SWASAN FF KOI MILL GAYA Last Episode updated (Page 51)

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Originally posted by sneharay

Lovely Update.. Smile

Thanx Smile

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Awesome update
Thanks for the pm and continue soon
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Originally posted by Asad08

Awesome update
Thanks for the pm and continue soon

Thanx Smile
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Episode 25
Swasan were talking n doing breakfast
Swara : proposal should be dhamake dar... after all u have to show me that u r really a super star
Sanskar : ohhh right ... but y I propose u when u r already marry
Swara widened her eyes : haahha very funny with whom?????
Sanskar : u r a wife of a superstar sanskar maheshwari
Swara : really in his dreams
Sanskar : I can proof u
Swara : gud then prof me
Sanskar looked at her n smiled ... kept tray to other side n make her stand up
Swara : where r u taking ... in mandir for wedding
Sanskar : no wait n watch
He took her before mirror
Swara : wht???
sanskar hugged her 4rom back n rested his chin on her shoulder
Sanskar : look at ur self ... dont u feel any change
Swara : wht change ???
sanskar signaled her to see in her mang ... sanskar blood has dried ... swara touched n felt shy ...
Swara : when u filled it ????
Sanskar : I did not that purposely but it filled when I was caressing ur hairs
Swara was feeling shy so she was looking down n was smiling ...sanskar made her turned towards him n ups her head ... she looked in his eyes n gave a smile ... then he again turned her to mirror n stared her
Sanskar : wait
He went towards the cupboard n took out a red dupata 4rom her cupboard ... he came near her n put that dupata on her head
Sanskar : now u r looking a perfect bride ( he blinked his eye ;-) )
Swara : really I dont think so
Sanskar : see even God want us to be unite
Swara : but mom wants me to finish the breakfast now come lets go
Sanskar laughed : ok
They again sat on bed n start eating... after sometime
Swara : by the way wht was we talking about
Sanskar gave her a wired look : wht???
Swara : yup proposal ... u have to propose me in filmy style ... tumhari in baton mein ane wali nai hoon mein... I will think about u after u r proposal
Sanskar : swara wht is this I already propose u
Swara : han in police station when I was in jail
Sanskar : so wht I did not get time to take u on a romantic date
Swara : u know na how stubborn Im so I want a proposal other wise u can leave I will find a new one
Sanskar : wht y????
Swara got up n moved towards the door : bye Mr. Superstar
Sanskar : (monologue ) ohh god wht should I do now ... something special think sanskar other wise she is a stubborn girl she will never agree :-(
He dialed a number
Sanskar : hello
His P.A : hi sir
Sanskar : poja I need ur help
Poja : yes sir
He told her a plan n cuts the call : get ready miss swara bose for surprises tonight I will make a best night for u
He came down ... all were busy in talking with each other he silently came near swara
Sanskar whispered : get ready Ms. Swara bose I will pick u at 6 pm
Swara was surprised n he left 4rom there
Ashouk : so my baby wht can I call u ... saneha or swara
Swara : u can call me wht ever u want papa
She came near him n sat before him
Ashouk : beta y r u sitting on ground
Swara : because today I want to say u something
Ashouk smiled wht????
she hold his hands : thank u ... thank u so much papa for giving me a family... u know wht I always want a normal life n u all gave that life... in these three years u never showed me that I was a stranger for
Ashouk : u r my daughter not a stranger
Tears came in swaras eyes : I love u so much ... (she kissed his hands ) I know u did not gave birth to me but for me only u r my father
Ashouk wiped her tears : aaa arry my baby becomes emotional now stop this tears n go to get ready
Swara : for wht??????
Asnouk : for sanskar proposal ... he is going to propose u tonight ;-)
Swara fumbled : wht ??? No papa that was nothing ... u r mistaken
Ashouk interrupted   : sorry but I have listened ur conversation
Swara blushed
