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Originally posted by ILuvKaran

wow dear what n update
swasan dance superb
aweee sanskar's PDA
m loving this
omg swara also fall for him
all over again
ab dekhna ye he ki sanskar kya task deta he swara ko
swara ki memory kese wapas aati he
but but ... ye kya danger is on their way
ab aage kya hoga dear m very eager to read
keep posting
n thanks 4 pm

Thanx Smile
Keep reading n comenting Smile

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Originally posted by hadiali

Originally posted by ILuvKaran

wow dear what n update
swasan dance superb
aweee sanskar's PDA
m loving this
omg swara also fall for him
all over again
ab dekhna ye he ki sanskar kya task deta he swara ko
swara ki memory kese wapas aati he
but but ... ye kya danger is on their way
ab aage kya hoga dear m very eager to read
keep posting
n thanks 4 pm

Thanx Smile
Keep reading n comenting Smile

will doWink

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Episode 19
       After the powerful performance of our superstar sanskar maheshwari ... everyone clapped for him ... he was feeling so happy because he was performing after 3 years ... he gave a naughty smile to swara ... swara angrily turned to other side
Sanskar : dont be angry baby doll its part of game one team has to be loose
Swara : of course one team has to loose n your team will loose
Sanskar : dont underestimate my power ... me akeele hi sab par bhari hoon ;-)
Swara : yeh tu result hi bataye ga
Sanskar : exactly just wait n watch
Judges was busy in discussion n sanskar was tensed
Sanskar : (monologue) I have to win at any cost... then I will make u agree to come with me there... zara will vote me n lucky will vote swara only jenny left she is swaras instructor :-(
Now judges was writing their points all the panel looked at swasan... swara made a pout face ... sanskar focused on jenny when she looked at him he blinked his eye ;-)...jenny blushed n smiled on his act n cast the vote :-P
Anchor : now its result time
all were excited to know who will win ... swasan were on stage n sanskar crossed his fingers
Anchor : so miss zara to whom u will vote
Zara : obviously sanskar
Anchor : as expected... so Mr. Groom whom u will vote
Laksh : my sis n baby doll swara
Swara jumped on stage she thought she has won ... she gave an angry look to sanskar
Anchor : now miss jenny whom u will vote
Jenny : it was difficult but I will vote sanskar
It was a surprised for all ... jenny gave a signaled to sanskar n he said thanx to her
Swara was fuming with anger both came down 4rom stage ... sanskar followed her they went out
A man entered inside 4rom the other entrance n Ashouk greets him
Ashouk : hi raj come inside
He came inside ... he was looking around or may be searching someone
Raj : how r u Mr. Ashouk???? Nice to meet u
Ashouk : same here ... come he introduced him with sushela n ragini n laksh
Raj : where is ur 2nd daughter
Ashouk : ragini where is she?????
Ragini : she was sad because she lost the competition but dont worry she will be f9 soon
Raj : which competition ?????
Ragini : dance competition 4rom sanskar
Raj : ooohh sanskar her boy friend
Ashouk : no her enemy because they always fight with each other
Laksh whispered : hmm in front of us ;-)
Ragini laughed on her dialogue
In Garden
Swara caught jenny n was scolding her
Swara : how dare u jenny because of u we lost today... I told u I have to win
Jenny : Im sorry actually he blinked his eye n u know he is so handsome n hot when I looked at him I forgot every thing n vote him :-(
Swara : wao go n get marry to him
Sanskar too joined them ... he came near swara n put his hand on her shoulder
Sanskar : swara darling take a deep breath dont be hyper ... I told u Im a superstar no one can beat me
She jerked his hand
Swara : u cheater I hate u
Sanskar : but I love u :-*
Swara gave him an angry look n went out 4rom the mention...sanskar n jenny gave hifi to each other
Sanskar : thanx jenny for helping me
Jenny : thanx to u ...because of u I got to know about saneha plz take care of her she is a mad gir
Sanskar : I will :-)
On road she was walking n sanskar was following her
Sanskar : saneha listen
Swara : dont follow me n get lost
Sanskar : saneha listen na u lost the bet now complete the task na
Swara : u cheated me
Sanskar : but u lost na
Swara : Im a winner n will always be a winner
Sanskar : r u afraid 4rom my tasks
Swara stopped n turned back
Swara : saneha gadodia does not afraid 4tom anything tell me wht u want
Sanskar : ahan gud girl ... my first is ... cook biryani for me with ur own hands
Swara : wht??? biryani ... I dont know cooking
Sanskar : lets try may be u will cook
Swara : its to difficult for me
Sanskar : I knew that u were afraid 4rom my tasks
Swara : where I have to cook
Sanskar : come
He took her inside a container in which a perfect kitchen were renovated
Swara : wao nice kitchen
Sanskar : there is all ingredients of biryani ur time start now
Swara start cooking the biryani ... sanskar was irritating her ... swara again got some flash backs ... after one hour she cooked a yummy biryani n she was wondering 4rom where she got the recipe of biryani
Sanskar taste that... it was the same taste
Sanskar : saneha its yummy... give me ur hands
Swara gave her a wired look
Sanskar : swara u already know y Im asking so stop giving me these expressions
Swara remember that she has to act like swara ... so she gave her hand ... he kissed her hands
Sanskar : it so yummy
Swara smiled on her act
Inside the Mention
Sangeet ceremony has completed n every one went to sleep in their room ... raj was leaving the place
Raj : it was awesome to being here
Ashouk : thanx Im happy that u came n we will surely get huge profit through this trade n may be we shall turn into business partners
Raj : yes n we can also turn this business deal in a relationship ... I would love to be ur son in law
Asouk was shock : wht????
Raj : I love ur family n I promise I will always take care of ur daughter
Asouk : I will ask 4rom her first if she become agree then I will answer u
Raj : I will wait for ur answer
He left n ashouk became happy that his two daughter will live in his home town
Next Morning
