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Oh... This raglak... LOL
I think aja nachle & radha from student of the year  will opt for swara. Sanskaar ke liye i don't have any idea. 

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Originally posted by Kaveetha

Oh... This raglak...LOL
I think aja nachle & radha from student of the year will opt for swara. Sanskaar ke liye i don't have any idea.

Thanx Smile

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Nice Update..

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Enjoying swasan nhok jhok

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Originally posted by sneharay

Nice Update..

Thanx Smile
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Originally posted by sarathy321

Enjoying swasan nhok jhok

Thanx Smile
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Episode 18
Swara reached at restaurant ...sanskar was already waiting for her there she went towards him
Swara : hi
Sanskar got mesmerize to see her... yes she was his swara to whom he loves ... she was the same girl who is his life ... he immediately stand up 4rom the chair came near her
Sanskar : swara ...
Tears came in his eyes ... he cupped her face n rubbed his finger on her face
Sanskar : swara u came back
He hugged her ... swara closed her eyes
Raglak were too present there
Ragini : come laksh lets catch them
at that time clients came for meeting... they again hide
Edward : hello Mr. Mahehwari
They came back in sens n broke the hug
Sanskar : ohh hi Mr. Stewart come sit
Edward : n hello mam how r u ???????
Swara : Im f9
Edward : by the way Mr. Maheshwari ur girl friend is so cute
Swara smiled on his words n sanskar became angry ... signaled her to wait on another table... swara nodes no he gave her an angry look she laugh n went towards the other table n sit behind sanskar
Edward : she left ???
Sanskar : because ur meeting is with not with her
They sat n start discussing the project ... After some time meeting got over n clients left... n swara joined him again
Sanskar : come lets have breakfast
Swara : I just take milk in break fast
Sanskar : even me too ... then wht r we doing here?????
Swara : lets leave
they stand up to leave n turned towards the exit ... swara noticed something n turned back
Swara : sanskar she is ragini na????
Sanskar : ya may be
Swara rushed towards them ... they covered their face with menu card
Ragini in americans accent : o baby I want to kiss u because its a best breakfast for me
Laksh too broke the leg of americans accent : every one is looking at us
Ragini : so wht I dont care about the world
Sanskar put his hand on swaras eyes
Sanskar : swara bache yeh sab nai deakhte :-P ... lets go
Swara gave hin an angry look n he pulled her...they left the restaurant
Ragini : ahh thank god
Laksh : now lets go other wise we will miss them
Ragini : han lets go
In parking area
When raglak reached there swasan already left
Laksh : see we miss them now wht shall we do :-(
Ragini : will work in james bond 007 :-P ... leave them lets spend this time together ... n Im feeling hungry lets go
Laksh : I really want to tease sanskar because he always teased me :-(
Ragini : lets go
On road
Swara was driving n sanskar sat beside her ... swara was showing him all the places in new york which was her fav ... she stopped the car at brooklyn they came out 4rom the car n sat on a bench
Sanskar : u know wht swara I love u so much
Swara blushed ... sanskar start talking n was showing her the water under them ... but swara has lost in her thoughts she was looking sanskar n capturing his features in her heart
Swara : (monologue) I dont know who r u ... n Im not understanding wht is this feeling
Uljhi si batein dil mujh se bhi bante
Tu mehr mehr merhbani ho
Khud bhi samajh le or mujhe samjha de
Tu mehr mehr mehrbani ho
Sanskar noticed her n ask her wht she is starring ... swara hold his hand ... sanskar can understand her confussion
Ho mehrbani jo dil de zubani
Keh de wo jo na kabhi kaha hai
Aise tera mein ... jese mera tu...
Aise tera mein...jese mera tu...
She stand up n went towards the grill n stand on the bridge ... she can feel the love in air
Swara : (monologue) u r making me crazy sanskar... wht u have done to me...
sanskar pulled her down ... she again looked at him n hugged him
Swara : sanskar y I forget the world when u r with me
Sanskar : because our hearts become one
Milte rahein jo aise hi dono
Lag na jye ishq ki nazar
Ay dil fareebi tham sa gaya kyun
aise wese batein soch kar
Sanskar remember her past how he wait for this moment
Bas mein na mere
Ab yeh raha hai
tujh pe a k dil yeh jo ruka hai
He tite his grip on her to fill the gap between them
Aise tera mein...jese mera tu...
Aise tera mein ...jese mera tu...
At Night
Swara gave a wonderful performance n sanskar got mesmerize to see her dance after that they announce the result n swara won the trophy
Swara : see I won
Sanskar : congratulation
Swara : thanx ... n now get ready to loose
Sanskar : no chance swara u cant win 4rom me
Swara : time will tell
After spending a day together swara dropped sanskar to hotel
Sanskar : swara dont u have manners tomorrow Im going where is my good bye kiss
Swara smiled n gave pack on his cheek : good bye Mr. Psycho
Sanskar : good bye will wait for u at mumbai ;-)
He came out 4rom the car n waved her hand ... swara drove off
In swaras room
Swara was busy in her thoughts
