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Originally posted by Leevi05

plz update today
I am still busy with the next chapter and I don't have internet connection. But I will see what i can do?

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Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Leevi05

plz update today
I am still busy with the next chapter and I don't have internet connection. But I will see what i can do?

are messaging from phone? i understand it s not easy to update with phone
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Originally posted by Leevi05

Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Leevi05

plz update today
I am still busy with the next chapter and I don't have internet connection. But I will see what i can do?

are messaging from phone? i understand it s not easy to update with phone
yes. But I can't fo updates from here.
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oh hell aarti messed up everything Angry
first she lied & left yash told him not to wait Angry
breaking yash heart into pieces Angry
now after yrs she suddenly came back when yash was ready to marry Angry
the most shocking part is aarti hide abt their baby Angry
she even planed to tell yash abt aayu after his marriage this is so disgusting Angry
aarti really disappointed yash in worst way Wacko
uff that arpita hell bend to marry yash I don't think she ever love yash D'oh
yash was so emotional seeing his son Cry
aarti did biggest mistake hiding abt aayu
now yash all want is hurt to aarti D'oh
continue plz
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Sorry all. It seems we will have to wait till Monday.Embarrassed
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Chapter 11

He left her in a rage. He drove like a maniac. He was so angry. It was almost too late when he saw the headlights coming directly at him. He was on the wrong side of the road. He swerved out just in time. He brought the car to halt and slammed his hands repeatedly against the steering wheel and screamed loudly in frustration. He was still fuming at her. She was absolutely unbelievable. She had brought out the worst in him. He actually stooped as low as to hit a woman. But she made him lose control. He was angry at himself too. As usual he could not resist her. What she did ... it made him want her again immediately. She was irresistible to him. It had been so long since he had been with a woman. But that was by choice. He didn't want anyone else but her. Arpita thought him to be gentleman, but that was actually not the case. His desire was only for her. He had to decide. He wanted to punish her. Marrying Arpita and taking the baby would be the ultimate punishment.   But that would mean that he was messing up Arpita's life along with theirs. He didn't want that. He already hurt her too much. He wasn't going to give her hope because he could never love her.

Finally he had an epiphany. She loved making decisions. That was her forte wasn't it. Making decisions and stubbornly doing things her way. Well he would let her decide. But she would only be able to decide from the choices he gave and either way, he would have his son.
She couldn't sleep at all that night. She was tossing and turning, partly from the physical pain he inflicted on her, but mostly from the pain of losing him again. She couldn't understand how things had gotten so out of control. Yes, she was wrong to have excluded him from the decision making. She was wrong to not let him know she was pregnant, she shouldn't have left him and she shouldn't have kept Aayu from him, especially when she got back. But this angry and vengeful person that she was experiencing was not what she had expected when she returned. He had loved her so much. He had forgiven and taken her back time and again before when she wouldn't commit to him. So she probably expected the same now. And what she did was a clear challenge. She knew him so well. She knew how her actions and her words tonight would affect him.   She attacked his pride directly, his manhood. She went straight to the source of his weakness. HER. She was his weakness and he was fighting against it. She knew that and she used it to her advantage. She was ashamed of herself. She should have rather used the opportunity to clear things up. To try and make amends and to win him back but her weakness was her son. Her weakness was her irrational impulse to fight and win. And this was not the time. In retrospect she could see that but unfortunately when she was in a situation where she felt threatened, rational thinking fled and she reverted to her natural mode.

