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Shravan ne suni apni dil ki baat (Page 2)

BinKuchKahe. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mannu100

EH BAAT kya ep tha wahClap
Sumo mahanta telling hotie to back off...hotie in fultoo dilemiaaa...Ouch

Sumo goes back home all partying with mango milkshakeee ...Confused

Sumo again in dilema...LOL.

back to malhotra house hotieee in terrace fultooo tension mode what to do or not ek taraf family ek tarafff ushki life KYa dhram sankat hai bhaiShocked

agaya rescuer pushku the adviser baba aise situation me humesha dil ki sun ni chayey awww hy by god jab yeh advice deta hai woh bhi top claas ispe mujhe pyaar ata hai bhaiLOLEmbarrassed

akhir sun li Shravu ne dil ki awazzz ...ho gaya khoshla ka kalyannn

OMG the way her entered and bajoying band of khoshla with fultooo siti marrr attitude and thar MOCKERYYY hyyyDay Dreaming

BTW i notice that not just shraman but shravlaaa also has crackling chem...hyyROFL

Fultooo siti mar episodeeeWink



CVS Yaar kya khatey ho tum log dailyyyClap

SAMMY andClapthis is for u like WORDS to everything u said...ClapHeart
Mannu, thank you!
Soch lo, once you become Namik's slave, there is no backing out. And yes, even I want to know yeh CVs kis chakki ka atta khaate hai. They just keep delivering constantly & leave me speechless. 

WORD on Shravan owning Khosla. Hayee bande mein kinna swag hai. Nazar na lage kisi kiLOLAnd Khosla/Shravan definitely have crackling chemistry. Hope its not the end of Khosla's track, though. I quite enjoyed watching him..Avtar Gill is a seasoned actor & he played Khosla to perfection. Even Goglu was adorable.. bechara ka dil tod diya Suman neCry

BinKuchKahe. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 July 2007
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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Chaits_04

Hey Sammi,
What lovely post! just like the episode... Well analysed and presented ClapClapClap

Love to read your posts.. Keep it up.

Thank you! Honestly, I haven't posted for a few days so I personally felt like I was blabbering on because there was so much I wanted to say.. and there is still so much more left to say..But I was just too tired.
Would love to read your thoughts as wellSmile

Originally posted by zindgidilse

Awesome post samridhiClap
You said it all 

Thank you RituSmile

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Kavila IF-Rockerz

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Jab baat nmik pe aye te then no need for second tought seriously i am his slave now...Heart
and yes AVTAAR SIRClapang gogluuu too s

eveni too feel baad but koi baat naihn goggle ke liyey koi yahoo jarror ayegi and i hope to this is not end of khoshla pleaseOuchhe is the bigggest shraman shipper yaarEmbarrassed
BinKuchKahe. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by PALAK19

luv sumo- shravan emotionsss scene they really killed it by such expressions...

rocking episode...

YES. Namik & Nikita are amazing actors individually, but when they come together as ShraMan, they are magic. Absolutely beautiful! It was a rocking episode indeed.
ImSherlocked. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
I will be here after watching the episode 

I am here from heaven because Me deadCry

First of all awesome post Samm
I loved the episode because it was real and Shravan was the hero. 
NiMik deserve an applause because i couldn't pick out any flaw in their acting today.


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NYCForever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prc_fan1

Ever since the court case started, I missed one thing in this show, & that was the thehrav. The episodes were flying at jet speed, without much reflection from the characters specifically Shravan, & I really missed that. I am so happy that today's episode gave us that. I would have really liked for that to have come much earlier after ShraMan visited Sumo's older house because that was such a huge turning point in their relationship. But better late than never! Thank you CVs for a reflective episode. I loved it :)

Some of my favourite bits from the episode -

1. The way Shravan held Suman's hands to reassure her, & told her that Shravan Malhotra does what he wants. They've reached such a comfortable position with each other, from the initial days of nonchalance to the fights, to now openly showing their concern for each other. And I just love how they keep taking baby steps forward, with Shravan first offering to have aadha aadha paan, to him telling her that he loves her walking him out, to him holding her hands today & telling her that he can do this, & he will. The scene was so telling of Shravan's sense of loyalty. Ek baar jo usne committment kar di, to woh apne baap ki bhi nahin suntaLOLLOL
And its the same for Suman.. isn't it beautiful how she didn't take offense of Shravan's statement on Friday that yeh meri family problem hai.. this was the same girl who threw it back to him that he's a bahar wala..and even today, she asks him to drop the case for his own family, indirectly referring herself as a bahar wala. If he could leave his important committments & stay back for her, then she too doesn't believe in binding him to her family problems & let him free. 

2. Shravan fiddling with the rubik cube..again what a beautiful touch there. Its the rubik cube that started it all... it was the first time they interacted & the first time Shravan was attracted towards bindaas Suman... and today, he was faced with the dilemma of choosing between his family & the girl he once knew, but is no longer the same bindaas girl he thought she was..

