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PV SS - The Taming Chapter 15 (EPILOGUE)- page 22 (Page 7)

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Awesome update. Loved the way they open up for their feelings especially their pain and anguish. Also the way they acknowledged where they lacked to each other support and weakness. And I find romantic how Yash declared his love for Aarti. Hope you update soon... 

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Chapter 7

Aarti had woken up first and was admiring her gorgeous sleeping husband. She felt love for him overwhelm her. She moved the stray strand of hair from his forehead with a smile. She was so blessed to have his love. This man that was a hard and calculating businessman, who was used to just taking everything that he wants because he can, loved her with every fibre of his being.   And he was not afraid to show it. Instead of taking, he just gave his all to her. He showered her with gifts. She was too scared to look at anything in the shops when he was with her. Because he would buy it for her. He even bought her a new car.   She was still driving one that he parents bought for her when she came home from studying abroad and she couldn't be bothered to get a new one. But Mr. Overprotective would not have her driving that car. Now she was driving a brand new German sports model that was way too fancy for her but he insisted that she take it.
It was just more than 6 months since their first encounter after her Anshu's naming ceremony. They were spending most of their time together but she still would not commit to him fully. Even now, they were on a trip to Dehli but first it had been a cause for argument. Their time was spent between her house and the beach house. Most of their family knew about their relationship now and rooted for them to be together. But she couldn't yet, she still didn't think it was fair on him to remain childless because of her. So their 6 months together had not been uneventful. It often led to arguments that kept them apart for days until one of them could not bear the separation anymore.
She thought about how the 6 months had progressed and how each family member discovered their relationship and dealt with it. Especially her parents and she blushed.
It was a couple of weeks into their new found relationship and as she didn't want to make it known to the family,   Yash would often sneak into their house at night. That particular night they had been particularly amorous as she hadn't seen him for more than 24 hours as both had meetings that they had to attend. She walked downstairs with him and they were lingering at the door, not wanting to leave each other. He was standing against the door and she was kissing him.
"I have to go"he said.
"Just one last kiss"
"If you move in with me then we don't have to say good bye."
As usual she didn't answer and just kissed him again. They were both in their own little world and did not even hear the key in the door and when the door opened they both spilled out and fell on the ground, with her on top of him. Her father had returned home after an emergency surgery. He looked down at them shocked and confused. She wouldn't look up and buried her head in Yash's chest. They were just lying there, neither trying to get up. No one knew what to say.
Finally her father said in greeting.
"Pappa" her head still buried in her husband's chest.
He had to literally step over them to get inside the house.
"Is he gone?" she asked.
"Yes" he said and started to laugh.
"Stop it Yash, it's not funny."
"From where I am lying it is very funny" she started to laugh as well.
"Oh, I am going to be in world of trouble with Ma. You don't understand."
"I have no sympathy for you. You know what I want."
"I want it too. Maybe soon, ok my love."
"Ok, now get off me you minx before I take you right here in your parent's doorway."
She jumped up quickly and he followed. She pecked him on the cheek.
"Goodbye, love of my life." she said and went inside and locked the door with her heart aflutter, listening to the retreating footsteps of her heart.
She saw her parents only at supper time. She was expecting what would come.
"What is going on between you and Yash, Aarti?"
"Nothing that married people are not used to doing"
"What Ma?"
"This is not a way to live. Sneaking around with your own husband. Why don't you just live together? You can live here.   And are you taking pre-cautions?"
"Don't you Ma me young lady. I was the one that removed the foetus of my grandchild from your body, I was the one that had to tell you we lost him, and I was the one to tell you that you will never be able to carry a child to term. I was the one that held you night after night while you sobbed for your child. Don't' you Ma me, you hear. I will not go through that pain and suffering again. And I won't let you either." Her mother was saying this while tears were running down her face.
Aarti went to her mother and hugged her.
"I'm sorry Ma. I didn't mean it like that. We are careful. Yash has the same concerns and he won't touch me otherwise. Please try and relax about this." she said and wiped the tears from her mother's face.

