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PV SS - The Taming Chapter 15 (EPILOGUE)- page 22 (Page 3)

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interesting update
ouch yash kiss aarti at first meeting that to in their bro sis wedding Shocked
in front of everyone they got shocked Shocked
aarya parents now hell bent them to get married but both refused
oops yash ego got hurt when aarti reject him now he want to marry her by hook or by crook Wacko
eww aarti is in love with prashant & yash know abt it
yash mom didn't like aarti at all D'oh
loll aarti tried her luck to spoil yash dress but he read her mind LOL
now aarya got married aarti was nervous & confused by yash behavior Confused
OMG aarti turn the table now poor yash couldn't sleep entire night after seeing aarti in that sexy lingerie ROFL
continue plz

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Awesome one B. This sure is going to be another interesting roller coaster ride, until the point they both accept each other. Waiting eagerly for next. 

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Chapter 3

He was still asleep when she left the room to complete the morning rituals. She wore one of her plain sarees again. It was a struggle for her to get these things on, she thought and now she had to work in it as well. And how was she going to make these sweets. Since when can she cook. He mother never cooked and neither did she. Pari cooked mostly in their family otherwise the cooking was left to one of the domestic workers. She was never interested and now she was at a loss.
Her mother in law gave her scathing look when she saw her. Pari looked close to tears again. She looked like every time she saw her.
"Bahu, is this what are wearing. Even our servants look better than you. And in this house, the women cover their heads. "
In this house, the women all look miserable, Aarti thought but she obeyed and put on her pallu.
"Let's go to the kitchen"
Pari came to stand close to her and whispered.
"Didi, why did you to wear that old ugly thing. Don't you have anything decent? You are making Ma even angrier than she normally is. And Di, I will try and help you, so listen carefully and try and do what I say."
She nodded.
But Aarti's first cooking experience at her in-laws house was a complete and utter disaster, despite her sister's attempts at help. Vidhi and Pari had to cook so that that the family and remaining guests had breakfast. This of course provoked her mother in law against her even more. Not to mention all the old aunties that kept making disparaging remarks about the young women of today.    She hated this. This was not what she had been prepared for. She has prepared to be a career woman, not a house slave. She wanted to go back home.
He was sitting at the table when she came out of the kitchen.    He was so disturbed by her that he tossed and turned for the most of the night. His libido raging while the source of his discomfort was peacefully sleeping. He had only fallen asleep during the early hours of the morning. So she managed to sneak out of the bedroom without him knowing. When he got to the bathroom he saw the lingerie discarded in the dirt bin. It made him chuckle.
When he saw her, he got extremely annoyed. Again with this horrid look. Why did she do this? Surely she had to have better clothes. Her family were well off and must have provided her with better quality clothing. What must the people think of him, of her? That sarree was as plain and outdated as the one she had worn at Prateeks wedding. As soon as breakfast is over, they would have a talk.
"Bahu, what is this?!"
"It's what you told me to make, Ma."
"No, it's not. This is not even edible. It's disgusting. Did you mother teach you nothing."
"She taught me lots of things, but cooking was not one of them." she replied honestly.
"Ma, you asked Aarti a question and she answered you. What more do you want. There are other things on the table that that is edible. No one will starve because my wife can't cook."
"Yash, I told you that she is not the right girl for you. Look at her, look at this mess she made with this food. But you insisted. This marriage will never work. As far as I am concerned, she might as well go back home now."
Aarti couldn't believe what she just heard. She didn't want to be here. She knew what he mother in law said were not untrue, but she didn't have to say these things in front of everyone. Aarti was angry and embarrassed. She was about to say something when Pari touched her arm slightly. So she stopped herself only for her sister. Pari so desperately wanted to fit in here and she would not make it harder for her. So she simply turned around and went back to her room.
"Bahu! Aarti Bahu!" Her mother in law shouted after her.
Yash got up as well.
"Yash, where are you going?"
"I have suddenly lost my appetite." He would have to have a serious talk with his mother about the way she behaved towards his wife. Pankaj and Prateek might accept her tyranny over their wives but he would not. He owned a few homes of his own, he could move there at any time.
She was sitting on the bed crying.
"Are you ok, Aarti?"
"No, I am not ok. And it's all your fault. I didn't want this marriage. All your mother said is true. I don't fit in. I don't wear sarees, I don't cover my head, I don't cook, I don't clean. I hate it here. I don't want to stay here. And if your mother continues to talk to me like that I swear ..."
"Aarti, calm down. You are married to me. I will make it clear to Ma that you are not to cook or do housework but in one thing she is right. What is it you are wearing?"
"A sarree."
"Aarti please, you really don't have to wear such cheap plain things. Don't you have others? Even I was embarrassed by the way you were dressed. Surely you have better" She hadn't even unpacked yet and he went to her suitcase and he managed to find a few beautiful sarrees in there. He took a green one out of the bag.
"Wear this."
"You can't dictate to me what I can and can't wear."
"Aarti, I am the CEO of a multi-national company. I have an image to uphold and my wife can't walk around in clothes that our servants won't even wear. Be reasonable."
"And why must I wear a sarree."
"You don't have to wear sarrees every day, just today while the guest are still here. Please.'
"I don't want to."
"Seriously, I am so over your childish behaviour."
He went to her and pulled her up from where she was sitting. They looked at each other each challenging the other with their eyes. Then he had an idea and he smirked.
"Fine, you wear your plain jane sarees. And every time you wear it, it will give me great pleasure to take it off you."
"Yes, after last night, I am dying to see your beautifully enticing body again. So do me a favour and wear these ugly things as often as you like, I will take that as your personal invitation to undress you."
He was standing dangerously close to her now. She had lowered her eyes, but she could smell his breath on her, his fragrance was all around her making her head spin. It was the same fragrance that greeted her this morning and made her rush out of bed.
Her hair in its bedroom state again.
"Did I tell you that I love your hair like this? It's perfectly messy, it looks like you've just been made love to."
Her hands automatically went up to neaten her hair but he caught her hands.
"Allow me" he let go of her hands and pushed her hair back slowly on either side. She felt the heat of his fingers as it grazed hers. Her breathing got heavier, she could feel his gaze on her and she couldn't meet his eyes. She tried to compose herself with great difficulty."
"I ... I will wear it."
"The ... the other ... The other saree."
"Don't do it on my account" he said. His voice was hoarse.
"Excuse me, I want to go change my clothes" her voice was barely a whisper.
"I could help you" he said his hands still playing with her hair.
"No, it's not needed." She quickly moved to the side, picked up the sarree and ran to the bathroom. She stood leaning against the closed door for a long time to get composure, before she could change her clothes. She cried again, again in mere frustration. She was so confused.

