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ShraMan OS : Tum Bin ....

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ShraMan OS : Tum Bin

"All thanks to Shravan beta that we got back our home, this Tiwari Qila, I still can't believe how smartly he handled everything !!"  , pride and cheerfulness in Maami's tone, while serving evening tea to the  the family. Suman is serving snacks, her  happiness and pride is reflected in her eyes and her smile.

"Shravan bhaiyya is my Super Hero!! "  squealed Daboo in excitement, followed by Preeti's "Daboo he is Super Hero, to all of us, who saved us from aliens like Khosla..." laughter fills the Tiwari living room...

"I was really tensed...as it was his first case in India.. but it's amazing how he excelled in it" sighs Maama  "Ambe maa's aashirwad and Shravan's smartness and his efforts got back us our home " added mausa ji . Maasi too added her bit in praise of Shravan.

Nanu who was listening to the family members, emotionally says "I can't imagine the moment we had to let go of this house, but I had immense faith in Shravan's ability .. he did so much for our family and no lawyer but him could go to this extent for us"

"Sumo I am doing this only for you " the moment crosses Suman's mind, she shrugs it ..her heart pounds with pride and happiness ...

"Shouldn't we all get ready for our Super Hero's party " daboo brings everyone out of Shravan praise mode . Everyone disperses to their respective rooms to get ready .

Sumo is on  a pile of clothes, which were dumped from her closet "ohhh god ...no girl in this world should ever face this problem in life"  rants Sumo, with a melodramatic touch . She couldn't find the perfect dress for the occasion ... "blueee is his fav .." picks up a blue suit.. "No .. just wear what you like... not his choice ...don't try to impress him" chides her inner voice...

After a lot of struggle, finally Sumo picks one and slips into it. While sliding all the matching bangles on her right hand.. she is stuck in the moment, staring at shravan's reflection in the mirror... turns back and finds none.. she chides herself...

"sajna hain mujhe sajna ke liye..." continues to wear her bangles while singing...

.. "Aaahaaan ... saajan and all di .. .. and here I was thinking that he is just "dost" ", a teasing Preeti walks in, who came to ask Sumo to help her with the dori... "Oyee ... that was just a song and stop your khayali pulao ... ..now you go and get ready " Sumo chided her . Preeti left, while Sumo goes back to what she is supposed to do .


Malhotra banglow is lavishly decorated. Vandy and Mummyji compliment each other and their looks .. and goes to their kitty and social circle ladies, to show off their designer wear and accessories .

Shravan's eyes playing pingpong between main door and his watch ... at the same time having half hearted conversations with the guests.

"Bhai are you okay .. you seem so lost ...,waiting for someone ?? " taps Pushkar on Shravan's shoulder..  Shravan...shrugs it .. "Pushkar.. Thank god you are here.. I was waiting for you .. where have you been .. " unintended sarcasm in his tone . "Bhaaiii " pushkar nods.. both brothers laugh ..

Shravan rushes to the entrance where Ramnath is receiving Nanu and tiwari family .. Shravan, goes and hugs and welcomes Nanu.. but his eyes searching for her, Tiwari family, sans Sumo walks in ...

Shravan's smile evades ... " achcha suno, where is Suman" Shravan holds of Daboo and inquires.. but an excited Daboo escapes from his hold and runs towards the face painting girl in one corner.

With his hands in his pocket ..."Sumo where are you yaar.."  ... a restless him looks around, takes his phone and dials her number...Suman walks in, checks Shravan's name flashing on her phone .. Shravan's eyes are caught with the tinkling sound of her bangles... he slowly looks  up ... he is  awestruck by this dream like beauty before him..her crystal bindi, her beautiful face, big pearl jhumkas...hair open ... dressed in sky blue salwar... His heart skips a beat..  stares at her with open mouth ..  Suman notices him,. Her heart skips a beat seeing Shravan dressed in a Black suit and white shirt !! they stare at each other...

"Sumo" pushkar walks towards her and hugs and welcomes her in . Shravan relaxes .. while she goes to meet the Malhotra ladies and also Ramnath . They both make sure they are in each other's visibility and were seen stealing glances once in awhile. There is a certain awkwardness today ..which neither of the two can pin point .. and today is something different... both of them were wondering !!

