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IshRa SS- Pyaar Rooh Ki Pyaas Hai | Part 5- Page- 36 (3rd Aug) (Page 11)

sukanksha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2016 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Aww... Both are too cute.
Gawwdd... Toshi ji and her over active brain :P

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AdyaXoxo Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2016 at 7:21am | IP Logged
its something really newStar ,
arre abhi inki love story start nahi hu or shaadi ki baat aa gayi,Wink
but ya , one thing which to me was the cutest was their comfort level ..
awww, he calls her ishuu and bestieEmbarrassed ,
ravan kumar looks so sweet ..
i can just hope the script writers will make him evn a mili %
as sweet as him ..
ishita hates subbu haan ..SUBBUOuch Dead
god , both the mothers want to get their child married , they dont evn need to worry Wink
raman ne ek dam sahi bahu dhundhi..
i love toshijis overactive brain and maybe she and ishus amma can act cupid and matchmaker..
ahah , amma ki to appa bhiROFL
Vaise,they dont work together na ?

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-DivyanKaran- Goldie

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Posted: 22 May 2016 at 1:27am | IP Logged

Hey everyone!

How are you?

I am back with the second update of this story. I know I am bit late but sincere apologies. Hope you enjoy reading. If you want some scenes according to you wish, then inform me. And for getting the PMs of my updates, buddy me.

Here you go,

Thanks a lot my jaanemans.



After one week, everything was in the flow. Raman was indeed fine and was going to his office regularly as he was the Sales and Marketing Manager, so his job needed him. One fine morning, Ishita called him at his office time.

Raman- Haan Ishu speak. You have only 10 minutes...I am getting late for office.

He said wearing his wrist watch and combing his hair looking into the mirror.

Ishita sounding annoyed- Haww Raman that's so rude! I need your help now and you are treating me like your subordinate. Go to hell. I am not gonna call you again. Sorry for the inconvenience, sir.

She faked anger and was gonna cut the call when he responded. She smile back.

Raman- Hey sweety, I was kidding. Tell me madam why do you need my help?

Ishita spoke innocently- Raman, actually I need your help. Could you please drop me to my office by your car? I know you too are getting late but not as much like me. So, please come and pick me up.

Raman- As you say my lord.

She thanked giggling and hung up the call.

She looked at the mirror to assure she was looking good. She had dressed up in a grey kurti with light pink leggings.  She had as usual tied her half hair by a pin and light lipstick on her rosy lips. She was looking simple but elegent. She came out of her room and sat on the dining table to have her breakfast when her Appa and Amma too joined her.

Ishita- Good morning Appa Amma.

Appa Amma- Good morning Ishu kanna.

Appa- Ishu, should I drop you to your office?

Ishita eating sandwich- How will you Appa? Car has gone for repairing nah just because of that stupid Subbu.

Appa- So what? Don't worry about me, I'll go by taxi. You take scooty and go na. Don't be so worried.

Ishita- No needed, sorry.  I'll manage Appa. After all, it's my fault that I went with him to the boring party with a boring person and in return I have to compensate.

She spoke making a puppy face.

Amma said annoyingly- Haww Ishu, don't badmouth him. He is such a nice guy. He had taken you to a party last night and to drop you safe and sound at night, he drove the car little carelessly. And for that,  you are blaming that innocent. I didn't like it.

Ishita making a dirty face- Offo Amma..he had damaged our only beautiful car and now I am going to take a taxi or someone's help to reach office just cause of that Subbu dubbu and you are trying to rescue him. How can you find him innocent Amma? He is such an idiot..duffer and irritating. I don't know what makes him good in your view. Haina Appa?

She asked to Appa asking for support in her statement. Appa simply nodded and controlled his giggle.

Amma- No Ishu. Can't you find he loves you so much? He wants you as his life partner. And I am sure you will be happy with him for the rest of your life. Now you find him irritating but once you will see his goodness by positivity, you will definitely like him.

Ishita said making a cute pout- Amma, I don't want him in my life. It's much better if I marry a stranger whom I don't know rather than marrying a showpiece Subbu. I hope you understand that your daughter Ishu isn't gonna marry him.

She completed her sentence and looked at her mobile. It was vibrating, she flashed the screen and Raman's call popped. She  walked away bidding adieu before Mrs.Iyer could speak anything else in favour of Subbu.

Appa- But how will you go Ishu?

