SWASAN FF KOI MILL GAYA Last Episode updated (Page 63)

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Originally posted by MysticRiver


Thanx Smile

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Hi Hadiali.Smile
Sorry for the late reply. Actually I was not well...
Coming back to the update.
SwaSan romance was superb!!Blushing
Haahaa!! Sanskar teasing Swara.Wink And Swara becoming jealous of herself again!!LOL
Family teasing Swara was awesome.LOL
SwaSan pillow fight.Embarrassed
Eagerly waiting for SwaSan wedding.Embarrassed Plzz update the next part soon. And thanks for the pm.Big smile
With love,

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Originally posted by iam_aheli_98

Hi Hadiali.Smile
Sorry for the late reply. Actually I was not well...
Coming back to the update.
SwaSan romance was superb!!Blushing
Haahaa!! Sanskar teasing Swara.Wink And Swara becoming jealous of herself again!!LOL
Family teasing Swara was awesome.LOL
SwaSan pillow fight.Embarrassed
Eagerly waiting for SwaSan wedding.Embarrassed Plzz update the next part soon. And thanks for the pm.Big smile
With love,

Thank u so much Smile

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Last Episode
After the pillow fight swara n sanskar was standing on window swara was looking at moon n saskar was looking at her ... her eyes were shining
Sanskar : how beautiful
Swara : moon na
Sanskar : yes my moon is looking so beautiful
Swara looked at him
Swara : sanskar y r u looking at me ..., u r making me nervous
Sanskar : really???
he pulled her n took her in his embrace
Sanskar : swara which type of wedding u want ... actually I want a dream wedding... which people always remember
Swara : r u asking about my dream wedding????
Sanskar : yes
Swara : dit should be simple but I want to marry with rituals of all religion
Sanskar : How??
Swara : like I want to do nikah with u like muslims do ... I want to marry u in church like Christian do ... n I want to marry u according to hindu religion... n even I wanna do court marriage ;-)
Sanskar smile after listening that : then get ready for tomorrow
Swara : for wht????
Sanskar : for our nikah
Swara widened her eyes : sanskar stop it I was just joking
Sanskar gave a pack on her forehead n left
Next day
Sanskar came to gadidia mention to pick swara ... he went inside her room n she was still sleeping ... an evil smile came on his face... he hold the jud of water n pour it on swara ... swara got up
Swara : hhhaaann wht happened
Sanskar : get up dear did u Forget that today is our wedding
Swara : sanskar I will not leave u now
she got up n ran behind ... he was running n swara was following him
Sanskar : how dare u pour water on me
After some time swara caught him n start beating him ... sanskar was laughing both fell down on bed
Sanskar : ok Im sorry ... Im sorry Mrs. Superstar ;-)
Swara : jao maaf kia
Sanskar : so my heroin plzzz get up we have to go????
Swara : where ???
Sankar : surprise
Then he gave her a dress it was a white churidaar with red duppata ... n she left to get ready
On Road
Sanskar was driving the car
Swara : where r we going
Suddenly sanskar stopped the car ... swara looked around it was an orphanage there
Sanskar : come
Swara : where
Sanskar came out 4rom the n took her towards the orphanage
In Orphanage
They entered inside ...,.. orphanage was fully decorated with fresh flowers ...Sanskar took her towards a Molana who were owner   of this orphanage
Sanskar : salam o alikum
Molanaa : walikum aslam
Sanskar : meet my bride
Swara covered her head with duppata n took his blessings
Molana took them towards the stage n made them to sat on chairs
Swara : sanskar wht r we doing here
Sanskar : marriage
Swara : whos????
Sanskar : mine n ur ... u wanted to marry with rituals of all religion na so we r here for our nikah ... u know wht swara I came here to ask molana sahab for nikah because I planned something else for our nikah (he looked at the children around him) but after meeting them I decided to organize our nikah here in orphanage
Swara looked at him with so much love in her eyes : I love u sanskar
Sanskar : I know it ... now plzz dont become emotional
Swara : shut up
At that time Molana came
Molana : so can I start ????
Sanskar : yes
Molana start reciting their nikah : swara gadodia ... wald ashouk gadodia ap ka nikah sanskar maheswari wald ram parsad maheshwari se ba iwaz 10 million rupees parha jata hai kia ap ko qubool hai????
Swara closed her eyes : qubool hai
Then asked 4rom sanskar : kia ap ko qubool hai ????
Sanskar : Qubool hai
