SWASAN FF KOI MILL GAYA Last Episode updated (Page 48)

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Originally posted by Asad08

Finally swara has her memory back and that blood in her mang scene was fabulous
Loves it and finally that agnesh got caught
Thanks for the pm and continue soon

Thank u so much Smile

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So finally swara got her memory back. Oh.. That agnesh.. Such a disgusting fellow.. Angry should rot in jail until his death. 
Awesome update hadi.. Loved it. Smile

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Originally posted by Kaveetha

So finally swara got her memory back. Oh.. That agnesh.. Such a disgusting fellow..Angryshould rot in jail until his death.
Awesome update hadi.. Loved it.Smile

Thanx dear   Smile
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Originally posted by krishuuu

Amazingly written..

Thanx Smile
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Episode 24
Soon they reached at Gm sanskar carried her n went inside ... ragini n sushela rushed towards her
Ragini : wht happens to her????
Sushela : saneha mera bacha wht has he done with her is she ok????
Laksh : dont worry she is f9 mama ... ragini call doctor
They took her towards her room ... swara was unconsious ... he carefully placed her on bed n covered her with sheet he caresses her hairs n swara... at that time ragini entered in room
Ragini : I called doctor gupta he is coming
She came near swara ... n rubs her hands
Sanskar : dont worry ragini nothing happens with her
Sushela came near sanskar n put her hand on his shoulder
Sushela : thank u so much sanskar for saving my daughter
Sanskar : anti she is my life Im nothing with out her
Sushela : wht has he done is he ... :'(
Sanskar : no anti I went on time dont worry she will be alright
sushela : y u did not tell me that she is ur swara ... I will never allow ashouk to force her
Sanskar : Im sorry anti ... I want her to regain her memory
Ragini : where is papa?????
Laksh : they r coming
At that time ashouk n sheakher entered in the room
Ashouk : is she ok
Sheakher rushed towards her n sat beside her ... he kissed her forehead ... ashouk became sad to see that
Ashouk : (monologue) I know u r not my daughter but I will always love u ... because u complete our family
Sanskar : (monologue) drama king y he is concerning now I wish I can throw him out
After some time doctor came to check her ... he gave her injection n bandage her wounds
She was sleeping peacefully
Doctor : she is f9 now dont worry she was just in a state of shock after the incident ... may be she will get some night mare so stay with her
Sanskar : thank u doctor for coming on urgent call
Doctor : its my duty
N he left ahouk went with him
Outside the room
Ashoukn : any complication
Doctor : no nothing ... her head hit with something n I think she got her memory back
Ashouk became tens : thats gud news thank u for coming n he left
Ashouk : I will not force u swara ... I know he is ur biological father I will accept ur decission
In Room
Sanskar : ragini plzz change her dress
Ragini hmm sure ... sanskar was about to get up swara tightened her grip on his hand... he tried to release his hand but all in vain
Ragini : sanskar she will not leave
Sanskar : ok I will turn my face u change her dress
Ragini : ok
Everyone left the room except ragini n sanskar ... ragini was changing her dress n sanskar was starring the wall suddenly he looked at his left side he can see the reflection of swara in mirror... ragini slightly sanskar blazer ... sanskar saw her torn dress n remember how agnesh was torturing her tears came in his eyes ... then ragini remove her dupata which was covering her ... he saw the nail marks on her arms ... he closed his eyes in pain ... the he wiped his tears ... ragini remove her shirt ... he can see her bare back ... he imm closed his eyes n turned his face ... he remember that which they spend in apartment
Sanskar : (monologue) I told u na swara that This time I will get my everything back ... see now I got ... I got my life back ... I got u back
Ragini called him ... he did not answer ... ragini her hand on his shoulder
Ragini : dont worry sanskar she is f9 now
Sanskkar came back in sens : han u change the dress
Ragini : hmm take care of her ... Im going with laksh ... bye
Sanskar : bye
Sanskar shut the door n folds his shirts sleeves ... he looked at swara ... she was sleeping peacefully ... he came near her n opened the draw of her side table ... took an ointment   tube n moved towards her... he folded her sleeves n apply ointment on nil marks ... he was feeling her pain
