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Awesome and poor seats. ..sank go save her man. ..Both parts were great..

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Originally posted by raaz19

Awesome and poor seats. ..sank go save her man. ..Both parts were great..

Thanx desr Smile
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Read last 2 parts in one go
It was awesome dear.. Smile
swasan romance its juat wowEmbarrassed
but but but ye kya precap de dala dear
swara ne haan kh diya us raj ke proposal ko
ab sanskar kya karega 
plzzz update soon
thanks 4 pm

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Originally posted by ILuvKaran

Read last 2 parts in one go
It wasawesome dear..Smile
swasan romance its juat wowEmbarrassed
but but but ye kya precap de dala dear
swara ne haan kh diya us raj ke proposal ko
ab sanskar kya karega
plzzz update soon
thanks 4 pm

Thank u so much dear Smile
N dont worry Im not gonna seperate swasan Wink

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I first read ur ff on fb. I like it most u say l m in love with ur ff. Read all the parts . u r mindblowing n awesum i hv no words to describe . waiting for the next part post it soonSmile n do pm me plzzz

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Originally posted by Verda_768

I first read ur ff on fb. I like it most u say l m in love with ur ff. Read all the parts . u r mindblowing n awesum i hv no words to describe . waiting for the next part post it soonSmilen do pm me plzzz

Thank u so much verda...it means alot Smile

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First of all Im really sorry for late update ... I wemt out of city for birthday celebration of my one n only nephew ... n there was no internet ... sorry once again

