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hi guys..
I am a newbie but i have always been a ghost reader of this forum. After seeing previous few episodes(21-4-16 to 23-4-16, Angrythe last one just broke my heart and trustAngry) of kaala teeka I just couldn't rest but write a different track to it.. I hope i am not hurting anyone's sentiments here.. This is my first fanfic on a hindi serial...

NOTE: My fanfics are notoriously long..so you can avoid it if you don't like it.. Sorry in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

story takes place after everyone find out about the kundali's truth. Yug gets a negative reply from Kaali that night and he informs Dadi that he would marry Gauri. Dadi also agrees.and instead of soe stupid totkas she instructs the Jha family to do some normal harmless pooja. Kalyani is furious.

Chapter 1:

Kaali and Gauri were in temple. Kaali couldn't help but to think about things that happened yesterday night. Yug coming to her room...almost confessing his feelings...the way he asked about her feelings.. Everything was just repeating itself in her head over and over again...

"Kaali... How long should we be in this temple?" asked Gauri

Kaali was woken up from her dreams. After yesterday's events, Dadi has called them that she would not cancel the alliance as long as some pooja was done without any bad omens. The pooja will happen in just one week.

"Just a little more..Don't forget this is all for your marriage" said Kaali.

Yes this was all for Gauri's marriage, Gauri's happiness... She will not let anything or anyone destroy it..Not Kalyani Taiji.. Not Dadi..Not even her feelings..

"Please Ramji, the relationships between us are getting more confusing. Help us. Help us solve this mess." Kaali prayed.

Gauri looked at Ramji's Idol. Yug was supposed to be her true love, her one and only. But why does she feel empty whenever she talk to him. Why can't she smile naturally around him? She is also getting more and more jealous of kaali. And she really doesn't want to feel that way.

"Please Ramji, I know you'll only listen to Kaali but please listen to me. Help me solve my life. Please help me solve this mess"


Yug was driving to his office. His head was full of things what Dadi has told him. So the marriage is still on... Even after knowing the kundali truth...well he should not have expected anything else from Dadi. He should get married to Gauri, for his sister's happiness, for Dadi's happiness, and most importantly for Kaali's happiness.

"nothing else"

He banged on the horn as her answer rang through his ears. What was he expecting? She would never accept her feelings. After all they were just friends' and no matter what happen nothing will change'.

"Please Ramji, She is my Sita and no matter what I do, I cannot forget that and marry Gauri just like that. Help me solve this mess"

Unbeknown to them, there was someone who will solve their mess. That person was on the road to Mithila and was currently fighting a monkey.


"I'm sorry Gauri the aarthi took more time than usual. But atleast we can go back to Mithila without any worries." said Kaali as they were driving back.

"I couldn't even go to parlour because of this aarthi. I hope the old woman will be happy with this" Gauri said angrily.

"She will be happy. Now please smile. Your's and Yug's marriage will go smoothly" said Kaali. Gauri smiled. Yes, her marriage will go as planned. Just then she saw a man on the middle of the road, they would have hit them if she hadn't stepped on the break on time. That pissed her off. She got down the car shouting at him. "Are you blind? Can't you see a car coming?" Instead of answering her, the man just fell forward forcing Gauri to the car. Gauri got scared. Kaali also came out of the car. He leaned closer, their eyes met, and Gauri was momentarily immobilised. Then he said in a barely audible voice, "Water"

Gauri pushed the guy. He fell on his back. Kaali came closer to her definitely shaken by seeing this."Are you alright?" when Gauri nodded. She continued "Let's go Gauri. I think he is a drunkard. Let's  leave him here." Just when they were about to get into the car, the man said in a louder voice, "Water... I want water...Water" They both looked at each other. "I guess we can give him some water and go" said kaali. "Why should we? He creeped me just now. I say we leave him here and go." said Gauri. "No Gauri, when a thirsty person asks for water we should not deny it. It's paap" and by saying this Kaali went to car and picked up the water bottle. She extended the bottle to Gauri who looked at her in a questioning expression. "I think you should give it him. Maybe his blessings would be good for your wedding" Gauri shook her head at Kaali's belief and still she obliged. Kaali was her moral compass afterall.

She bent down and sprinkled some water on to his face. He opened his eyes and saw the water bottle. He snatched it and started gulping down the water, sitting straight on the road. Gauri just looked on. She couldn't help but smile at the way he drank it. He had a big travelling bag with him, Gauri wondered who he was. "Thanks" he said to her after he drank the whole bottle. Their eyes met and he said, "Hot"

Gauri got flustered and stood up. "What did you call me?" she asked angrily. "I didn't call you anything, I was just saying it is so hot today." Gauri blushed. She misunderstood him. "And besides" he continued as he stood up, "Don't think every boy in the world would fall for you. That's not good for your ego, Miss" He smirked. That irked her. "Kaali let's go. I gave him water just as you said. Now let's just leave him" kaali agreed. Just when she was about to get in the car the guy pulled her hand. "Thanks for the water but can you do me one more favour? Can you please drop me till Mithila Bus stop?" Gauri got angry. Someone else touch her other than her Yug, it was just gross. "Leave my hand" she snarled. The guy left her hand. "And besides I don't give lift to strangers" saying this she got into car. The guy pleaded her again and again but she did not budge "I said No. Kaali, get in fast. I don't want to be with this weirdo. "

