure he will agree to it.. especially since you are leaving this marriage willingly.. It is Dadi.. And Kali woul not do anything against her... So we have to convince Dadi first..."

"How will we do that?" Sharmila asked. Yug said, "I have a plan.. but I need everyone's help..." And he explained his plan. After his explanation, Gauri said with wide eyes, "Thank god.. I am not going to marry you.. You are kind of crook...you know... somewhat manipulative... a;most like a sales guy...But I'll help you Jeejaji... Then I should keep this a secret from Kaali.. Right?"  Yug nodded. "Will everyone help me?" he asked. Sharmila, Neel, Yash and Gauri nodded their heads.

Thanks for reading...SmileSmile
Please do leave your precious comments...

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Originally posted by kashika_29

it was long..bt not that long as u promised,my friend..maybe because it was extremely exquisite...it kept me glued until i read the last line n the intensity of wishing to more slowly increased...each n every line tht related to kalyani n aryan got me (just an expression though) to bit my teeth..basically i had anxiety all along..the bomb just took me to that world..kalyani's part was so well written...n the focus gradually changing towards aryan was also good..the way aryan said..really made me to think from his angle also(well imagined n well created dialouges i must say) n the place where kali tells yug imprinted..(from where do u get so much passion)...
finally i was so happy when i saw part-16...n now please do update a little sooner..u were genunely late this time bt koinaa..

i liked the fact tht if aryan is bad than his character too was kept wild by  u...i like the bomb thing(reminded me of hollywood) n the ending was much appreciable!
even sharmila 'thing' was good bt i felt it is quite predictable...

n u know i luved it like always..ur ff is one of those few things which i actually read with full interest n dedication..also i felt the first part of the story was just flawless...

n i was just trying to give u some competition in writing longer
PS sorry for this..n it was incredible this time

@red Awww.. it was not? well I tried my best.. but  guess I will try better than this next time(last chapter)..,I'll make it as long as possible... Although I get SUPER exhausted after writing...

Aryan was my favorite.. I wanted to give him more screen time.. but guess I had to abide my word limit.. he was a super intelligent animal.. OOoh I soo love writing that kind of dark vllians.. But my favorite would be the cold calm type.. the ones who has the potential to destroy but would do it carefully and just for the sake of getting rid of boredom...

Sharmila thing was supposed to be predictable... But I guess that was ok.. most of the romance are predictable...Atleast that's my opinion...

OOhh and sooo sorry for not updating soon.. It was just that I became busy... I didn't even open the forum page till now..

and as always thanks for reading...
Mr.Bhola_Bhala Newbie

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Awesome Chapter as it always had been.. TFS @uma..Smile

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 9:11am | IP Logged
this was a damn romantic n a happy episode...
n u know what..aryan wasnt a character to be liked bt i liked him...!
the way gauri cancelled the wedding making yug... n the way she was happy was kali..was what i liked alot...
i dont have anything to say abt this part bt i wud say tht i once though yash n gauri would be in luv..bt gauri concentrating on career was even bettr...
then i wud say..this epi was long!n i liked it...

i feel nostalgic as this is second last..would miss u n ur writing alot...ur ff is also one of the reasons for me to be on if...
please do continue writing n whenever u write anything..even a short text do tell me please...cuz i luv to read it...

n i understand u gt exhausted n i dont..bcuz u r the wiriter n we r the readers..i have to just read n enjoy bt u have to think,edit,write,change n then put foroward the whole plot in just a few words...ehich is the toughest task acc to me...cuz i always loose marks due to the word limits

bt trust me...u r a brilliant writer or maybe i like your imagination..u can take time to update since next one is last..
i feel #nostalgic 

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Beautiful and interesting chapter
Loved kayu moments 
Waiting for next chapter

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Just awesomeThumbs Up

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