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Awsm part...

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Originally posted by Crisply

Awsm part...

Thanx crisply Smile
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Awesome... Thumbs Up  precap seems interesting.. Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Kaveetha

Awesome...Thumbs Up precap seems interesting..Embarrassed

Thanx Smile

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Episode 20
Sanskar was packing his bags ... sujata came inside
Sujata : where r u going jan????
Sanskar : actually I was thinking to leave u both alone
Sujata angrily looked at him : y wht happens?????
Sanskar : actually I always disturbed ur romance so thought to leave u both ;-)
Sujata hit on his head : leaving us for romance or going to do romance with swara ... by the way u were going tomorrow na???
... sanskar blushed
Sanskar : how u know ????
Sujata : Im ur mother sanskar I know every thing about u
Sanskar : she asked me to come now
Ram too entered in the room
Ram : I told her she did not know ... Im ur father n I know u better
Sanskar was surprised because it was first time he participated in their chit chat
Sanskar : dad actually... wo dad
Ram : I know ur going on swara ptao mission ;-) ... so best of luck (he gave a thumb up sign)

Sanskar hugged him ... they shared some family moments n then sanskar gave a pack on sujatas cheek n first time ever on ram cheek n left
sujata hugged ram they were so happy because their son was happy :-)
Out side the GM
After sometime sanskar came to pick swara... n he dialed her number
Sanskar : saneha where r u???? Im waiting
Swara : ok Im coming ... she cuts the call, carry her bags n left
Sanskar was waiting for her ... he looked at her n smiled
Sanskar : finally u come out
Swara : wht do u mean han
Sanskar : nothing by the way y u wear this dress its to short
Swara : to jealous ur swara ;-)
Sanskar : oh han swaraa thanx for helping u dont have idea how much I love her
Swara became sad ... a drop of tear fell 4rom her eye : dont be thank I m just completing my task
Sanskar noticed her tear he too felt bad for her but he was doing it for her betterment : (monologue) Im sorry swara but I want u to know who actually u r ... u r not saneha u r swara my swara n I promise u will come back with ur own identity
He opened the door of his car for her n she sat in then he too sat on driving seat n drove off
(This par of the episode is for raglak fans )
In Raglak room
Ragini was sitting in the middle of the bed n waiting for laksh to come ... after some time laksh entered in room ... he slowly coming close n ragini became nervous she started breathing heavily ... laksh sat before her ... he passed a smile to her n she blushed
Laksh : omg blush on thora light lagana tha
Ragini angrily looked up : wht????
Laksh : stop blushing yar u r making me nervous
Ragini : really r u nervous ????
Laksh : yes because its my first time ;-) ...dont know about u
Ragini started beating him : wht did u say han ?????? u idiot I will not leave today
Laksh caught her hand : thats wht I want baby ;-)
Ragini felt shy n looked down ... laksh made her to look up
Laksh : I have a gift for u
Ragini : then give me
Laksh took out a box 4rom his pocket gave it to her...she opened the box n became happy he bring payal for her ... he made her to wear it
Laksh : here I tied the rope of my love in ur feet
Ragini smiled : its to beautiful
Laksh : u know wht ragini I bought them with my first income
He hold her hands : I love u ragini u made my life beautiful now promise me that u will never leave me
Ragini : ok I will never leave u but if in future salman khan propose me n I accept his proposal wht will u do ??????? u know na he is my first love
Laksh pulled her n both fall on bed : he will not propose u
Ragini : how u know????
Laksh : because tonight I will put my stamp on u baby he came on her ... n they consummate their marriage (sorry I cant describe more ... will write in swasan scene :-P)
In Apartment
Swasan reached there... swara was feeling some relation with that place ... he opened the lock n they entered inside ... he switched on the light ... swara looked around
Swara : sanskar y m I feeling that I saw this place
Sanskar : where ????
Swara : I dont know but I have seen this place
Sanskar : u r mistaken its my swaras apartment
Swara again felt bad (monologue) y he is not imagining swara in me ... I like that when he called me swara :-(
She was passing the launch she got some flash back that agnesh hold her hand ... she put her hands on her ear n screamed : leave me ... u r hurting me
Sanskar came near her n put his hand on her shoulder : wht happens swara ????
She came back in sens : han nothing
Sanskar looked at her ... her eyes were red like blood
Sanskar immediately took her inside the room : u need rest
He made he lye on bed n put a sheet on her
Swara : sanskar Im not feeling well ... I wanna go back
Sanskar caresses her hair : dont worry swara u will be fine
Soon she dozed off n sanskar went to toilet n change his dress in night suite ...then he came out n un pack his bag ... he kept his everything in cupboard n looked at swaras luggage
Sanskar : hmm no I will not keep ur luggage inside because this is my swaras cupboard n u r saneha so u have to wait ... he jumped on bed swara got scared n hugged him
Swara in husky voice : ragini plzz stay here for tonight Im not feeling well
Sanskar smiled n caresses her hairs : sshhh
She slept again sanskar gave a pack on her forehead
Sanskar : do u know wht swara I was imagining u here with me ... n I knew that u will come back in my life... (he stared her with love) I dont know wht will I do but I will try to remind u everything ... I know u r not happy with this change in I but I want u feel the difference between my swara n saneha ... he hugged her back n rested his head on her head n dozed off
Next Morning
Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace...sun rays disturbed sanskars sleep ... he woke up n stared swara ... who was sleeping peacefully in his embrace
Sanskar gave a pack on her cheek : good morning (In husky voice)
Swara slightly opened her eyes n sanskar immediately slept again
She woke up n looked up ... sanskar pretend that he was still sleeping ... swara looked at him n cried
Swara : I know u got ur swara back but I love u n I want to capture all this moments
