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IshRa SS- Pyaar Rooh Ki Pyaas Hai | Part 5- Page- 36 (3rd Aug) (Page 24)

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extremely sorry for late reply dear

what is this ya ?

dear please don't  do this

i agree you spend so much time in writing and as a reader we have to   acknowledge your hard work also  but we didn't do it intentionally by ignoring your pm tried to give reply to your story but somewhat we unable to give moreover it is wrong extremely sorry for that also

i request you please at least give respect to regular readers those who read all your updates and give reply continuously because of someone mistake why you give punishment to royal readers also dear ?

please start writing

hope you change the decision soon

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mehermalik Goldie

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pls dont do this

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Dark-Beauty IF-Rockerz

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Please don't do this...
Don't stop Please yaar

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nafnaf IF-Rockerz

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Hey please don't stop writing - all you writers make us so happy when you write our dream scenarios for our dream couple!!
This is the only place we can come and loose ourselves in this "fantasy forum" - to get us away from the realities of the world!!!

So please mat cheeno hamari yeh khushiyan please!!!!!Day DreamingHug

Looking forward to your updates soon please!!!Hug

Thank you so much for all your lovely stories!!!
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Next page kab aayegaErmm!!
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Next page...Geek..
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Next pageAngry..

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Hey my beautiful buddies!

How are you all?

Well, I know I should apologise to you for stopping my writing in middle and I couldn't blame myself anymore for being the reason of your sadness, so here I am to inform you that I will re-continue writing for those who would motivate me like mentors. As many of my sweet friends insistet me to re-consider my decision that's why I haven't decided to quit until you say.

Yeah, I have shortlisted my buddy list  and if you want me to PM you my updates, then you only have to like and comment my stories, that's it!

Guys, make sure if you want the PM of my updates, then buddy me only if you would be a active reader and if you are an active reader then please be confirmed that you are in my buddy list.

Love you all, here I am with the third update of almost everybody's favourite story.

Go ahead and enjoy reading my lovelies!


After an encounter of Subbu-Raman, Subbu headed to Ishita's flat while Raman made his way to his home.

Mr and Mrs Iyer were chatting with each other on the topic of their daughter Ishu and Raman' relationship when they saw Subbu knocking on the door. First of all, they looked at each other confusingly then welcomed him inside just as a formal son.

Subbu greeted them and sat on the couch asking stammering, "Aunty, actually ..actually I..I..ha.."

Mr.Iyer- Subbu, please don't hesitate in asking anything. You can after all, you are gonna be Ishita's would be in future.

He said looking at Mrs.Iyer mocking her indirectly whereas Mrs.Iyer was giving a deadly glare to him.

Mrs.Iyer (pretending to be polite) to Subbu- Subbu, have you come to meet Ishu?

Subbu shyly spoke downcasting his eyes- Yes Aunty. Actually I wanted to spend sometime with her.

Madhu (sounding sweet)- Oh, that's the point. Ofcourse you can, wait.

Saying so, Mrs.Iyer called Ishita from her room.

Ishita appeared there and saw Subbu sitting on the couch. She made a dirty face and spoke glaring at her Amma- What happened Amma?

Madhu- Ishu kanna, Subbu has come to meet you.

Ishita made a pout and spoke with an irritated face looking at Subbu, "I am going outside, so very sorry. Can't talk with you now Subbu. You have some chit-chat with Amma Appa."

Madhu- Ishu..but why?

Ishita- I am not feeling well.

After saying, she was stepping out from the door when Subbu stood and spoke- If you don't mind Ishu, can we go outside together?

Madhu- Yeah, sure Subbu. Go with her please.

Subbu nodded and went with Ishita who was fuming in anger glaring at Mrs.Iyer.

After they went, Mr.Vishwa asked to Mr.Iyer sounding confused- What's going on in your mind, Madhu? You don't like when I call him Ishita's would be but now you sent our poor child with him. What's going on?

Madhu spoke happily- Offo Vishwa, you are too innocent. It's all a plan, my dear.

Mr.Iyer- Which plan? The plan to make Ishu ready for marriage with him?

Madhu grinning widely- Nope. It's all a plan by which Ishita would accept her feelings for Raman. I hope you understand the rest better!

