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akdha os: are you there? (completed) (Page 4)

erning_w IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 May 2015
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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Continue soon Hala..
Thanks for the pm :)

Monucute IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 January 2015
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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Jalal dead in the very first chapterConfused
I know there's some twist... Please continue soon di Wink

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amitaprasad Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 12:50am | IP Logged
i am tender by nature,please turn this os into a happy ending.i am not able to bear their pain.of course i want  u continue but with happy reunion.

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swetiii IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 2:32am | IP Logged
hey u can let him die
i want jj to unite
it was amazing
update asap dr

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lolo91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 3:26am | IP Logged

Part 2


Jodha: hello ? are you there? Did you died?

Jalal smiled faintly on her question and said: I am here...dont worry not yet !!!!!

Jodha took a breath in relief : ok don't die suddenly..i don't like surprises

Jalal chuckled faintly and said: I will try

Jodha: I am sorry I don't know what I am saying just ...

Jalal interrupted: crazy ...I know

Jodha: yes..but I am sorry I have to know what is your name and what is happening to you ? maybe I can help?

Jalal: I am sorry ...I am so sorry but in this time in the person life ...he become a little selfish ...can I just talk what I want to say only? please just listen

Jodha took a moment feeling how strange her situation and wondering if she want to be tortured of talking to the dying man? She already started to feel so much pain on him and his sad voice

 Jalal:Are you there? Don't hung up..please ...hello?

Jodha took a moment and said: ok tell me what you want to say..i am listening , I will never hang up I promise

Jalal smiled and closed his eyes in pain: regret !!! know the worst feeling is regret!!! knowing your chances  in happiness and love is lost because of was the perfect story first you meet and smile to each other, your eyes not the one that meet but your souls ...then her finger touches mine ...and I hold her hand tight and promise her I will never let go ...not by words but with my heart beats that matches hers...we were young in age but our hearts were grown in loving eachother even before we met...we shared and our feelings turned to love ...that what we called it before even knowing what it meant ...and we weren't wrong was love...the most pure feeling touched our hearts

Jodha closed her eyes and felt pain in her heart from his words ...a tear skipped her eyes ...he is a lover ...a dying sad it is?

Jodha in low tone: that is beautiful ...what happened then?

Jalal in low tone:then everything gone...i hurt her and she teared ...and our promises we forgot infront of our anger and ego...i tried but she was too hurt to give me the chance...and my ego didn't make me try much till it was too late

Jodha in low tone: I understand your pain ...but you have to move on with your life ...(then she closed her eyes in pain and said) ...did you tell her?

Jalal in low tone: they lied ...they told me that young teenagers love is not real love and I believed them ..they told me you will forget and I believed them and every day in my life I am dying ...years passed and every day kills a part of me ...I wonder if she think about me like I think about her? I wonder if some one take care of her like I did? I wonder if she feel save like she felt in my hug ? I wonder if she cares if I am dying or not? I wonder if she feels my tears on her cheek ...i wonder if she sense my pain

Jodha teared and put her hand on her heart ..maybe this call is for her to change her life ...maybe she is the one who is dying not him!!! That if she called her life a life!!!she never senced her own pain as much as now...from all the people in the world this stranger called her to wake her pain that was never sleep!!! Now she feels the regret if his voice is the voice of her heart

jodha as she tears: you should have called her and told her that !! you should have give yourself a chance in happiness !!! you should have tried !!

Jalal: how ? when she ran away from me ? and her last words for me that she wont ever think of me...and gave me back our promise ...!! How can I ask her to give me a chance when I don't know if I have a place in her heart ?

Jodha: I don't know what to say !! I am sorry ..i don't want you to die ..please if you can save yourself do this ...

Jalal smiled and said: you care for me?                                                                                                              

Jodha: yes ,I really do and she must cares for you too , believe me your story I am familiar with is the perfect story shouldn't end like that

Jalal: that is really kind ...the snow is amazing ..i wonder if she can see it

Jodha looked through the window and teared ...but smiled widely

Jodha:me too ..i wonder if he see it ..he always liked the snow yet couldn't handle the cold.(then she chuckled through her tears )...poor soul

Jalal smiled and took a deep breath in relief ...

Jalal: you know... she always warmed me in her hug instead of me warming always bothered me that I suppose to be the one who warm her yet I shiver in cold and she is the one who warm me  but I never was a winter person !! I always was a spring kind of guy so I can see her in every flower that I put on her hair and I only liked the snow because it was white and pure like her heart

Jodha eye widen and straggled to breath as he continue...

Jalal: I kept our little promise with me all the time ...I still can remember her happiness when I put it on her pinky finger was too small to fit in her slim long fingers and I really wished to give her diamonds but the promise never cared if it was by diamond or plastic

Jodha eye widen and her tears covered her face...he is not stranger...its him

Jodha in low tone : jalal ? is that you ?

Jalal smiled and said: I didn't lie to you when I said I am dying ...five years and I am dying every day ... and wondering if she remember my existence ..wondering if she moved on or still remember our promise!

Jodha sobbed and said: baby? I know its to me ...please baby where are you ? and what you did to your self?...forgod sake jalal , after all this years you do this to me!! Jalal ...jalal are you there?ARE YOU THERE?

Jalal: why you did this to me jodha? And why I did this to you? Why we did this to ourselves ?