Episode 22
Swara reached in park she remember their U.S.A dance tears came in her eyes
Swara : how can I become selfish ... I forced him ... wht will he think about I :'( ... so Im going far 4rom u ... it will gud for me n u ... u loves swara n she deserves u because she did not impose u to love her ... but dont worry I will never trouble u again ... n I will accept rajs proposal
She sat on grass n cried
In Apartment
Sanskar woke ... he was shock to saw his condition ... he remember last night a smile appeared on his face ... he called swara ... then he got up n searched her in whole apartment but did not find her
Sanskar : where has she gone ????? She did not even informed me... may be she was feeling shy
Then he laughed : hahahaah swara is feeling shy but wht have she done last night bahoon mein chale aao n all that ... she becomes crazy after her memory loss
Then he thought something : let me ask ragini about her
He called ragini
Sanskar : hello ragini where is saneha????
Ragini : is she not with u????
Sanskar : no she left in early morning
Ragini : thats mean she is coming to meet raj
Sanskar : who is raj????
Ragini : her would be husband ;-)
Sanskar : shut up ragini stop joking
Ragini : Im not joking papa forced her to meet raj he is papas new client
Sanskar : wht the hell now wht will I do
Ragini : dont worry I know she will refuse because she loves u
Sanskar : how u know???
Ragini : she confessed her love in front of I
Sanskar : really wao thank u so much for telling me ... acha listen I will come to pick her in evening plzz convey my msg to her
Ragini : sure bye
Sanskar : bye ... he cuts the call n smiled on her pagal pan :-P
Swara entered in mention n saw ragini near her room she ran n hugged her
Ragini : wht happened saneha is everything ok????
Swara wiped her tears : han Im f9 where is papa ????
Ragini : he is in study room
Swara : thanx ... she went towards the study room n entered inside
Ashouk : saneha thank god u came tell me wht u think about this proposal
Swara : Im agree papa I know its difficult for me but I trust u
Ashouk became happy : wht????
Swara : Im accepting this proposal
N she left ... ashouk was shock
He called raj
Ashouk : hello raj
Raj : hello papa ;-)
Ashouk laughed : raj its yes 4rom my side
Raj became happy : thank u so much papa ... can I meet her
Ashouk : sure u r coming today
Raj : no papa I want to take her some where I mean I want to show her something
Ashouk : sure raj she is ur would be wife so u can take her any where
Raj : thank u so much papa ... bye
Raj cuts the call n jumped in excitement ... then he called his P.A n ordered him to decorate his farm house
Raj : finally I find u n today I will not leave u Ms. Swara Bose
In Office
While Sanskar was busy in his office work his secretory informed him about inspector rishab
Secretary : sir inspector rishab wants to meet u
Sanskar : send him inside
Soon Sheakher n rishab entered in his cabin ... sanskar stood up 4rom his seat n welcomed them
Sanskar : hello
Inspector : hi Mr. Maheshwari how r u
Sanskar : Im f9 ... have a seat
They all sat
Sanskar : so tell me wht u want to discuss
Inspector : meet him he is swaras father sheakher bose
Sanskar became angry but controlled he remember swaras words (he got a new family thats y Im here ) : oh hello Mr. Bose ... so wht can I do for him????
Inspector : sanskar do u know where is swara
Sanskar : no ur officer told me that she has committed suicide 3 years ago
Inspector : then where she went
He became tens
Sanskar : (monologue ) thats mean he knows wht had happened with her... wht do u mean inspector where she went ???????
Inspector : told him whole incident
Sanskar became angry ... he stood up n hold his collar : how dare u ... u have done all this for ur job na now I will snatch ur job 4rom u
Inspector : sorry sir Im really sorry I know that was my mistake but I saved her plzzz forgive me
Sanskar : u know how much I suffer ... n how much she suffer ... she has lost her memory because of all this
Sheakher : thats mean u know where is she
Sanskar : yes I know ...but she is not ur daughter now she got a very gud family better than u n ur so called wife
Sheakher : sanskar I want to meet her
Sanskar : I will not tell u about her
Sheakher : plzzz sanskar I want to apologize her only last time I promise I shall not trouble u ... just think may be she will get her memory back... I know she loves me so much
Sanskar : ok fine ... lets go
Ashouk n sushela was happy because their 2nd daughter was going to get marry
Ashouk : Im so happy my saneha is agree to marry some one
Sushela : yes I wish she will get all the happiness
In swaras Room
swara was sitting on couch n eating chocolate ... ragini gave her an angry look
Ragini : how u can be so relax saneha n y r u eating this ... u dont love him
Swara : Im happy because today Im starting a relationship n u know wht papa said he will love me
Ragini : but wht about ur love ????
Swara : he already got his love
Ragini : just shut up saneha I know he loves u
Swara angrily stood up n throw the wrapper off chocolate in dustbin : he loves swara
Ragini : swara is dead
Swara : she is alive n he loves her so plzz dont force me n leave my room
Ragini left the room n went to her room
Swara cried ... after some time a servant informed her that guests have arrived ... then she came down to meet them
She wore red curidar ... raj got mesmerize to see her ... swara meet with his parents but when she looked at raj she became scare n tens ... she hold ashouks hand tightly
Swara : papa Im not feeling well