"There is something about her, she looks ethereal, serene, beautiful, dream like and that smile... ", where in words are giving way to his feelings !! Shravan is appreciated by guests, after Ramnath Malhotra's ,short speech about his Son's success , the dad's chest widened with pride !!

Suman is cheering for Shravan ..she is proud of him , she is very happy... she is cheerful, she is content.. she is calm .. no tensions .no problems.. just happiness and a infectious smile pasted on her lips . Shravan's heart couldn't get enough of Sumo, he wants to talk to her, share his feelings, spend time with her and be with her , away from the crowd around her.. Her one smile is much more valuable for Shravan, than these lavish parties, with elite crowd .

Shravan joins Suman and the rest of them and are in involved in a light fun chatter ... Ramnath comes there, with Nanu and a couple of his colleagues . "Well done Shravan beta, India needs such young and brilliant lawyers like you, who not just won the case for the client, but exposed a long chain of fraud and forgery . " said Mr.Mishraji. "Thank you Mr. Mishra, very kind of you", responded Shravan in a very professional tone.

"So, I heard you are going back to London , when are you going beta" asked Mr.Dixit

Shravan instantly looks at Sumo, that smile has evaded from her face, she became stiff... stepped back.. Shravan wants to assure and promise her, that he is not going to London ..he wants to see her smiling again ...forces a smile at Mr.Dixit. The rest of the gentlemen talk about the career opportunities in london being much more brighter than in India.. while Ramnath believes that, India needs such lawyers like Shravan.. who can change and contribute to the system

Suman excuses herself...Shravan looks on, Suman lost in thoughts "he will go back and I ... !!!!" that very feeling creates a void in her, tugs her heart as if her life is leaving her... Kamini comes and takes her to the elite group of ladies ... Preeti goes to her mom and bua... Suman is introduced in a very mocking way to the ladies ...

"Mrs.Sharma, our Shravan is leaving for London day after tomorrow, your daughter is doing masters in Oxford right "  Mrs. Sharma, goes on about her daughter's intelligence and style.

Kamini continues how Shravan has five firms in London, many high profile cases are waiting for him..unlike here.

"Shravan puttar should go to London as he deserves all the success and fame and become world famous, hain na Suman puttar"  fake smiles at Suman, Suman, who is a state of void, agrees with a distraught smile .

Suman is rooted to the spot, still the thought of Shravan "will go back" isn't synching into her.

"Moreover. if Shravan puttar is in India, he will go out of his way to do social service at the cost of risking his own family ", Kamini acidic tone at Suman.

"Haan mummyji...if he is here, any middle class girl would trap him, with her innocence and friendship and might even break the family and  if Shravan goes back to London, he can get the best of the girls from the elite society, haina Mummyji " Vandy's caustic words, as she

has become very intolerant and obnoxious of Suman, post the Khosla and Varun incident.

"You are right Mrs, Malhotra, trapping rich boys for money and property, with a mask of friendship and simplicity, is a trend these days..." adds Mrs.Mishra.

"I just wish Shravan Puttar meets Mrs.Sharma's daughter Sia, and they hit it off and get hitched !!" , Kamini rolls her eyes

An anguished Suman, hearing all these..excuses herself and walks out of the house into the lawn...

Shravan, who is tall enough could clearly see what's happening there, he can only guage Sumo's expressions of despair...but not able to estimate the clear topic of conversation . He attempts to go,  but is continuously surrounded by guests.  

Few minutes later, he scans across the space, and soon a worried and concerned look dawns his face, when he couldn't find Sumo anywhere..  he finally excuses himself and frantically looks around, entire Tiwari family is here , but not her. He goes into the lawn ... but no sign of Sumo.

His heart beats faster, worried and concerned for her.. calls Pushkar if he has seen Sumo, the reply is negative.. He inquires the guard, who tells Suman madam left ... he yells at the guard as how he could let her go. Sumo's car is right there..thinking, she might have not gone far... Shravan takes his car and goes in search of her.