It was then he saw Kaali. As he saw her uncertain eyes, he knew she was a girl who could be emotionally blackmailed into anything. He swiftly moved towards her before she could escape and started. "Please let me get in to your car, I swear I mean no harm. I didn't meet my family for a long time and I really miss them. I just want to go my home fast. My family is waiting for my return. Please help me." He hold her hands and when she got startled he knew his victim is about to fall in his trap. "Please." He said again with a little more emotion. Kaali looked at Gauri and latter knew what Kaali was going to say. "No Kaali, I will not give lift to strangers." Said Gauri. "Yes I know but..." started kaali. "He looks harmless and bus stop is comparatively near we can just drop him there."

"Ugh! Just cut the crap yaar." Gauri snapped. She looked at the guy "Fine you can get in, I'll drop you near the bus stop. Now stop your drama and get in."

"Thanks" the guy smiled and sat in the back seat. When the car startyed to move Kaali asked, "You have a big bag. Where you on some kind of tour?"  The guy replied, "Well Yeah! I climbed Mt. Everest and came back" Kaali looked surprised while Gauri snorted. "No really.. I can show you the certificates. I had undergone strict training for 3 months climbed the mountain and came back. It was so beautiful experience. The view was mesmerising." He looked dreamy thinking about it. Something about his happy face made Gauri jealous. She said cockily, "If you loved it there so much then you should have just stayed there. Why did you come back? To trouble everyone?" He retorted with equal malice," maybe it's because I desperately wanted to see your ugly face. Your Highness" Kaali tried to stop a fight, "so.. so.. I guess you didn't get a bus to Mithila but, why were you in that weak condition on the road just now?" The guy's face brightened up. "Oh that's where my adventure began. You see I reached Patna yesterday night. As there was no there was no bus to Mithila. I thought I'll hitchhike all the way to Mithila. Once I got a lift from a bike, an empty ambulance, a car which had a pregnant lady in it. It was fun I got to meet many people. Then Before sunrise I reached this village and when I was walking on the road something incredible happened. " Kaali asked,"What? "

"A MONKEY CAME AND STOLE MY BOTTLE" said the guy surprising both the girls. Gauri even stopped the car to laugh. She said,"That's not possible. You are definitely lying" Kaali also laughed. "I also agree. I don't think you are saying the truth" Gauri started the car again. "No it's true. It came sat on my head and when I screamed he pulled my bottle and ran to a telephone post. I ran behind him, I even offered some oranges but damn monkey didn't want any. It was satisfied only with my bottle. I chased after him and I got lost" He said.  Gauri chuckled and said "You should have tried talking to it. After all every monkey listens to its elder brother" "Oh! Come on! I say a true story and you treat it as a joke? It's true." He sulked then he said," keep that attitude and you would never get a boyfriend." "For your kind information, I don't need a boyfriend. I am already engaged" said Gauri showing her ring. The guy mimicked a high pitch voice, "I am already engaged" and he laughed. "You are already so possessive of your fianc.. I feel bad for him"  "What did you say? I am giving you lift and you are insulting me?" Kaali again tried to change the topic. "That's a nice camera you have there. You must be a working for a magazine right?" The guy smiled at her weak attempt. "I like you. You are always trying to stop a fight. Well I am not working yet, but I sent the pictures I took to different magazines as a part of my resume. By the way we haven't introduced ourselves. I am Yash Choudary. I am studying final year in journalism". "Her name is Gauri and I am Kaali."

Yash was so talkative. Throughout the journey he told them about his strange adventures. He and Gauri bickered a lot and Kaali had to stop them every time. He never let anyone talk more than him. Finally when they reached the bus stop he got down and thanked them. Then he whispered something into Gauri's ears to which she looked at him angrily and drove off. Yash saw the car going with a smile filled with satisfaction. He knew he irked her. When the car was out of his sight he turned and walked towards his house. He told himself after sometime "What a strange pair of sisters, one is sweet and other one is spicy"

After sometime, in choudary mansion Dadi was suddenly hugged from behind and she couldn't control her joy as she heard a familiar voice saying, "What's up! My dear daredevil dadi" "Yash?". It was Yash, her younger grandson.

EDIT: omg today's episode was sooo good..Yug confessed..that too infront of dadi..WOW.. i don't care what Kalyani does.. oh please comment on my first try at fanfic to improve myself...thank you for reading.Smile

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Nice starting
I always wanted somebody to write a fanfiction on Kaali Yug
continue soon
will be looking forward for more episodes on kalyug

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LiveLoveLaugh96 IF-Rockerz

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It was amazing Clap
Loved it 

Pls continue 
Cant wait to read what happens next Embarrassed

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Thanks for writing an actual fanfiction on them. Loved the plot.
Will be interesting to know what happens next.
Pls update soon and pm if possible so I can come and catch up on it! (:

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Wow it was just wow seriously it was too good n I must say nice start please do continue soon Thumbs Up

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