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PV SS - The Taming Chapter 15 (EPILOGUE)- page 22 (Page 21)

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Posted: 19 May 2016 at 5:06am | IP Logged
Fantastic update here dear, I pray Aarti survive with the baby. Thank you for amazing update. continue soon

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Sharlene1410 IF-Sizzlerz

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That was so amazing B Star I hope both Aarti and baby survive Star
WOW!!! Thi evil sasuma Angry G3 not even a sense of shame or even humanity in her evil heart Angry even the innocent baby, her grandkid she don't like Ouchand people like her would pray to god what a hypocrite 

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Sharlene1410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Sharlene1410

I loved the update my friendStarAarti is one determine lady so happy she told the truth and Yash I just love him and his feelings are understandable his fears but Aarti is also understandable she wants her family she wants her husband's childrenStar
I am still not feeling any better and my aunty has no kids so i am there for her. she is my mausi and i grew up with her.
So you two are looking after each other, You must take care and get some rest. Hug
We are still not completely Okay this is the first time I have gotten the virus this bad Ouch loved the updates Star

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Waiting honey B
B-onesie IF-Sizzlerz

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Once again totally unedited so please pardon all the grammatical and spelling mistakes. I will correct it in due course.

Chapter 14:

Finally the wait was over. Finally the doctor came out. He was too afraid to ask anything. He just waited for the doctor to speak.
"Mr. Scindiya, the operation was a success."

There were audible sighs of relief from the family members waiting with him. They hugged and kissed each other out of sheer happiness.

"Sir, both your wife and daughter survived but as we have explained to you before, the survival of your daughter is tentative at the moment but we will do everything in our power to keep her alive. As you know, often babies born this early do not make it. You were very blessed with your son."

"I understand this doctor. But if she is anything like her mother she will survive. And my wife"

"She will need some recovery time. We had to do a hysterectomy as well and she was very weak so her recovery will be a little longer this time. But she will recover. Also with the hysterectomy the chances of her falling pregnant again is zero and that is good. But you have your little pigeon pair now if you daughter makes it through."

"Yes, doctor. When can I see them?"
"Your daughter has been moved to the neo natal ward as she has to be in an incubator for some time and your wife is still in post op, so just give us some time. I will let you know as soon as you can see her.

He was over the moon. He was more confident now. He believed that if they survived the delivery, that their baby would live, despite the circumstances. He couldn't wait to see her. They had decided to name her Payal. He knew that he had to be there for her. He knew how she felt when no one was there to touch Aayu or hold him. This time she would have her wish. This time his baby would know the touch and love of her father.

Aarti woke up and she was groggy and confused. Then she realised that she was in hospital and it all came back to her. She lifted her head but sank back down as she was dizzy.

"Baby, you're awake? How are you feeling?" Yash was beside her in an instant.

"The baby Yash? Our baby?"

"She is fine, sleepy head."

"How long have I been asleep."

"Two days on and off."

"Are you sure she is fine. Did you see her?"

"Yes, she is the tiniest little thing. But she is fighting. I talk to her and she know her pappa is there."

"What the doctors say."

"Nothing that you don't already know. It's the same as with Aayu. They keep saying it is touch and go but I know my little princess will survive. She is a fighter like her mamma."

She smiled at him.

"Happy my love?" he asked.

"Very happy" she said and dozed off again.

She was discharged after 3 weeks but Payal had to stay for at least 3 months. So they were up and down to the hospital every day. It was tiring as she was still recovering and had a toddler at home too, but she did it with the greatest of pleasure. Her baby was finally out of danger and was discharged at 3 months and huge celebrations were planned the Scindiya house. She wasn't even part of it. It was all done by Pari and Vidhi. It felt so good to bring her daughter home and to be welcomed by her parent's blessings at the door. She didn't have it with Aayu so it meant the world to her. Yash could not contain his happiness. He was smiling from ear to ear.