Suman walking on the road, she was so engrossed in happiness, when Shravan sorted the matter for both families, that she almost forgot that Shravan is supposed to leave her and go back Suman recalls Shravan's words "Sab kuch badal raha hain , shaayad main bhi" and Suman thinks  "and here, I thought you changed the plan of going back " . Some unknown fear, some uncertainty, a mirage, a darkness, void, despair and loneliness, were engulfing Suman. Her tears found their way out, in the dark lonely path .

Few minutes later, Shravan's car comes to a screeching stop right in front of her , Shravan comes out of his car, goes towards her calling her name "Sumo " Suman continues to walk ..he holds her hand and makes her look into his eyes ,

"Sumo kya paagalpan hain ...are you out of your mind, where are you headed to , on this dark path.. my heart was sinking damnn it ... god forbid, if something happened to you .. how would I even surv... !!" a breathless  Shravan almost blurted out his feelings . Sumo looks into his eyes.. "his eyes say soo much... that assurance, that support, that love..." suman's thoughts giving her positive feelings.. while he stares into her, time stood still !!

Suman shrugs and puts a casual act... "Shravan tum bhi na.. you could have called me.. I just came for a walk...away from the crowd..." said with a casual look, but her throat gave out a way to her feelings .

"Walking all alone  ...at this hour .. are you crazy  " Shravan yells in annoyance..., tells her to get into the car. "You go back Shravan.. I will be fine.. It's your party and all your guests might be waiting for you .. please go back Shravan... I will come on my own .. " Suman tried to reason with him.

"Shut uppp Sumo... not a word .. get into the car right now", he holds her hand and leads to the car... Sumo follows him with no resistance.. She loves this side of Shravan, who chides her , out of concern ... she wants to throw tantrums around him, so that he can chide her and persuade her !!

Sumo and Shravan are in the car... complete silence... either of them deeply engrossed in analyzing their own feelings for the other.. To break the silence, Suman turns on the radio... while Shravan is driving and also looking at her, gauging her expressions ..

"Jab koi baath bigad jaaye .. tum dena saath mera ..." plays on the radio... Sumo remembers each and every instance where Shravan was with her all through their case, he was the support system in her life.. without him he would have failed at every step ... Shravan too remembers, how Suman supported him, whenever he stumbled..be it convincing family members to let him fight or supporting him during tensions in his family and as Shravan believes... to win anything, you need support of our own people... and Shravan remembers Suman's support , while she remembers his...

CONTD... in the next post

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Continued ...

Shravan changes the station, where the song "Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise.. kaise jiya jaaye tum bin..." is on... this Song, tugs both of them... neither can live without each other. Every word of the lyrics is imbibed into them .. a lone tear  rolls on to her cheeks, Shravan pulls over the car to the side, near the park.

He leads her to their favorite spot in the park, makes her sit on the stairs. With his index finger he wipes off that lone tear or her cheek... in  a very concerned a gentle tone "Sumo kya hua " he asks...  

Sumo stares into his eyes...deep in her  heart  "Shravan can you not stay back for me, jaana zaroori hain kya..."  that look on her face, tugs his heart, he wants to pull her into his arms ...but just  stares into her eyes and his heart says..."Sumo, I don't want to go either .. my life without you will be void, last time when I went, it was anger which helped me move away from you ...but how can I now when I .."

Suman is still lost in his eyes ...a gentle breeze brings them out of their standstill moment, "Kya hua why were you crying"  Shravan repeats the question .. "you know na Shravan , I always get teary when I hear that song... that means you forgot about it . " sulks Suman..

"Offo Sumo,  it's more than  10 years and you  are still cry over this song..." Shravan playfully teases her...
Suman looks at him, in her heart "how will you know that my tears are not for this song, but for you  "

Shravan "I know Sumo, those tears are not for the stupid song, but for me ... keh do na Sumo " his unsaid words .

"Haan toh... even after 10, 20, 30 years and for lifetime my emotions will be same ... hmph ..." retorts Sumo.  Shravan chuckles...and says  "but things and people do change Sumo " implies that he changed for her ...