Aayu woke her up much too early the next morning. She bathed and fed him and went down for breakfast with him in her arms. She was very surprised to see him sitting at the breakfast table with her parents.
Her parents were shocked by the bruising one her face.
"Aarti, what happened to your face?"
Before she could answer he said.
"I slapped her Bauji"
"Yash, how could you do that?"
"I'm so sorry bauji. But your daughter feels the need to provoke me at every turn."
He got up, took Aayu from her. He looked at her and said.
"Would you care to tell you parents why I slapped you?"
She looked back at him in complete anger and embarrassment. When she didn't answer he said,
"I thought so."
He turned away from her and addressed her parents again.
"Bauji, Ma. I told Aarti that I don't want to be a part time father. This is why I have decided to give Aarti options.   She likes making decisions right. She can decide what is best for her. She can come and live with me and we can raise our son together. But I will not marry her. Or I will marry Arpita and we will raise Aayu. I have already made an appointment with my lawyer to petition for full custody of my son. After all his mother is flight risk. She already left with him. I just have to confirm with my Bauji;s friend, the supreme court judge which would be the best way to go about it. He is bound to give me some sound advice since bauji was instrumental in getting him that position." He clearly made them understand that there was no chance to win a custody battle.
"Yash, surely you know that we can't approve of this."
"I know Bauji and I respect that. But she has brought this on herself. I promise that I won't lay a hand on her again bauji. Once again, I sincerely apologise for that. My parents won't accept it either so we will have to live somewhere else if she decides to live with me. I assume my son has not had a naming ceremony yet, so I would like you to ask you if we can have one at your home in the next week."
"Of course, you don't have to ask that."
"After that, she has to tell me her decision and I will make mine."
He looked back at her.
"And Aarti, don't even think of fleeing with my child. I will search for you in every nook and cranny. And if I find you, you will never set your eyes on my son again. This is not an idle threat."
"Are you done wielding your power now Mr. Scindiya?" She said.
He shrugged.
"Ma, I am going to shower. Please take care of Aayu for a while, besides I need to get away from here. The stench of a power hungry control freak in here offends me." she said looking at him.
"Yash, Aarti. Why don't you just talk things through?" said her father.
"No ma. He doesn't want that. He want to punish me. To make me suffer. But you forget who you are dealing with Yash Schindiya. I am not one of your floozy's that you can just walk over. You will never take my son away from me. When have you known me to give up without a fight? And this time I am fighting for the most important thing in the world to me. So I wouldn't be over confidant if I were you."
"I know exactly how important this child is to you. I know he is your everything. Nothing and no one in this world matters to you besides your child and before that, about having a child.   So you see, you attitude is not unexpected. You are right I do want to punish you. And I know exactly how to do it. For me it will be a win win situation. You will experience pain and I will have my son."
"Children please" said her mother.
He went to her mother and gave Aayu to her.
"Don't worry Ma. I have said what I came here to say. I am going the office now. I will come see my son again tonight. Good bye."
He left and she ran up the stairs. She was so frustrated. She had decided to change. To give him the benefit but now things has changed. She will not tolerate his brutish behaviour without a fight. She threw what she had in her hand against the wall. She was even more frustrated when she saw her cell phone falling to the floor in pieces. She screamed in frustration.
"Ugh! He drives me insane!"
That night he came as he said. He spent time with Aayu.
She was still seething. She was banging things as she was taking out her clothes to change into. She was going to take a shower seeing as he was there to watch Aayu.
"Aarti, stop that."
"This is my home. You can't tell me what to do."
"Aarti, you are scaring Aayu"
"Fine. By the way you owe me a new phone."
"You just do" she said and she stormed off to the bathroom.
He was baffled but he was walking, rocking Aayu to sleep when he noticed the broken pieces of her phone lying on the dresses. He smiled wryly.
"Figures" he said to himself, knowing exactly how the phone landed up in the current condition.
The next day the latest model iPhone was delivered along with an iPad.
"Figures" she said to herself. It always had to be high end everything.
The naming ceremony was big. Yash was proud of his son so of course the celebration reflected it. His paternal grandparents obviously attended but granny G3 reluctantly blessed her grandson and never held him. Aarti was disappointed as she thought at least she would love her grandson despite the fact that she was his mother. Yash was disgusted by his mother.   But the rest of the day went off exceptionally well.
After the party, he put his son to bed as usual, she had already come out of the shower and getting ready for bed.   Aayu was already asleep.
"So have you decided Aarti?"
"You know there was no decision. I won't let my son go."
"You have one week. You will move in next week."
He walked to the door and said.
"Maybe I will take that down payment for your board and lodging"
She was furious.
"Then the accommodation must be very expensive."
"No, by my standards it's cheap."
"Ugh" she shouted and grabbed the closest thing from the dresser and threw it at him. He closed the door just in time. And yet another cell phone lay on the floor in pieces.
He opened the door and looked at the broken cell phone and then at her.
"I will have another delivered tomorrow. Maybe I should invest in a cellular phone shop."
"Get out!" she screamed and he left. But she woke up Aayu with her screaming and then had to struggle with him. She cursed him to the furthest corner of hell.