He stood rooted to his spot. He wanted to scare her into doing what he wanted her to do. But what he wanted more than that was her. Once again she left him hungry and frustrated. He had never felt like this before. The kind of desire he felt for her was new for him. The desire to protect her was also new to him. He had never before thought of moving out. He loved living in this joint family. He loved his parents and his brothers. Vendant and Vedhhika were the apples of his eye, but in one day since he married this woman, he had considered it. What was going on in his head?
It was probably just his libido talking. He had not slept with anyone since the time he kissed her at the wedding. And that was long for him to go without a woman. Truth to tell he had the opportunity, Ishita as usual had tried to use her wiles on him to get him to change his mind on about marrying Aarti, but at that time she had just irritated him. He wasn't even aroused. And his wife parading her delectable body in front of him last night did not help. That must be it. Once he had her, then this craziness in his head and in his nether regions would stop. He had to make it happen soon. Or rather he had to let her make it happen soon. She wanted him too, it was plain to see, but he wanted her to come to him, he wanted to penetrate all those defences she had around her. And he wanted her to forget that boyfriend of hers. It was the first time he made such a ridiculous offer to someone to work for one of their companies. Luckily, Randhir could vouch for the fact that he would be an asset to the company. He just wanted him far away and he did what he had to sweeten the pot.
He was still in the room when she came out. She looked beautiful. She went to the dresser and applied light make up. He came behind her.
"I have something for you."
He had a jewellery box with matching earrings and necklace.
Put the necklace on her and then he came to stand in front of her and put the earrings in her ears.
"You look absolutely stunning Mrs. Scindiya."
She blushed.
He pecked her on the nose.
"Come lets go back out, at least till everyone is gone. Hopefully it won't be too long.   You don't have to cook anymore, but if you don't mind serving while the guest are here."
"I don't mind" she said.
"Let's go then." he said taking her hand.
The rest of the day was uneventful. He stayed close to her and she did the rest of her duties as best as she could, trying not the antagonise Ma dearest any further. Even Pari was smiling.
"Thank you" he said when they retired to their room later.
"For what?"
"For trying."
"I live here now, I suppose I don't have a choice. I don't want your mother to have a heart attack because of me."
He chuckled.
She had unpacked her clothes in the section of wardrobe that had been cleared for her. She took her pyjamas and was about to walk to the shower.
"You know we have a water shortage here right?"
She looked at him, confused by his random statement.
"I have the perfect solution for saving water."
Where was he going with that?
"If most people shower together in this country I guarantee that the water shortage will be sorted in no time. We can do our part for our country starting right now."
"Ugh, you only have one thing on your mind Yash Scindiya. Why don't you get it from that saree girl that was with you at the wedding?"
"Saree girl"
"Yes, the way she was draped around you, you'd think she was a saree."
He laughed out loud.
"So you noticed me at the wedding then."
"Yes, I noticed how you were not a part of the wedding. I noticed how you were on the phone the whole time with your suit, probably also Armani. Ever the business man even at your brothers wedding. That's not the kind of husband that I envisioned for me, but things don't always work out the way we want is it."
"Did you want your Prashant Khuranna?"
"Yes, I did. Eventually when I was ready. But you took that option away from me. You exiled him to South-Africa"
"Exiled? Exiled? Must you always be so dramatic? I exiled no one. I merely allowed a very good offer to be made to him and he accepted. I didn't force him and I certainly did not exile him. And if he wanted to stay here with you he would've.
"He asked me to marry him and move with him."
"Why didn't you."
"Because I couldn't take away his dream job."
"Were you in love with him?"
"I loved him. We were together since college. I don't know if I was in love with him."
"Do you miss him?"
"Yes. Did you love the saree girl?"
"Why did you marry me?"
"Because I want you."
"I see, for sex? And if you get that? Then what? I go back home?"
"You are my wife"
"And what does that mean?"
He didn't know what to say. She went to the shower.