Mrs.Iyer now was determined to make Raman her SIL and therefore she has decided to reject Subbu for her only beloved daughter, Ishita. The reason was very simple for her as she had found Raman well employed, handsome, caring, gentle and just perfect match for Ishita. And moreover,  he was her boyfriend. So, she didn't give her mind a single thought and clarified to Mr.Iyer that Raman will be their SIL, as he is the only boy Ishita considers to be her closest one.

As well as Mr.Iyer was happy realising that now his Ishita wouldn't have to suffer with that idiot Subbu who was her school days' classmate.  He agreed to her happily blessing Ishita.


There, Subbu had taken Ishita to an ice-cream parlour for lightening her mood as he could very well sense she wasn't happy at all.

Subbu- Ishu, which flavour would you like to have?

Ishita annoyingly- Nothing. Subbu, I have a slight headache, so don't want to have anything.

Subbu- Okay as you say but Ishu..I want to say something to you.

Ishita raised her head to him and asked- What?

Subbu- It is something..very important for both of us. Ishu, we are friends since childhood and it's a fact that your mothers likes me and wants me to get married with you. I am very ready to accept the proposal from your side. But now I can see that time is getting wasted and you aren't taking any step towards our relationship. So, being a lover of you, I am proposing you right now because I couldn't resist anymore.

He tried to hold her hand but he couldn't as he was feeling coy. So he dropped the idea and continued stammering to Ishita who was listening his stupid talks with greatest concentration- Ishu..I..I..I y..Ishita I love you. Will you marry me?

He took a deep breathe immediately and was waiting for her response when he saw Ishita was already looking at him shockingly and in a surprising manner, he himself was having sweat on his body due to his nervousness.

He shook her while she gained her sense.

Subbu- Ishu, will you marry me?

Ishita- What's all these..I am not getting at all. I can't believe that the person whom I hate the most is proposing me for marriage. I hate you Mr.Subbu and I am ready to die but won't marry such a stupid like you. You don't have guts to propose Ishita Vishanathan Iyer, some other typical girl is roaming around in the world for you Subbu. Go and get them. I am not your kind. And at last, I am rejecting your proposal just because I hate you!

She had this thought running in her mind and spoke pretending to be gentle- Subbu, please I want to go home. I am feeling better. Will talk to you some other day.

Subbu- Yeah, okay sure.

Saying so, she walked away from the ice-cream parlour angrily.


On the other hand, everyone at the Bhallas had done their dine and was retired to their room. Raman was very exhausted, so he directly went to his room and threw himself on the bed. Before he could close his eyes to get some glimpse of sleep, his phone beeped. He flashed the screen and thought "Yeh ladki mujhe neend bhi nahi leni degi!"seeing it was Ishita's call. He picked up and spoke- Haan meri Maa, bolo ab kya hua?

Ishita sounding angrily- Raman..I hate you. Can't I call you to share my pain with you?

Raman laughed lightly and mouthed- Okay tell, what happened?

Ishita- Raman, you know that idiot Subbu proposed me today!

Raman started laughing hard listening this. Ishita was fuming in anger listening his laughter and spoke almost in the verge of crying- Raman, I am gonna cry if you would continue like this.

He controlled his laughter and spoke in a concerned manner- Okay baba, stop reacting too much my good girl. Tell me what happened?

Ishita narrated him the whole scenery while he was giggling reasing Subbu had taken his words seriously.

At last, Raman- I think he had taken my love tips too seriously.

Ishita- What?

Raman- Yeah, I had met him at the entrance gate. I collided with him and destroyed his flowers which he had brought for you. After that instead of saying sorry, I gave him tips on how to propose the lovers and all!

By listening this, Ishita made a cute angry pout on her face and spoke- Raman, I will kill you for that. Dost ho ya dushman..? You always do those things which I don't like. I just hate you!

Raman- But I love you Ishu. Tumhari jaisi dost sirf ek hi hai mere paas.

Ishita smiled slightly and spoke- Haan that's why you wanted me to get married with him nah?

Raman- But seriously Ishu, he is just amazing!

Ishita- RAMAN...

Ishita- Suppose Raman if I get married to him then how my life will turn out? He would be my husband and me his wife...that sounds so disgusting!