All the children throw rose petals on them ... then all prayed for their happy married life ... they spend some time with orphans n distribute gifts among the children n left
In swaras room
Swasan were sitting on bed by hugging each other
Swara : sanskar thank u so much for all this happiness u r the best husband in this world
Sanskar : waoo thank u my dear wife n tomorrow get ready for our wedding
Swara : again
Sanskar : yes n this time we will marry as Christian
Swara : wow she gave tight hug to him n he too hugged her back
Next Morning
Sanskar again gave her a dress it was a white shoulder less gown fully decorated with pearls
Sanskar got mesmerize to see swara in that avatar ... he too wore black suite... both were looking like a prince n princess sanskar picked her n they start moving towards the church
Soon they reached there ... a priest welcomed them n took them inside the church ... they walked by hand in hand n stood before each other ... so many people 4rom old home were present there to give their blessings to couple
Swara : wao so today u called everyone 4rom old home
Sanskar : yes how can I forget them in our happiness
Swara smiled : sanskar u know wht ... u r the best
Then priest came there
Priest : so can I start
Sanskar : yes
priest asked 4eom swara : do u agree
Swara accepted
Then he asked 4rom sanskar ... he too accepted ... priest recite some bible verses n they exchange the rings
Priest : 4rom now u r husband n wife
All clapped for the beautiful couple ... they took blessings 4rom all the elders present there swara was feeling shy ... sanskar : whispered
Sanskar : u know wht we have to kiss now its also a ritual of wedding
Swara : shut up sanskar I will not do anything in front of all
Sanskar : swara u have to practice yr because u r my heroin
Swara was feeling shy at that time an old man took their attention
Old man : come on man now kiss her
Swara widened her eyes ... all start screaming : kiss , kiss
Sanskar pulled her by waist n bends her down ... then he looked at her lips ... swara was saying no... sanskar leans down n kissed her ... swara closed her eyes first she was nervous but then she too reciprocate him ... soon they broke the kiss n everyone clapped for them ... swara was feeling shy
Sanskar whispered : r u ok????
Swara angrily : will tell later
Sanskar laughed... they spend some time with them n then moved back
Wedding Day
It was the wedding day of Our Superstar n his heroin ... Gm is fully decorated All were happy because our swasan were happy
In Swaras Room
Ragini was making swara ready for the wedding ...she wore red lehnga n royal jewelry ... n she was looking extremely beautiful as a bride ... Ragini took her towards the mandap n sat her beside sanskar
Sanskar whispered : swara wht is this
Swara made a 0out face : wht m I not looking gud???
Sanskar : swara how will I control till night
Swara blushed ... soon the rituals of wedding start they took 7 rounds around the fire then sanskar put sindhor in her mang n tied mangalsutar around her neck
Sanskar whispered : my cat I tied the chain in ur neck
Swara smiled
Pandit declare that now they r officially husband n wife... they took blessings 4rom all the elders
In Maheshwari Mention
Sujata n ram entered first in the mention swasan were waiting on door ... sujata complete the arti n they do their ritual ...then swara entered first time in MM she was so happy ... sujata showed her full mention ... n dropped her to her room ... she entered in room it was fully decorated with fresh flowers ... she looked the room n noticed their picture in middle of room It was that which they captured on cruise
Sujata : u take rest I will send sanskar
She left ... swara covered her face with dupata n settled her self in the middle of bed ...after some time she listened the voice of foot step of some one ... her heart beat increased ... sanskar entered inside n locked the door ... he sat before her n smiled
Sanskar : ohhh swara u dont have idea how was I controlling
swara blushed n smiled ...He touched her dupata to remove it 4rom her face but swara hit on her hands
Sanskar : ahhh swara wht is this y r u beating me?????
Swara : where is my wedding gift
Sanskar : ohhh sorry I forgot
Swara : then also forget that today is our First night
Sanskar : swara its not fair
He again touched her dupata she again hit her
Swara : first give me my gift then I will allow u to remove my dupata
Sanskar smiled : n gave her a box
Swara excitedly removed her dupata n opened the box ... it was empty
Swara made a sad face : I hate u
Sanskar : u lost swara see I removed ur dupata now its my time start
Swara : noo
She was about to run ... sanskar immediately hold her hand n pulled her n came on her top