Ashouk : stop blushing go n get ready ... u know wht he is a superstar ... u have to look more handsome than him
Swara : papa stop it
Ashouk laughed : ok u have to look beautiful
Ragini : n I will make u ready
Ashouk : ohh no swara she will make u witch :-P
Ragini : papa I hate u
All laughed ... ragini was taking swara towards her room she turned back n ran towards ashouk... she kissed his cheek n then kissed sushela
Swara : thank u for giving me this happiness ... I love both of u... u r best parents in the world
Then she ran to her room ... ragini n laksh followed her ...ashouk hugged sushela they both were happy to see the happiness of their daughters ...
In Swaras Room
Ragini was choosing a dress for swara n swara n laksh was giving her weird look
Ragini : swara this ... I love this color indigo ... it suites u so much
Swara nodes in no n laksh laughed
Ragini : swara its been 2 hours Im showing u dresses n u r nodding in no ... wht u want to wear girl
Laksh : lungi
Swara nodes in yes
Ragini became angry : now I got u both were teasing me na
swara n laksh laughed n gave hifi to each other
Ragini angrily sat down : I hate both of u ... dont talk me again... n specially swara u do wht ever u want
Laksh : ohh my baby sorry she asked me to tease u
Swara : wht when I said lucky u r cheater
Laksh : no no ragini she was saying
Ragini : u both were teasing me
Swara : ok leave that tell me na wht should I wear
Ragini : I dont know
Swara : plzzz its my first date
Ragini : ok
She again start showing her dresses ...laksh winked her n swara laughed
Ragini : I will not leave u both
She start throwing dress on them...
Swara : ok stop I will wear wht ever u want ... while they were fighting a servant knocked on door
Swara : come in... yes
Servant : mam sanskar sir send this for u
Swara smiled : for me
She rushed towards him ... he took that packet n opened it... it was a beautiful dress ...
Ragini : waoo its amazing finally sanskar solve our prob now go n change it
Swara went to toilet ...she was about to wash her face she looked at her man it was still filled with blood ... she smiled
Swara : I cant remove it... she carefully washed her face
At 5 pm
Finally swara wore that dress n got ready ... it was a white full length shoulder less gown ... big purple flowers were painted on its border ... she tied her hairs as a rough tail n set that tail on her left side ... she wore long silver diamond earrings n 3 rings in her hands ... n a heavy necklace around her neck ... she was looking like a princess
Laksh : waoo swara my baby doll y I did met u before ;-) u r looking soo beautiful... sanskar will lost his breath
Ragini angrily : stop it laksh ... stay away 4rom my doll
Swara looked her self in mirror she blushed
At 6pm
Sanskar came to pick swara ... he called her
Sanskar : swara Im waiting
Swara : Im coming
She rushed towards the main door... while she was going ashouk called her
Ashouk gave a kiss on her forehead : swara best of luck
Swara gave a thumb up sign n went outside ... she saw sanskar he got mesmerize to him ... he wore white pant n blazer n purple dress shirt he was looking like a true superstar... swara went towards him ... he looked at her n opened his mouth ... he forgot to blink ... swara came close to him n gave a pack on his cheek ... he was astonished by her sudden kiss
Swara closed his mouth
Swara : wht r u looking at han?????
Sanskar : swara u r looking beautiful
Swara blushed : thanx :-)
sanskar : r u ready girl???
Swara : yes ...
They both sat in car n drove off ... after some time sanskar stopped the car
Swara : wht happened????
Sanskar : now surprises time start
He took a purple silk cloth n tied it on swaras eyes
Swara : wht r u doing????
Sanskar : dont u trust me????
Swara : more than I trust my self
Sanskar : then be silent
He again start the car ... soon they reached on their destination ... sanskar came out 4rom car n also help swara to come out ... he hold her hand start moving towards the place ... after that they again sat on chairs n swara felt some noise
Swara : wht is this sanskar ???? Where we r???
Sanskar : Im going to kidnap u
Swara beat him : shut up
Sanskar : its surprise baby