She was his wife. He fought against his mother for her but he married her for physical reasons. Nothing more. How does one build a relationship on that? What if she gives in to him, then what? Will he go back to his sarree girls because the novelty of his latest conquest had worn off? She would be lying if she didn't acknowledge that she wanted him too in that way. He made her feel things that she never felt before. In all the years she had dated Prashant she had never felt like this. And yes, she loved him, but she was not that disappointed that he left. They were probably more friends than anything, they had so much in common, and it felt comfortable to be with him. Bouncing ideas off each other. The made out but it never went much further than kissing, she would always stop it there, and he never complained. But her husband had made her body react in a shameless way in the short time that she has met him. And she knew if he followed through, she would not be able to stop him. She hated her lack of self-control where he is concerned. She knew she was not the type to get involved in a physical relationship without feelings so she had to think about what these feelings she experiencing was. She just couldn't fall in love with this insufferable idiot.

He couldn't answer her question. What did it mean that she was his wife? What happens after the marriage had been consummated. What happens when his desire for her wore off? Which is what normally happened with him. Though with other women he never took such a drastic step. He never ran after anybody. He never needed to. But she was different to the women he has been with. She was almost childlike, she was gutsy, sexy and it would seem successful in her own right according to his sources. With every day, he wanted her more, and right now he didn't want to think about what would happen after that. He would take this relationship a day at a time.