Raman felt a little bit envy considering her as his wife but he didn't take it seriously. He just dropped the topic saying- Forget it. Tell me something about your office.

Ishita- Hey Raman..did you get jealous?

Raman- And have you gone crazy?

Ishita laughed listening him- Please say na.

Raman- Are you mad Ishu..why will I get jealous..and just cause of that clown Subbu?

Ishita- you also realized na how much idiot he is!

So, they chuckled on one another words.

They were talking like this for few minutes when Amma entered in Ishita's room with two cups of coffee. Seeing her, Ishita bid good night and hung up the call.

Amma- Whom were you talking with Ishu? (offering coffee)

Ishita- It was Raman, Amma.

Amma grinned and spoke- Oh. So how did you feel being with Subbu today?

Ishita annoyingly- Amma, you know it na that I just hate him. Then, why are you pressurizing me formarriage?

Amma- Ishu, try to understand na baba. He's worth of you. He is a perfect match for my Ishu kanna.

Ishita angrily- No, he isn't. And you know what Amma, he proposed me today.

Amma (pretending to be happy)- So you said yes?

Ishita looking at her, "Ofcourse not! I am not gonna marry that idiot!"

Amma- Then whom will you marry Ishu?

Ishita- Amma, please. Try to understand I am not interested in this now. I am happy being with you and Appa. I don't need anything else but my cute chhotu si family in which I, my Appa and my cute Amma are living. That's it.

Amma implanting a kiss on her forehead- Ishu kanna, please be mature and think about your future, my baby. You need someone as a life partner and moreover, I and your Appa want a SIL. So Ishu, time is going on but you aren't moving. Please say yes to Subbu and let us find a perfect date for your engagement with him.

Ishita pouting- It's not fare Amma. You can't pressurize me like this.

Amma- I am not pressurizing but giving you chance. If you like someone else, then tell us. If not, then it's much better because Subbu is just made for you!

Saying so, Mrs.Iyer walked away from her room leaving an annoyed Ishita.


Next morning at the Bhallas:

Raman as per his usual routine, got ready for his office and came to the dining table to have his breakfast when Toshi jee spoke as per her and Mr.Bhalla's planning- Raman puttar.

Raman- Jee Maa.

Toshi jee forwaded an envelope to near his plate remaining silent.

Raman saw this and asked- What's this Maa?

Mr.Bhalla replied to his question in a serious tone- Raman, your Maa has chosen some good alliances for you. There are pics of those girls. If you like any of them then tell us. We will soon fix a date for you engangement.

Raman stopped for a fe seconds and spoke looking at Toshi jee- Maa, again you started na.

Toshi jee- I have to Raman puttar. What I should have to do is this thing only if you yourself aren't finding a good kudi as your life partner.

Raman- I don't want to marry now, Maa Papa.

Mr.Bhalla- But puttar, your Maa is right. We want a good DIL for us and a good wife for you.If this will remain like this tab to ho gaya tera shaadi! Please, get ready yourself for a new bonding!

Raman- But Papa, you were supporting me few days ago and now you too started nah. What's all these going on? Why are you all pestering me if I don't want to get married?

Toshi jee- Puttar, we aren't forcing you. We want a good DIL that's why we are giving you time. Find a girl of your choice unless we are here with a number of good alliances.

Raman made a dirty face and went for his office attending a call.

Toshi jee to Mr.Bhalla smilingly- Bhalla jee, will this plan work out?

Mr.Bhalla- I hope so, Toshi jee. It's the only way if we pressurize him for marriage, them maybe he would confess his feelings about Ishita..

Toshi jee spoke in mid, "And we will get the best bahu and that is Ishita puttar!

Mr and Mrs.Bhalla beamed a smile blessing IshRa as couple.


Here the third part finishes! My lovelies, if you liked this part, then let me know by dropping your like and your feedback. Guys trust me, I read each and every feedback of yours but couldn't reply back as I am running busy with Ramadan, office and my household stuffs! Please, please keep showering your love! That means a lot for a writer. And again I remind that yeah, I have shortlisted my buddy list  now and if you want me to PM you my updates, then you only have to like and comment my stories, that's it! And active readers, make sure you are in my buddy listSmile.



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