After some time that noise finish... cool breeze was touching swaras face now ...she called sanskar ..., then she felt his presence around her
Swara : sanskar
Sanskar : shhh
He slightly removed that cloth ... swara was astonished ... they were on cruse in middle of sea ... no one was there a dim light was giving the place a romantic look ... they were sitting in middle on a table ... rose patel covered the table ... she look up n saw full on sky
Swara : wao...
Sanskar came close to her n gave her a back hug ... he wrapped his hands around her belly n rested his chin on her shoulder
Sanskar whispered : do u like it
A drop of tear fell on sanskars hand he made her turn to his side
Sanskar : wht happened y r u crying????
She hugged him : I love u sanskar ... u r the best gift god gave to me ... I was alone ... I always want some one in my life ... I want a friend u became my friend ... when I want a saviour u became my saviour ... Im nothing with out u
Sanskar broke the hug n wiped her tears : dont be emotional ... I already know that u love me ... now come lets finish the dinner first then I have a special surprise for u
He was about to move swara pulled him with a jerked n kissed him ... sanskar widened his eyes ... then he too reciprocate in the ... it was passionate ... soon they broke the kiss ... sanskar look at her she was feeling shy ...sanskar noticed the blood in her mang ... a smile appeared on his face ... he kissed her forehead
Sanskar : I have done with my dinner do u want to eat something else ????
Swara blushed ... n hide her face in his chest
Sanskar : lets go
They went towards the table ... sanskar made her sit on chair n he too sat before her ... soon they finished their dinner ...
Swara : now where is my special surprise?????
Sanskar got up n made her turned towards a big screen ... then he went there ... took a mike in his hands n start singing
Sanskar : koi mill gaya... koi mill gaya ... koi mill gaya... mill hi gaya
Swara stand up 4rom her seat n clapped for him : super when u learn singing??????
Sanskar winked : in ur love baby now come n join me... u confess ur feelings na now its my turn
Sanskar wore a guitar
Mujh ko kya hua hai
Swara saw on screen ... sanskar was setting his bed n cleaning the room
Kyun mein sudhar gaya hoon
Pagal tha mein pehle
Sujata n ram was shock to saw him... he calmly sat on bed n did not mess the sheet
Ab kya ban gaya hoon
Sanskar : swara ur lines
Swara ran towards him n took mic 4rom him
Kapry bhi saaf hain n bikhre nahin hain
Kahan se hua are yeh chamatkar
Sanskar : koi mill gaya
mere dil gaya
kia bataon yara
koi mill gaya
Koi mill gaya
Mil hi gaya
Swara : kon mila
Sanskar put his hand on her eyes n made her turn to other side ... then he slowly removed his hand ... swara looked at sky ... there were so many lights join together on sky a fire cracker blast n she saw her name on sky ... she read
oh I cant write more its enough for today ... guys I tried my best I dont know is it a dhamaky dar proposal or not ... but thanx mariyam for giving me such a romantic n amazing idea :-*
Precape : reaming romance ;-)

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Hi Dear Hadiali.Smile
This part was superb!!!Clap Loved the way how Sanskar showed Swara her maang filled with his blood through the mirror.Embarrassed Loved Swara's bonding with Ashouk and Sushela. They r really awesome parents.Big smile Aww! Poor Ragini. Laksh and Swara were teasing her so much!!!LOL I'm just imagining Swara's dress which was gifted by Sanskar.Tongue And the proposal!!!! Awesome man!!! Truly like a Superstar!!!Wink And I was humming the song "koi mil gaya" while reading the proposal part.LOLEmbarrassed Plzz update the next part soon. And thanks for the pm.Big smile
With love,

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Awesome update n thanks for pm Smile waiting for further romance,update soon

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Nice update
Family convo .  was  nice
Sanskaar's  proposal was also superb..
Waiting for next update

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Lovely update...tnx for the pm

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