Asbouk : dont worry Im with u na
They talk for some time than raj signaled ashouk that he wants to take her
Ashouk : saneha beta u go with raj he wants to show u something
Swara whispered : no papa I dont want to go with him plzz
Ashouk : saneha u accepted this proposal now plz dont move back
Swara made a pout face : but I will not go far
Ashouk : ok now go
She hesitates n start followed him
In Raginis Room
Ragini called laksh n start scolding him
Ragini : how dare he ... he was cheating my sister n u did not tell me
Laksh : who wht happened baby y r u so hyper?????
Ragini : sanskar he was cheating saneha
Laksh : I dont believe this he cant cheat her she is his life
Ragini : u know wht he loves swara ... n she is alive
Laksh : I knew that
Ragini : wht u knew that very bad laksh thats mean u too was involve in this ... I hate u ... dont call me again
Laksh : hold on listen baby dont be hyper ... do u know who is swara ?????
Ragini : no n I really dont want to know
Laksh : saneha is swara
Ragini : so wht????? then she realise wht he said... wht saneha is swara
Laksh : ye she is swara (then he explain her everything)
Ragini laughed : hahaaah thats mean she got jealous 4rom her self how funny... n sanskar chupa rustam ... y u did not tell me before
Laksh : because I want u to act real
Ragini : shut up
Laksh : ok jano ... now plz stop her
Ragini : han let me inform her ... ok bye
She jumped in excitement... then she ran to meet swara ... she entered in her room n searches her but she was not there ... then she searched her everywhere but did not found her ... she came in hall ...ashouk n sushela was talking with rajs parents
Ragini : papa where is saneha ??????
Ashouk : she went with raj
Ragini : y?????
Ashouk : raj wants to talk her alone
Ragini : call her back
Ashouk : y????
Ragini : bus aise hi Im missing her plzzz
Ashouk angrily : she will cone back soon
Ragini made a pout face : ok papa
She silently sat on couch ... n they start their conversation again
Ragini : (monologue ) saneha plz come back I want to tell u something really important ... y r u wasting ur time with him
While they were talking sanskar sheakher n inspector rishab entered inside
Ashouk : hello Mr. Maheshwari wht a surprise come
Sanskar : hello uncle how r u????
Ashouk : f9
Sanskar signaled ragini n ask where is swara ... ragini signaled him that she went
Rishab was noticing rajs parents... he was tensed
Rishab : (monologue ) I have seen them some where ...Then he remember n caught them...finally I got both of u
Everyone was shock
Ashouk : wht r u doing rishab they r our guest leave them
Rishab : Mr. Gadodia they r con
All were shock
Ashouk : no u r mistaken they r rajs parents ... he is a biggest businessman of mumbai... n they bring rajs proposal for my daughter saneha
Rishab : who raj?????
Ashouk : Raj Malhotra an industrialist of mumbai
Rishab became tens : where is swara????
Ashouk : who swara??????
Sanskar : he is talking about saneha
Ashouk : she is with raj they r getting marry
Rishab widened his eyes : y u send her with him... he will kill her
Ashouk : y?????
Rishab : because he is agnesh dobrial who changed his identity
Ashouk : its impossible because agnesh was killed by swara 3 years ago
Sanskar : no he is alive that all was drama n saneha is swara n (he explain him )
Ashouk : wht ????? I will not leave him
He called him many time but no respond
Ashouk : lets call police force today I will take my revenge 4rom him ... he killed my daughter n attacked my other daughter ... I will kill him with my own hands
Sanskar : lets search them
Ashouk : first check at his house
They all left ... ragini called laksh n told him ... he too went to search swara
Sushela was crying n ragini consoled her
In Farm House
Agneh stopped his car
Agnesh : come swara I want to show u something
He took her inside the farm house ...swara was getting flash back ... she became more scare... he took her to the same room ... swara entered in room n was getting flashbacks ... she felt headache ... agnesh made her to sit on bed n he too sat beside her ... he put his hand on swaras shoulder
Swara put her hand on her ears ... then she jerked his hand point her finger to agnesh : dont dare to touch me ...
She stood up n was about to ran ... agnesh caught her hand n pulled her ...
At Rajs Mention
All went inside n asked about raj 4rom his P.A
Ashouk : where is raj??????
P.A : sir is out of city
Ashouk angrily hold his collar : I will kill u with him... he was with me before 2 hours ... tell me where he took my daughter????
P.A : I dont know sir plzzz trust me ... I really dont know about him
Sanskar : inspector arrest him n all the his servant
Police arrest all of them ...n they came out
Sanskar : where he cany go ????
Ashouk : I dont know ... its all happens because of I... I cant be a gud father
Sanskar : no uncle dont blame ur self u did not meet him before u did not know that he is agnesh its not ur fault ... just concentrate we have to find him at any cost
Sheakher : but where ?????
While they were talking laksh too joined them
Laksh : kuch pata laga
Sanskar : no he took her laksh I dont know where ... but if anything happens to her I will not leave him... I will kill him with my own hands
Laksh : now think any special place where he can take her
Rishab remember something : to his farm house ... I know he will be there because its out of city ... even last time he took her there
They all left for farm house ...
Precap : can any one guess???????

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