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IshRa SS- Pyaar Rooh Ki Pyaas Hai | Part 5- Page- 36 (3rd Aug) (Page 31)

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Hi everyone!

How are you doing?

I am back with the fourth update of this story.

My lovelies, thank you so much for giving me beautiful likes and comments in last update. I am overwhelmed seeing such huge response. Hoping to get same love and affection for this story till its end.

By the way, come to the update. Do enjoy while reading.



Recap- Raman left from the home to make a way towards his office with an annoyed face while the Bhallas blessed IshRa as a couple.

Raman reached office as usual on time and tried to engross himself in the work but he couldn't as his mum's words were chirping in his mind.

He thought under his breathe sitting in his cabin.

"Oh God..please let me concentrate on my work. I am unable to do it. Okie leave this, atleast help me to come out from this problem. You know nah I am not willing to marry right now then why Maa is pestering me? I want to enjoy my live to the fullest until the day when I will get married and my wife's orders would be my duty to obey. I will marry a beautiful girl but not now, God. Help me please. I don't want any girl to ruin my happy life. Please, suggest me a way to live my life according to my wills. Don't let enter anyone in my life who would make my life hell!"

He was thinking like this when his friend came and they talked about the preparation of a presentation. Raman got busy in this but still his mind was finding a way to get rid from the "marriage" thing.


On the other side, Ishita was also going through the same phase. She was praying to her Murugann same like Raman sitting in her cabin.

" your Ishu kanna needs your help. You always help me nah then why are you ignoring me pleads? Answer me. Please say to Amma nah that I am not interested to marry now and moreover with that idiot Subbu. If you can't do this then atleast give me an idea through which I will be escaped from marrying him. I just hate that person and Amma wants me to  make him my love for life. It's impossible. Murugann..Ishu needs you please answer her pleads. She doesn't want to marry anyone right now. She wants to live her life with her friends and family. Please Murugann please give me an idea."

She was self talking when one of her colleagues Shagun knocked on her cabin's door.

Ishita without even glancing at the entrance, spoke closing her eyes- Come in.

Shagun entered and saw Ishita was looking tensed. She had lines of worry on her forehead.

She asked taking her seat, "Ishita, are you alright? I mean you are looking tensed."

Ishita realized it was Shagun. She opened her eyes and mouthed nodding in negative- Nope Shagun. I am alright. What's the matter is there any work for me?

Shagun- Yeah, actually came here to take Malhotra's file but saw you little bit worried so asked. Ishita, I am your friend nah, if you want you can share your problem with me. I will try to sort out  if possible.

Ishita making an annoyed face- Shagun yaar, my Amma wants me to get married with an idiot who is my enemy.

Shagun- Seriously? Who's that?

Ishita- Subbu.

Then, she narrated her problem with her. As soon as she finished, Shagun made a cute face and spoke caressing her cheek- Aww, then it's the problem.

Ishita pouting in anger- Yeah.

Shagun thought for sometime and spoke breaking the silence- I have an idea.

Ishita asked widening her eyes in excitement to know- And what's that? Please tell me.

Shagun- See Aunty had told you na that if you love someone else, then you can tell this to them. They will make you married with your choice.

Ishita confusingly- Yes.

Shagun- What yes? Go and tell that you have a boyfriend, stupid.

Ishita sadly- But I don't have any.

Shagun- Pretend like that.

Saying so, Shagun got up from her seat and spoke making her way towards exit, "I am leaving. Give me file as I have to submit it and think about my idea Ishita. It can save you."

Ishita was lost in her words, she handoverred the file and gave a blank expression as she was contemplating her idea. Seconds later, she curled up a smile on her glowing face and made a call to Raman immediately.

Raman whereas picked up the call with the same tension as Ishita had.

He spoke in a low tone- Huh, Ishu. Bolo what happened?

Ishita- Raman, could we meet today? I want to share my pain with you.

Raman- Ishu I was going to make a call for this to you but before me, you did it. Okie yeah sure, after office. Okay?

Ishita- Okay, meet me in CCD.

Saying so, she disconnected the call and mumbled "thanks Shagun".



"Bhalla jee, what do you think Raman will confess his feelings for Ishita nah?" asked Toshi jee to Mr.Bhalla while having lunch together.

Mr.Bhalla- Offo Toshi jee..why are you worried for their confession? If they are in love then they will surely do it. After all, true love ends up in marriage only. (he winked at her saying)

Toshi jee blushed shyly- Tussi bhi na Bhalla jee, hadd ho. We aren't talking about us. We are talking about our kids. You know Raman nah, he is very moody. I am scared what if he doesn't?

Mr.Bhalla- No need to think negative. Everything will happen by our plans only Toshi jee.

Toshi jee- I hope so. Bhalla jee, should we talk to Ishita puttar's parents?

Mr.Bhalla shockingly- Why are you going too fast? Atleast give time sometime. Once Raman will say to us about his and Ishita relationship, then we will move the further step. But don't talk in air right now. Warna aap hi sab kuch bigaad dogi.

