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After days I finally managed to catch up...It was just amazing lol...This side of sanky is just too good...
Update soon..


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Originally posted by raaz19

After days I finally managed to catch up...It was just amazing lol...This side of sanky is just too good...
Update soon..


Thanx Smile
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Episode 16
Next Morning
Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each others embrace swara moved her leg n her heel hit on sanskars foot :-P... which disturbed sanskars sleep... he woke up n felt headache he looked around n try to remember last night... then he noticed swara he stared her a smile came on his face... he remove her hairs 4rom her face...
Sanskar : I dont know swara how I shall get u back but I will try my best...
He remember when he kissed her n she pushed him... he again kissed her... swara smiled in her sleep
Swara in husky voice : who r u my prince y u come in my dreams...
Her hand went in his shirt... sanskar felt tickle when she touched her body... her hand reached in his sleeve of his shirt n they tangled their fingers... her one hand was rubbing his back n she start caressing his face with her nose...
Swara : I know u dont like books thats y u said books r ur enemies... plzz come back in my life I will burn my books
Sanskar smiled (monologue) I knew that u r my swara now my all doubts r clear n Im happy to get u back...ohh noo I dont want to call u saneha...
Sanskar : saneha wake up
Swara slightly open her eyes n felt sanskars weight on her then she realise wht were she doing with him she pushed him n both fell down because swaras arm was still in his sleeve ;-)
Sanskar hold her hand tightly : ohh god saneha wht u want ????? R u attacking on my dignity???????
Swara : stop it Mr. Psycho leave my hand
Sanskar : swara u were taking advantage wait... let me remember wht have u done with me last night ohhh god I cant even imagine
Swara : shut up sanskar u pulled me n hugg...
Sanskar : wht?????? Wht have I done?????
Swara : shut up sanskar leave my hand she forcibly got up n ran 4rom the room
Sanskar laughed on her expressions
She turned back n gave him an angry look n left the room

In Gadodia Mention
Swara entered in mention n collied with ragini
Ragini : where were u??????
Swara : I was with peter
Ragini : I called him but he said u were not with him
Swara : oh han he was kidding :-)
She went towards her room
In Swaras Room
Swara was thinking about sanskar she decided to do some thing for him then she called some one
Swara : hello Dr. Naina saneha gadodia is speaking
Naina : hi saneha how r u ????
Swara : Im f9... actually I need ur help my friend is facing hallucination prob(n she told her everything about sanskar)
Naina : ohh so come along him I will check him
Swara : thank u
Naina : my pleasure
She cuts the call now she was thinking how can she take sanskar there...