He clicked a pic n got up ... she went to toilet for freshen up n came back she was searching her dresses in cupboard but got shock to know that sanskar did not un pack her bag
She went near : look how peacefully he is sleeping
Sanskar : (monologue) come on swara wake me up it will be my first attempt to remind u ur memory
Swara hit on his shoulder : wake up sanskar its 8 am
Sanskar pulled her n kissed on her cheek : jano finally u came I missed u so much
Swara again got flash back faces was not clear ... she again pushed him
Swara : how dare u to kiss
Sanskar again got up n fell on him he whispered : saneha swara is watching us a camera is fixed in this room ...he showed her a camera which was off but swara did not noticed... do u forget that u have to behave like my gf
Swara : oohhh Im sorry jan I thought u were thinking about some one else she showed her tongue to the camera ... sanskar laughed on her act
Sanskar : saneha Im feeling hungry
Swara again got the flash back so she said : wht u want sir in breakfast
Sanskar smile : protein shake
Swara : its not a bloody restaurant... then she hold her head with her palm ... sanskar Im feeling headache I dont know y m I feeling that I already visit this place
Sanskar : u need a psychiatrist let me call naina
He was about to call her swaras phone rang n it was ashouk
Swara became happy : papa is calling
She got up n went towards the window : good morning papa
Ashouk : good morning beta how r u????
Swara : f9 papa wht about u????
Ashouk : me n ragini r missing u
Swara : ragini give her the phone
Ashouk gave his phone to ragini : saneha where r u ?????? N in which competition u took part
Swara : a special club I have to live here for 15 days
Sanskar came near her n tickle her belly ... swara jerked his hands
Ragini : liar laksh ji told me everything
Swara : oye hoye laksh ji :-P
Sanskar again tickle her ... swara gave him an angry look
Ragini : yes laksh ji after all he is my husband na I have to respect him
Swara : yup carry on I will talk u later
Ragini : wht happens everything is ok?????
Swara hit a cushion on sanskars face
Swara : nothing a fly is troubling me
Ragini : kill her
Swara : ya I will kill him
Ragini : how u know that the fly is male n not a femle where r u swara?????
Swara : ragini bye ...
She cuts the call n start beating sanskar... sanskar laughed n ran to the toilet
Swara came out n again got some flash backs ... then she went in kitchen ... he touched everything there n tried to remember her past ... she start preparing the breakfast ... she wonder how she knows about this kitchen
In Toilet
Sanskar was thinking how to remind her about her pat suddenly he remember their lizard incident :-P ... he wrapped the towel around his waist n ran out he entered in kitchen n hugged swara ... swara was shock
Swara : sanskar wht happens ????
Sanskar : swara there is lizard
Swara again got the flash back now she felt headache she hold her head with her palm ... sanskar broke the hug n looked at her condition... he immediately carried her n went to the room ... he placed her on bed
Sanskar : r u ok??????
Swara : sanskar I wanna go back
Sanskar tried to lighter her mood : no because I kidnapped u now u cant escape
Swara : sanskar I dont know y Im feeling restless here this apartment is making me sick
Sanskar : its all ur assumption dont think about anything just take rest I will come back after attending a meeting
Swara : plzz sanskar dont leave me I will die here
Sanskar : swara u lost the bet n its ur second task now u r moving back thats mean u r a loser
Swara : Im not a loser I will complete my task
Sanskar : gud girl now get up n serve me breakfast
Swara : Mr. Psycho task yahan rehna ka tha so do ur work by ur self
Sanskar : then y u prepared breakfast for me
Swara : o hello I made that for my self understand
Sanskar : u r not feeling well na so Im going to eat swara rushed towards the kitchen n start eating that
Sanskar laughed on her childish act
Sanskar : o swara u totally change ... u become like me ... u know wht I will tease u so much when u will regain ur memory
Swara was busy in finishing the meal ... she stopped her hand n kept the meal for sanskar
Swara : aaahhh I cant eat :-( ... y u came in my life sanskar u changed me
She went inside the room sanskar was wearing his pant ... while he was tiering his belt swara came inside ... sanskar ran n hide behind the curtains
Sanskar : saneha wht r u doing here
Swara immediately turned to other side : sanskar wht r u doing?????? ... y r changing here???????
Sanskar : saneha u have to knock the door before entering in my room
Swara : o hello it is my room
Sanskar : now go out I have to change... I dont know wht u want he tied his belt n came out 4rom the curtain
Swara : I dont want any thing understand
Sanskar : y u always try to come close to me
Swara : I did not tried
Sanskar : then y u came here
Swara : I came here to tell u that I prepared ur breakfast come n eat
Sanskar : ok boss they went to the kitchen for breakfast... then sanskar left for the meeting
While ashouk was busy in his work raj called her
Raj : hello Mr. Gadodia
AG : oh hello raj how r u????
Raj : Im f9 ... actually I want to inform u some thing
Ag : Yes
Raj : Im coming with my parents
AG : when ?????
Raj : day after tomorrow n I want to meet saneha ... I just want to talk her about our relation so I will take her with me then u can talk with my parents
Ag : gr8 idea but saneha is not at home she went to participate in a competition
Raj : then call her for 3 hours
Ag : ok will try
He cuts the call n became tens... then he called swara
Ag : hello beta
Swara : hi papa
Ag : swara u promised me na u will meet raj
Swara : yes
Ag : he is coming now u have to come back
Swara : no baba I cant
Ag : only for three hours
Swara : ok when????
Ag : day after tomorrow
Swara : Ok I will come but promise me u will not force me to accept him
Ag : I promise I will never force u
Swara : ok f9
Ag : gud girl
He cuts the call n became happy for her daughter
Precap : swara was running on road n crying ...

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Superb update..

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Good update dear

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Originally posted by sneharay

Superb update..

Thanx Smile

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