The "cheap" accommodation was a luxurious mansion for just the three of them. She was disappointed. She had hoped that they would move into the beach house. There were more servants than they needed. The house was beautiful and lavish but it didn't feel like home. Their bedrooms were upstairs. The 3 bedrooms were interleading.   The nursery was in the middle and their rooms on either side of his. The doors were normally open so that they could hear the little master if he cries. And they both had baby monitors in their rooms. And sometimes they would both come check on him when he woke up at night and things would be awkward till one of them left.
She wanted to start working again but he was totally against it.
"Absolutely not."
"Aayu needs you. You know he is not strong enough yet. I want you here with him. And you don't need to work."
"I do need to work"
"Why. I will support you."
"You don't need your support. You only have to support your son."
"I will support you. As long as you are e looking after my son, I will support you."
"You are unreasonable. What do I do when Aayu no longer needs me? I am in the IT field. Do you know how quickly that changes? By the time you feel that Aayu doesn't need me so much anymore, then my knowledge and skills will be redundant."
"Fair or not, that's the way it will be."
"Fine!" she said.
"Fine" he said as he left for work.
So she spent her time looking after Aayu , visiting her parents and her sister and Vidhi visiting her. Her parents refused to come to their house due to them living there unmarried but they accepted them gladly at their home. The Scindiya's did not visit them and she was not welcome at their home either and she understood why.
He had chosen this house especially for the interleading rooms. But it was becoming a problem for him. He wanted to be close to his son and she had to be too for practical reasons. But her closeness drove him crazy. The thought that she is so close and yet unreachable was maddening. Especially since he knew she couldn't resist him. And the times that he would find her in Aayu;s room at night was awful    Her sleeping attire was not very modest and she didn't care. But he resisted.   Besides, he didn't want to take the chance of her getting pregnant again.
He had continued to see Arpita. But he was honest with her always. He couldn't offer her anything. He was not sure where his life would lead or if he would ever be ready to settle down. But she preferred to hang in there and hope. He didn't like to go out at night though, he preferred to spend time with his son and weekends he spent with his family. His brothers and their wives would normally come and they would spend most the weekend there. The kids loved it as they wanted to see their baby cousin and the house had an indoor heated pool so they could swim no matter what the weather. When the family was there she seemed happy. She laughed and interacted with them. He loathed to admit it to himself but he missed that vivacious laugh. Vidhi and Pari normally did the cooking because she could still not cook and was not remotely interested to learn. And during the week, they had a cook. She had taken to her hobby of drawing and painting. She was actually very, very good. He had requested one of the rooms to be converted into a studio. So when Aayu was not keeping her busy she was doing her art. He had given her the ultimatum and she had accepted, but he didn't actually know what he expected from this. Because he knew for sure that things could not be like this indefinitely. But he was still so angry with her.

It was fun when the family was there over the weekend. It felt like exactly that, a family. She felt like she was his wife. That they were still her brothers in law and sister in law. She loved that Vidhi and Pari just took over the kitchen and cooked over the weekend. She would look after the kids while they cooked. And she loved the camaraderie between the brothers. He missed them, but he insisted on these living arrangements. He was happy when they were there. It was the only time that the house felt like a home. When he looked happy, when he laughed. Her heart melted seeing him like that. She loved him so much. But the moment the family left, the cold war would continue. She knew he still saw Arpita because Arpita made sure she knew. She would phone on the home phone for him deliberately and that normally made her so angry like last night.
"Hello" she answered the phone.
"Hello, it's Arpita. I want to confirm with Yash what time we are meeting later."
Yash, heard her slam the phone. And he knew what that meant. He liked the fact that she was jealous.
"It's your floozy!" she said and walked away.
He spoke to Arpita and told her once again not to call there. When he went to the nursery she was there preparing Aayu for a bath.
"Let me do that."
"No, don't you have a date to prepare for."
"It's not a date. Arpita and I are only friends."
"Does she know that?"
"I am honest with her."
"What is honest Yash. What are your plans? You want me to live here and you still seeing Arpita."
"No, but not for her lack of trying. She phones here deliberately. Why don't you just go to her? Why don't you marry her and leave us."
"I can't"
"What do you mean you can't?"
"I mean I can't leave my son. And right now he needs you."
"And what will you do when he doesn't need me anymore. Throw me out?"
"I don't know what will happen in the future."
"Just go to her Yash. Just leave."
She cried after he left. Her heart ached every time she knew he was seeing her.   

