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Fitoor:Abhiya Three Shot(new update@ pg 3) (Page 3)

pirl18 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 7:22am | IP Logged
Can't blv k u R bk
Beautiful updt.
Loved DS abhiya of urs
N plz complete sajni too...

--geny-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update dear.I liked the way you put that romance ka tadka...plz cont.
Abhiya-4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 01 May 2016 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Happy to see you back & happy to knw that u r continuing rental house..I used to love that small ss & i really was eager to knw how they both will live there together n here u r writing it again..

Btw am Noor Smile
Do cont soon..Waiting to read more
...mano... Senior Member

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Posted: 01 May 2016 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
OMGgg... I can't believe you're writing an epilogue for the rental house :D I was its regular reader & reader of your other stories too :) good to see u again dear. I hope you remember me :P please write the next part soon.
BabyHimavari IF-Stunnerz

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   Yfitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb

"Wow Piya... This roses are lovely... I didn't notice it before..." Elena got excited seeing the white rose plant near Piya's room window. The white rose had totally covered its green leaves and the roses were gleaming in last sun rays. 
Piya just smiled without saying anything. The secret of the rose plant was only known to Madhu aunty before and its belong to her too after everything. With its beauty and mystic aura its obvious for it to catch anyone's attention. 
Kabir left cause he got an urgent call from his business partner. But he left elena to accompany Piya and told her that she would pick her up while coming back. Piya and Elena were having so much talks after long so both of them were sharing each others news quite excitedly. But even in btwn Piya could sense some angry whimper in the air. She secretly laughed inside seeing abhay's impatience. 
"Piya can i pick a rose?!" Elena said excitedly. 
"Well... Emmm..." Piya couldn't find what to say her at that instance. She knew really well that Abhay wouln't like it. He was quite possessive about his things. 
"I am taking it as yes.." Elena ginned and soon walked towards window to get a rose for herself. 
"ELENA... WAIT!!!" Piya almost screamed and rushed towards Elena.
"What's up piya?!!" Elena was quite surprised seeing her worried face, "You are behaving like as if i am going to do something reckless." 
"Offcourse... I mean... You shouldn't touch that rose plant Elena... Its ummm... It has so much thorns on brunches and your hand may get into hurt..." Piya said in baffled voice, "Let me get one for you." 
"Aww Piya i am flattered seeing your concern!!" Elena giggled, "Even Kabir wouldn't be so caring, gosh piya... you should be a boy you know... then i would definitely choose you." she teased.
"Shut up okk!!" Piya rolled her eyes and bent to pick a rose. The rose plant was wavering all of a sudden in crazy wind. Piya understood the sign of denial. Thank god she stopped Elena at the moment. 
"Please!!..." Piya whispered, "She is my best friend. Only one... Please!!" 
The rose plant became steal as the wind stopped all of a sudden. Piya cautiously stretched her hand and at the moment a rose got detached from brunches all by itself and fell upon her stretched palm. 
"Ohh Piya... Do u know some kind of Magic?!... It s like the rose plant itself gifted you that rose.." Elena said with wide eyes seeing the whole matter. 
"Yeah a kind of... Actually this rose plant has become quite fond of me... so it listens to my every word." Piya winked. 
"ohh funny!!" Elena giggled and took the rose in her hand smelling it fragrance, "Ahhh..." she said with a pleasant voice closing her eyes, "It smells beautiful Piya... As if like my soul get comforted after long... We both loved it!!..." Elena said. 
"Wait... You both means?!!" Piya asked in confusion. 
"Guess what?!" Elena raised her eyebrow, "You are going to be Masi soon." she smiled quite mysteriously.
At first she didn't get anything but when it ticked her mind her mouth formed a big O and her eyes looked upon Elena's glowing slightly coy face with so much amusement.
"ELENA!!!... are you pregnant?!" she said with gleaming eyes full of joy. 
"Kabir just got the report 2 days ago. Its positive..." Elelna said with slight coy face and lots of excitement, "And i just can't wait to break the good news to you."
"CONGRATULATIONS!!!"  Piya said with jovial voice. 
Later they both got busy into there future plans and about upcoming baby. Both friends were so excited after long. With heart to heart conversation they didn't know when the  time flew. At last when Kabir called Elena telling that he was going to pick her up it was almost 10 pm at night. 
"Well Piya... before leaving I want to tell you something and its important.,.." Elena seemed a quite serious at the moment. 
"Yeah!! What's teh matter elena?!" Piya asked.
"Piya!!..." Elena said with quite serious face. "I want you to settle down now...seriously!!" 
"What?!!" Piya's mouth formed a big O again.