"Then why are you not together,"
"That's my decision, Ma. I don't feel it's fair to him that I can't give him a child. He keeps asking but I just can't say yes."
"You are not fair on him making him live like this Aarti. He loves you enough to accept your situation. You will both be happy if you are together."
"I will consider it Ma."
When she came downstairs for her brunch the next day she was surprised to see Yash there speaking to her parents.
"What are you doing here, Yash?"
"I am talking to Ma & Bauji about us."
"What about us?"
"I apologised for disrespecting them by sneaking behind their backs with you."
"We are married."
"Still, what we are doing is not right. We are behaving as if are doing something wrong. And under their roof. I also told them that I want you back, living with me."
"Yash, please. That is between you and I."
"No Aarti, this affects our family as well. I don't want to sneak around anymore. You are my wife, I love you and we belong together. I want everyone to know that."
"I'm not ready!"
"What are you waiting on, Aarti?" asked her father.
"You all know. I can't do this." She said and ran back upstairs.
He looked at his in laws hopelessly.
"Bauji, I don't know what to do with her. She won't let go of this belief that she needs to give me a baby. That she is not a complete woman otherwise. What do I do?"
"She has been through a traumatic experience. She wouldn't accept professional help at the time. I still think she needs it, but Aarti thinks she can do everything on her own. Even run a company. Just give her time."
"I don't know if that will help Bauji. I will give her time. Maybe if I stay away she will come to realise that she needs me as much as I need her. Good bye."
After a week he still had not contacted her. She had picked up the phone a few times but could not call him. After 2 weeks Paradhi came to bring Ansh to his grandmother to babysit. She had to attend a work function with Prateek.
"Didi, you know how much I hate these work functions but Prateek insists."
"Pari, it's not so bad. At least you get to spend some time alone with Prateek.
"I suppose, but he is so busy at the functions then I am left alone. I have an idea. Why don't you come with me? You can keep me company."
"No Pari, I can't go."
"Please didi. We can go shopping together and do our hair and have a brilliant night out. Please Didi."
"Will Yash be there?"
"Yes" she said with downcast eyes.
"I will go with you" said Aarti.
"Really? Wonderful. Let's ask Ma if she will look after Ansh for the afternoon as well if she is not on call."
Their mother was too happy to look after he precious grandchild a little longer.
For the first time in a long time Aarti and Pari had fun shopping as they used to do when they were younger, before Aarti lost interest in it. She was excited too as she was going to see him.
Yash was at the function. He hardly listened to what was being said to him. He was here as he had to be. But these days he only stayed as long as need be and would then go back home. Arpita was standing way too close to him but he left her, as it had no effect on him.
Suddenly he heard someone next to him.
"Good evening, I see you are having a good time at this party."
He was shocked to see her there.
"What are you doing here, Aarti?"
"Does it matter?"
"Who is this Yashu?"
He could see the anger on her face increase at the endearment.
"Do you still remember me Yashu?" she said with sweet venom.
"This is Aarti. Aarti, Arpita"
"Arpita who?"
"Arpita Singh"
"I am Aarti Scindiya. Mrs. Aarti Scindiya."
"Is she related to you Yashu?"
"No I was only married into the family. But that marriage will soon be over. My husband has seemingly moved on. Nice meeting you, good night Yashu."
She stormed off.
He followed her and got hold of her just as she reached outside.   He dragged her to a secluded spot.
"What are you up to Aarti? Why are you here?"
"My sister invited me. And I thought ... But clearly you have already replaced me with one of your sarree girls, Yashu" she said sarcastically
"So you sister invites you and you come but when I ask, you say no. I ask you again Aarti, why are you here." he was so angry with her. She had a nerve. She refused to commit to him but she wants to act like a jealous wife.
"I came here to tell you something." she said her tone has softened quite considerably.
"It's a bush baby."
"What. What is a bush baby?"
"A cute nocturnal creature."
"Remember, I said I would get back to on what I think is a cute nocturnal creature."
The wind was taken out of his sails. He was so flabbergasted. His anger was gone. He chuckled at the incredulousness of his love.
"So you came all the way here, dressed in this sexy outfit to tell me that."
"Yes" she said demurely.
"You drive me insane, Mrs Aarti Scindiya"
"In a good way I hope."
"In every way." he said she kissed her until she was breathless.
"I missed you" she said.
"I missed you too, my cutest bush baby." He kissed her again. Her hands were in his hair, their tongues devouring each other. He moved down the top of her sleeveless dress, exposing her taut nipples. His mouth captured one while his thumb was caressing the other. She moaned in pleasure.
"Yash, please" she moaned.
"Yes, baby. I feel the same. I would take you right now, but we have no protection."
"Please" she moaned starting to kiss in his neck
"Let's go home" he said wanting her so badly.
She stopped immediately and pushed him away and pulled her dress back up.
"No, if you won't give me what I want now, then at least dance with me tonight at the party."
"I swear, you are an enigma. The one minute you are begging me to make love to you and the next moment you want to dance."
"Please Yashu" she said fluttering her eyes at him.
"Fine, you cheeky little bush baby, I will give you what you want now, but later, Mrs. Scindiya, it will be pay back for me suffering now."
"It will be my pleasure." she said and took him by the hand and led him back to the party.
He had wonderful time with her at the party. He was proud of her. She was the perfect wife of a CEO. Everyone that he introduced her to was taken by her. And they danced with each other for the first time. She was a great dancer and they looked so perfect together on the dance floor that people stopped and stared. Especially the 2 pairs of very happy eyes of Prateek and Pari.   And indeed when he took her home, to the beach house later, she more than made up for what his suffering of earlier. They didn't even get out of the garage. Once he parked the car, he went around to open the door for her. But she didn't get out completely, she swung her legs out but instead of getting out, she stayed seated and unzipped his pants and her mouth pleasured him until he shuddered as he reached climax.
"So how was the payback, Yashu?"
"Stop being facetious. And that was wonderful, but you are far from done madam."