It had been months now and it was almost Aayus first birthday. He was fully recovered from his birth issues. He was growing so fast as well but he was still a little small for his age. Aarti went to her parent one day and had the surprise of her life. Prashant was there. He came to surprise her. Ever since she left to have Aayu she had not been in contact with him. But now she was ecstatic to see him. He sat and talked for hours. She almost forgot that it was time to go home. They made arrangements to go out for lunch when her mother was free to babysit.
"How are you really Aarti?"
"I am ok."
"What is going on between you and Yash?"
"To be honest, I don't know. We are living together, unmarried only because of Aayu."
"Why are you divorced Aarti. You obviously love him."
"I left him to have Aayu and he can't forgive me."
She relayed her story to him.
"But Aarti. Surely he can understand."
"I have never told him the whole story and he doesn't want to know so we are living in limbo. But let's not talk about my complicated life anymore. Let's talk about you."
They spent a pleasant afternoon together. Just as she they stopped at her parents' house for her to collect Aayu, so did Yash. He was dropping something for her father. The way he stared at her scared her. But he didn't say anything. He left the envelope with her father and took Aayu and left. She left immediately after him.
He was sitting in lounge with Aayu when she came home.
"Yash" she said anxiously.
"How long have you been seeing behind my back."
"I haven't been seeing him behind your back. He is in India for a visit and he is my friend so I went to lunch with him."
"So why didn't you tell me?'
"I don't know. You always had an issue with him."
"I still do. I don't want you to see him alone Aarti"
"He is my friend. I don't tell you that you cannot see Arpita."
"Aarti, you don't want to challenge me on this."
"I am sick and tired of your threats!"
"Once again I tell you I don't make idle threats."
"I hate you!"
He went to stand in front of her and said.
"But do you hate me enough to lose your son?"
"I will never lose my son. Never!"
"Then keep away from him."
She walked around him to her room and she slammed her door.

The first birthday party was a grand affair. Her parents had agreed to come to the house for the occasion. She didn't even have to do anything. Everything was arranged. Aayu was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention. He was a bit cranky.   He only settled once most the people were gone. She felt so blessed to be able celebrate his first birthday and the paediatrician gave him the all clear.
She looked lovely today. She wore a red saree. She looked like a bride. His bride. She was wearing the necklace and earrings that he gave her as a gift. She reluctantly accepted it.
"Yash, this is beautiful but I can't accept this. It's too expensive."
"Expensive is a relative word in this instance. It's not going to bankrupt me and it can't compare with the what you have given me. Aayu means more than anything to me."
"In that case then thank you."
"I have something for you too. It's not as expensive as the jewellery but I hope you like it."
She gave him a digital photo frame of pictures of Aayu since birth. He loved it. Especially the pictures with the two of them together. They were his world. He wanted to change their relationship. He still hadn't forgiven her but he loved her. He didn't want her to leave him. He had to acknowledge that he was not keeping her here as punishment but because he needed her with him. He decided that it was time to try and make a change in their relationship soon.