In Hotel
Sanskar entered in lakshs room n looked at him... he was sleeping sanskar jumped on his bed n laksh woke up
Laksh : r u mad sanskar just go away
He covered his face with blanket
Sanskar : lucky get up na I m feeling bore
Laksh removed his blanket n widened his eyes : is every thing ok I mean u r feeling bore m I dreaming
Sanskar : stop ur drama over actor I need ur help
Laksh : really tell me which type of help u want
Sanskar : I want to get swara back
Laksh : not again... y u r not understanding she is saneha now
Sanskar : u know wht lucky she remember me
Laksh : how u know??????
Sanskar : I know because she was getting my dreams
Laksh : how u know about her dreams... wait wait she came here to drop u m I right then she did not reached home... where was she?????
Sanskar : she was with me
Laksh : wht full night she was with u
Sanskar : lucky leave all this na plz help me
Laksh : no no I cant digest this
Sanskar : stop using ur faltu brain n listen to me
Laksh : sanskar u have done every thing now y u want my help
Sanskar : I was drunk she just helped me nothing else
Laksh : o...k :-( ...wht u want?????
Sanskar : I want to meet her plzzz set a meeting
Laksh : how can I
While they were talking lakshs phone rang... it was swaras call
Laksh : think of devil... n devil is here
He picked the call
Laksh : hi devil
Swara : hello my teacher :-P
Laksh : shut up... first tell me where were u last night
Swara : aaahhmm I was with peter
Laksh : really ?????? Were u with peter last night????
Swara was tens... sanskar signaled him to not ask her
Laksh : aahh tell me y u called me?????
Swara : I need ur help
Laksh : u too need my help I think I should open a helping center
Swara : lucky r u alright ???
Laksh : yes now tell which type of help u want
Swara : actually I want to meet sanskar
Laksh was shock : wht u want to meet sanskar ????
Sanskar widened his eyes... laksh put the call on speakers
Laksh : y u want to meet him????
Swara : I cant tell u its important n I did not have his number so I called u plz help me
Laksh : ok tell me the place I will send him
Sanskar became happy n start dancing... laksh throw a cushion on his face which he catch perfectly n again start his dance ;-)...
Swara : After 2 hours near a.b.c hospital at x.y.z cafe
Laksh : ok ...he cuts the call n start beating sanskar :-P... I spend 1 year to make ragini agree for me n she called u to meet Im jealous
Sanskar : hahaahahhaha naseeb apna apna :-P
Sanskar went in to his room n get ready to meet swara
In Mumbai
A car stopped at the main door of a big mention... A man came out 4rom the car he pass the garden area of his mention all his servants n body guards were following him... he called a person
Man : I want to know how she is alive n who saved her??????
Other person : sir according to our resources she is coming back to mumbai next for her sisters wedding... n she lost her memory in an accident
Man : wao thats mean she is coming back n also lost her memory gud... I like it... I just want to see her only for one time ... because I know she is not saneha
Other person : ok sir when she come back I will capture her pics n show u
Man nodes ok n gave him the signal to get lost n he went inside the mention
At cafe
Swara was waiting for him at cafes entrance n sanskar reached there
Swara : hi sanskar
He came closed to her n kissed on her cheek : hello baby
Swara got shock n pushed him : how dare u to kiss me
Sanskar : u gave me the right last night ;-)
swara felt awkward but sanskar did not stop to tease her
Swara : nothing happened last night...understand
Sanskar : then y u called me here???
Swara : for an important work
Sanskar : ohh tell me which important work u have with me
Swara controlled her anger : lets go
Sanskar was about to enter in cafe swara stopped him
Swara : not here we have to go to hospital
Sanskar : for wht????
Swara : for check up
They moved towards the hospital
In Hospital
Swasan were passing the corridor   
Sanskar : y we came here
Swara : to meet a lady doctor
A naughty smile came on sanskars face so he decided to tease her again
Sanskar : wht dont tell me saneha that u r pregnant... but how u can be pregnant in one night... wait wait its not my child u r putting blame on me for ur mistake ;-)
Swara slapped him : shut up sanskar stop ur bakwas : she is a lady doctor but she is a psychiatrist not a gynaecologist
Sanskar : ohhh congratulation
Swara : for wht????
Sanskar : finally u r accepting that u r mental
Swara gave a punch on his chest : we came here for ur check up not mine... actually laksh told me about ur hallucination prob
Sanskar : wht ????? Swara Im not psycho ok
Swara : no one accept that but in this world 90% people r psycho even Im a psycho... n sanskar it does not mean that u r mental
Sanskar : sneha u r mad n Im leaving now
Swara : listen sanskar
Sanskar did not listen her n turned to leave
Swara : sanskar stop for swara
Sanskar stopped there n turned back
Sanskar : how u know about swara
Swara : actually u were calling me swara last night n imagining her in me so I asked 4rom laksh he told me ur story ... I felt pity on u plz come na u will feel better I promise
Sanskar thought something n came near her
Sanskar : ok I shall go inside for my check up if u accept my friendship
Swara : ok fine Friends
They shook their hands n swara got a flash back she hold her head
Sanskar : r u ok???
Swara : han yes Im f9 u go inside the cabin
Sanskar went inside the cabin n swara was waiting outside
In cabin
Sanskar enter inside n was shock to saw the girl
Sanskar : nanu how r u??? n Wht r u doing here????
Naina : Sanku ... Im f9 n its my cabin see the name Dr. Naina Kapoor
Sanskar : oye hoye first time I saw in my life a mental psychiatrist :-P
Naina : shut up n look at u laksh told me u became a devdas of swara
Sanskar : hmm I came here for check up
Naina : gud come both sat on couch...tell everything
Sanskar told her about how he met swara n whole incident n now he found her again
Naina : ohhh thats mean my patient is ur swara
Sanskar : is she ur patient????
Naina : yes because she was getting some night mare about u ... now tell wht can I do for u
Sanskar : when I leave she will ask u about me tell her that act like swara in front of me ;-)
Naina : ohh now I found a perfect treatment for both of u she winked him
Sanskar : exactly n thank u so much for helping me
Naina : my pleasure
He left the cabin n came out swara was waiting for him
Swara : wht she said ???
Sanskar : nothing now come I will come tomorrow
Swara : no no I want to talk to her wait here I will be back soon
She went inside the cabin
Swara : hi naina
Naina : hi sneha how r u ???
Swara : I told u about a patient
Naina : yes I checked him Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari na???
Swara : yes can u tell me wht is his prob n how can he come out 4rom this prob???
Naina : sorry saneha its a personal information I cant tell u
Swara made a pout face : plzz I want to help him
Naina : how can u help him????
Swara : he is my boy friend we r in a relationship
Naina : really??? But he loves a swara
Swara : but she died na so now he is mine
Sanskar was listening their conversation on door ... he was silently laughing
Naina : ok fine so listen ur eyes r same like swara so whenever he look in ur eyes he start imagining swara in u
Swara widened her eyes : really??? wht should I do now???
Naina : act like swara in front of him n spend more time with him
Swara remember last night how he reacted... she jerked her thoughts
Swara : no no he is so touche ;)
Naina : wht???
Sanskar gave thumbs up sign to naina
Swara : nothing...I will try my best n she left the cabin
Precap : raglak made plan to catch swasan red handed

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Superb update..
Thanks for pm

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Originally posted by sneharay

Superb update..
Thanks for pm

Thanx Smile
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Awesome update Clap
Seriously sanskar is ROFL
And his planning is superb LOL
Now swara will act like swara LOL
Precap is ROFL
Update soon
Thanks for pm

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awesome chapter. Smile swasan is so cute. sanskar finally got plan.. can't wait for next chapter. thanks for the pm.

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Originally posted by Sujayricky

Awesome update Clap
Seriously sanskar is ROFL
And his planning is superb LOL
Now swara will act like swara LOL
Precap is ROFL
Update soon
Thanks for pm

Thanx alot Smile

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