He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom where she happily continued her payback until they were both so exhausted in the early hours of the morning and fell asleep with the sound of the waves soothing them.
About a month ago, the Scindiya's were at the dinner table. The bahu's were serving the food.
"Mamma, you food is so yummy. Not like Aunty Aarti's food." said Vendant.
"When did you eat aunty Aarti's food" asked G3.
"When mamma and chachi took us to Naani (they took Ansh's grandparents as theirs as well)"
"Oh, I see." G3 knew of course that Aarti still lived with her parents and it was natural that she would be there when Pari went to visit.
"Uncle Yash said we must throw it away and he took us for pizza and aunty was very angry with him. But then he bought butterscotch ice-cream and jalebi's and he she gave him a kissy." said Vedhika.
There was absolute silence at the table. The children were unaware of what havoc they caused.
"Ji, I am going to the Dubey's right now. Are you coming with me?"
"Yes." he wanted to be there if the situation needed to be diffused.
The Dubey's were also having dinner when they arrived. Yash was there too.
"Yash, what are you doing here?"
"Ma ..."
"I don't want to hear anything. Just come home. Shobaji, Dubeyji, how dare you let my son stay here without my knowledge. They are not together anymore. I don't want your daughter as my bahu."
"G3ji, she is Yash's choice and they are already married. There is nothing you can do about that." said her mother.
"We will see about that. She thinks she can just waltz in and out of our family without a second thought. I will not have it. And she will not even be able to bare any children for my son. She is not welcome back on our home."
"G3ji" yash and his father in law shouted together.
"Enough, do you think I will let my daughter come back to your house. You have abused both my daughters and I have let it go because they love your sons. But Aarti is never going back there and right now I am tempted to go and get Paridhi and Ansh too. I will not tolerate this anymore. We are not in the dark ages where mother's in law treat their bahu's lower than dirt. My daughters are good girls, well-mannered and cultured. You should be lucky to have them. As well as that nice girl Vidhi. You better be careful, else you will lose your whole family"
"Pappa, please calm down. All this excitement is not good for you." said Aarti.
"Ma, please. You need to apologise to Shobama and bauji. As well as Aarti."
"Apologise to her. I would rather die."
"Then leave here."
"You are coming with us."
"G3. Leave the boy. He is with his wife." said SP
"She walked out on him. She left him. She is not his wife."
"Ma, she is my wife. I wasn't blameless in the marriage break up. But now I have realised that I love her and I don't want to be without her. We will not be living at SM anymore. Ma and bauji said we could live here but we still have not decided where we will live. In fact, Aarti hasn't even agreed to come back to me yet, partly because of your attitude. But you need to know that I love her and I will not let her go this time. No matter what you say, no matter even what she says." he looked at Aarti expressively.
She couldn't take any more of the drama and ran up the stairs to her room crying. She didn't know what was said after she left, but Yash came to her shortly afterwards. She was lying on the bed. He came to lie beside her and just held her in his arms till she stopped crying.
She just looked at him. But they didn't need to speak. They understood each other. He knew the pain that she felt at his mother's accusations. He couldn't understand how his mother could be so callous to keep reminding Aarti of her condition. Of the loss of their baby. That night they just held each other and fell asleep in each other's arms.
And two weeks later he had told her about his trip to Dehli while they were in bed at her parents' house.
"I have to go the Dehli office. I haven't been there in while."
"For how long?"
"About 2 weeks."
"So long?"
"Yes, will you miss me my cute BB?"
"Of course I will" she said
"Go with me then."
"I can't. I have lots of work. You keep me up at night so I am not as productive as I used to be." she smiled, moving to lie on top of him.
"Excuse me, who keeps who up night."
"Let's not quibble." she kissing him.
"Aarti, every time you don't want to answer me you start kissing me. Go with me to Dehli."
"I can't."
"Don't tell me about work. You have 2 assistants now. They can handle things here. And you can work remotely. Your office is this bedroom anyway, why can't you work from a hotel room."
She stopped kissing him and went to her side of the bed.
"You are going to work anyway. You won't spend time with me."
"I will try and not schedule my meetings late so we can spend some time together and we will have the weekend as well."
She settled under the covers and looked away from him.
"I can't go now. It's a crucial time for one of my contracts. Vheer ad Rajesh won't be able to handle it on their own."
"Fine" he said resignedly. "Aarti, when I come back from Dehli, I am moving into the beach house permanently. I want you to move in with me. If you don't then it's over. I can't live in limbo all my life."
"I love you, Yash but ..."
"I love you Aarti. There are no buts. I just love you and I can't take your constant rejection and you inability to commit to me any longer."
For the first time in 5 and half months they slept on their own sides of the bed. Each baring their own pain.
They didn't see each other for a week since that night. He hadn't come back there and he hadn't called. She didn't either. She had to think. She really shouldn't go but the thought of being without him was too much to bare.
He was heartbroken. He had thought that his words that night would force her to make that final commitment. But she didn't. She didn't even call him. And now he was leaving for Dehli. He had made his decision. He would stand firm. Every time there was a separation like this, it was harder. It felt like he was losing her every time. Sometimes he doubted that she even loved him. Her obsession with having a child was breaking them apart. She wanted a baby more than she wanted him. He had been careful about taking pre-cautions every time they made love and she had hated it. He agreed that it detracted from the spontaneity of the action. She couldn't stand it. Finally they went to see a gynae that her mother recommended and she started using birth control pills that he made sure she took every day. And as long as he wouldn't allow her to fall pregnant, she wouldn't commit to him completely although they spent most of their time together. He had had enough of living half a life with her. He wanted her all the time. He got into the private plane still deep in thought.
"Hello, baby."
He was surprised to see. But he was ecstatic.
"Aarti, how ...?"
"Prateek helped me."
"Honey, I am so happy."

