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PV SS - The Taming Chapter 15 (EPILOGUE)- page 22

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The Taming

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He was everything she had read about in the news and on social media. His pictures actually did not do him justice. He was suave and sophisticated and very handsome. Even at his brother's wedding her chose to wear a suit and not a sherwani. He did look very dashing though. Paradhi had told her all about him. Although she loved her new husband to bits, she always considered his brother Yash, as the hottest of the 3 brothers. They were separated by 2 years. Yash was 30, Pankaj was 28 and Prateek 26. In fact she wanted to set her up with him. She almost laughed out loud. He was definitely not her type. And she was definitely not his, given the current specimen that was draped over him like a cheap sarree. He was constantly on the phone. She wondered if it was really business or if he was just being pretentious. She knew that he was running their company. He was the CEO of a multinational corporation.
Aarti's hailed from a successful family of over achievers herself. Both her parents were successful doctors. Her father was a heart surgeon and her mother an OBGYN. They only had 2 daughters. Aarti was like her parents, a go getter and very competitive. She never failed at anything she did and she felt the need to compete especially with her male peers. And that sometime lead her to do things that would land her in trouble with her parents and other figures of authority. Paradhi on the other hand finally found her dream in Prateek. Although she had studied and worked as an HR manager, she always only aspired to be a housewife. She was somewhat of a disappointment to their mother. But Aarti and her father encouraged her to be herself and to pursue her own dream. She met Prateek through one of their mutual friends. So now her younger sister was married into one of the wealthiest families, not just in India, but in the world. She was happy for her.

Aarti was the eldest of the 2. But they were separated by less than 2 years. She was was 25 and Paradhi was 23. Normally she should have been married before her younger sister but her parents understood that marriage was not a priority for her and she was very successful in her chosen career as IT specialist. She worked on a freelance basis and very sought after by huge corporations. She dressed very plainly, wore outdated specs and her hair was in always in a ponytail, though most if it was always hanging out. She didn't ever feel the need to dress up and wear makeup. Even today, she wore a simple sarree that he grandmother had bought her a while ago. She realised that it was very outdated and too simple for a wedding but that was all she had.   Her mother had repeatedly reminded her to collect her clothes for the wedding and she had forgotten as she worked till the last minute as usual. But at least her hair was in a neat bun. He mother was furious about the way she looked but she couldn't say anything in front of the guests.
Aarti was tired and she wanted some peace and quiet. She wanted to escape and just relax but this house was a maze. It was so huge you could lose yourself in it. She wandered into the closest bedroom she could find and stood on the balcony. The party was still in full swing down in the garden and she was watching the party goers. She didn't switch the light on so she was unseen. She released her hair from the tight bun and swung it back in relief, then she put it over her one shoulder. All of a sudden she was pulled around and someone embraced and started to kiss her. She struggled to get out of the grasp at first but then the lips on hers and the tongue that was ravishing her mouth felt very pleasurable. Her tongue duelled with his as she relaxed and put her arms around his neck. He felt good.   He smelt good.
Suddenly she was let go and aware of a bright light shining on them. She looked at him and looked down and realised all the guest were staring at them. She was mortified and ran out of there. She found her way out of the front door and eventually out of the gate. Luckily she had her handbag with her all the time so she could get a rickshaw that passed her. She went home, went to have a shower and waited. Waited for her parents to come home and tear into her. They would not spare her this time. Of all the idiotic things that she had ever done, and she had done many, making out with Yash Scindiya at her sister's wedding in public was the worst.