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Awesome B Clap I don't like G3 would not mind if she gets a heart attackLOL AarYa's feelings are changing towards each other but they can't put a name on it as yet. I love their relationship they are not even friends they are two strangers who share a room because they have tooLOL both wants to get intimate with each other both don't want to make the first move both wondering what comes after they consummate their marriageLOL continue soon 
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uff aarti again that ugly saree D'oh
yash mom got more chance to dislike her & taunt her more Wacko
wow yash support aarti against his mom Clap
pari tried to clam aarti but she is so fire Wink
finally aarya have their conversation abt their relationship
aarti was right all yash want was her body & when he get what gonna happen after that? Day Dreaming
I have feeling that aarti was just attract to prashant that wasn't love
continue plz
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amazing update.. poor aarti struck with scindia household .. waiting for next
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Awesome update. Please continue sooon :)
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Chapter 4

It was 4 days into their marriage and Yash was sitting watching his wife on the couch in his office. She was sitting crossed legged with her ear phones, totally engrossed in what she was doing. She didn't even notice him, but he noticed her. He was tired and annoyed. Could she not be quiet? She was talking to herself and would break out in random song and consumed copious amounts of coffee. She was totally distracting him. He was used to working in complete silence. He was not used to having people in his office other than for meetings or when his PA came to take instructions. He thought about how she came to be here.
Two days after the wedding he had realised the crazy hours she kept. She would work till early hours of the morning and sleep till the afternoon. She kept the desk light on and the sound of her typing, talking and singing had kept him awake. When he finally fell asleep she got into bed and woke him up again. Of course when he had to wake up to go the office she was sound asleep.   He didn't say anything to her that day. But he had fully intended to speak to her if it happens again. She has a small business but he runs a huge concern, he had to be at his full senses at all times. If she kept him up for a good reason, well that would be another matter, but for now he had to address her working hours.
After it happened the 2nd day, he came home fully intending to demand she change her working hours. They had supper together, she helped serve and then went to the kitchen to help clean. He had a few things to discuss with his father so they went to his home office. When he got to their bedroom, she was fast asleep lying across the bed.
"Aarti, wake up."
"No, I'm tired." she said not even opening her eyes.
"What is it with this family that won't allow me to sleep? Leave me. I'm tired." she said finally sitting up but he eyes still closed.
"Who didn't want you to sleep?"
"Your mother, who else. She is horrid. She sends Pari to fetch me each morning and then I have to help do those awful chores. I hate it. And I have a deadline. Already the stupid wedding cut into my time and now I haven't worked all day today and I am so tired. And now I won't be able to finish my presentation and the client won't hire me and the reputation that I worked so hard to uphold will be to hell and gone. And every one will say that I turned into a typical wife and that I am useless. And all because I can't work and I can't sleep." she lay back down again and started to cry.
"I will speak to Ma"
"But ..."
"I said no, she will give Pari a hard time if I you talk to her."
"Aarti, you are still wearing your clothes and jewellery"
"Yes, Pari forced me to wear these things. Ma & Pappa let me wear anything I wanted to and they let me sleep."
He wiped her tears.
"Aarti, let me at least take your jewellery off."
She allowed him that at least.
"Aarti, can you lie down properly please else there will be no space for me."
"Ok" she said not moving.
He laughed and he gently moved her.
"Aarti, tomorrow morning you will go to the office with me and you can work from there."
He looked at her as she was fast asleep. What an enigma she was. She could fight him at every turn but when she was tired she turned into a little helpless girl. He wanted to kiss her and hold her in arms right now. But he knew that he would have no resistance so he went to the shower and took another cold one.
"Yash. Yash, wake up.
He woke up and looked at his phone.