Ishita replied existing out from the home- I will manage Appa. My friend has come to pick me.

Ishita went downstairs and reached parking area. She saw Raman was waiting for her standing outside his car's door. He waved at her and she ran to him and hugged him tightly to reply with a smile.

Ishita- Good morning Raman, and thank you so much for this help.

They parted away and looked at each other.

Raman- Okay okie Ishu. Come fast, we two are getting late for office.

Saying so, he opened the side door of the car and asked Ishita to get in. He gently placed her in the passenger's seat and himself got in, started the ignition and drove away to drop her to her office.

Mr and Mrs Iyer were witnessing IshRa departuring from there from the balcony and smiling.

Mr.Iyer- Who is this guy Madhu? Ishu never told us about him.

Mrs.Iyer surprisingly- Aiyoo Vishwaa..our Ishu has a boyfriend.

Mr.Iyer looking at her shocklingly and laughed a bit too- What are you thinking Madhu? Ishita isn't interested in all these and you think she is hiding it from us?

Madhu- So what Vishwa! Can't you see the comfort level between them? They were hugging each other and in public. It's something more than to be serious, dear. And about hiding it from us, maybe she's scared to mouth.

Mr.Iyer- Hmm..if that guy is his boyfriend, then it's good nah Madhu. She will be escaped from marrying Subbu.

He laughed slightly when Mrs.Iyer spoke smilingly-  That boy was handsome and looking like a jobber..he was looking nave and innocent too. And most important, if our Ishu likes him and then what's more we need? I am ready to accept that guy as our Son-In-Law.

She grinned fully while Mr.Iyer spoke- Hold down your horses Madhu. You are overthinking. First confirm it whether he is her boyfriend or not. He is suitable for our Ishu or not then start daydreaming for your Ishu's future.

Madhu- You are right Vishwaa. Let Ishu come in evening. We will definitely talk about him to her. Haina?

Mr.Iyer responded- Okay but what about Subbu? You were supposed to make him your SIL nah?

He chuckled completing his sentence.

Madhu sulking- I think that boy is much better than Subbu for our Ishu. And if she likes to spend her whole life with that guy, then no big deal. I'll handle everything.

Mr.Iyer- Don't talk in air, Madhu. We are just pretending, maybe it's not the reality which we have seen recently.

Madhu annoyingly- Don't say like that Vishwaa. I want to see Ishita in a bridal attire as soon as possible. I hope she finds her prince charming sooner.


On the other hand, Raman dropped Ishita at her office and Ishita mouthed- Thanks a lot Raman. You're the best and I love you for that.

Raman smiled- No thanks needed and listen, today evening, I'll come to pick you up. Okay?

Ishita- No thanks Raman. I don't wanna trouble you much.

Raman-  Shut up. I will come in evening. Okay?

Ishita- Okie, thanks.


In evening, after completing all his works, Raman packed up his belongings and left the office early to pick Ishita from her office. It wasn't love according to IshRa, but it was mere care and concern, they had been sharing since college days. It might sound like they love each other but they were unaware of this fact. But very soon, they were going to be one.

He started the ignition and drove towards Ishita's office after sending a message to her- I am coming Ishita. I hope you are waiting for me.

There, Ishita was smiling looking at his message. She did all her works soon and left from the office.

She waited for him sitting on the couch at ground floor. Soon, she saw Raman's car infront of her office. She came out and went to him and hugged happily.

Ishita- Thanks a lot Raman. But it was not needed dear. I would have come by myself. Why did you take this trouble for me?

Raman only smiled placed her in the car and got in to drive from there.

Ishita (in the car)- You didn't answer me, Raman.

Raman- If you could visit me at your working hour, then can't I just pick you or drop to your commanded location, Ishu?

Ishita- But thanks.

Soon, Raman reached Ishita's society and dropped her at the entrance gate.

Ishita asked him for a coffee but he refused.

Raman- No, it's fine Ishu. Maa must be waiting for me.

Ishita-  What fine? Come na please. It's my request.

He had to accept her request as she insisted him like a cute child.

Ishita took him to her home and rang the door bell of the house. Amma listened the bell ring and opened the door. As soon as she saw Raman with him, her eyes sparkled and she welcomed them politely and with much zeal. She called Mr.Iyer who walked out from his room to see him. He smiled gently and welcomed them.

They took their seat on the couch and Ishita started to speak.