Aarti came back to the present. There two weeks in Dehli was amazing. It had been like a honeymoon. He tried to make it back to her as early as possible after a day at work. They would go to various restaurants for dinner and their evenings were spent making passionate love.   The weekend was spent sightseeing as this was her first time in Dehli. As usual he bought her so many things. She did enjoy the shopping though. They bought gifts for everyone. She loved buying gifts for the kids the most. He just let her go wild in the toy shops and he would just pay for everything though she didn't expect him to. They would go home with twice as many things as they came.
The errant piece of hair was back on his forehead. She reached to move back again and she got a fright when he grabbed her hand.
"Admiring your handsome husband, Mrs. Scindiya?'
"Yes, I am admiring my handsome, modest husband."
"I have a better idea of what you can occupy yourself with."
She moved on top of him.
"What would that be, Mr. Scindiya? Ooh" she said as she felt his hardness against her.
"I think you know."
She took him in her hand in led him inside her.
"Is this it?" she gasped as pushed down on him.
"Were you waiting for me to wake up?"
"Yes, we don't have much time before we have to get to the airport."
"So let's not waste it." he said and he started moving into her from the bottom. She immediately joined him in his rhythmic movement. His hands caressing her bottom. It was a slow sweet end to an amazing time.
"I love you so much, my darling" she said afterwards.
"I love you too. More and more each day."
She knew how much he loved her and she had indeed made a decision about their future together.