After applying the ornaments he sat beside her n start caressing her hairs ... suddenly he noticed blood in her mang ... he touched that it was dry... he smiled n remember that scene
Sanskar : see swara today I made u mine
He gave a pack on forehead then he ... then he looked at her eyes tears were dried on her eyes ... he kissed her eyes ... then he looked at her cheeks ... her left cheek was red due to agneshs slap ... he can easily saw his finger marks ... he clenches his fist ... his tears fell on swaras cheek ... he came close to her n kissed her left cheek then right ... then he lye beside her ... he rested his head on swaras ...n dozed of
At Mid Night
Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace ... suddenly swara got a night mare ...she tightly hold the bed sheet with one hand n tight the her grip on sanskars hand
Swara : plzz leave me... stop there ... dont dare to touch me... I hate u ...stoooppp
She pushed sanskar with full force n he fell down ... sanskar was shock on her act ... rubbed his eyes n looked at her
She was still crying in pain : aaahhh leave me ... stop it dont come near me ... sanskar ... papa save me
Sanskar immediately rushed towards her n tried to calm her ... he cupped her face
Sanskar : swara ... listen u r save see Im with u
She was begging : plzz no stay away dont come near me plzzz stay away I will kill u
Sanskar : swara clam down n look at me ... Im sanskar u r with me dont worry
Swara again hold his hand : sanskar ... sanskar save me he is coming ... she closed her eyes n hugged him
Sanskar caresses her hairs to calm her ...soon she dozed off again n slept on his lap ... sanskar take support 4rom back side of bed n he too slept in same position
Next Morning
While swasan were sleeping ragini brings tea for them... she entered in the room ... a smile appeared on her face to see swasan because they were looking so cute ... swaras head was on sanskar lap n she hold his hand tightly ...n sanskar was sitting with support of bed
Ragini : come on guys get up sun is rises n I bring tea for u
Sanskar woke up ... he immediately opened his eyes : han swara wht happens r u ok????
Ragini : she is still sleeping
Sanskar : ohhh ragini u come
Ragini : u both were looking soo cute
Sanskar smile
Ragini : stop smiling... (then she moves towards swara)... saneha wake up u lost the lecture
Swara immediately wake up : han wht????? where ????how ????
Ragini n sanskkar start laughing : hhahahahha saneha u r so funny
Swara felt headache : ahhh
Sanskar hold her shoulder : r u ok????
Swara : hmm Im ok
Ragini : oye hoye morning romance
Swara angrily looked towards her n throw a cushion on her
Ragini laughed : stop it saneha
While swara was throwing cushions on ragini laksh entered in room he caught the cushion
Laksh : ahh wht r u doing with my baby ... look at her she is my one an only innocent wife
Swara : I know how innocent she is ... she always scares me in morning
Laksh : so u should wake up early na
Swara : by the way ragini now u too can start ur morning romance ... dont worry I will not see u
She put her hands on her eyes ... then she looked at sanskar who was laughing ... she immediately put her hands on his face : sanskar bache yeh sab nai dekhte :-P
Ragini : stop it swara
Swara : ok no cheating (she covered her n sanskars face with sheet ) now u both can do wht ever u want
Laksh : saneha... dont take advantage on our name ;-)
He snatched the sheet 4rom her n she gave him an angry look ... mean while sheakher, ashouk n sushela entered in room ... sheakher rushed towards swara ... he cupped her face
Sheakher : swara mera bacha r u ok????... its all happened because of I ... Im sorry beta
Ashouk became sad ...sawara ups her hands n touched his hands then she remember everything how he behaved with her n when she called him he said (I dont have any daughter )
She jerked his hands n gave a smile to ashouk ... then she got up n ran towards him
Swara : papa...
She hugged him ... ashouk n sushela became happy n ashouk kissed her hairs ... sanskar thought that she did not gain her memory ... he was sad
Swara : u know wht papa he was not raj he was agnesh... thank god sanskar came on time
She start crying : u know wht papa he was forcing me
Ashouk : ssshhh saneha buri baton ko yaad nai rekhna chahiye
Swara smiled : swara not saneha
Ashouk was surprised : wht????
Swara : yes papa Im swara not ur saneha ... thanx for giving me all the love
Sanskar became happy n sheakher too ... he again rushed towards swara
Sheakher : swara mera bachaa Im so happy u got ur memory back
Swara again ignored him n looked at ashouk : dont worry papa I will not leave u ... u r my father n will always be my father n u can call me saneha too ... I will not mind