"Yes Piya... you seriously need to move on now. Come on i can't see u like this... all allone... Jay is the past chapter of ur life and i know u have moved on much before. You should need to find some suitable one from you too. Come on Piya... All boys are not like Jay. Give yourself another chance." Elena said holding her hand eagerly.
"Emm.. Elena..." Piya didn't get what to say her, "I understand your concern but trust me I'm f9 like this. In fact I don't even alone anymore." 
"Yeah... I know what's coming next..." Elena sighed, "You will say that you have come in terms with your single hood and you are alone enough manage yourself. Fine!! I know you are a strong headed matured girl and enough capable of taking care of yourself but you know piya sometimes it doesn't matter about the capability or being strong. Sometimes we badly need some one at our side... Not for any support or something else...But they just needed to be there..." 
"Elena... I don't deny your words... But trust me I'm doing really well... I really don't know how to convince you... but trust me on this... I am not alone!!" Piya said in baffled voice and looked hear and there in uncertainty. She was not habituated to tell lie to Elena but she couldn't even disclose about Abhay being there. Elena would probably think that she had gone into depression due to solidity and having illusions. 
"You know Piya... " Elena smiled, "I never knew that being part of someone's life..being loved by him immensely.. having family with him... these all looked so ordinary to me at first but when i get married to Kabir i understood how this little thing brings greatest happiness into some woman's life... The silly things Kabir do to get close to me when Mummy ji keeps me busy in households, when his loving gazes fell upon me making me blush... you know its some kind if heavenly feeling and make you understand that how much special you are for someone. And only the man who is meant to be yours can make you feel that. Trust me piya... when you will get the right person in your life you will understand whatever i am telling now... so i want you to find that right person..." 
"Elena!!..." Piya smiled and hold her hand, "Trust me i know how it feels... to be loved by someone. I Really Do!!" Piya's face flushed a bit when she remind about Abhay's naughty antics to get close to her. He had given her every happiness. She knew that their togetherness wouldn't be like others but she never regretted that and would. 
"Piya?!!" Elena was a bit confused seeing Piya like that, "Did you alreday have someone?!" 
"Yes i have..." Piya smiled, "But please Elena don't ask me who is he... I really can't introduce him to you. But trust me he is the best thing ever happened in my life. He made me forget my each and every sorrow and heartache. She repaired my broken heart that no one could do..." Elena kept on staring towards Piya's smile with amusement. She never found her so happy not even when she was with Jay. She understood that Piya loved that person dearly from heart whom he was talking about. 
"Elena he is like my shadow... he never leaves me even for a single moment... he actually gets jealous you know when people snatches me away from him. He is a bit crazy but adorable in all way!! Looking at his warm eyes made me forget every sorrow in my life. he had filled every void in my life. I know we might not have a normal life like others... you know like getting married or having families... But i don't regret that ever... God have given me enough in abundance... I am already eternally bound to him Elena. I can't imagine my life without him." Piya took a deep breath, Elena smiled and caressed Piya's chicks lovingly.
"I am happy that you find someone worthy for you." Elena said with pleasant smile, "I won't ask who is he or where do he live... It only matters to me that you are the happiest when you are with him..." Elena smiled widely saying those words.
"Thank you Elena... Thanks for always being there for me..." Piya said returning back her smile. Both of the girls shared an warm hug and meanwhile Kabir came to pick Elena. Piya congratulate the would be pappa. When they bothe left suddenly Piya felt a little bit empty inside. Elena was the only one with whom she shared her secret a bit and she knew its safe with her. 
Abhay didn't show up aftermath. Piya guessed he was a bit miffed cause Elena spoiled his evening plan. Piya smiled thinking of his miffed face. Sometimes he really behaved like a child. 
Piya was a bit tired due to the office work so soon after getting refreshed and having dinner she kept her head on pillow turning of the light. As soon as she gets into the cover of cozy blamket a cold fingertip caressed his arm making her smile. Piya sensed Abhay nearby. She twitched her head and found him lying at her side facing his back to her.
"Angry with me?!" Pita asked striking his arm. He got a bit chilled as he sensed his well built muscles. It made a little time to understand that he was wearing only a black vest. Whenever he appeared in front of him he was always wearing his favorite white shirt. For the first time she find him in that vest and his well built masculine body which was clearly visible even in the darkness made her gasp a bit. 
"Does it matter?!" he answered without looking at him. 
"I am sorry!!.." she said gravely, "I didn't want to disappoint you.You might have some plans for evening right?!" 