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i love it Clap B I felt like slapping that old hag G3 Evil Smile who the heck does she feel she is interfering in her grown married children life I so hate people like G3 Angry

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I am a little uneasy about what Aarti will do, why do I get the feeling she will ensure to fall pregnant? I understand her desire to have the fruit of their love grow inside of her and I understand why she acts the way she does, just like Yash though, I am getting frustrated.. it's clear to see she can't be without him so she has to make the obvious choice. be happy with him and adopt or opt for surrogacy...

I loved her jealous fit and what followed was hot Embarrassed I giggled at how the father found them.

I still have no words for Gayatri.

loved, loved, loved it Honey-Bee Day Dreaming

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beautiful part..loved it

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Awesome update 
Aarya continue their relationship but aarti wasn't still ready to move with yash
Loll aarti was jealous seeing arpita near yash
Ouch aarti dad caught them red handed 
Aarya romance was sizzling 
Oh hell gayetri how disgusting she is how dare she talk to aarti & her parents like that
God aarti is so obsessed to get baby more then she want yash
But this time yash strictly distance from aarti so she can decide what she want
Finally aarti came to yash 
Aarya spend their 2 weeks in Delhi like honeymoon lots of romance 
Now aarti decided to be with yash
Continue plz

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Chapter 8

They landed in Mumbai but they didn't speak of what would happen afterwards. He was growing a bit tense. He gave the ultimatum and was determined to follow through. But he was petrified. He knew she loved him but he didn't know if his love was enough for her. Of course he wanted a child too but he wanted her more. And he wanted her happy and whole. And he knew if she lost another child that she might not be, ever. He wanted her with him under any circumstance but he would die if she was unhappy. He could not see her waning away like she did the first time.
He wasn't with her during the time she was grieving for their child and she had never told him about that time. But sometimes when she was sleeping in the morning he would talk to his parents in law. They told him how she was after she lost the baby. She had built all her hopes and her future around being a mother to the baby. She had accepted that there was no future for her with the man that she was married to, that he did not really want her and so would not want a child born of her. That was when she had decided to move abroad. Hearing this had caused him so much pain.