It was a wedding day of raglak ... every one was happy n busy ... swara was with ragini in her room n beautician was making her ready for her special day
Swara : wao ragini ur looking beautiful... laksh will definitely lost his breath
Ragini slightly hit on her head : n wht about sanskar????
Swara fumbled : san..sans..sanskar I dont know
Ragini : so u will not tell me that wht going on between both of u
Swara : nothing
Ragini : I know every thing
Swara looked down : nothing yar he is just my friend
Ragini : then y u lied on new year night u were with him na?????... do u love him
Swara blushed
Ragini : omg my siso is blushing ... so u love him han????
Swara nodes in yes
Ragini : wao Im so happy for u
She immediately got up n kissed on her cheek
Swara : aahh ragini u spoiled my make up look at this lipstick mark
Ragini : awww u know wht saneha I will miss u so much tum bhi mere sath hi shadi kar lo na
Swara : no way I have to win sanskars love
Ragini : he dont love u??????
Swara : no no he loves me but he dont know
Ragini : then best of luck ...n I will help u if u need my help
after some time swaragini got ready for wedding
Ragini wore a rad lehnga fully decorated with pearls ... royal jewelry n mang tika
She was looking a perfect bride
Swara wore pink lehnga with indigo contrast ... she curled her hairs n set them on one her left side ... she wore a long neckless n earrings...
They both came out together ... every one got mesmerize to see their beauty ... swara took ragini towards the mandap n made her sit n then she stand beside sanskar
Laksh : ragini
Ragini : han
Laksh : mujhe marne ka irada hai kxa
Ragini : shut up...
Laksh : ahh... ragini I wish I can take u directly to the room
Ragini blushed n slightly hit on his chest
Swasan smiled on them
Sanskar : they look so cute
Swara : hmm ... I love them ... she gave him a side hugged
Sanskar : swara sab dekh rahe hain
Swara bites her tongue : Im sorry
Rituals of wedding start ... they took all the promises n then he put sindhoor in her mang n tied manglsutar around her neck ... all the elders greet them for their new life ... swara became emotional because now her beloved sister is a wife of some one ... she came near ragini n hugged her tightly after some time she broke the hug n ran 4rom there ... she went to garden area n sat on a bench
Ragini signaled sanskar to console her n he went behind her... he put his hand on her shoulder
Sanskar : saneha
Swara gave him n angry look n turned to other side : swara
Sanskar his on his own head : no ur saneha ... y r u crying its part of our life this time ragini is going next will be u
Swara : sanskar she is leaving me how will I live with out her ... u know wht baba said we r going back next week
Sanskar became tens because he has to stop her : swara will u leave with out completing my tasks u know 2 tasks r still left loser
Swara got frustrated : now wht u want????
Sanskar : I want u ;-)
Swara : wht????
Sanskar : yes because I need ur help for my gf swara
Swara : sanskar try to understand she is dead
Sanskar : no she is alive I have seen her n u know wht she is following me actually she was angry on me so she left n act like she commit suicide but last night I came to know that she is alive thats y now Im not imagining her...
Swara became tens : so wht can I do for u ????
Sanskar : ur 2nd task is u have to live in with me as my gf at swaras apartment I want to jealous her
Swara : no way I told u we r going back next week
Sanskar : u lost the bet n accepted my challenge now u cant go back ... tomorrow I will come to take u with me be ready
N he left swarawas tensed n thinking how to handle the situation
At Nights
Swara went to ashouks room
Swara : hello papa
Ashouk : finally rona dhona khatam han????
Swara : papa... :-\
Ashouk : acha listen we r staying for one month
Swara became happy : really I love u :-*
She jumped on him n kissed on his cheek
Ashouk : y u want to live here koi chakar chal raha hai kia???????
Swara : no way but first u tell na y u expand the tour
Ashouk : because I have find a perfect match for u
Swara : wht ???? Papa Im telling u I will not marry any one understand
Ashouk : I did not say that marry him just meet him
Swara : u know wht I hate u n Im leaving this house right now
Ashouk : saneha stop ur over acting n tell me where r u going?????
Swara : actually Im taking part in kathak dance competition n its out of the city so I have to live there for 15 days
Ashouk : he came on raginis sangeet n u know he is the most successful businessman of mumbai n he is much better than laksh
Swara : papa Im going for 15 days
Ashouk : guess wht he went south africa for a tour n will come back after 15 daya so u will have to meet him
Swara : o...k now can I go????
Ashouk : sure my darling
Swara happily left the room n packed her bag... then she called sanskar
Sanskar : ohh sanehha darling how r u???
Swara : dont call me darling
Sanskar : sshh swara is listening u have to pretend :-P
Swara : I took the permission now come n take me Im waiting
Sanskar : ok baby Im coming
She cuts the call
Sanskar : finally u r coming with me ... I know u will remember every thing when u will enter in that apartment ... swara that place change our life now again that place will change our life n this time it will bring happiness in our life
Precap : swasan will start living together for 15 days in the same apartment

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Superb update..
Hope Swara will remember sanskaar soon
Update soon

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Originally posted by sneharay

Superb update..
Hope Swara will remember sanskaar soon
Update soon

Thanx Smile
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A thrilling update...
At one side swasan living together. ..on the otherhand rajs proposal for swara
Eagerly waiting to know the next

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awesome chapter... nobody can resist sanskar's charm... ragya is so cute in your story. swasan's nok jok is good as always. and this raj is not giving me good feelings. Shocked but precap Is awesome. Embarrassed thanks for the pm.

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