Ishita- Amma Appa, he is Raman and Raman they are my Amma Appa.

Raman smiled looking at them, bend a little very soon to take their blessings.  They gave their blessing to him saying "Stay blessed Raman kanna!".

Amma- Raman you settle down comfortably. I'll make coffee for you guys.

Raman- Jee Aunty.

He replied with a huge grin on his face.

They were talking about Raman's job, his family and as he was telling, Mr and Mrs Iyer were glad listening his good background and status. They felt he was a perfect match for Ishita. Ishita, being unknown to their feelings, was happy to introduce Raman to her family as she never had talked about him to them that he was being her bestie since the first year of college.

Mrs.Iyer brought coffee for everyone, they had some more chit chat session and after bidding adieu Raman left taking permission from them.

After Raman went, Mrs.Iyer- Ishu, Raman is such a good guy.

 Ishita said- Yes Amma he is.

Saying so, she went to her room to freshen up saying, "Amma I am so tired. And haan, I have to make a call to Pappu too for asking whether the car has been repaired or not. I have to go to pick na."

Mrs.Iyer to Mr.Iyer- Vishwa, did you like Raman?

Mr.Iyer replied- Yes but we have to know Ishu's feelings.

Mrs.Iyer- Hmm..

Mr.Iyer- Give her sometime, she needs to be well prepared for this.

Mrs.Iyer sidehugged Mr.Iyer speaking- Aiyoo..Vishwa, I am so happy that my Ishu chose a perfect guy for her.

Mr.Iyer beamed a smile  as a reply.


While Raman was coming downstairs, he bumped with a man who had a big bouquet of different coloured flowers in his hands. Raman composed himself, picked the bouquet fell on the floor and was hand overring the man with whom he had bumped, the man spoke making a very dirty face- Can't you walk properly?

Raman- I am sorry buddy.

He spoke and looked at the man. He was looking extremely geek type who had worn big spectacles, sticky hair and old fashioned shirt with mismatched formals. A funny smile was going to curl up on Raman's  lips but he managed looking at the situation. That man was non other than Subbu, whom Ishita's mum had chosen for her.

Subbu taking the bouquet in his hands-  What have you done, man? This bouquet was for my Ishu but you ruined it. Now what will I gift her?

Raman got to know this was Subbu, so he composed himself and asked sounding confused- Is it her b'day today?

Subbu- Nope but it's needed na to impress her.

Raman- What's the need to impress her, yaar?

Subbu- What do you mean? Don't I need to impress her?

Raman chuckled and continued to speak circling his arms around him, "Arrey yaar, I meant to say you are so handsome, dashing and most important, you have all the qualities to impress a girl. So you don't need all these. Just go simply and propose her.

Subbu was getting in his power. He asked happily- Really?

Raman nodded giggling inside.

Subbu- Thanks buddy. Btw, I am Subbu and you?

Raman- Doesn't matter, go and meet her. She must be waiting for you.

Saying so, Raman, the smarty left from there leaving an idiot dreaming about Ishita.

Subbu mumbled under his breathe- Ishita, I am coming.

He smiled in a funny manner and stepped to her house.


Here, it's over, guys. I hope you liked this part. If you liked it, then please hit the like button and drop your views so I can get to know that my readers are paying attention to my updates. Thanks all for making time to read. Keep motivating by hitting likes. And please guys don't mind, I am thanking you altogether. I am not getting sufficient time to reply you all individually. But your words are a kind of solace to me. And some of my friends requested me to add a scene where Raman gets jealous of Subbu. I will definitely fulfill your wishes sweethearts. Wait till next update arrives.

Love you all,


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Ishra_g26 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2016 at 1:53am | IP Logged

lovely update di
there mobike convo was sweet
amma appa liked raman Clap
hope ishra realise there feelings soon and confess Embarrassed
raman tip to subbu ohhh poor ishu LOL
continue soon

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sririt IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2016 at 1:55am | IP Logged
IshRa bond is so beautiful. Iyers also liked Raman, but IshRa aren't aware of their feeling

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--HANISA-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 May 2016 at 2:03am | IP Logged

iyers like raman good ishra bond are lovely

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jaya1867 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 May 2016 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Superb update
loved it very much
iyers liked raman
continue soon

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fSharm IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2016 at 2:10am | IP Logged
Y cant ishra identify their own feelings yar...
Hope they identify...
Subbu's look z really funny...
Update soon..

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