3. The look of pain on Shravan's face as he hugged Varun. He wasn't at all happy for his brother. All he was concerned about was Suman. Somewhere it was also hurting him to ditch her. The khoon ka rishta dialogue was so spot on there. Isn't it amazing how Shravan's always at peace & smiling when he is with Suman in Tiwari house.. truly that has always been home for him, even though they're not related by blood. Shravan's blood related family on the other hand, is well off & happy without him. They looked like a complete family in the carrom scene.. Shravan's presence was not at all missed, & neither was he mentioned. Quite a contrast to Suman's family, where Shravan was mentioned constantly, not just today, but ever since he returned. No matter what motives her mama, mami etc may have, Shravan was always welcomed into Tiwari Killa, quite unlike his house, where we always see him in his room. 

4. ShraMan's eyelock in the courtroom. Just beautiful. No need for words.. their eyes said it all. She begged him to leave the case, but somewhere there was hope that he would come, & he too knew that she would be waiting for him. He didn't let her loose, & her faith in him was restored like never before. THESE TWOHeart

5. Shravan's smirks & swags.. OK that deserves a separate post, but yes this post is incomplete without mentioning our sexy beast. 

6. Pushkar told Shravan to listen to his heart.. and Shravan did that. And he did it despite the consequences.. wonder what is it exactly that his heart told him. I hope the CVs give us some insight into that this weekWink

Thank you CVs for the way the court case attempted to make up for the episodes where Shravan wasn't doing something substantive. It was a good conclusion to the court case. And also for Shravan Malhotra - a man of character. A true man.


Samridhi - so beautifully captured. Especially the part I highlighted in bold, I could not put it in better terms myself. You are right - he is more at home at tiwari villa and they appreciate him more whatever their reasons might be. both mamii and massi called him a hero today in the court too 

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pratikshaa100 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Nice observation Sammy, I can call u like this, na?
Tell me if u don't like it this way.
Ya, shravan was spot on today. Hat's off to CV's for that.

BT can u pls tell me when did he hold her hand??   Embarrassed

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munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 1:02pm | IP Logged

Awesome analysis as always SamClap

What an incredible episode to end the track, perfect balance of emotions and drama ...dil ka faisla... apno ka saath and khoon ke rishte stood out today !! 

Shravan and Suman, ek duje ke vaaste,.. she wants him to leave her house to save his family 
,... while he is ready to forego his family for her .. how beautiful and balanced were their lines ... Shravan's tone etched in  authority that he wouldn't listen to anyone and do what he wants to .. and Suman's requests etched in anguish , that she cannot take his ehsaan at the cost of his family, Suman wanted him to stand by his family, yet support her.. and Shravan wants to stand by her.. yet not go against his family, the scene tugs your heart and the dynamics have clearly changed from the time they after 10 years.. they fought with each other and now they are fighting for each other.

I am so glad we could see so many shades of Shravan in today's episode... first his zidh, that he will do what he decides to do, next his despair, when sumo gave him ehsaan ka vaastha..then the unhappiness and pain and nonacceptance of siding with Varun and hugging him at the cost of Suman and her family...and his frustration and anger and restlessness with Pushkar, followed by the very confident, suave, smart and intelligent lawyer shravan and his assurance to Suman... it was such a fabulous way to showcase all shades of him today.  !!!

Blood is thicker than water as they say, but here it's not that,..there are some relations which are beyond blood.. Blood relations are out of no choice, out of majboori.. it's more like you ought to carry out them...whether you like or not, more mechanical and programmed...and they need to be thought with pros and cons as in with dimaag... while relations which shravan has with Suman and tiwari family is beyond those as there is no majboori, no compulsion, but carried out by heart. and that very difference we see in Pushkar's  statement where he says when you can't decide , follow your heart, implying here that there are relations beyond family.

I am glad to see this scene in particular... the one on the stairs with Pushkar with rubic cube .. was waiting eagerly to see his frustration and annoyance when things go out of his hand, when things are not in control.. today was one such situation,  where he had no control... and hence the anger and frustration came out brilliantly ... 

Pushkar's advice was spot on ... the decisions taken by heart are never wrong as they don't have pros and cons or math with ifs and buts... heart only leads you on the right path and one will never regret, even if the outcome is not his way.. as he/she tried with all his heart. 

Suman's emotions and the war withing her  was subtly depicted outside the court... when family was praising and celebrating , she was hoping he listened to her and not come here...she doesn't want any rift within his family because of her, yet she doesn't know what would happen to her family, without him  and there is this little frame outside the court... where family walks in , she looks behind, before going inside.. it was very subtle yet poignant..her turning back was  hoping against hope... her mind wished he stayed back... but her heart still hoped to see him standing behind her ... beautifully done !!

And as maami said, heroic entry and Shravan surely made a very cinematic heroic entry, the entire scene changed from negative to positive,.. he is the hope for the family .. Suman's shocked and  unheard query to him and his unheard assurance there was beautiful. !!

And the lawyer Shravan... I can't get enough of him, the smart guy .not just cleared Priya Aunty's name but exposed the entire racket of fraud people and got them arrested...not just punish the bad doer but remove the bad from the roots .. classic one .. that moment when Priya's name was cleared ..they both spoke so many unheard voices.. he said.. dekha i did what i told you , what i promised you..  she conveyed gratitude .. he accepted it !! it was beautiful !!

Precap, and we will see a playful , tease and flirty Shravan  Day Dreaming

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