Toshi jee nodded like a small kid remaining silent and making prayers to her Mata Rani in her heart.

"Mata Rani, mere bachchon ko ek kardo."



"Hi Ishu!"

"Hey Raman, I was waiting for you."

IshRa met in CCD after they departured from their respective offices.

Raman in a tensed manner- Ishu, you know what Maa is again after me for marriage.

Ishita with a pout- Same pinch then Raman. I just don't get it why our parents are pestering us for marriage. Aren't they able to see us happy being singles?

Raman- Exactly. Maa had declared today morning if I won't give her my choice then she will make me married according to their likes. Doesn't it sound so unfair Ishu? I am very worried yaar..I am not ready for it neither nobody is accepting this fact.

Ishita- Yeah, true true. I agree Raman. We are sailing on the same boat and I think we will sort out this together. Because I have an idea.

Raman sounding confused- Huh? I didn't get you Ishu.

Ishita spoke bringing her face closer to his face- See Raman, our parents had said nah that if we won't give our choice then they will bring alliances according to their wish?

Raman- Haan to..?

Ishita- Then it's clear Raman. I am your girlfriend and you are my boyfriend.

Raman drew his eyes big in shock while Ishita was waiting for his response.

He spoke  in a chuckled manner- Tum theek to ho nah Ishu? Shall I drop you at  your home?

Ishita replied making a puppy face- Raman, it's unjust. Please I am serious.

Raman- But how is it possible yaar? We are besties..and are friends only. It's so embarrassing  and from where did you get this stupid idea? It's not gonna work baby.

Ishita- No Raman, it's going to work.

Raman- Could you elaborate please?

Ishita giggled and continued, "It's simple as water. You have to pretend to be my boyfriend in front of my parents and I will pretend to be your girlfriend in front of uncle aunty. Through this, when they will get to know that we are in love with each other and that's the reason we had been refusing to get married, they will instantly realize their mistake of pestering us and our plan will work out so easily. And obviously, they will give us time to understand each other completely until we think for our so called marriage which is not ever gonna happen. How is it, tell me Raman?

She asked with a huge smile on her face while Raman was slowly getting her point. He thought it's little bit embarrassing but he agreed to her for the sake of his happiness and freedom, yeah as well as for hers too.

Raman broke his thought and spoke- Okie, done sweetie. I hope this will help us.

Ishita- It will. Just have faith on Murugann. He will do the best for us.

Raman smiled looking at her- Yeah. Chalo issi baat par ek jhappi to banti hai.

Saying so, they sidehugged each other smilingly little they knew that they are themselves binding each other together in a new bond. Seconds later, they broke the hug and Raman asked- So Ishu, let's go and inform our parents that we love each other so much that we can't think of giving our heart to anyone else.

They chuckled over their conversation.

Raman teasingly- But Ishu, what about your would be..Subbu?

Ishita made an angry face yet cute one and spoke hitting on his chest- You are so bad Raman. I love you so much that I can't give my heart to that Subbu where my love means you reside.

Raman- Chalo madam..mere saamne drama karne ki zarurat nahi. Yeh nautanki uncle aunty ke saamne karna, mere nahi.

He spoke giggling with her when she said, "Okie, now Raman drop me at my home."

Raman- Madam, I have agreed only  to pretend like your boyfriend. That doesn't mean I would do everything to please my so called gf.

Ishita- Haww..does a boyfriend behave so rudely to his girlfriend? Answer me.

Raman- Chal meri Maa.

They controlled their laughter and stepped to the car, Raman opened the door of the car politely as if training himself to be a lover, Ishita entered and sat on the passenger's seat mouthing " love me so much Raman", he smiled at her and started the ignition to drop her at her home.





After an hour, outside Ishita's society's gate.

Ishita- Raman, don't forget how we have to proceed our plan warna saza me maut hi likhi hai. You know nah, one mistake will ruin our plan.

Raman- Don't worry. Everything will be done according to our wish.

Ishita smiled and said, "Okay bye, good night Raman."

Raman bid good bye and left from there for his home while Ishita stepped in to the society.


That's it my beautifuls, I hope you liked reading it. If you liked it, then don't forget to hit the like button and drop your views. I have read some comments where my friends were wishing for some scenes, lovelies, I will try my best to add those scenes if the story permits me to do that.

Anyways, press the like button and must drop your views. 

Love you loads,


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Lovely updt..
Nice one..loved it

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Awesome one insha
Nicely written

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awesome insha love it

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Cute update Di. Wink Can't wait for their realization. Pls do show Raman and Ishita both getting jealous of seeing each other with another person, aisa kuch pls dikhana. LOL 

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Awesome dr...
Shagun z really brilliant yar...
I like her...
& her idea...
Y these two cant understand their own feelings yar...
Each & every convo of ishra clearly state how much they love each other..
Update soon..

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Superb update
Now they will pretend like they love each other
that's interesting
update soon

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