Payal would sleep in a crib in the room with them until they were sure it was safe for her to sleep alone. But the nursery that her sisters had prepared was absolutely phenomenal. It was exactly as she would have loved it. It was in various shades of pink but nothing over the top. Simple and as stylish as a baby room could be. And all her little clothes and things were there, with a cot and play pen. And when she had a nap during the day, they made use of the room, but at night they would be in their room otherwise Aarti would never be able to sleep.

Her return home was not easy though. She hated leaving Payal behind and she didn't connect with Aayu right away either. After months of separation, he was now more attached to his grandparents and father. He didn't want to be with her and seemed angry with her all the time. She was very hurt. And she experienced what she had not experienced after Aayu's birth. Post Natal depression.

She stopped trying to connect with her son and she hated not being to hold her daughter. It felt as if she had sacrificed all for nothing. She felt as if she had nothing left to give. She was tired and sad all the time. Even Yash could not bring her out of it for a while.

"Aarti, don't worry. Aayu will get used to you again. He missed you. He just doesn't how to show it. Very much like his father, don't you thinks sweetheart."

"No Yash, he hates me. He thinks I've abandoned him. He doesn't love me anymore and I can't blame him. I am a useless woman. I can't even have a baby properly. My son hates me and my daughter is far away from me. How can you even be with me. Why didn't you marry someone that could give you children naturally."

"How many times do I have to tell you that I love you and I don't want anyone else. How do I convince you that the fact that you have problems giving birth does not change my feelings for you. Whether we had children or not, I would still love you. You are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. You have to stop this Aarti. You have been so strong. You have even convinced me that we should have this baby and now look at you. Do you want me to regret my decision? I don't want to regret having my daughter Aarti. Please, we need you to be strong with us, Aayu, Payal and I need you. Please don't fall apart."

"I can't help it" and she sobbed in his arms. She was giving into her feeling of helplessness that she was experiencing now and with Aayu.

Yash was at his wits end. He didn't know what to do with her. He hated seeing her like this. It broke his heart to see his strong, determined wife with her fighting spirit depleted. But he could understand, and she went through so much. His mother in law explained that this was quite common in many women after giving birth and Aayu's rejection of her made it worse.   So he did the only thing he knew to do. Love her and take her to her haven.

It was one night after they had been to see Payal.

"Yash, this is not the way home. Where are we going."

"You will see."

Soon she realised where they were going.

"Yash, we can't go there. Aayu is waiting for us. He already thinks I only have time for th ebaby and not for him. We have to go home, please. "

"I asked Bhabhi to come fetch him. Aayu will be having a ball with his cousins tonight."

"Yash, I am tired. I want to go home."

"This is our home too" he said as he stopped the car at the beach house. "In many ways this is more our home than the other house."

She just looked at him. She couldn't disagree.
They walked inside the house and he led her spot on the couch.

"You sit here, I will be right back."

"Where are you going"

"I said I'll be right back."

She nodded and settled into her spot. Once again listening to the waves that always help soothe her soul and mended her breaking heart. Soon he was back with a tray of food.

"Where did that come from."

"Bhawari made it."

He sat down next to her and started to feed her. The tiredness and sadness still visible in her face. She tried to stop him but he wouldn't let her. Then he left again, but he came back and fetched her. He carried her to bathroom. The lights were off and it was lit up with scented candles and the rose petals floating in the bath."

"Yash ..."

"Sshh, let me spoil you tonight Aarti."

"He removed her clothes and put her in the bath. He got in with her and they just enjoyed being close together. Words were superfluous. Finally, as the water chilled he washed her. He was not unaware of her arousal and he could not hide his. But he got out the bath and dried himself and then her. She looked at him with such hungry eyes and he knew he would have a difficult time of it tonight, but he would endure to make her happy. She was not healed yet so what they both wanted was not possible. But he could improvise and he did in a most pleasureable way.