"Aarti, it is 4h30 in the morning. "
"You said I can go to work with you. I'm ready"
"Its 4h30 in the morning" he said again.
"I know, I want to get an early start."
So now he had been at the office for hours. He couldn't get any work done because she was distracting him and he was tired. Was he also supposed to cry now? Prateek popped his head into his office. It's lunch time bhaiya. Are we going to get something to eat?"
"That was just what he needed. A break"
"Yes, chote let's go. Aarti, are you going with us."
She obviously couldn't hear with her earphones.
He went closer.
"Aarti, are you going to lunch with us"
"No, I can't stop now, I'm on a roll. You can bring me somethings if you want" she said distractedly.
She just shrugged her shoulders and continued working.
She was on a roll and he was totally unproductive. He had to sort out a work space for her soon, before she drove him insane. At this rate, she would end up having to support him.
He had a spare room converted into an office for her, and he spoke to his mother to leave her to work. Of course she was not happy with that but she wouldn't oppose him. She was happy, but he wasn't. She would work most nights and only come to bed early morning. He still got very little sleep.
A week later, he was sitting at breakfast. For once he had a good night's sleep. She had come to sleep at a decent hour. He was so tired that he fell asleep immediately. For once he wasn't drooling over his sleeping wife. The he saw her. A sophisticated business woman with a power suit, stilettos and a coiffed bun. He had to do a double take. He hardly recognised her. Everyone at the tale, besides Paridhi stared at her.
"Yes. I'm starving"
"Where are you going?"
"I told you I have my presentation today. It's at 9 so I have to eat quickly and be on my way"
She seemed unaware of how flabbergasted everyone around her was. Most especially her husband, that didn't even know she owned such clothes. She looked so sexy, he could just envision undoing her bun and letting her hair loose and unbuttoning her blouse ..."
"Yash, why are you staring at me?"
"I think bhaiya as shocked as we are. We thought you only owned jeans and t-shirst and some hideous sarees." said Prateek.
"Prateek!" Vidhi said.
Aarti laughed. She had a good understanding with her brother in law.
"You can close your mouth now Yash-bhaiya."
Yash gave Prateek a death glare. He hardly wanted her to leave the house like this.
"Can I drop you anywhere Aarti"
"No thanks, I'll take my car"
She quickly ate, drank some coffee and left.
He had come home early to wait for her. He was in the lounge chatting to his naughty niece and nephew when she came running into the house. She kicked off her shoes, picked them up and ran upstairs while undoing her bun. He beautiful long hair following behind her as she ran.
He decided to see what the rush was.
She was at her laptop.
"Hi, Prashant"
"Hi Aarti"
"I got it. I got it. It's my biggest contract yet. Thank you so much for your input. It really helped."
"It's a pleasure sweetheart."
"So how is the job going?"
"Very good"
"And how do you find South-Africa."
"It's ok. I have family here, so they have been taking me under their wing. And how is married life."
"It's ok"
"Is it?" she heard behind her.
"Yash" she said as she turned around.
He just looked around. She didn't like the expression on his face.
"Let me introduce you. Prashant, this my husband Yash Scindiya and this is Prashant Khuranna"
The men nodded at each other.
"I think it's time to say good bye now Aarti"
"Ok. Good bye Prashant"
She turned back to him.
"Youre upset?'
"No I like it when my wife runs like a lunatic through the house without greeting anyone so she can spend time with another man."
"He was waiting ..."
"I thought he was out of your life."
"We are still friends. We still chat from time to time and he helped me with this project."
"Aarti, I want him out of your life completely"
"I don't dictate to you who you can be friends with, so you can't dictate to me."
"Aarti, you have no idea how much power I have do you.   I can make it so that he not only loses his job, but he will never find another in his field again." he was livid.
"Your'e ..."
"Yes, I know, I am despicable and you hate me. I don't care but I am not having my wife carrying on with her ex-boyfriend."
She got up and wanted to walk past him. He grabbed her arm.
"Aarti I am very serious about this. If you care for him, you better heed me."
She looked at him with absolute loathing.
"Let go of me. You can't just run roughshod over every one and threaten people. I won't be bullied by you!" she shouted. She struggled to get out of his hold, but the more she struggled the more he held her tightly.