He went to his room. It was one of those crazy days. He was busy with a big merger and everything that could go wrong, went wrong. He spent most of his day on the phone trying to sort out problems. He felt bad for not being there in body and not in spirit he had a real soft spot for his youngest brother. He had a meeting this morning and was still wearing the suit from then. He had no time to change for the wedding.   Ishita was around him as usual. It irritated him a bit. She could be quite clingy sometimes but she had her advantages. He would probably settle down with her eventually. She was very eager to be Mrs. Scindiya it was clear. She was very eager to please him too. When he had a stressful day, he could always count on her to make it better. Some might call it a booty call but they understood each other. And after the stress of today and the goings on at home, he needed a bit of stress relief and he was glad to see the silhouette on his balcony.
Standing there she looked more desirable than he had ever seen her. Her body seemed more curvaceous than her remembered. More delectable. She let her hair down and although it was dark the hair looked fuller and longer than he remembered. The way her hair fell down her back and the way she shook her head made desire course through his entire body. More so than ever before. And when she put her hair over her shoulder exposing a very sexy back, he couldn't contain himself. He grabbed her and started kissing her. He felt it strange that she resisted at first but when she reciprocated his kiss, it was with more passion that he felt from her or anyone else. Her hands came around his neck and his hands held onto her waist. In that moment she felt like a different person, she even smelt different. But it felt too good to stop. If only he did stop. Suddenly he saw the light, literally and figuratively. One of the spotlights caught them and they were exposed to all the prying eyes and wagging tongues of the guest down in the garden.
He couldn't believe who it was. It was the dull sister of his new sister in law. She gave one look at him and bolted. He didn't know if he should go after her or not. He stepped back from his balcony. He knew what was coming. He waited for it.
His whole family including his brothers new in laws descended on him.
"Yash, what is the meaning of this. Why was Aarti in your room?"
"Where is she?"
"Do you think you can dishonour my daughter and get away with it?
Everyone was talking at the same time. He just sat with his head down. Not responding. He didn't know any of the answers. Then finally all were silent an only his father spoke.
"You know what this means, don't you. You have to marry her."
His head shot up. Marry her. That mousy girl with no personality and even less dress sense? They had hardly said 2 words to each other. He met her for the first time today. She was dressed in a sarree that even his grandmother wouldn't wear. She didn't even have on any make up and the frames of her glasses were beyond ancient. He could not marry her. He had an image to uphold. Their business depended on it. How was she going to accompany him to important business functions or entertain his colleagues and business associates? No, he would not be coerced into this. The success of his business was paramount and his wife had to be an extension of him as the CEO. And she was anything but.
"Bauji please. I can't marry her. I thought it was someone else. No harm was done."
"No harm. My daughter is now branded as loose and you say there is no harm done? I beg to differ. Suraj Pratapji, please talk to your son. I want a proposal as soon as possible." And Aarti's father left after giving the crying Paradhi a quick hug.
He felt like he was in old movie. Like someone was going to call him out to a dual to save the maidens honour. It was so bizarre. It would have been laughable had he not been in the middle of the upheaval.