She had chosen South-Africa because at least she had a good friend there and he would eventually help her get a job or a business started so she could support them financially. And when she lost her baby, she lost all hope. And worse yet, she discovered her condition and then she fell into a deep depression. She spent weeks in bed and just cried. She hardly ate and even let her work suffer. Her mother took some time off work to be with her. She wanted her to see a professional to talk to, but she didn't want to. Then eventually she came out of that state into another. She worked. Day and night. She hardly slept.   She threw everything that she had into her business. It grew substantially in a short period of time and she still insisted to handle all the contracts. This had carried on until Ansh was born. The birth of that little baby brought her back to life, restored some of her hope. But it is only after they had started seeing each other again that she had hired help.
At first she had the same routine. She couldn't sleep at night. She would work even after a heavy bout of lovemaking. She would sit at her desk or on the couch. Even at the beach house. And even that was a bone of contention between the two of them.
"Baby, please, come to bed."
"Soon, I promise, babe. I just need to finish this one thing."
"How long?"
"Just ... Maybe half an hour."
"Aarti, it's more than an hour now. I am tired and I want to sleep. I have to go to work normal time tomorrow. I won't be able to get up. Please darling, you're killing me."
"This is an important client Yash. Just a few minutes."
"Fine" he got out of bed. "I'm going home to sleep."
"Yash, please, you also have a company. Please understand. I have a responsibility towards my clients. Just because your company is bigger than mine you expect me to leave my work."
"I didn't say that Aarti. It is the middle of the night. People don't work at this time. Why can't you work during the day like a normal person? And yes, you are right. I run a multi-national company and what I do is important. Thousands of people depend on me for their livelihood. I can't afford not to have my full attention on my job when I am there. For this I need to sleep. And again, do I have to remind you that our lives could be so much easier if we lived together."
"Is that your answer to everything?"
"Not to everything. Just this one thing. I want you to be my wife in every sense"
"Yash, you are not being fair."
"No you are not being fair. I have been making all the sacrifices for you. I go where you want us to go. I have lose my sleep, because you insist on running a lucrative business on your own. How long do you think you can keep this up Aarti. How long can we keep this up before we both burn out and lose what we have both worked so hard for?"
"That won't happen"
"Aarti, you only see what you want to see. It's no use talking to you. And in any case if you are serious about growing your company, you need to have more vision and you need to be able to delegate your work so you can concentrate on running it. But what do I know, I am just the CEO of a multi-national company. Good night Aarti."
She jumped up, left her laptop on the couch.
"When will I see you again?"
"I don't know. I don't have the energy for this anymore" he said getting dressed.
She ran to him and hugged him.
"No baby, please, I will stop working. I will come to bed."
"Aarti, it's not just about that."
"I know. But it's late, you said so. I don't want to talk anymore, please baby. Let's go to bed. I will even leave you. I will let you sleep. I promise. I am your cutest Bush baby am I not? You can't leave me now." She said and stood on her tippy toes to kiss him.
As usual he couldn't resist her. The gentle kiss turned into roaring passion. And they went to sleep, but only after a long time of making up for the argument they just had. At least there was on good thing about their constant fights. Making up was always more passionate and wild then their usual very passionate encounters.
He could see how much she loved Ansh. Even Vedhika and Vendant. They often took the children out with them or they spent the day the beach house with them. She was so good with them. She could not go shopping without getting something for them. And when they were in the children's section of shops he could see her longing looks at baby things. He normally would just try and lighten the atmosphere and take her out there. He understood how she felt. He also grieved the loss of their little one. And he often tried to broach the subject of alternative methods of having children. She never wanted to talk about it. He usually let it go, but it left him very frustrated and anxious.
And now the time has come, she had gone with him to Dehli yes, but he was not prepared to stay without her anymore. He wanted her with him. He wanted the opportunity to make her happy. To give her the children that she so desperately wanted, but not the way she wanted it. That he would never allow.
The driver came and loaded their luggage in the Limo.
"Where to Aarti"
"Home, to Ma and Pappa's house."
She could see how his face fell.
"Yash, I have made a decision."
He looked up anxiously.
"I want what you want. I want to be with you completely, all the time. I don't want to commute like this anymore. I want to be there when you get home from work and be kissed good bye when you leave. I don't want to cart overnight bags around with me anymore. I love you and I want to live as husband and wife. I want us to live at the beach house."
"Really honey?"
He grabbed her and kissed.
"We can collect your things now and you can move in today."
"Sorry honey not today. I have promised Ma and Pappa that I would go and visit Ma's village with them for a week. We will leave tomorrow and as soon as I come back I will move my things to the beach house. That is if you still want me to live with you"
"Of course I want you to. I can't wait. But I will let you go. At least now I know that I will have you soon."
He kissed her again. But it didn't stop there. She reached her hand to her special place, rubbed him until she could feel him grow hard. They quickly and desperately removed their bottoms and she mounted him. But too soon the car stopped at her parents' house.
He was the first to realise the car had stopped. "Honey, the car has stopped. What if Ma & Bauji come out to meet us? Make yourself decent."
She giggled.
"You started all of this and now you are worried how we will be found."
"I kissed you and that was it. I started nothing, you hungry little Bush baby. Now get off me so we don't find ourselves in an embarrassing situation."
"Fine, but you are no fun at all" she said starting to get dressed.
"When you move in, I won't give you a moments rest. So I don't expect any complaints."
"Promises, promises" she said as she got out of the limo and finally they went inside. He greeted the family and visited with them for a while. Then he went upstairs with her and said good bye to her properly and he left. He was not happy that he would only be seeing her in a week but he was happy that after that they would be together forever. He was happier than he had ever been.