Sumo forces a smile, in agreement and  within her heart "haan Shravan .. like you have changed, and I assumed... your decision to go back also changed ...  ... "

There is an awkward silence between the two...Shravan looks around the park... "toh ... " they both turn towards each other at once ... .. "tum bolo ... " Sumo tells Shravan to speak up

.. "Tum bolo na Sumo... btw why were you behaving strangely today ... like you didn't speak to me all through the evening .. you were not yourself.. You were lost in some thoughts...like you were thinking about someone or something ..  " Shravan cornered Sumo with his volley of statements and queries.

Sumo stares into his eyes...she has no answer to any of the questions...to tell him, but only with in her heart "how can I tell you Shravan, that I was thinking about you, I didn't realize when, at what time I fell in love with  you ... I want to confess ...but I can't ... I want to stop you from leaving .. but I donno how  ...and I can't either  ..."

Shravan lost in her eyes... his unsaid words "Sumo, I know every thought, every feeling of yours.. I know you in and out.. we don't need words anymore Sumo... I know where you were lost in the party ... you have the same feelings for me as I do for you ... but as long as you don't speak up .. I can't sail you through this "

Time came to a standstill... their hearts were having an unsaid and unheard conversation of their own... only their eyes could understand those words...

"Sumo .. I asked you something ..." Suman tries to ignore it  .. checks time and says .. "chalo lets go, it's getting late... ohh wait... you left your guests behind and are hanging around in this park with me ..  " twitches her eyebrows .. " you know, I like spending time with you .. it's suffocating there ... " Shravan tells casually... Suman is pleasantly shocked hearing it .

Shravan thinks that his leaving to london, is the reason for her tears, but little did he know what transpired with her at the ladies group .  

Suman sighs .. "so when are you leaving, Mr. World famous lawyer  ?"

Shravan stares at her .. "and you don't seem to be happy about it.. "

Sumo in fake anger ... "why wouldn't I be happy ... If you go... you were supposed to go twice earlier... but you couldn't .. now there is no reason for you to stay back ... "

Shravan ..."what if I tell I have one reason ... "

An amused Sumo , asks him with her big eyes .. "Sumo, if you tell me to  stay back ... I would stay back forever ..."  his genuine tone melts her heart .. she is lost in his eyes ,.. Her heart screams "I want you to stay back... with me.. never to leave me...ever again... but I can't stop you ...our friendship, our love will be tainted with status and money , it will be humiliated .. it will be disgraced and tarnished ...I can't stop you shravan " ... her heart tugs with the thought of telling him to go back,, but she has to where in she doesn't hurt him ...

"Sumo, I asked something ... do you want me to stay back " Shravan holds her hands and asks yet again .. Suman pulls her hands from his ..."and what makes you think I would do that Mr.Shravan Malhotra..." Sumo raises her eyebrows and questions him ..

"Mujhe laga ki tum .. "  ... before Shravan could complete it.. "ki I would want to have sar dard all my life..."  playfully teases him ...


"Toh main jaaon " Shravan wants confirmed reply from her..

"Haan of course...Shravan ... you should go, because of our problems and to help us out of it, you have given two weeks of your time already for us ... your work might have been suffering... please go and fix your work ..." she says in a gentle tone...

"Sumo, don't think about  about my work .. about my professional commitments.. I want to know what you personally feel ... should I go or stay back ??" asks Shravan in a affirmative tone... Sumo personally would never want him to leave...she takes his hands in hers, looks into his eyes ... "Shravan ... I personally think you should go back !!"

A little miffed Shravan, pulls his hands out of hers .. " in that case .. chalo lets go ... "  he offers his hand for her to hold and get up,... Suman is lost in his eyes yet again ... "whenever i needed you , you always were there for me, be it in school days or even now... You are my support system.. You are my life line... without you , I will be despondent in all the dark lanes... " her heart filled with these words...

"mujhe phir se akele nahin hona Shravan ...darr lagtha hain" Sumo is shocked at her unintentional revelation... ,... how her innermost feelings came out as words... That line tugs his heart...he stares into her eyes, reads every expression on her face... but doesn't persuade or probe on that point .. holds her hand and walks out of the park .. into the car.