Sanskar : swara u cant escape 4rom me
Swara : kanjoos dont talk to me
Sanskar : ok we will not talk now will do just romance
Saying that he kissed her neck
Swara : sanskar
Sanskar looked at her
Swara : really u forgot my gift???
Sanskar : swara how can I forget
He made her wear Bengals
Swara : then y u lied ?????
Sanskar : to tease u
Swara : I hate u
Sanskar : but I love u
He took out her neckless   n again start kissing her neck ...then he moved towards her lips ... swara felt shy n turned to other side ... sanskar slowly removed her dupata n caresses her bare n gave a peck there ... swara felt shiver in her body sanskar opened the dori of her shirt n made her turn ... he removed her earrings n kissed her ear lobes ... then he removed her mang tika n gave a pack on her forehead ... then he covered her n himself with a sheet n moved towards her lips ... there lips met again it was passionate lip lock
Soon they broke the kiss n lost in each other embrace
After 2 Months
It was the first day of their shoot on set ... sanskar got ready in his old avatar ... swara too got ready in her old avatar ... they were shooting the scene of their first meeting ... sanskar got conscious n saw swara ... she was acting like she was nervous ... sanskar came close to her n was about to snatch the gun ... she start laughing
Sanskar : wht happened ??? y r u laughing???
Swara : sanskar u know wht I was so scared 4rom u at that time ... n wht u did han u took a selfie :-P
Sanskar too start laughing remembering the scene
They complete the shooting of movie as all this
After 6 Months
That was the last day of their shoot ... they were shooting the scene of c4uise proposal of swasan ... swara was standing in the middle of cruise n her eyes were tied with silk cloth
Suddenly swara felt headache n she fell down sanskar rushed towards her ... he removed the cloth 4rom her eyes n carried her ...he took her inside the n placed her on bed then he throw water on her face ... they called the doctor ... she was checking her
Doctor : dont worry Mr. Maheshwari she is f9
Sanskar : then y she fainted
Doctor : because she is expecting
Sanskar became happy all the team congrats her ... sanskar was on cloud 9 ... he announce the dinner on his treat ... he send his P.A to bring sweets for the unit ... after some time swara got conscious sanskar saw her n rushed towards her ... sanskar gave her a tight hug... swara was shock to saw her behavior
Swara : sanskar Im ok dont worry
Sanskar cupped her face : swara u r expecting
Swara became happy : really
Sanskar : yes
They again hugged each other n closed their eyes
After One year
Swara gave birth to a beautiful girl ... her name was saneha ... ashouk choose this name for her...
It was the success party of swasan movie because they won 3 awards of this year
Best Actor
Best New Talent Female
Best Bollywood couple ... people have gone crazy for their movie
They came down hand in hand ... swara wore black gown n sanskar wore black suite he carried her princess ... all the cameras n media rushed towards them
1st Reporter : we have listened that koi mill gaya is ur own story????
Sanskar : yes its our own story
2nd Reporter : will u do another movie together ????
Swara : yes sanskar will do but I will not
3rd Reporter : y u put its name koi mill gaya
Sanskar : because we both were busy in our own life suddenly we got each other thats y our story name was koi mill gaya
Reporter : n it was an awesome story ( now Im praising my self :-P )
sanskar hugged swara n kissed her princess ... after suffering 4rom much pain now they got happiness of their life
The End
Thank u so much guys for such a massive response on my ff ... I will come back soon with my new ff on this page (after ramzan n my exams ;-) ) till than u can enjoy my ff ishq ibadat on another page so remember me in ur prayers n Ramazan Mubarik in advance good bye :-)

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Can't believe it's ended ! But must say amazing update loved it & really like the idea of marriage in dif religion ! Sanskar is a great husband! Lucky Swara ! The ending was cute with their baby Sneha Smile
Now waiting for ur other FF ishq Ibadt to update
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Awesome closure..loved it...
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Hello hadiali.wow amazing ending yaar seriously whole journey of KOI MILL GAYA writen beautifully loved it:) nd thanx for pm!!!

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Wow!  Superb finish

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