He carried her back the couch and lay her down on it. Then he lay down on top of her. He started kissing her, moving down down down all the way to his ultimate destination. He licked and sucked till she writhed in pleasure and screamed his name. She reached for him but wouldn't have it. Tonight was about her. He let her sleep, there was a throw nearby and he closed them both as the air was a bit cold. And after a couple of hours, he woke her up in the most amazing way. And he did this the whole night, till the early hours of the morning. Never giving in to her demand to do the same to him. And when his mouth was not on her he repeatedly affirmed his love for her making her cry more than once, sometimes and in happiness for the love that she could lay claim to and sometimes in sadness for the inadequacies that she felt.

She woke up first with her sleeping husband beside. She smiled at the thought of how her night had been. The dinner, the bath, the love. She felt herself blush and felt warm all over. There was no doubt in her mind as to how much this man loved her. He would go to any lengths to prove it and to make her happy. She moved slowly as not to disturb him, but it didn't work. But before he came out of his sleepy state, she was busy doing what he prevented her the whole night from doing. Giving him the love and pleasure that he had been deprived of for months and that he had been giving her all through the night.

"Aarti no" he moaned as she closed her mouth over him. But it was too long since he had felt this pleasure and within minutes his hands were in her hair, pulling harder than he had intended and convulsing in pleasure.

"You shouldn't have done that my love. I did this for you."

"Will you deny me the pleasure of showing my husband gratitude for all that he had done for? Will you deny me the opportunity of reciprocating his love?"

"You know I can't deny you anything, my love. Nothing. I can't wait till you are fully healed and you can show me your gratitude and love then." he said getting aroused again. She shivered at his words feeling as he did,

"But for now. Let me do this one thing." she said moving down on him again. He stopped her and said.

"Not let's do it together this time. We love each other equally don't we?"

"I'd love that. And I love you." she said as they changed positions so that their mouths would have acess to the other's portals of bliss.

It worked. After that night she was slowly but surely getting back to her old self. She asked her parents if they wouldn't mind going away for a while so that she could bond with her son and they didn't mind at all. Even Yash left them for a 3 day business trip. Aayu was still sceptical about this whole thing but he had no one else to go to so he had to be with his mother. She bathed him and fed him and played with him and even let him sleep in her bed with Yash was away. They even talked about the baby, which he never wanted to do with her. He was so small, yet he already felt threatened by the new addition to the family. But they looked at videos and photos of him and the baby. She explained that she had to do the same for him as she did for the baby. She told him that the baby was sick and could not come home and that is why she had to go the hospital for her every day, and that it didn't mean that he was loved any less. And when the baby was home then he would have to help as he was the big brother of course. And finally it sunk in and he started believing it. So by the time Payal came home, her big brother was as eager as everyone to have her back.

The naming ceremony was only done when Payal was 6 months old. They didn't want a lot of people around her in this tentative state. Her parents and grandparents planned a big elaborate event, all the friends, family and colleagues were invited. This would be the last time that they would celebrate such an event and they were really celebrating their victory. Their love had been victorious and they had little Payal to prove it.

But there was the usual damper on it. G3 refused to attend. She refused to set foot in their house. It didn't hurt Aarti so much that she didn't approve or her, it hurt her more to see the pain in her husbands eyes. It hurt her that Aayu and Payal did not experience their paternal grandmothers love as their cousins did. And it made her angry that this woman hurt her husband and children so. She was supposed to love them but she rejected them. She had often wondered what it wat that she did that was so bad that made her mil hate here so. She decided to find out.

"Yash, I am going to see Ma."

"Ma is right here. What do you mean?"

"G3 Ma"

His head shot up from where he sat working at his desk in his home office.

"No" he said and continued working.
"Yash I have to. I have to know what I did to make her hate me so much."
"Aarti, we are happy without her in our lives. Whenever she is around she causes friction and negativity."

"It's her granddaughters naming ceremony."

"Do you think I don't know that!" he blasted.

"Have you forgotten how at Ansh's naming ceremony where she humiliated you in front of everyone, have you forgotten Aayu's naming ceremony where she came reluctantly blessed our son and still does not show him any love. Have you forgotten Palak's naming ceremony? Your sister and my brothers' child but you felt you couldn't even attend because of her. Have you forgotten how broken and hurt you were those days. Do you think I don't know how it hurts you when her you see her with Vendant, Vedhika, Ansh and Palak? She will not have another opportunity to dismiss my children and hurt my wife."

