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kaala teeka fanfic chapter 18(Final chapter)

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hi guys..Smile
thanks for reading the first chapter.. this is the second chapter.. I hope you guys like it.. sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes.
CHAPTER 1 http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4615850

Chapter 2

Yash was squeezing Dadi into a very tight hug when everyone came into hall. "Yash? You said you would come back by next week" asked Sharmila, who was smiling radiantly. "I lied" said Yash simply after he released Dadi. He threw his bag and slumped himself on to the sofa. "I am so exhausted"

Dadi looked at Manjiri and asked, "What are you standing there for? Can't you see my lalla is tired? Go and bring some water and something to eat" Dadi sat beside Yash and started stroking his head, "You should have informed us that you were coming lalla.. We would have sent you a car... look at my poor son.. He became so black and weak.. I told you not to go to the mountains ..see now you have even lost the spark in your eyes.."

Manjiri brought a glass of water. Yash drank it fast. "Thanks Mukta maa.." said yash. He looked at Dadi and said, "Dadi, How can i have the spark in my eyes when i am hurt?" "Hurt?"asked Dadi "I knew it.. you shouldn't have gone to mountains. Where did you get hurt?" Yash touched his chest and said "Here.. Dadi just because I went to mountains without informing you(technically I just ran away from house!!) you guys forgot that I existed.. I don't have any value.. My brother and sister got engaged and I was not informed? I am hurt Dadi.. My heart is aching"

"Nautanki saala" said Sharmila smiling to her mother. "He is just doing that so that no one punish him for running away" Dadi was easily melted. "No No lalla.. How can i even let you away from me.. you are one of my treasures.. aren't you? So what if you cannot attend the engagement you can still attend other functions.. But just promise one thing.. don't leave the house like that ever again.." Yash hugged his grandmother,"My sweet daredevil.. But dadi before anything I want to eat something.." He looked at Chachi, "Chachi I really missed your samosas and kacthoris ... Samjhey ki samjhaye?" He mimicked her as he went to hug her. Chachji pulled his ear. "Badmaz.. imitating your Chachi.. but it's ok.. I'll make some hot for you now" Dadi looked at manjiri, "Aye! Go and get the bath ready for my lalla.. " Manji nodded and went to yash's room. "Do i have to bath? I have many stories to say everyone.." "No lalla you have to be clean first."

Five year old kids could be handled more easily than Yash. He came to his room instantly but manji literally had to push him inside the bathroom. He was going on and on about his adventures. How cold the mountains and his instructors were.. How he got the news of engagement.. How he left the base camp.. How he reached patna.. the monkey..the two girls..he was talking to mukta maa through the bathroom while she was busy unpacking his bag.. when he came out manji asked him, "Yash did you even any of these clothes?" to which Yash gave a simple nope. Manji contemplated the two brothers. There was Yug who would take responsibility of any small thing while you had Yash who throughout his life would not shoulder responsibility of anything. Sharmila brought some somosa and katchori to the room and yash ate them with delight.. "Di.. you were going to marry Shekhar.. What's with the sudden groom change?" Sharmila didn't answer. "Di.. is there any problem?" Yash asked. Sharmila smiled and replied, "Dadi found out that our kundalis don't match so I have to marry Neel whose kundali matched with mine" "Argh.. Dadi and her superstitions.. Di.. you don't have to marry him.. You loved shekhar right?" "No I don't" said sharmila sternly. "I don't want to marry a guy who didn't even think twice when he broke up with me"

Yash had a feeling he accidently stepped on a landmine he looked at manji. She looked tensed. "Well if he is that of a jerk, he didn't deserve you at all.." he said trying to cool his Di. "But Di.. what is more important is.. are you happy now?Is this guy, Neel, a good guy?" Sharmila looked at his brother. She didn't want to say the truth. What's the use anyway? But she cannot lie to his face also. "We both have been forced into this situation.. but we both will find a way to give each other some time to adjust with it. We both are redy to give this relationship the time it deserves." Yash looked concerned but satisfied with this answer. "I know you are hiding some things from me Di.. But it's O.K... I have full confidence in you.. You will overcome any situation.. My phoolan devi di" he smiled and sharmila hugged him.


Gauri was getting ready for the Pub. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a black, elegant dress. It reached till her knees. "You should learn from your sister and wear black...you will look sexy" That guy's voice was ringing in her head. "Argh!! Why did I even listen to him?"Gauri voiced her irritation. But to be fair she looked good in this dress. She wanted Yug to see her and praise her. She called him. No response. "Must be in silent mode." She tried to console herself. She messaged him to meet her at the pub. "Kaali, Neelu Bhaiya.. let's go" she shouted.