A week later, Yash rushed off to his in laws house to collect his wife. He hadn't even been able to speak to her for the week as there was no reception in the village. He was so anxious to see her.
He entered her house and greeted them.
"Yash, beta. Where have you been all this time? It's been a week since we've seen you."
"Ma, you were at your village, you wouldn't have seen me anyway."
"My village? Who told you that? We've been here all the time. Did Aarti come with you?
His heart sank. He knew before he asked the question?"
"Ma, where is Aarti?"
"She was with you for the week. Why are you asking me?"
"She said she was going away with you and Bauji to your village and I could not contact her as there is no reception." Suddenly he realised how she had interrupted him every time he brought up their impending trip to the village. He didn't think anything of it at the time. He was in a euphoric state due to her decision to move in. How could he have missed that?
He parents looked at each other, realisation dawned on their faces.
Yash ran up the stairs to her room, even when he knew he would not find her there. He looked in her room for some kind of sign, anything to get an indication of where she would have gone. There was an envelope on her desk addressed to him. He ripped it open and found a flash drive inside.
Her parents were there now to.
"Bauji, can I use your computer.
"Yes, beta"
They went to the office and he inserted the flash. He saw her beautiful face on the screen.
"Hi baby, by now you would have realised that I have left. I am so sorry honey. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was to hurt you. I fully want to live with you, I promise but I just can't this way. You deserve more. You deserve a whole woman. Whole in body and whole in spirit and mind. And right now I am not any of those. My body is broken and if I am not able to give you a baby, then I can't be with you. And as long as that is the case then I will never be at peace in my mind. I love you so much. I really do, more than anything, and that is why I can't stay. Trust me when I say this.
I have arranged signed divorced papers to be delivered to you. I don't expect you to stay married to me under these circumstance. But I firmly believe that if we are meant to be we will find our way back to each other again as we did before. You are the love of my life and there will never be anyone else for me. But please honey, don't wait for me. I don't want to stand in the way of your happiness if your find someone else. All I want is your happiness. I will love you always.
Tears were falling down her face as she was speaking. Her mother was sobbing hysterically. He father just sat down, too shocked to re-act. Yash was oblivious to them. All he knew was that his world was falling apart. She had left him. She gave him hope and then she took his life away. His heart was shattered. He just sat there staring at the screen for a long time. What was supposed to be the happiest day of his life turned into a nightmare?
"Yash, she will come back. Please beta, don't give up on her. She will come back." his mother in law said.
"Ma, I am going to sign the divorce papers when it comes. I can't do this anymore. I am not waiting for her."
"She loves you son." her father said.
"Yes she loves me, but her need for a baby is more than her love for me. And I all I needed was her. That was all I needed. But this is the final straw Ma. It's over now." He walked out.

It was nearly year later. He looked at the documents that were delivered to him. He had finally signed and submitted them. He couldn't do it before. He put it off for all this time. Now it was final. Now his mother has found a new bride for him. She had been nagging at him all this time and now he had finally accepted it. He didn't really care who the woman was. He was fine the way he was. His work was his companion. But she was pretty enough and his mother was happy with her. She was what his mother considered a suitable bride for him. It was Aarpita. The sarree girl she went to a jealous rage over at the party, he smiled wryly at her description of the girls that were always throwing themselves at him.    She was the daughter of one their associates. At least someone would be happy. His mother. Now he had to go home and tell his family that he was finally divorced and the marriage arrangements could start.
He knew his brothers and sisters in law would not be happy. They still hoped that Aarti would return and they would be together. But even if she did come back, he would not take her back. She was out of his life forever. He would move on as she wanted. For all he knew, she had already done so. She had cut off contact with her own family.   That was how desperate she was to get away from him. She would have her wish. He would move on.

No sooner had he told his family about the divorce, then his mother arranged the engagement. His family was there. It was a sombre affair for his siblings and their spouses. He was there in body only. He didn't care for what happened around him. Arpita, his new fiance looked happy. She seemed like as sweet girl, but he was not interested.
He got up from where he was sitting and went to the garden. He saw Pardhi outside. She had taken Ansh out to play as he was getting restless.
"Uncle, Uncle" Ansh shouted as she he saw him and ran into his arms. The two year old Ansh was probably the light of his life right now. Paridhi was now pregnant with her second child. He wondered how she would have felt about that. She loved Ansh so much. He was playing with Ansh when he heard Paridhi's phone ring. He wasn't listening to her. But her words caught his attention.
"Didi, is that you? Didi? I can't hear you Didi. The line is very bad."
He got up involuntarily and rushed to Paridhi. He grabbed the phone out of her hand.
"Aarti, Aarti." but there was no one on the other side. He looked at Paradhi.
"She's gone"
He gave the phone back. He went inside and made an excuse that an urgent work matter came up and left his own engagement. He was appalled with himself that the she still had this kind of effect on him.

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nice part.. aarti decision was wrong..she left him after everything they shared

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