Couple of days later... Shravan is back in London ... Suman is engrossing herself in her canteen and house work to an extent where she cannot think about Shravan.. but all her attempts are futile, as Shravan never left her , in thoughts and feelings and emotions...he is always with her... same goes with Shravan... he is working so hard.. taking up lot of cases and completely engrossed in work .. .. neither of them called each other, as they wanted to hide their feelings from each other.. If they communicated.. their feelings were bound to come out.. which they don't want to ..

They have been missing each other, the pain of separation , the despair on not able to see or the restlessness for not able to talk is pretty much similar for both of them.. They just checked each other on social networking sites.. like they used to do in the past ..  Both Shravan and Suman's only source of information exchange between them is Pushkar, who used to pass on important information on either side .

Life is moving  good on professional front, but there is a void in each other's life, which can only be filled by the other. "mujhe phir se akele nahin hona Shravan ...darr lagtha hain"  this line has been haunting Shravan from the time she said it.. 6 months passed by where both were reminiscing their childhood memories and the recent memories ..

Suman, hurries into Nanu's room to give him his medicines... she sees .. Nanu playing chess with Shravan .. she thinks it's one of those regular imaginations and illusions which has been having ever since Shravan left... hence, shrugs and gives medicines to Nanu, picks up some laundry and sorts stuff on her bed, ignoring Shravan completely and was about to step out of the room...

"Suman beta.. Shravan ke liye chaii lao " ...orders  nanu from behind... Sumo shakes her head.. and blabbers "Looks like nanu is also seeing  Shravan... I see him because I  ... but nanu .. old age I guess .. "  nods and was stepping out of the room...

Nanu celebrates his win ... "this time also I won ..." Suman under her breath "Shravan can you please leave my nanu atleast ..." sighs  in frustration with his illusions...

"Nanu aapki jeeth mein hi meri jeeth ... " Shravan's words stop Sumo in her steps .. she turns around .. he winks and smiles at her .. Suman is left shell shocked .. with her mouth wide open. "He is back, " her heart tells her ... but her mind is not convinced ...  

Shravan stands up and walks towards her... Suman is left gazing at him, he comes close to her... her heart beats faster, her hands are cold... he comes further close and gently hits on her lower jaw to close her mouth .. A flustered and embarrassed Sumo turns away from him, to gather her feelings which are all over the place...

On the terrace of Tiwar qila ... "You are here .. errm I mean you came back ... for real ? ", gleams her  eyes with happiness.. which doesn't go unnoticed by him. Shravan enjoy's his influence on her, her awkwardness, her blush and  her happiness !! "Haan I am here for real ..." Shravan replies with a tease ...

"why did you even come back now  ...when you have to go back again... why don't you let us live peacefully " sulks Suman , her tone etched with agony and despair .,...this time she is not gonna assume anything regarding him , after what happened last time .

Shravan holds her shoulders and turns her around, she stares into into his eyes... ""mujhe phir se akele nahin hona Shravan ...darr lagtha hain" ... ,... and those words of yours, that day... almost stopped me from going back... " Suman stares with question in her eyes "why ? why did you leave then"  ??  

Shravan, continues " I had to .. else how can I wrap up my firms and pending  cases and if I don't wrap up.. then I would have to leave you all alone, yet again ..."  It took few seconds to process what he just said... "matlab ... you ..."   "yesss I am back for you Sumo, to be with you,... can't ever leave you alone again.. The very thought of leaving you tugs my heart... I knew your tears were not for the song,.. but for me,  hain na Sumo  !!"  in a gentle tone and his eyes reflecting nothing but love for her..  

A very emotional Suman leans on him and hugs him tight, holds him in a way she would ever want to part with for her life, her tears which sank into his shirt, gave words to her feelings .. while he wraps his arms around her, with all warmth, passion and love and  the moment is sealed with  kiss on her forehead , under the moonlit sky!!

feedback is appreciated !! 



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Mast Mushy OS che <3

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Wow...wonderful Peice...I loved it ...beautifully written superb Smile

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Wow!! That was a wonderful piece of writing!!
Please keep writing more and more...

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Beautiful story and very beautifully written... Thanks

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that was really cute ty 

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