When Yug reached the house, the smell of samosa itself told him that something was special. "Yash?" he called out.  Yash came out from the kitchen and hugged his brother. "How did you know it was me Bhai?" "Only this idiot would eat oily samosa in this hot summer" Yug replied as he ruffled his younger brother's hair. "How was Everest?" he asked. "Everest was huge! But more huge was the news that you got engaged? Your bachelor days are over?" Yash mimicked a great shock. "nautanki.." Yug replied. Yash received a message and said "Oh! I'll talk to you later. I have to go to pub. But keep in mind bro when i come back, you'll hear all about my adventures and I'll hear all about of Bhabhi" And before anyone could say anything Yash left with a speed of hurricane. Yug smiled and said to pishimaa who came there, "At least he is still happy in this house" Mainji maa tried to console him, "He is happy as he listens to his heart. You should also do that Yug" Yug looked at her and said "You need two hands to clap, pishimaa.. she also knows that but she would not listen to her heart" "then make her listen" pishimaa smiled and replied leaving Yug speechless


Gauri was waiting for Yug in the pub. He was late. Neelu bhaiya and Kaali were sitting beside her doing nothing. She was getting more irritated. "Why is he late?" she asked kaali. "didn't he see my message" kaali tried to console her. "Maybe.." "Maybe what? kaali" asked Gauri. "Maybe he is busy? Tell me why is that when I ask him to come he is busy. Tell me kaali." Gauri was going to shout more when her friends came. "Wow gauri.. you're looking hot with this dress. That's like two surprises.' said one of her friends. "Yeah you never come here at night time. What happened?" asked another.

"Oh it's nothing. Yug just wanted to meet me and he asked me to wear this." Lied Gauri. Before she could even say anything more there was a loud noise from the DJ cabin. "Ladies and Gentleman.. The prince of nights has come back... Yash has come back to the town" Gauri and Kaali soon recognised him as the man from the morning. "What's he doing here?" Gauri asked suddenly

The girls around her squealed in delight. Yash came down started rocking the stage. He danced with one girl and then other and then other. "He is Yash.. he is such a darling.." said one of her friends. "I wish I could be his girlfriend" said another girl. "you wish could be granted but rumour has it that he does not date girl for more than two weeks." said a girl sitting nearby. "He dumps them after he gets bored." Gauri looked at him. He definitely looked like a party animal. But he was not Yug. So he didn't reach her level. Yash came closer to their table to order a drink. He was accompanied by none other than her enemy Poo. More reasons to hate him. It was after sometime he noticed Gauri.

"You are that girl from morning..." and saying this he checked her from top to bottom and he burst out laughing "Oh my God!! You actually listened to my advice" he banged his hand on the table while laughing. "You are really desperate to attract your fianc? You should have said so.. Yash can always give you dating tips" said Yash after he controlled his laugh. Gauri got really embarrassed. He would be the last person she would want to see wearing black. "Listen Monkey boy... i didn't wear it because you asked me to.. My fianc wanted me to see it" "O.K. where is he then?"asked Yash with a all knowing smirk. Gauri wanted to wipe off the smirk from his face. Neelu found the tension increase and he said "Gauri i'm sure you are having a headache right now. That's why you are in a bad mood." Kaali understood what Neelu was trying to do so she added "Yes gauri.. We should go home now.. And besides you didn't sleep these many days properly" "Cut the crap.. I'm not going home until he comes here. You go and buy me a aspirin, Kaali " Gauri said angrily.  Kaali agreed but Neelu didn't want to send her alone. But kaali assured him she would be fine and asked Neelu to be with Gauri. Kaali just came out of the pub when she collided with Yug.


Yash was looking at the spice girl in front of him. The way she was ordering her siblings with an authority was kind of cute. It would be fun making Gauri angry' he thought as the sweet sister went out.


Yug knew he would meet kaali here but still he could not help but smile when they met. It's like their meetings always begin with a collision. "I'm sorry. I was late. My battery died down and I received the message only after charging it" he said. His voice sounded too formal and detached. "It's O.K. Gauri is waiting for you inside. You better go in fast." And saying this she was about to leave when he stopped her by pulling her hand. "Where are you going?" he asked. "To buy aspirin for Gauri" said Kaali as she tried to release her hand. "What at this time? Are you mad? You can't go alone at this time of night" said Yug, not leaving her hand for once. "I'll come with you" "No Yug, Gauri is waiting for you. It's fine I can go alone" said Kaali. Yug released her hand, only to keep it on her shoulders. "Why? Why is that you always make it a point to not to listen to me while I listen to your every wish?" Yug asked coming closer to her. Kaali closed her eyes "It's not like that.." yug shushed her with his finger on her lips. "Now no more arguments and come with me" he said after releasing her. Kali opened her eyes. Yug looked really hurt. She didn't want to hurt him more. She obliged. Kaali got into the car. Yug started driving it with pishimaa's words in his ears. "then make her listen"

NOTE: I already warned you guys it will be very very long...sorry if I have bored you guys.. please do comment if i have to improve anywhere...thanks for readingSmile

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but it would be nice, if u maintian one threadSmile
Post your next update as a comment in the same thread, and then edit the title for people to know that the story is updatedWink

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Very nice ff,my dear.
You have the brilliant idea.
Hope cv reads your story and make it happen in the serial.
Who's knows?
Updated fast for the chapter 3.
I'm very eager to know what happen next.

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It was not long at all. Loved reading it. So nice and bright. Hopefully CVs can a few pointers from your story.
Keep writing! waiting for the next chapter!! 

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Aww just love it and especially yash n ofc our kayu I hope this happen in the show and please do post the next part soon

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Thanks for the update. Wonderful story. Pls continue it fast (:
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loooved it
Update soon
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amazing..post the next update soon...n i like reading longer onesSmile

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