"Yeah i do have... But your best friend spoiled everything." his voice was still miffed. 
"So what i need to do to mend everything?!" she asked with a frown.
He twitched his face towards her. Moonlight was falling on his handsome face which was containing a naughty frown. 
"What you would do hnn?!" that impish smirk was back in his face. 
"Anything!!" she smiled. 
He observed her face with that sexy smug and all of a sudden dragged her by her hand making her baffled. Her tiny face bumped with his broad masculine rib cage making her gasp. She soon felt his hands imprisoning her. Piya lifted her baffled face and found abhay's face so close to her than ever. The proximity made her breath deeply and skip her heart bit. he was behaving all different all of a sudden. There was a sudden intensity in his every touch which was chilling his spine. As she looked into his intense eyes locked with her's he found a strange longing and hunger into them. 
"Piya!!!" he whispered in his sulky voice which dried her mouth. She was already caught by his charm. "would you let me love you tonight?!" 
Piya gasped as he understood hos intentions at last. Well they always shared a sweet casual type relationship till the time. Though frequently his intense kisses had made her heart flutter but such physical proximity and sharing of physical relationship they never had. Piya knew that well that it was not possible. He was a spirit only and for her she always believed into heart to heart connection so she never asked for that or even thought of. She was happy with his naughty casual sweetness towards her. 
"Piya i heard everything you told your friend..." Abhay continued in his husky whisper striking her hair locks and gazing deep into her amused eyes with his intense hypnotic gaze. "I am really hurt about that statement when you told that I can't make you feel the way her husband used to do. Piya you know for these whole one month I was waiting ti get a single response from you.. staring your sleeping face with my thrust to drink those rosy lips till the moon disappears from the night sky, holding you in my hand and feel your each and every breath on me when I teases you with my lips, listening to your dense uneven breaths and heartbeat...i always dreamed of that and thought it would never get fulfilled..." 
"Abhay..." Piya whispered with deep uneven breaths. Her whole nerves were shaking by his words. His hand which was playing with her stride had ended up caressing her napes with its icy fingertips giving several chills in her nerves. Even in her dreams she didn't imagine that he could have hold such desire for her.
"And you think that i am unable to do that... You don't know how much i am eager to make you all mine... bt i don't want to do that until you permit me.So may I?!" he asked in such a tone that she could never deny.
"Abhay!!... Listen..." Piya gulped, "I really didn't mean that..." 
"Ohh sweetheart.." he told in teasing voice, "I know very well what you actually meant..." he winked naughtily making her blush. 
"Abhay!!... You really don't need to do that for me... I am happy with whatever i have... U are with me... that only matters."
"Don't you have faith on me piya?!" he asked with eagerness.
"Don't even ask that,," her dark eyes saddened a bit, "i trust you more than myself... But you are only a spirit... so how it is... you know... possible to have..." her chicks turned deep red while explaining those words. She couldn't even speak up properly.
Abhay smirked again and rolled on the bed coming to her top. Her innocent angelic eyes were fixed with his eyes which looked like the blue sea of desire. Moonlight fell upon her face and he devoured each and every inch of that beautiful face with his intense eye making her shiver. 
His index finger strike her throat tracing upward. her lips trembled in the first sensation of that desire she ever felt. Her breath came into uneven hauls making violent waves in her cleavages. He bent down burring his face in her neck imprisoning her under him, feeling her ups and down of chest under his powerful torso which threw sensation in both of their nerves. Taking deep breath and invoking her sweet sent into his nose he deeply kissed the crook of her neck. her heart reacted violently by the touch of that cold lip. The spark had already started to ignite between them. 
"Can't you feel that Piya?!!..." He asked in his husky voice whispering into her ear. She was unable to answer totally caught by her charm. But her reactions were enough to give her answer. 
He smirked against her skin and hold her more tightly. That night belonged to them only... the midnight moon also silently witnessed them nestling in2 each other arms. 
to b continued... i will be posting only another chapter.. the concept is kinda boring i feel so don't wanna drag it much...  hope u enjoy... waiting for ur response... criticism praise..i'll be obliged..

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superb update... 
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why did you stop it?Embarrassed i was totally loving it.
and you are saying the concept is boring?Shocked come one, this is by far the most interesting thing.
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Thumbs Up
Day Dreaming

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