Swara : (monologue) I love u sanskar... I dont know y but I love u ... I know u love swara n swara is ur weak point I will get u on her name
After One Month
All gadodia family arrived at mumbai air port n lakshs family welcomed them... after that they all went to their destination for raglak wedding ... after 2 day swara came out 4rom her room ...she happily meet with every one n all blessed her ...she was distributing sweets among all... in all this function two eyes were following her n that was sujatas
Sujata : listen anu ji I want to know who is she
Ap : saneha raginis sister
Sujata : I think I have seen her some where
Ap : no u r mistaken she is coming 2nd time india in her life
Sujata : but she is so cute na I wish sanskar agree on her I will make her my bahu
Ap : yes even I want the same ... because she is perfect for sanskar
Sujata : but I dont know when will he forget swara
At that time sanskar arrived he looked at swara n gave her a smile ... swara too looked at him n smiled back ... he came near her n whispered
Sanskar : do u remember the bet
Swara : yes I do
Swara was about to leave sanskar hold her arm n pulled her ... he looked in her eyes
Sanskar : swara I missed u
She forgot to take breath...sanskar leans down n gave a peck on her cheek ... she was shock on his act in front of all ... plate of sweets fell down 4rom swaras hand n as well as 4rom sujatas hand who were starring them
Sujata : wht has he done???????? ... thats mean he will agree on this proposal
She stand up n start dancing... ram came there
Ram : sujata its not sanskars wedding
Sujata : I know but next is sanskars turn ... look at him he kissed that girl thats mean he forgot swara
Ram : sujata she is swara
Sujata stopped her dance n widened her eyes : really how u know???
Ram : I met her in police station ... n yesterday laksh told me
Sujata : wao Im so happy ... thats mean sanskar was right she is alive ... she is so cute I wanna meet her
Ram : no because she lost her memory
Sujata became sad n ram hugged her
Swara pushed sanskar n ran 4rom there ... sanskar called her
Sanskar : swara
Swara turned back
Sanskar : get ready for my tasks
Swara : u too n she left the place...
They both were unaware about that some one was clicking their photos
In A Big Mention
A man was sitting on a couch his servant came to inform him that his agent has come
Man : send him inside
Another man entered inside n stand beside his couch
Another man : raj sir I followed her n clicks her pics
Raj : gud put that on table
That man put an envelop on his table
Raj : now u can leave I will send ur payment
N that man left
Raj opened the envelop n looked at photos ... he got the shock of his life ... he folded the photo in his hand
Raj : swara... finally I found u after many years so u were with Ashouk Gadodia ahan kia chance mara hai... I knew that saneha was dead but I did not expect u there on her place ... this time I will not leave u ... dont worry I will not kill u... I will just use u like a tissue paper
he put out second photo n again shocked to saw sanskar with her
Raj : wao they met again but dont worry I will not allow them to meet... he torn their photo n divide that in two pieces n separate swasan
At Night
Sangeet ceremony of raglak was going on ... everyone was happy n swasan was busy in teasing each other
Sanskar : swara ghagra tight pehnna tha ... u know u have to loose the bet
Swara angrily looked at him... while they were talking achor called them on stage n they moved towards the stage
Anchor : on our right side is ladky wale n on our left side ladki wale now who will win no one knows
So before the start of sangeet ceremony I want to ask them who will judge this competition han?????????
Swara : my dance instructor jenny
Sanskar : my friend n famous choreographer zara khan 4rom my side
Anchor : thats mean competition will be tie because both the judge will partial
Sanskar : ok one judge will be neutral
Swara : who?????
Sanskar point his finger on laksh
Laksh : wht y r u slaughtering me in ur fight
Swara : wao jiju will my vote
Laksh : of course baby
Both gave hifi to each other
Achor : so judges take ur seat competition is going to start
All the girls 4rom srawas side perform first ... sanskars friends gave their awesome performance both team were equal on points chart till now ... now its swaras turn she start her dance
She came under spot light sanskar got mesmerize to see her ... she wore red ghagra with golden choli n wore green duppata... n she wore long golden jhumkas n a pendent ... her nose ring were shining in flash light... her face has covered with a red duppata n were sitting on stage under flash light... music start n she start her dance
Mohe rang do laal ... Mohe rang do laal
She put her duppata up n throw it down on floor
Laal laal chero nahi bas rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal ... Mohe rang do laal
She looked at sanskar who were smiling ... she lost in his smile n start dreaming that she was dancing with him... sanskar slowly came close to her n she felt shy n turned to other side ... sanskar hold her hand n twisted her... her red bangles broke into pieces
Marori kalai mori
Marori kalai mori
Han kalai mori
Han kalai marori
Churi chatkai itrai
He hugged her 4rom back n touched her belly ... she was breathing heavily
Tu chori se galwa lagai
He opened her pin of duppata n throw it down which was covering her body
Hari yeh chunariya jo jhatke se cheeni
Hari yeh chunariya jo jhatke se cheeni
Mein tu harie hari k sang laj se gulabi gal
Mohe rang do laal