"Yash, please don't be so upset."

"Then don't bring this up again."

"But the very fact that you are upset proves to me that it disturbs you as much as it does me. Please let me ..."

He grabbed her in anger as he had done before they were re-married.

"Aarti I want you to promise me that you will not do this. I will not have you go against me on this. Do you hear me!" he was shouting.   But she wasn't scared of him. She knew where this anger came from. She only knew of one way to calm him down.

She stood on her tippy toes and kissed him passionately, forcing her tongue his mouth. Her hands in his hair and pressing her body into his. He tried to resist her but he couldn't. His hands went to her bottoms and caressed her there. Her hands came down to loosen his pants. He lifted her skirt and removed her panties. He turned and lifted her up on the desk and entered her without even making sure was ready but she was. Their lovemaking was raw and wild. They forgot everything and everyone, the door wasn't even locked. Her screams of passion were smothered by his lips. They were not starved, they had been making love again for three months but they could not have enough. And their joining had so many facets. This was just one of them. A need that had to be met. An hunger that had to be satiated. And nothing else would have sufficed other than this. And though it was wild, it was long, he didn't want to stop. Finally when he did they were both spent. Holding on to each other. He was still inside her, She was throbbing in pain but she didn't mind it. She lived to give him what he needed.

"I know what you did Aarti. And I am sorry I was so rough."

"I love how you love me. You never have to apologise for that. It's perfect every time. You know what I need and when. And my pleasure is to please you, always."

"We will both go to speak to Ma together, but now, I want to please you more."

"The door love."

He lifted her walked with her to door and she locked it.
He walked back to the desk and sat down on the chair with her on top of him.

"I don't want you to get hurt baby."

"I know. But for you and my children I am prepared to do this. My pain is of no consequence."

"But it is to me."

"I know but still we should try for our families sake." she said starting to kiss him again. This time unbuttoning the shirt that he was still wearing.

"Make me happy Yash."

"Yes" he groaned as she kissed his shoulders and caressed his body.

He lifted her and pushed her down again.


"Sorry, honey. Are you sore, should we stop?"

"Yes, I am sore and no we should not stop." she said as she started her movements on top of him.

Later when they were lying in each other's arms in bed he said.

"That was manipulation."

"What?" she said knowing exactly what he meant.

"You know what. How does a man that runs a multinational company allow himself to be swayed by a chit of girl all the time."

"I have my own powers of persuasion Mr. CEO." she giggled.

"Mmm" he said looking at her in mock disapproval.

"So we are going to your parents tomorrow."

"What my woman wants she gets apparently"

"So that means my man get what he wants and then some" she countered getting on top of him again.

"I thought you were sore"

"It's a good sore. Will you stop talking and kiss me. Anyway I need to be distracted from thinking about tomorrow. So will you let me get on with giving my man what he wants?"

He turned her around and pinned her under him.

"Only if you allow me to give me woman what she wants" he said as they started another amorous session.

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zuby87 Senior Member

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Amazing update honey B, I just home that witch G3 accepts aarti and her children for the sake of yash, if loves yash the way she claims then she need to also love what yash loves that is aarti and his kids...beautiful B, can't wait for the next one

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Sharlene1410 IF-Sizzlerz

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What an awStaresome update BStar after the storm they stood standing tallStar now Aarti feels complete she has given birth to her husband's two kidsStar ans Yash has the love of his life with him for a lifetime Star no more babies no more threat to her life,
this will be good G3 explanation Aarti is a modern accomplished business woman so she can't cook or do houseworkLOL she makes Yash happy. So Aarti is not a pushover frightened of her
Loved it B continue soon BLOL

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B thank you for the quick update. Another great update. I hope G3 comes to her senses and take the chance they are giving her for her to redeem herself. I loved how you showed Yash helping ARTI with her post partum depression. You have truly shown him to be a gem of a husband. Loved it. Keep sharing you wonder stories. Thank you.

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