She was surprised to see Prashant when the servant told her that she had a visitor one afternoon.
"Prashant, what are you doing here.
"It's almost time for me to go back."
She felt sad. She had not spent time with him since she had the argument with Yash.
"I know. I am sorry that we couldn't spend more time with you."
"He didn't want you to, isn't it?"
"Prashant please."
"Aarti, why do you put up with this? Why don't you just leave him? Aarti come with me. Go back with me to S-A"
"I can't, Prashant."
"Aarti what is keeping you here?"
"Prashant ..."
"Aarti, I love you. I have never stopped. I want to marry you. We can start a new life. You, me and the baby. I will love him and raise him as my own."
"Prashant, how I wish I could say yes ..."
She didn't have a chance to complete her sentence when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. When she looked properly, she saw Yash standing there. His expression saying everything. He was livid.
"You can say yes, you can leave right now. But my son stays. Do you understand me?"
"Khuranna, leave my house. She can come to you when she is ready."
"Aarti" Pashant said.
"Prashant please leave now. I will call you later."
Prashant left.
"I will call my lawyer. The papers have already been drawn up, but till everything is finalised you will not take my child away. Especially not out of the country."
He started to leave.
"Yash, can we please talk for once."
"I have heard what I needed to and I have said what I wanted to."
She ran to him and held on to his arm.
"Can you give me chance to explain please?"
He pulled free of her.
"I'm not interested. All I want is my son. As I said you can leave." He walked out of the house as she stood looking after him with tears rolling down her cheeks.
Aarti was making her way to the kitchen later to get some water. It was almost midnight but she couldn't sleep. He didn't come home yet. She was worried about him. She wanted to call him but she knew that wouldn't be welcome. Their situation felt more and more hopeless. He would never listen to her. After more than 6 months back, he still wouldn't discuss the situation around Aayu's birth and her reason for leaving... His hurt was still too deep. And this thing with Prashant just made everything worse. How could he think that she wanted to marry Prashant when she always ever loved him? She heard someone and the front door. She knew it would be him and she made her way there instead of the kitchen.
She was so happy to see that he had come back was safe that she ran to him and hugged him as he was standing at the door. She didn't stop there. She started to kiss him all over his face, then she kissed him on the mouth. But he was cold and unresponsive. He just stood there. She was crushed and humiliated. She moved away from him and started to leave. But all of a sudden he grabbed her and changed their positions and he pushed her against the door. They stared at each other and then they started kissing each other. Desperate for each other. Their craving for each other finally won out. Their hands were all over, loving the feell of the other's bodies after so long. Tugging at each other's clothes. Trying to get rid of the barriers that kept them apart. And finally they couldn't wait anymore.
"Yash" she breathed.
"Yes, I know."
He lifted her against the door so that he could enter her. And when he did they both felt such immense pleasure, after such a long time. She clamped her legs around him. He just held her like that. They just savoured the moment of being one for a while. Then he started kissing her again. His mouth moved down her neck and down the breasts to capture her nipples. She moaned and squirmed and she started moving into him. She couldn't take the torture anymore. He understood and started his thrusts. This too was hard and desperate. She screamed his name repeatedly in pleasure. Then finally she reached her climax. Clasping him closer, she shuddered in bliss and he followed suit.
When they came down from their state of bliss he realised something.
"Aarti, are you usisng birth control."
She was silent.
"Dammit." He said and started getting dressed. He couldn't believe he lost control like that.
"Yash, where are you going?"
"I'm leaving."
"What do you mean?"
"You can do what you want Aarti. Just don't take my son out of the country. I will send for my things."
"And what about what just happened."
"It was a mistake. I just hope ..." he didn't say anything further. He just left.
She was devastated

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Fab update B. I am still disgusted by Yash who continues to threaten Aarti at every opportunity. The major threat being his intention to file for full custody of Aayu. So the obvious choice out of the 2 was to live with Yash. Aarti is remorseful about her past actions. Unfortunately she's not had an opportunity to share with Aayu'a father the circumstances under which she made the decisions in the past.  Enter Prashant and the madness moves a notch higher. Yash has now decided to leave the house and their actions introduce a probability of another pregnancy. I hope Aarti makes the right decision. She needs a break from the stress that is her life, so that she can continue to be a good mother to Aayu. This life where one is constantly yielding power over the other isn't tenable. 

Edited by lassekool - 14 May 2016 at 2:25pm

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uff aarya fight everytime like tom & jerry D'oh
but yash couldn't forgive for what aarti did to him Ouch
wow yash arrange aayu name ceremony Party
but yash mom didn't even hold aayu Angry
finally aarti went to live with yash
oh hell prashant came to just mess up everything again in aarya's life Angry
ouch aarya make love but yash left after that Ouch
now what's gonna happen in aarya life? Day Dreaming
continue plz

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