Sheakher : Im sorry swara
Now swara cant control tears came in her eyes she turned her face to other side
Swara : sorry I dont know u
Sheakher : swara I know u r angry on me ... n I deserves ur anger Im not a gud father
Swara : gud then u can leave
All were surprised specially sanskar
Sheakher was about to leave he turned back : can I hug u one last time after all u r my daughter
Swara : u know wht I was running in jungle agnesh guards were following me ... at that time I called u n u said (u dont have any daughter)... u r not my father I hate u dont touch me just go Im happy in my life ... I got my family... I dont need u
Sheakher : I know I was wrong ... I deserves this
Swara : yes u deserves this ... now plzzz go 4rom my house
Sheakher slowly moved towards the door ... he turned n look at swara again... n swara turned her face to ther side she totally ignored him
Sheakher left ... some drops of tears fell 4rom swaras eyes after
Swara : (monologue) Im sorry baba but this time I cant forgive u ... u were my saviour my father n at that time I was scared n u left me I cant forget that scary night
Ashouk kept his hand on swaras head : dont worry baby sab theek ho jye ga
Swara hugged him n cried
After some time they all went to take breakfast
Ragini : swara take ur tea I shall bring ur breakfast
Swara : no no u just serve ur breakfast to ur hubby
Ragini : so u can spend ur time with sanskar han after all u both r meeting after 3 years
She winked n swara blushed ... ragini left the room n sanskar came close to her
Sanskar : finally I get the chance to talk to u
He hold her hands ... she was feeling shy ... sanskar lift her chin up n whispered
Sanskar : swara Im not psycho n that Dr. Naina was my class fellow
Swara looked up : thats mean it was ur plan han...(she start beating him) cheater ... I hate u...
Sanskar : really do u hate me ... then wo kya tha???
Swara : wht????
Sanskar smiled n pulled her by her waist : aahhmm ... bahoon mein chale aao... hoo hum se sanam kxa parda
Swara put her hand on her ears : stop it sanskar
Sanskar : ok then tell me wht was that
Swara blushed n smiled
Sanskar : aaahh dont blushed swara Im loosing control
He leans down to kiss her ... swara pushed him n ran to toilet ... n he fell on bed n smiled on her act
Sanskar : get ready swara abhi tu tumhein aur tease karna hai
In toilet
Swara looked her self in mirror ... she was blushing her cheeks were red ... she remember how she was dancing to force sanskar ... n how she became jealous of her self ... she laughed
Swara : how crazy was I... I cried so much because I was jealous 4rom my self haahahhahah
she came out sanskar was sitting on ed with breakfast tray n was waiting for her
Sanskar : finally u come back ... I was feeling hungry
Swara : u always feel hungry I remember
Swara sat before her n was about to catch her napkin sanskar stopped her
Sanskar : today I will make u eat
Swara smiled ... he adjust her napkin around her neck n start feeding her
Sanskar : so miss swara bose wht iss ur future plan han????
Swara : I dont know I think I should live with mama n papa they need me
Sanskar : n wht about I ????
Swara : I dont know about u
Sanskar : but we should get marry now????
Swara : no yeh shadi nai ho sakti
Sanskar : y????
Swara : because u did not propose me yet
Sanskar : ohhh ya I did not propose u yet ... so wht can I do for u??????
Swara : u have to propose me na then y r u asking me ... n listen Mr. Superstar u always call ur self superstar now its time to show ... proposal should be classy n dhamaky dar then I will decide my answer
Sanskar : wht ????
Swara : yes ;-)
She snatched the spoon 4rom his hand n feed him ... n he was surprisingly looking her
Sanskar : (monologue ) ohh god wht should I do now ... something special think sanskar other wise she is a stubborn girl she will never agree :-(
Precap : sanskar propose swara
Will she accept his proposal????
n how will he propose her ????
if u wanna know keep reading koi mill gaya by hadi ali
Request : guys plzz give me some Ideas how should sanskar propose swara ????

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Lovely update
Waiting for sanskaar's  proposal

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Originally posted by sarathy321

Lovely update
Waiting for sanskaar's proposal

Thax Smile
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awesome chapter...! I just loved swara's reactions towards everyone...loving swasan more and more... Embarrassed proposal plz do something sweet and fluffy... Embarrassed

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