Every one claps for her
N she came back in sens ... she looked around n felt shy to know wht were she dreaming... she came down 4rom the stage
Sanskar : swara r u imagining me thats y u r blushing
Swara : shut up n concentrate on ur performance because u gonna loose
Anchor : wao wht a power pack performance amazing saneha gadodia u rocked the floor girl... competition is tie till now will our superstar be able to win the competition lets with his performance
Sanskar came on stage for his performance he looked at swara n blinked his eye
Sanskar : (monologue) swara I want to win this competition at any cost than u will have to do my 3 task n I will make u get ur memory back ... he wore black jeans n shirt with maroon jacket ... looking like a true hero ;-) ... he looked at swara ... n start his dance
Milo Na Milo, Main Milne Aaunga
Kaho Na Kaho
Mein Kehta Jaunga
Suno Na Suno
Main To Sunaunga
Dil Kehta Hai Kya
He twisted two girls n moved his waist with them... swara fumed with anger :-P
Mera Dil Yeh Tumse Kehe, Koi Doori Kab Tak Sahe
Yeh Fasla Kab Tak Rahe, Kareeb Aao
He came down 4rom the stage n dance with everyone
Milo Na Milo, Main Milne Aaunga
Kaho Na Kaho
Mein Kehta Jaunga
Suno Na Suno
Main To Sunaunga
Dil Kehta Hai Kya
His girl partner too joined him ...
Mera Dil Yeh Tumse Kehe, Koi Doori Kab Tak Sahe
Yeh Fasla Kab Tak Rahe, Kareeb Aao
A girl touched his face seductively n he bends her down ... but his eyes was stuck on swara who was fuming in jealousy
Dekho Na Dekho, Meri In Aankhon Mein
Khawabon Ki Sau Tasveerein Hai
Jaano Na Jaano, Dono Ke Haathon Mein
Yaadon Ki Kuch Zanjeerein Hai
he point his finger on swara
Chalo Na Chalo, Raste Bulate Hain
Chupo Na Chupo
Tumein Dekhe Jaate Hai
Mano Na Mano
Tumko Manate Hai
Mein Aur Meri Wafa
Again a girl came before him
Mera Dil Yeh Tumse Kehe, Koi Doori Kab Tak Sahe
Yeh Fasla Kab Tak Rahe, Kareeb Aao
He came near swara n whispered
Maano Na Maano, Tumko Yeh Lagta Hai
Mein Hoon Jaana Pechana Sa
Swara looked in his eyes ... he pushed her n she moved round
Bolo Na Bolo, Nazron Se Banta Hai
Dheere Dheere Afsaana Sa
Koi Na Koi, Rasta Niklana Tha
Kabhi Na Kabhi
Gum Ko Pighalna Tha
Kahin Na Kahin
Jo Phool Khilna Tha, Lo Woh Khil Hi Gaya
She gave him a smile n dance with him...
Mera Dil Yeh Tumse Kehe, Koi Doori Kab Tak Sahe
Yeh Fasla Kab Tak Rahe, Kareeb Aao
(I tried my best to create the scene may u all like it... n if u wanna know who will win the competition then keep reading Koi Mill Gaya ;-) )
Precap : swara will agree to do sanskars tasks

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