Her parent arrived home too soon.
"Aarti Sateyandra Dubey, what were you thinking going into that man's bedroom?"
"I didn't know it was his Ma. I just wanted some peace and quiet that's all and the next minute he grabbed and kissed me. It's all a misunderstanding."
"Be that as it may, the harm is done and you now have to marry him."
She burst out laughing, more out of nervousness than mirth.
"You're joking right? I can't marry him. Did you see him? Mr. All Important Business man. He couldn't even take a day off to enjoy his brother wedding. Never in a million years."
"Did you hear your daughter, Dubeyji? Did you hear her? She wants to give me a heart attack."
"Good thing we have a heart specialist in the house then." said Aarti.
"Aarti! This is no time for jokes. We have always allowed you free reign. You have done a lot of irresponsible things in your life but this is the pits. And we are not going to just let this one slide. You will marry Yash Scindiya and that is final. So get used to the idea."
"Pappa please"
"I have decided Aarti." both her parents left the room.
Two days later he was sitting in front of her house in dark. He had been thinking about his parents' demand and had gotten into his car and courtesy of google maps found her house after getting the address from Prateek. He wanted to talk to her and convince her to agree with him and say no. He was sure if both of them say no then their parents will let up on the ludicrous demand.
It was late and dark and he didn't know how to approach the door. Does he just knock and say he wants to speak to her. He was contemplating this whilst walking up to the door. Then he saw someone on the balcony throwing down a bag. Then said someone started to climb down the balcony. He would not mistake that figure anywhere again, although it was now clad in jeans and a hoodie. He walked towards the balcony and waited.
She got the fright of her life when she got to the bottom of the balcony and saw a man there. He muffled her scream with his hand until she realised who it was.
"What the heck is wrong with you? Why are always creeping up on me in the dark? And why are you even at my house."
"To talk to you."
"About what?'
"Our marriage"
"There won't be any. Discussion closed. Now move out of my way before ma and pappa see me here. They will lock me up in my room and I will be forced to marry you."
"What, What? Get out of my way I said."
"So you don't want the marriage either?'
"Of course not. I thought you were a big shot successful businessman but you are really slow on the uptake."
This chit of girl annoyed him now. First of all, he was a catch. He was a sought after groom, so who was she to turn him down. And to dismiss him like that. No one does that to Yash Scindiya.
"You are the rudest person I have ever come across. Who do you think you are? You would be lucky to have me as husband. And what were you doing in my room anyway. I think it was all a ploy to get to this, to force me to marry you."
"Lucky to marry you. You are made of computer chips and stocks. You barely human. Your life revolves around your business and you. How does that make me lucky? I want to marry a man, with a heart and soul. And do you kiss just any girl that comes into your room?"
He looked at her, this creature that he once thought to be dull and unattractive. The one that his parents wanted him to marry. Actually she was a real spitfire. Flames shot from her eyes as she spoke. Her eyes were quite beautiful behind those glasses, so were her lips. They were full and very kissable as he well knew. And her breast were heaving. Her hair was in a pony band put the strands were coming loose and making it look a mess. Like someone had messed it up during kissing or love making. And her curves were maddeningly sensuous. He had an image of removing her glasses, wiping her hair out of her face and kissing her soundly again. But he cleared his head of such inappropriate thoughts quickly.
"Where are you going?" he said not answering her question.
"I am leaving. So that I don't have to marry you."
"Where will you go?'
"Probably to my boyfriend."
"Who is your boyfriend?"
"Prashant Khuranna."
"So let's go."
"Let's go to your Prashant Khuranna."
"You are going to take me to him?"
"Yes, were are going to tell him that we are going to be married and he has to stay away from you."
She was actually very interesting. A challenge. And Yash Scindiya could never resist a challenge. She wanted to reject him. She dismissed him. Yes he was a shrewd business man and in his reign at Scindiya Enterprises he had never lost an acquisition that he was interested in. He always gets what he wants and he does what he needs to get it. And in a split second, he decided that he wanted Aarti Dubey. She would belong to him not matter what it takes. She would beg to be his. And he would feel that familiar victory. If it takes marrying her to get the desired result, then so be it. But he would bring this little minx to her knees literally and figuratively. He already knew from the kiss that she was very passionate. Going after a woman was new for him. Since puberty he was the one being chased. What he would do with her after he was victorious in his challenge, of that he wasn't sure, but that he can figure out later.   
"Are we going to your Prashant or not?"
"Not with you I'm not."
"Then go inside. My intended bride will not be running around at night seeing other men on her own. My parents will come with the proposal shortly but I don't want to wait long for the marriage. I'm sure you can go through the door now. Go on."
She was flabbergasted. She didn't think he would want her. What was happening? She walked to the door like a zombie.
Suddenly he grabbed her hand and turned her around. He came to stand in front of her. Dangerously close. His lips almost touching his. Her heart raced. It felt like when he kissed her. She was breathing rapidly
"By the way, love. Don't bother to try and escape again. My influence stretches far and wide. I will find you and make you mine by whatever means necessary. Good night." He kissed her on her cheek and gave her her bag and she went inside[

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B sounds like another amazing SS.  I am already loving this pairing of ArYa.  Can't  wait for the next update when their wedding will take place.  We will for sure see a lot of sparks flying along with passionate hot scenes.  Update soon. 
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Yay I am so excited for the next update! even though Yash is an *ss who can't take rejection and is now the one forcing her into the marriage, I am sure she won't take it lying down! 

waiting Honey-Bee! Day Dreaming
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This is wonderful Clap I loved both Yash and Aarti
Yash took charge loves a challenge, Aarti reaction what the heck just happened actually took her bag and went inside
Update soon please LOL
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Another exciting and worth waiting for story of yours.
A different character of Yash and Aarti.
Wonderful story. Hope you update soon.
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Originally posted by Tessaloni

Yay I am so excited for the next update! even though Yash is an *ss who can't take rejection and is now the one forcing her into the marriage, I am sure she won't take it lying down! 


waiting Honey-Bee! Day Dreaming
Oh My! having read this again! I just realized that Yash really thinks a lot of himself! ShockedShocked
annirogc IF-Rockerz

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intresting start . eager to read more
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amazing one so intersting so excited to next part

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