Jodha sobbed and said: I don't know still think about me ,baby?

Jalal : I never forgot you, love

Jodha sobbed and said: and I never forgot you, baby...I never was able to forgot you ...I swear to you I think about us every day I was so stubid

Jalal: I love you jodha

Jodha sobbed and said: are  you really dying ? Please baby talk to me

Jalal smiled and said: yes...with out you I am ...and in few hours I will freeze of cold waiting for know what only give me warm!!!

Jodha ran and took her car keys and extra jacket and said:where are you ?

Jalal:in our place  and I will wait for the rest of my life ...if you hang up I would have also wait...I come here every day and wait for you but you never come and today I decided that I wont live in torture anymore is empty and lifeless without my heart jodha...and you took it five years ago and took yours also and I lived dead...with out heart can you take your heart from me jodha?

Jodha sobbed and said: no baby I never took my heart ..its always yours

Jalal teared over his smile and said: do you still love me ,my love?

Jodha chuckled and said: yes...yes I am

Jalal: then don't keep me heartless love...give me back my life... Don't let me die

Jodha got on her car and drived and in 5 minutes she was in her high school and she found the door man got older but the same and as her old days gave him little amount of money to open the door as she entered and ran to the chair in the garden where jalal sitting between the snow

Jalal panicked: jodha are you there? Are you there jodha?

Jodha closed her phone and said: I am here

Jalal smiled widely and closed the phone and said: I missed you so much, love..

jodha ran and put her jacket over him and hugged him and he smiled to her,,,,

jalal: god...your hug is so warm 

Jodha smiled widely as her tears flow: you are crazy you know that? Dying really?? Really jalal?

Jalal: I could have freezed to death waiting for you !!! that was the plan if you hang up on me...if you gived up on me jodha I would died in this place waiting for you

Jodha rubbed his arm and said: I hate you

Jalal smiled and said: I know ...I know you love me

Jodha : you are crazy

Jalal: In love with you tortured me for five years till I found you

Jodha: you are not dying now right? ...right ?

Jalal chuckled and said teasingly: after your beautiful words love , I am new born now

Jodha punched him  in the arm and said: you scared me to said you were dying !! who says that to get back with his ex,ha?

Jalal: I really was dying jodha..with out you wasn't a living, I didn't lie in that ...death is not only leaving life...death can be living lifeless...and if you refused me then I would have died ,jodha..what more painful death than living lifeless to the rest of my life

Jodha hugged him tighter and said: me too ..i swear I never felt a live till you called me...I was dying for another chance jalal...thank you for forgiving me

Jalal : and you forgived me?

Jodha nodded as jalal got out of her hug and holded the plastic ring in his hand and she chuckled happily...

Jodha: oww god I missed it

Jalal: never took it off again...well till we buy a diamond one with my name on it but also keep it..its our promise

Jodha gave him her pinky and he put it on and kissed her hand and  then kissed her passionately

Jodha: you know I though you will be married with ten kids by now really was horrible

Jalal smiled and said: I never could Imagine you for other than me or me for another than you...our promise wasn't plastic ring only, jodha that you can give back to end it ...we belong to eachother ..without you I am a dying man and I am so young to die jodha

Jodha holded his hand tight and said:I was dying without you too baby though I can forget you ?...I will never forget you even If I tried are me

Jalal:will you marry me jodha? Will you save my life?

Jodha chuckled and said: I am wearing your ring now

Jalal: no love ...its yours from five years... I reserved my place in your heart five years ago, I wont wait more I only give you what is your

Jodha teared and said: I will marry you, baby ...I am always yours

Jalal: will you love me as much as I love you?

Jodha: I will love you, more

jalal: will you let me hold your hand and give you all the happiness and love for you?

jodha: I will never let go of your hands ...I never felt save unless I am between them

jalal: what if I hurt you again? Will you leave me?

Jodha: you never hurt me and I never left you !!

Jalal leaned his forehead on hers and smiled widely...

Jalal:will you let me buy you some soup in a nice place because it so cold in here!!

Jodha chuckled and said: yes ..lets go , my fiance

Jalal: ok wife 

jodha smiled widely and entered between his arms and leaned her head on his chest always bothered him that he is the one who feel warm in her hug but he didnt understand that she never feel cold because his heart warm her ...and now she is shielding from the cold in his hug ...not the snow cold it never bothered her...but the real cold is living with out his warm loving heart with out the loved ones the cold she cant handle

jodha: god ...your hug is so warm

jalal hugged her tighter and kissed her head...

jalal: then never come out of it

jodha looked at his eyes and said: i will never come out of it 

the endBig smile

ok that was it i hope you liked it Embarrassedand please reply ..please ..i enjoy knowing ur opinionsEmbarrassed

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sharmacatty IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 3:28am | IP Logged
aww it was a lovely os.StarStar
I knew it was all drama of jalal but I like itWink
This jalal is so cute and I too love snowHeartLOL

Thanks for the pm though I read it before ur pmTongue

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--cute.manasi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 3:28am | IP Logged
wow , u updated ...Embarrassed

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Swarna_99 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 3:34am | IP Logged
This was awesome Hala dii. Clap
Just beautiful and lovely. Smile
Joja are madly in love each other. 
Liked it. Big smile

Thanks for pm. 

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