She stopped, and they stood staring at each other. The anger had changed once again to passion. This time she didn't want to deny her feelings. She raised herself on her toes and kissed him. He responded immediately. The kiss progressed till they could not breathe any more. They looked at each other intently, He started kissing her again. His arms releasing her and came to her front and he started unbuttoning her blouse. She was shivering in anticipation.
"Yash, Aarti. Dinner time."
The moment shattered.
"Coming Bhabhi" he replied. "Go freshen up and come for dinner." he said softly.
She nodded and walked out of the room.
Dinner was an awkward affair. She helped serve dinner, but she wouldn't make eye contact with him. Not even when she served him. She couldn't stop thinking of what she had done earlier and she wondered what would happen later. She was nervous. She helped clean up and retired to their bedroom. He was chatting with his brothers, but she could feel his eyes on her as she walked past them. She didn't know if she was ready for this, but she knew she really wanted it. She couldn't deny it anymore.
He followed soon after her. She was already in the shower. After what happened earlier he knew she was ready. And he was couldn't wait anymore. He had even given up on the idea of making her beg for it. He was so desperate for her. He couldn't wait anymore. He was strangely nervous. He hadn't felt like this in a long time. He sat on the bed and opened his laptop intending to check on his e-mails but he couldn't concentrate. His mind was on her. He was so deep in thought that he didn't even realise that she had come out of the bathroom.

She walked and stood in front of him. She couldn't take the tension anymore.
"Yash, are we going to make love?"
He was a bit taken aback by her question. He wasn't expecting her to come right out and say it. With every action, every word she set herself apart from all the other women he had been involved with. He closed his laptop and put it aside.
"I want to." He said.
"Me too" she said.
She moved to stand between his legs and bent her head down to kiss him. His arms came around her in an embrace.   Passion soon overtook them and he lay her down on the bed and he started kissing her neck and her ear lobes. She was wearing a pyjamas, with a sleeves top and three quarter pants. He lifted the top over her head to gain access to her breasts. They were beautiful and his touch made her moan in ecstasy. He devoured them with his mouth. His intention was to take it slowly but it seemed like he had to wait an eternity for her. He couldn't wait. He knew she was ready. The look in her eyes, the way her body reacted and the sounds that escaped mouth all testified to the fact that she was as eager for him as he was for her. He quickly discarded the rest of her clothes and his. He entered her with a sharp thrust.
He was shocked. He didn't expect it. She was a virgin. He felt ... He didn't know how he felt but he was not happy. His passion instantly disappeared. He withdrew immediately and started getting dressed again.
"Yash?" She said as she covered herself with the blankets.
"Why didn't you tell me." he tone as accusatory.
"I didn't know that I was supposed to. Why does it matter?"
"It matters. You've been dating Khuranna for so long. And you never ..."
"I don't know. I suppose in that way I am still old fashioned. I wanted to wait till I got married." She couldn't tell him that she never wanted Prashant as she wanted him. That she had never felt this way before she met him.
"You should have told me"
"What difference would that have made?"
"I don't do virgins. It's becomes too complicated. They tend to get emotionally involved. They tend to equate sex with love. I hope you know that there is no chance of that happening in this relationship. You should have told me!" The last bit he shouted at her. He was angry.
Her heart was breaking and she was humiliated.
"I'm sorry. You should have made your rules clear from the outset. I didn't know what or rather who you do and don't do. And I don't know why you are angry with me. I am the one that should be angry. I just lost my virginity to an ***hole that doesn't deserve it and to put the cherry on the cake, I have to spend the rest of my life with him. Yeah, me." she said sarcastically.
"Aarti ..."
"No, you have had your say. Now let me speak. Calling this a relationship is very optimistic. You forced me into this marriage. You are making me live in a home where I am not wanted, by your mother or you. You took my virginity, yes, with my permission, but you didn't deserve it. And as for love? If your actions tonight were to make sure I never fall in love with you, let me just say well done. You've succeeded."
"I'm glad we understand each other." he said and he left.

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